Discovering Crete, Part 13 - Zarós, the green oasis at the mountains foot

in photography •  8 months ago


Greetings Steemians!

If you followed my Crete tour until now, you may have gathered the impression, that this island is rather scant and short of water. And that is actually the case, at least regarding the bigger part of it's land area. Almost every lot of cultivated soil requires irrigation with groundwater.

However, there are also regions where water isn't scarce at all. The closer one gets to the foothills of the mountain ranges, water all of a sudden becomes abundant. Such as in Zarós, a village located at the exit of a deep gorge in the Psiloritis massif (if you are interested, you can check for the precise location on the awesome Steemit Worldmap).

Numerous mountain streams are funneled into the lake Vótomos, a large retaining pond above Zarós. It harbours the villages main attraction, it's famous trout farm:

A first glimpse at Lake Votomos while descending from the gorge.

On the left one can already spot the trouts as diffuse shadows under the water surface. At the lake's border is a hotel and a tavern that offers the freshly catched trouts in different variations.


Some of the trouts were the biggest I have ever seen.

There are also a lot of ducks on the lake. They learned that the trout farm provides them opulent food supply, too.


Lots of wild thyme growing here. Enough for the bees and for me and so I took a couple of branches for todays dinner at home.

Is this a brimstone butterfly? @faltermann, can you help me out here? :) Or does anyone else know?

Whatever your name is, thanks for keeping still this short moment!

Thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with an Canon EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in Mai 2018. All rights reserved.

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Literally speaking water covered with those beautiful mountains making this scene so beautiful and breathtaking and whoever will going to explore that place will going to make their day because that is awesome.

And in my opinion Ducks are most interesting creatures and whenever they swim in water gives great essence and when they move in group, literally it's reflects as artistic family is swimming in the water.

And the most common creatures are fish in underwater and i want to say that these creatures are lucky because they can explore the underwater world and in my opinion underwater world is pure magic.

For me great aspect are those butterflies, and Butterflies are nature's greatest art pieces and how butterflies sit on the leaves, that effect reflects as beautiful relationship between nature and it's creatures.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Wow the butterfly wings totally blended in! Crazy how they look like leaves.

Wow wirklich schöne Bilder. Werd diesen Sommer wahrscheinlich auch nach Kreta fliegen. Hab bis jetzt nur gutes gehört. Werd mir definitiv noch die restlichen 12 Parts ansehen. Das trifft sich grad gut. 😂

PS: Will jetzt nicht klugscheißen aber hab grad die Ecology of Fishes Prüfung am Freitag geschrieben und vielleicht interessiert es dich ja 😂 : Der Fisch gehört zu der Gattung Cyprinidae (Karpfenfische). Salmonidae (Lachsfische) zeichnen sich durch eine sogenannte Adipose Fin aus (eine zweite Flossen zwischen der Dorsal Fin (oben mittig) und der Caudal Fin (Schwanzflosse).


Fundiertes Klugscheissen ist mir immer sehr willkommen - lerne ja selber gerne was dazu :)

Du willst mir also sagen, dass es sich bei den abgebildeten Fischen nicht um Forellen, sondern um Karpfen(artige) handelt? Würde eventuell erklären, warum mir die Tiere für Forellen so aussergewöhnlich gross erschienen. Auf der Speisekarte gabe es jedenfalls nur Forellen (trouts...). Hmm 🤔...

Viel Vergnügen jedenfalls auf Kreta, vllt findest Du ja tatsächlich noch die ein oder andere Anregung in meinem Blog. Das es dort im Sommer sehr (!) heiss wird ist Dir sicher bewusst, oder?



Hab zwar noch nicht die Note der Prüfung bekommen also meine Bestimmungsfähigkeit ist noch nicht validiert aber ja bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass das ein karpfenartiger Fisch ist.

Haha also entweder haben die den aus nem anderen Gewässer oder dir wurde ein Karpfen als Forelle verkauft 😅.

Dankeschön! Werd ich bestimmt! Ja das mit der Hitze hab ich auch schon gehört mal sehen aber denk das geht schon bin da nicht so empfindlich.


