Discovering Crete, Part 8 - Mátala: Hippies, Myths & Souvenirs [Mobile photography]

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Greetings Steemians!

Welcome to the continuation of my Cretan discovery tour. In today's article I will show you around the colourful port town of Mátala.

According to Greek mythology, Mátala is no less than the founding place of European history. Because it was Mátala, where Zeus had brought the king's daughter Europa, who later became the first queen of Crete. The previously unknown continent was then named Europe.

Today Mátala is on of the most visited touristic spots in south-central Crete. The number of restaurants, taverns and souvenir shops provide an idea of how crowded the alleys become in high season.

In the sixties Mátala was discovered by hippies and war resisters who settled in the many caves along the bay. Accepted by the inhabitants, they began to live according to their own social modell. Cat Stevens is one of the more famous contemporaries, who lived there for a while. Consequently, the place got more and more the reputation of a trendy meeting place, which then - how could it be otherwise - increasingly attracted backpack tourists in the seventies and eighties. So it was only a matter of time before the touristic mainstream entered the stage. Still, outside the high season one can still enjoy the special atmosphere of the place.

But see for yourself:

7- promenade.jpg
A footbridge along the lovely bay with one tavern lining up after the other.

7- promenade-2.jpg
The motto of the former hippie community, painted on the harbour wall: "Today is life, tomorrow never comes."

Entering the alleys with the souvenir shops


7- promenade-3.jpg
The entire bay lit in the golden evening sun.

Time for a tasty cretan dinner!

Rich in taste, rich in calories - time to plan the next hike...:)

Thanks for watching!


All photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S in May, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Ja sehr schön, daß die Reise nach Kreta postingtechnisch doch noch nicht vorbei ist.
Nun, Cat Stevens ist wirklich sehr bekannt - den kenne auch ich, obwohl seine große Zeit ja etwas vor der Zeit war, als ich begann, richtig bewußt Musik zu hören.

Die erste Collage ist der Wahnsinn. Der Felsen im oberen Bild und der Sonnenuntergang sind spitze. Diese beiden Bilder würde ich in einem etwaigen Best Of gerne auch noch mal in Vollauflösung genießen! ;-)


Ich glaube da hatte ich mich missveständlich ausgedrückt, der Abschluss im letzten Post bezog sich "nur" auf die Phaistos-Serie. Es geht also noch ein Weilchen weiter...

Die beiden Bilder aus der ersten Kollage kommen im nächsten Post nochmals in voller Grösse :)


Darauf freue ich mich schon... ;-)

Es wäre auch überraschend gewesen, wenn die Kreta Reise so kurz abgehandelt werden könnte. Creta hat bestimmt auch schöne Strände und Sonnenuntergänge zu bieten. Strand, Sonne und Sonnenuntergänge - das gefällt bestimmt vielen so gut wie immer...

Ich bin gespannt, was wir noch zu sehen und lesen bekommen!! :-)

First of all i want to say that in your first composite picture the mountain stuff is so amazing to watch and it have very unique essence and that is, it's reflecting as the mountain is going under the water slowly.

And literally speaking as you said that in sixties this place is discovered and that gives an essence that this place was an hidden gem of nature and all these pictures are truly describing it's beauty for sure and after watching these pictures it inspiring to explore these types of places.

And for me the attractive aspect is the alleys which really reflecting beautiful and for sure it's giving an effect that we are moving towards some kind of beautiful world and in every next step it can give the excitement.

Yes, food stuff is reflecting as so healthy and it also have the appearance of deliciousness and tasty and healthy foodie stuff at beautiful and natural place just creates an magical environment.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Oh that island looks great, the village looks comfortable and in a way people should be nice, the food looks delicious, I definitely love to go to know must be fantastic

Awesome to be in a place, where Greek gods and goddesses have been, at least according to mythology. The scenery in and around Mátala is just awesome.

I was not aware that Europe was named after Europa, a mythological character. Perhaps, she may be a historical figure, although I have not read about it. I think I should study Greek mythology deeply. There are many elements of Greek mythologies which can be based on historical events. Perhaps, historical figures and events would have been changed through folklore, into the mythological stories as it happens in everywhere in the world.
However, your photography always entertains me and inspires me to visit those places which you mention in your posts. Photos of cretan food are making me to try and enjoy these dishes. These dishes seem very tasty and healthy.
Thank you @shaka for introducing so many beautiful things about Greece.

A good place without a doubt I like the way the sun is present throughout the beach has a very nice glow the place is very particular and the truth has many interesting things like that catwalk I think I can see walking down that catwalk

"Today is life, tomorrow never comes" I like this


"Today is life, tomorrow never comes"

It's a motto worth thinking about.

