Discovering Crete, Part 18 - The palm beach of Límni Préveli III

in photography •  5 months ago


Greetings Steemians!

Welcome to the last episode of my Discovering Crete tour!

It was truly a pleasure showing you around some places of the largest of the greek islands. I found it very rewarding to receive these many comments from you over the course of this journey. So thank you all for traveling along with me! I could obviously show you just a fraction of the spots that are worth being visited on this wonderful island.

For my part, I'm sure that this hasn't been my last stay on Crete. Too much remains to be undertaken, with a hike on Timios Stavros being on top of the list. Maybe the one or the other of you makes it up there even before me?

Last but not least, I will close my travel report with a few more impressions from the palm groves of Preveli, an enchanting place that you shouldn't miss in case you once make it to Crete yourself:

Tropic Island


Time to head back.

I gonna miss this blue.


An emblem for what vacation really is about: downshifting!

Good bye Crete, I hope to walk on your ground soon again!

Thanks for travelling with me and I hope to welcome you again on my next Discovery tour!

Until next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with an Canon EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in Mai 2018. All rights reserved.

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I very love Crete @shaka this is my DNA!!!! I will share this I like it very much

This is a very nice series! The last landscape photo is just amazing!!
This is my kind of holiday! Nature and lots of energy!
Crete has always been a place in my dream! Don’t know why though my Greek friends said my nick name pronounced like ‘Crete’ So, they called me Crete! Very funny!!



Thank you Crete :)


Hahaha! Very funny!!

I was waiting for your new post but you seem to be taking a holiday!
Looking forward to your new adventure.

Much obliged!

If your way take you to Corinth at some point, please let me know so I can show you around Ancient Corinth, Loutraki and the beautiful beaches of my hometown :)


Thanks for your offer, I will keep that in mind for sure. I will certainly visit Greece again.

Hello friend shaka, very, very, very good your excellent publications of your trip to Crete, try to see which was the best visit is as impossible since all the sites that we visit with you have their natural charm, I am really very grateful For all those adventures that you had to share with your followers, for me those beautiful shots have been very rewarding, besides I value the time you took to make your excellent shots and then choose which ones to share with your followers, this summary is a lot benefit as my eyes are filled with really beautiful landscapes, grateful for all those beautiful publications of Crete, I write in your next adventure, I also take the opportunity to thank your great support through this network. I send a great greeting from Venezuela friend @shaka

One Indian poet wrote "सैर कर दुनिया कि गाफिल ज़िंदगानी फिर कहाँ, ज़िंदगानी फिर रही तो नौजवानी फिर कहाँ". meaning ' travel this world o! ignorant man, life won't last longer; if life lasts longer, it won't be a life of a youth thereafter'.
Travelling and visiting newer places increases our knowledge and make us familiar with this world. It makes us a better knowledgeable person. Keep your journey continue.

Hi shaka how are you? thanks to you I knew this place and I am in love with it for its nature and its majesty, it has been a wonderful journey this last delivery in palm beach of Limni Prevelli beautiful with those photographs that show a blue and calm sea amuy.
Thanks Shaka for the support I received from you during this tour I hope to hear from you soon

That "tropic island" shots remind me of scenes from a dinosaur movie or something :) Looks very ancient and pristine :) Also, I didnt know they keep sheep on Crete. Just learnt something new again, thanks!


Absolutely, it felt like having time travelled back to jurassic times...:)

jurassic -island.jpg


Now this is cool! :)) It looks more authentic than most of the scenes from the movie :D Oh man I love these remote pristine places where humans haven´t managed to harm the nature yet...

Btw it is just so heartbreaking to see so many beautiful places in Southern Europe getting burnt every summer (for various reasons). I just heard they are having some wild fires on Crete too :(


It's a total nightmare what happened in Greece. I hope they will get the situation under control very soon.

Wow, its been quite intriguing and fascinating seeing the beauty of Crete and Greece through your pro eyes and lenses @shaka. Thanks for taking us through quite an amazing journey.

Hopefully, you'd find another incredible destination soonest, to thrill us with.
Timios Stavros sure looks like some height to hike. I trust you'd be able to accomplish it though.

I'm guessing you must be physically equipped for it, and you obviously ain't scared of heights either. Waiting for images on that particular sojourn.


Thank you for your comment, happy to hear that you enjoyed this report!

Good work on this series @shaka, Crete is definitely up at the top of the list for travel destinations for me! If you make Timios Stavros will look forward to seeing those photos, although expect that will be a pretty arduous hike.

Downshifting indeed! That shot of the sheep in front of you in the road really sums up that relaxed lifestyle. I hope as you shift back into gear at home the memories of this special vacation will help the transition back to reality. I can close my eyes and drift away with the picture of that endless blue. Beautiful


Everyday life already got it's grip on me again but my relaxometer is still in the green. Hopefully that will last for a while ;)



What a great word! Relaxometer. Long may it last.

Editing to add a big thank you for that boost to my last post: Marrying Africa. Thank you for the amazing vote @shaka. I hope you enjoyed the photos showing a little of the beauty and beasts of this country

We will wait for more travel posts from you and i want to thank you for taking us for an amazing travels through your posts and literally I've enjoyed this journey. And we saw awesome and breathtaking places for sure.