Ok, danke für die Info, dem werde ich mal weiter auf den Grund gehen - das interessiert mich jetzt ;)

hi, when i saw your posts about Crete, i felt very excited. Also i visited the island as an Erasmus student. And i decided to write also my experiences, if you have time, check my page.

i went there in 2011 and seven years past, but still i feel every moment about Crete.

The island of freedom.

The island of happiness.


one picture from my eyes.


Oh, nice to read that. As an Erasmus student, I assume that you stayed in Heraklion? I will have a look into your blog in an instant.

You're right, you managed to see the trout in that image, you made a good capture, I congratulate you

Here you got many captures and very good

the place looks a little dry but it's very nice @shaka

Hi shaka how are you? Today's delivery of your trip to Crete shows me a place full of lots of nature and beautiful animals, I love fish, I take off my hat in front of so much beauty which reflects very well in each of your photos.
The butterfly is beautiful but I do not know its name, there are many immense trout that look great underwater
This has been a wonderful journey, thanks Shaka for showing me such a wonderful place

Ein Angelparadies wäre das für ein Fischer, gut dass ich kein Fischer bin ;-) Sonst könnte ich mich nicht zurück halten ;-)

From the top you can get a great view of the Votomos Lake, the any apparently home to a large number of trout and ducks anywhere there. I see them very big and long, omg. Surely trout fishing is something very common in the tavern for residents. The photograph of the butterfly: I loved, there was our little friend ready to be captured by your camera, for its colors is good camuflajéandose with the environment.

Hello Shaka! What a beautiful place, the truth does not seem that you were still in Crete, there is so much fresh water, so much vegetation and not a little cat = (
But I love your trip.

Oh friend what a fascinating entrance,
Imagine the wonderful experience of enjoying a rich and large trout just caught on the shore of the lake watching the ducks coexist in harmony with the fish, the wonderful weather, it shows is nice. Crete every place you show beautiful.

Hello friend Shaka, I am happy this Sunday, visit your blog quietly and find so much beauty, in the Zaros is actually a green oasis to dream that makes me say! life is Beautiful! The butterfly is very beautiful if it is not a sulfur butterfly. It belongs to the same family because it has the same characteristics, spectacular thyme plants, I like to see trout, I am a lover of trout, here we have a trout producing state, Mérida very famous in national and international cuisine, but I think the that presents today, exceeds the size, the passage by the shore of the Votomos lake, invites to rest and relaxation, beautiful ducks, in gratitude from 1 to 20 I give you 100 too beautiful all those photographs that you share today with your followers, the tavern, a very delicious pleasure to eat the freshly caught trout is a delirium. Congratulations for this new adventure, and leaving aside my publication for the next, a greeting to you from Venezuela. @shaka

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Hi @shaka how are you?

You are right that there is little water here but it is certainly beautiful. I like the way you see those trout. I have never seen one close up but I have seen them in pictures and I think nolas had seen them as big as these

You make good captures with your camera some incredible photos

Wow,wow, all the photographs outstanding especially your wild thyme with bee and brimstone butterfly , i also don't know this name, whatever name is doesn't matter, matter is your photographs that really amazing. At last want to say your Numerous mountain that really wonderful, thanks to share.

Wow, wow ..., cool photos :-))

Incredible photos, great tour at the foot of the mountain ... Wonderful vegetation, large trout and even insects that model ... Thank you for sharing your journey to Zaros.

Pity I can not help you with the name of the species of this butterfly, but what I can say is that it is a great model for the camera very naturally.

The aquatic life is amazing there so nice pics you showed this place is truly amazing to explore :)

These photos are amazing

It is surprising the difference of the regions does not? While in the lack of water in others it abounds, it must be incredible to travel and know places, especially photographing such beautiful landscapes! I loved the photos, in fact, the fish look very good thanks for sharing with us: D

Get ready to catch some trout.
Amazing pictures, great view of the sea mate.

Beautiful place and amazing photography :)