Once again you provide amazing photos!
I hope you enjoyed traditional Greek foods!
And (even though I hate to repeat myself THANK YOU for promoting my country worldwide @shaka)

I've enjoyed following your series @shaka, keep them rolling :) Btw did you get up and explore that cave near the headland?


Thank you, I'm glad to read that! I was visiting the caves of Mátala during my last trip back in 2009. Some of them are quite spacious and one can well imagine that these caves have been used as living space since the Neolithic Age.

Toller Post und schöne Bilder. Das Essen!! 😋

In the sixties Mátala was discovered by hippies

Das erklärt auch die Bob Marley Flagge.


Ja, die Flagge passt gut. Sehr relaxed dort alles. Zumindest in der Nebensaison.


hat Ähnlichkeit mit Gümüslük in der Türkei. Ist auch so ein kleines verschlafenes Hippie Dorf.

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Das griechische Essen ist verdammt lecker aber nicht das gesündeste :) Aber ist ja nur Essen, muss unbedingt mal dort hin...


Das stimmt, wobei die sogenannte kretische Diät ja ein neuer Gesundheitstrend zu sein scheint. Allerdings versteht man unter dieser nicht das, was da auf meinen Tellern liegt...(bis auf das Tzatziki vielleicht ;) )

The food looks amazing! :) MMmm!

Hello @shaka a totally different place to the other but very beautiful also I love the beach

I like the way in which the locals are located here the sun shines a lot and gives a beautiful color to the beach the truth is something that I would visit without a doubt beautiful photos

For your material, I see that Mátala is a village anchored on the shores of the sea, I love the seascape, it is a town full of Greek culture and mythology, it is a very relaxing place to take a good walk and taste those dishes that They look very rich, grateful for your visit and support, receive a great greeting, and waiting for new adventures. @shaka

Wunderbare Gegend und das Essen. Kein Wunder hat's Dir dort so gut gefallen.
Danke für diesen Einblick in deine Bilderserie

Beautiful historical sites. I love the story behind Europe founding. Wow! That's a great revelation.!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Es ist fast gar nichts los dort, und deshalb die beste Zeit. finde ich viel besser als so volle Strände und Gassen wo man fast nicht mehr laufen kann.


Ja, in der Hauptsaison würde ich dort auch nicht sein wollen.

Matala sieht schön aus. Wäre aber gerne in den 60gern dort gewesen. Tolle Bilder🤗


Ich glaube in den 60ern war es wirklich noch was für die Hartgesottenen. Aber zum Vorbeischauen wäre es sicher spannend gewesen.


Danke🤗 Ja für Hartgesottene, aber wäre sicher eine tolle Erfahrung gewesen

Beautiful pictures mate.
The first picture with the waters is the best.
Great photography

Super nice!
Wieder einmal coole pics

Wow it's amazing place Matala! Really it's a wonderful place for tourists, nice photographs and foods looking testy and yummy. thanks to share your discovery tour that we are getting lots of things like culture, place, nature that had not any idea before.

Hi shaka how are you? Where there is sun beach and sand is why the place is great I adore those photos that give me an idea of how is that wonderful place, the food looks very tasty the alleys are very full of shops where there is sure to be a lot to take away, you show a wonderful place and you give me a brief history about that place this is excellent

This is fantastic

Ein sehr schöner Bericht :)
Mein vater war auch gerade (letzte Woche) auf Kreta und fand es sehr schön dort!


Danke! Ist wirklich eine spannende und abwechlungsreiche Urlaubslocation. Im Sommer für mich allerdings zu heiss ;)

I love the meal and the Sirtaki picture!

Mátala means "kill her" in Spanish.


I guess it would be matar la, right?


No, it's written exactly like that, "mátala". Matarla would be infinitive while mátala is imperative. "Matar la" would mean "To kill the". :P


Appears Spainish
I doubt if it is a city in Germany
I hope to visit a cool place like this someday

Beautiful place to discover amazing post to check out today thanks for sharing that :)

Nice Picture shaka ! :D
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In here we have more artists for you to connect to and
the ability to promote yourself and your blogs. Keep on Steemin my friend !

Tolle Berichte und Fotos finde ich bei Dir hier 👍🏻 Bloß gut, dass ich bei der Charity von sportsgeek mitgemacht und Dich dort aufgrund Deiner vielen „Einkäufe/Spenden“ gesehen habe. Da lerne ich noch schöne Fleckchen der Welt kennen 😁. Ich war noch nie in Griechenland 😱 LG Kati

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