Discovering Crete, Part 14 - Island glow

in photography •  5 months ago


Greetings Steemians!

Late evening has been my favorite time of day during my stay on Crete.

When the setting mediterranean sun casts it's golden rays on the olive groves and the whitewashed village houses it creates such a warm splendour that my eye could hardly get enough of it. And in addition to what is visible, it's the temperature, the silence and the scent that adds to the whole impression. Therefore, photos can only partly convey that kind of special atmosphere.

With the following sceneries I nevertheless give it a try. I recorded those in some distance above Matála.

Without further remarks, I let the pictures speak for themselves:





Thanks for watching and have a great day on Steemit!


All photos were recorded by myself with an Canon EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in Mai 2018. All rights reserved.

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Natürlich ist die Natur in natural nicht zu überbieten. Aber man kann in Fotos dafür Momente einfangen, die man bei der Flutung der Sinne mit zig Informationen gleichzeitig eventuell übersieht....
Das Bild mit dem "gelben" Sonnenuntergan mag ich ganz besonders. Dieser Kontrast von gelb und schwarz kommt immer gut auf Fotos! ;-)

Excellent photography as usual @shaka . Of course, my favorite shot has to be the Venus image but the panorama is a close second especially at fullsize 👍


Thank you @terrylovejoy! Glad that you spotted the Venus on the last photo :)

Sunsets are the best! I wish I captured more of them!

Beautiful pictures, in first picture we can see dry mountains and those greenery stuff is reflecting in an pattern. And whenever we see natural pattern that gives breathtaking essence and also it's reflecting as nature's artistic essence.

Second picture have an great effect and that is Dark and Light. And that sunlight is reflecting as soulful light and for me that sunlight is giving or highlighting that one tree which purely reflecting it's borders.

What can i say about the third picture, that picture just holds the beautiful essence with multiple colourful essence. And in my opinion it's an magical art of nature's creator. And in this picture add on value effect is that cloud which is reflecting as flying in the sky alone.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

No doubt the images speak for themselves is a beautiful sunset

I think it's the best thing you can enjoy in the life of a sunset or sunrise. This comes full of peace. I like nature a lot, just as cooking is my passion.

As you know, I spend it making a sandwich

Hi shaka how are you? this is impressive of so much beauty, this particular image I liked a lot, you really do a good photographic work and you want to show me the best of your tour of Crete

A sunset for me means the end of a day that although we have gone well or bad just watching a sunset comforts us and tells us that it was worth it and that it is worthwhile to continue fighting every day.

Thank you Shaka for these beautiful images

die letzten 2 Bilder sind absolut Hammer!! Echt Top 👍

A beautiful relaxing island. I like the photos👌🏼

You depicted starting of evening time in these photographs. It begins with the shadow of the hills on the valley and ended in the photographs of sunset time. Scenery of this place is really amazing. Travelling such a nice place happens a lifetime experience.

Super geniale Bilder! :)
Würde dort gern ne Runde mit meiner XT drehen^^

Deine Bilder sind erste Klasse. So schön ist Welt🤗

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@shaka i like to click nature when its at evening and i think u also like

Wow man your photography is fabulous.
And I agree with you that evening time is the best for photography and for a long walk too.

The evening time is really the most interesting one there beautiful shot to discover through your post wow

I will not stop saying it or thinking about it I think crete is a place full of beautiful things I think it also has everything in one place

The sunsets are beautiful beautiful photos

shaka, Very Nice photograph, U have recorded all photos yourself?

The pictures almost speak for themselves! When you hear the words "olive groves, whitewashed cottages and blue green ocean" these are the images ones mind pictures about these beautiful sun baked Mediterranean coastlands

Really wonderful place, i also like late evening time and this time sky looks so beautiful and the golden rays of sun made this village more beautiful that seeing your photographs, really all the photographs looking great.

a landscape to relax and enjoy good company

thes are quite stunning!

You didnt take our bet. I want you to buy me 100000000$ bot upvotes. 😂😂😂😂....

Im kidding.. WER ALL GOING CRAZZZZY!!!!!


You said Croatia wont leave the group.!

Nope, I didn't say that;)

Anyways, congratulations! Headache? :P

Considering the second half of the game Croatia's win was absolutely deserved. Now, everything is possible.


Hello Shaka! Beautiful photographs, incredible sunset worth immortalizing in these pictures. Thank you!