Discovering Crete, Part 6 - Phaistos, the Minoan metropolis II

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Greetings Steemians!

In today's section of our tour through Phaistos we enter the central court of the Minoan palace. You can find the links to the previous parts of this series at the end of this post.

We reach the center of the palace through a former colonnade corridor that connects the west with the central court.

Like the west court, the central court has already been established in the city's first construction phase around 1900 BC.

The large central square is a building element of all Minoan palaces and represents the centre of economic, social and religious activities. The court is layed out as an elongated rectangle and paved with limestone plates. Two colonnades lined the court, from which games or ritual acts could be followed by spectators.

On the left one can nicely see the cavities that framed the pillars of the former colonnade. At the northern end of the court reconstructed columns mark the entry towards the king's quarter.

Towards the lower west one can see the remnants of a well. The view from the palace hill on the plains is really amazing.

After a short while of walking across the court one perfectly understands why this location had been chosen for the foundation of the city. Whoever approaches the hill will be spotted early-on. In fact, artefacts have been found which prove a settlement already in the Neolithic Age. Lucky the clan that was able to occupy this hill first.

I hope you enjoyed the visit of Phaistos so far. In the next post I will conclude with a few more photographic highlights from this historic place.

Until then, thanks for watching and have a great time on Steemit!


All photos were recorded by myself with an EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in May, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Amazing and these trees are reflecting in an pattern and this pattern showcasing the art of ancient cropping. And whenever we watch any pattern in natural stuff then for sure that stuff really give us some amazing artistic essence.

And after exploring these pictures we can see one thing for sure and that is nature is telling that no matter what i am the Boss and here the human made structures are destroyed but those greenery is so refreshing that's why i can say that nature is superior than us and we have to respect nature for that.

Those composition of four pictures are truly reflecting one thing and that is pure Emptiness and Loneliness and that's why slowly nature is taking away this place and one day everything will be covered with greenery.

And i hope that you've really feel the ancient essence of this place and i always want to explore these type of places because i want to feel through the places how the old civilisation lived.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂


Nature rules, indeed!


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Du vermittelst eine angenehme Dosis an Wissen. So macht Geschichtsunterricht wirklich Spaß!

Und ich wiederhole mich natürlich mit folgendem, aber ich denke doch, daß man es auch immer wieder gerne hört: Die Fotos und Collagen sind klasse.


Danke Dir!

Super schöner Beitrag! Ich mag historische Stätten, komme nur selten dazu welche zu besuchen. In Griechenland auf der Insel Kos habe ich vor 40 Jahren das Asklepieion des Hippokrates besichtigt. Es war eigentlich bereits geschlossen, wurde aber extra für mich und meine Mutter noch mal geöffnet, so dass wir ungestört herum wandern konnten (mit einem Führer) - sehr genial. Heute kann ich dann über deine Artikel wieder antike griechische Luft schnuppern ;-) Dankeschön.


Sicher eine schöne Erinnerung, freut mich, dass ich diese wieder etwas auffrischen konnte :)

That must be such a nice place to visit!


Indeed it is! Especially during spring when temperatures are still bearable.

Danke für die schönen Eindrücke.
Kreta plane ich auch in naher Zukunft zu besuchen.
Angesetzt war zunächst dieses Jahr, es wird wohl aber doch auf nächstes Jahr hinauslaufen.
Sei es drum, interessante geschichtliche Hintergründe. :)

besser als jeder Reiseführer. Ganz tolle Bilder die du uns da mitgebracht hast. Gefällt mir ausserordentlich gut DEIN Griechenland.

Very successful the title discovering, since through its publication we can read and see what is interesting about that trip, and we see it first hand, when I study Greece, I found a country full of culture, archeology, today I have the opportunity to see this interesting report. thanks @shaka

It's crazy how old these structures are! So cool to be able to walk through this amazing place, hundreds of years later! Thanks for the historical lesson!


It is really cool! @shaka is indeed giving us great lessons in history!

Wieder super deine Serie. Die Olivenbäume unten auf dem ersten Bild ( Plantagen ) liebe ich. Wenn man überlegt dass es überall auf der Welt so alte Steinbauten gibt, aus der Damalgen Zeit. Was für Imperium das früher schon gewesen sein muss.

I love historical sites. It was a very informative sharing. History helps people discover themselves. Thank you @shaka

Hi shaka how are you? This trip more and more interesting the photos show me a really beautiful place with an old architecture that leads me to want to see the next part of this wonderful trip

It is very amazing that this site dates back to the Neolithic Age when man used stone tools only. Isn't it mysterious that prehistoric man was able to reach this place and make settlements there? How could they have reached there will always be mystery I think.
However, there were some trees planted on the fields. What trees were they?

A very interesting place surely full of a lot of history in every stone that there is in that place it is impressive to imagine how people lived here

Beautiful photos as always eager for more of this @shaka


I am working for the environment I like very much the nature just publish a tree plantation I identify many with these places @shaka

The ancient, historical architectural structures like you show in Phaistos are always been high on my interest list when I travel somewhere.

I'm following your route from the beginning and I'm in love with this place I hope to know a little more and see more images you know take perfect photos where you can admire all the details

Tolle Eindruecke und toller Beitrag! Ich mag immer die historischen Geschichten dahinter :) Wollte auch mal schon lange nach Kreta, hoffe das wird irgendwann was.

Brilliante Bilder wie immer🤗

It is a really beautiful landscape, the structures reflect the age of that place which is fantastic, I love the trips you make are very interesting! Thank you for sharing

Wow tolle Bilder ,wäre mal eine Reise wert. Oder am besten wir machen dort ein Steem Treffen lol. lg Max

Looks like you're exploring more and more.
Your photography never ceases to amaze me. Great photographs

Hello, Shaka!
I would love to visit Phaistos, the landscapes are so beautiful. Lovely photos! Cheers

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Nice visit it has been and you have showed us the best pics from that place so nice to see that once again :)

Hello @shaka

You must have spent a lot gathering this photo collections of events past and historical heritage sites. Thumb up sir!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

your photos are very good you took, they have a good quality.

I like your publications, they are entertaining and the photos you take are very good. We can notice that this palace is very old.

From that point of view where you took that picture, you can notice that it is very surprising. A lot of ancient history in that palace and beautiful by the way ...

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Thank for sharing your photography, I only got it on the web, before this post.

Whoa nice photography and pretty simple but worthwatching sites. Love tbe fields scattering in a desert like place. Tthanks for sharing.

sehr schöne Fotos!!!

Hi, I love your photography LOL. I am a photographer I would like to invite you if you like my blog and see my most recent works. regards