The first picture in this Post is just awesome and that unique blue colour is just healing and for sure these kind of places are perfect for the peaceful and silent exploration and for silent meditation.

And i want to say that trees at this place is really unique in itself and we can see an Ancient Essence too. And this kind of natural formations can amaze us for sure.

And those animals are giving the true natural essence and reflecting as we are entered into the beautiful village and these kind of pictures remind me of my Village.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Glad to hear that you enjoyed following this report.



Welcome and thank you. 🙂

Ich war noch nie in Griechenland oder Kreta, aber es ist echt atemberaubend, wie schön es dort ist! Ich liebe dieses tiefblaue Meer - an der oberen Adria (jener Teil des Mittelmeeres, den ich regelmäßig sehe) ists leider hauptsächlich dreckig und braun :(

Danke für diese tolle Travelbericht- und Foto-Serie!
Während der WM war ich leider sehr inaktiv auf Steemit, weswegen ich nicht alle gelesen hab, aber ich werde das bei Zeiten nachholen! Upvotes hab ich vorsorglich aber trotzdem auf (ich hoffe alle?) Posts gegeben!

Bin schon gespannt auf diene nächste Reise! ;)


Freut mich, dass Dir die Serie gut gefallen hat!

Ja, es ist wirklich sehr schön dort. Rein vom Meer her würde ich sagen ist Sardinien noch ein Tick spektaktulärer, dafür bietet Kreta mehr Ausflugs- / und Besichtigungsmöglichkeiten.


Auf Sardinien war ich leider auch noch nie - hach es gibt wirklich noch viele Orte, die ich besuchen muss!

Beautiful as always. I hear there are some fires on Crete. Everything going ok?


I left Crete already in June, but heard about it in the news today. Terrible.


Greece is in terrible shape as well. Worst fires in decades. People are dying. Horrible horrible horrible.
And Croatia had a tragedy last year as well with fires. The fire came close to Split. But whats happening in Greece right now ive never seen before in Europe.

Who does not like to see the natural scene. Everyone wants to visit the beautiful places of the world. We have become mechanical to see ourselves the buildings of the brick-cement-stone buildings around us. Difficulty in nesting the house. So maybe our mechanical city, where there is a lot of opportunities, as well as our sightseeing. Because we are naturally comfortable. Now we do not go to enjoy the wonderful landscapes at any place of trouble, where we have to face many problems. And that is why we go beyond our sights, some of the wonderful places in the world.

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Da hast du uns wirklich tolle Artikel und Bilder während den letzten Wochen mitgebracht. Eine wunderschöne Gegend die ebenfalls nach einem Besuch schreit.
Vielen Dank und einen lieben Gruss

Crete is an amazing place.
I have seen all your photographs and I have also googled it on the internet, it's absolutely beautiful.
I hope I can visit Crete someday.

Ohh love the photo where you captured the sheep!


Yeah, that was funny. Fortunately, I saw them soon enough.

Wieder einmal geniale Fotos🤗 Ich habe eine Frage: Wie machst du das Bild von “Time to head back“ (3 Fotos zu einem)? Da würde mich sehr interessieren, danke🤗


Die Layouts mache ich mit PicFrame. Eine sehr simple, aber praktische App, um solche Kompositionen zu erstellen. Wenn Du ein bisschen recherchierst findest Du aber sicher auch kostenfreie Alternativen, die das Gleiche leisten.



Super, danke🤗

It has been an excellent trip with you, showing us every part of Crete, I am sure that the other visitors to the place were also delighted with it. How beautiful the image of the water and the different shades of blue it has, from lighter to stronger. Every corner of this place has its own history and charm.

This trip was definitely impressive due to the amount of photos so beautiful that you have managed to take, I must admit that I loved the beach, the water looked fantastic and the mountains extremely majestic! Thank you for sharing with us

Beautiful places.
Thanks for your upvote! I really appreciate it!
Recently I switched from dual language posts to only German posts. If you're interested in the story I'd be happy to translate them again.

Interesting to check out this part glorious views and some incredible shots you have taken

Schade, schon die letzte Episode.
Wo geht es als nächstes hin?
Erwartungsvolle Grüsse. 😎


Ist noch nicht ganz entschieden, vermutlich in die bayrischen Alpen. Grüsse zurück!

I hope it is not the last time there my friend @shaka I know that you will return and as I do not return to a place as wonderful as crete I think you have it all there

What I like the most about this place are its beaches, the colors that its waters have, this last beach that shows us in an impressive place.

A great trip without a doubt

beautiful scenery


This is best place

Nice snaps bro. The place looks like calm nd peaceful. Hope u r enjoying ur tour.
Good day!

Stunning .. brilliant, super, great.
Travel is a lively col.lege, suitable for you
Well performed on the images .. for extra creativity

Wow.Amazing views.

Beautiful, beautiful photograph. I enjoyed this a lot! Thanks for sharing! 💛🌿

Posted using Partiko Android

also love photography because photography is a name of art name of practice try to make something new something beautiful something different I like it because his relation to nature

Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me.
Thanks for this @shaka

awesome scenery , clear weather and sea, makes me wanna go for a vacation.....

amazing photography...the sky and water everything is blue

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Magnificent photos! Thanks for the upvote and for sharing!

Wao this is very beautiful and awesome photography. thanks for share this


These landscapes are so beautiful that so much breath catches! I saw similar species in the Crimea.