Discovering Crete, Part 7 - Phaistos, the Minoan metropolis III

in photography •  6 months ago


Greetings Steemians!

With a few more photographic impressions I would like to conclude the report about my visit to the ruins of Phaistos.

After a more systematic presentation of the Minoan city's main courts in the two previous posts, I now share a series of rather loose detail shots and panorama views which I let speak for themselves. I hope that these pictures will convey to you the special atmosphere of this ancient place and how it is embedded in a marvelous landscape.








A last look back at the whole site and off I leave towards the next destination, to the former hippie town Mátala. Hope to welcome you from there in my next post!

Thanks for watching and have a great day on Steemit!


All photos were recorded by myself with an EOS 7D / Tamron 18-270 mm in May, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Good for you for not taking the bet! Woooooooooooooooooooooo.
Croatia:Argentina 3:0.



Congrats, it was an exciting game and the result well deserved!

Vielen Dank für diese sehr gut gelungene Serie über Kreta! Deine Bilder sind eine große Motivation für jeden Reiselustigen, sich diese bezaubernde Insel mit ihrer jahrtausende alten Kultur bald mal persönlich anzusehen. Du hast offensichtlich dort eine schöne Zeit gehabt und darüber freue ich mich mit dir.
Viel Spaß und Spannung auch für dein nächste Ziel.


Vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar, freut mich sehr, das zu lesen. Und ja, es war eine tolle Zeit dort auf der Insel.

Hi shaka how are you? Now we are going through part 7 of this wonderful journey through which you have taken me to a wonderful place. Every photograph is so clear and well taken that it makes me dream that I am in the place. Those old vessels are pure history. I would like to have one at home. landscapes that I see are beautiful
The beautiful kitten in the photo I accompany you all is travel is the adorable you cared about every detail and to show the best of that wonderful place I am grateful for such an excellent tour by your side
Thank you for taking me to your trip to that place that contains history architecture of the past and a beautiful view we see in a next recoerrido


Thank you for your kind comment, I'm glad to read that you are enjoying this travel report.

Ich schließe mich den passenden Worten von @freiheit50 vollumfassend an. Besser kann man es nicht schreiben....
Heute also noch ein "Bilder sagen mehr als Worte" Abschlußpost zu dieser tollen Serie. Schön, daß Du auch die niedliche Katze auf dem Stuhl nicht unter den Tisch hast fallen lassen. Die Katzen haben auch perfekt in die Serie gepasst, finde ich. ;-)

Another great reportage. Keep this up and I won't have to visit myself 8-).



Hast du mal die frischen Kakteenfrüchte gegessen ? Mit Vorsicht oder mit Handschuhen abzwicken und dann öffnen, schmeckt wirklich gut. Sorry für mein schlechtes Upvote, aber ich habe nur noch 20% Power und da muss ich ein bisschen erholen


Nein, war mir nicht bekannt, dass man die Essen kann. Ohne fachkundigen Rat hätte ich das wohl auch nicht gewagt.

Die Kakteen, die auf die Berge schauen... - Ein schöner Buchtitel, oder?


Wenn ich mir das Bild so betrachte sehen mir die Kakteen recht ausserirdisch aus. Könnte ein Bestseller werden.

While your photos remind me of some of the Middle East where I've traveled Crete is now on my wish list. It really is a beautiful country with some rich history. I'm sure it has been an unforgettable adventure for you @shaka

I start congratulating you for such excellent shots, you have a good eye for making the shots and at the same time give a good explanation that keeps us waiting for your next publication, I tasted with you a lot of culture and imaginable landscapes, which I used to do through books of universal history, and I do not exaggerate when I say that your photographs should be in the National Graphic magazine that is a magazine for the culture of the entire planet earth. I love this image, greetings and see you in Mátala. @shaka


Thanks for your kind comment. I feel honored ;)

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Weldone @shaka I must say you are highly gifted and talented when it comes to taking photos.... Stay awesome !

No doubt create a place I come from history and many beautiful things and places.

I hope to see the ancient hippie city of Mátala. You make good pictures. You know how to capture every angle of the place.

This trip was a marvel

It feels great this is as if I was traveling with you through the images I knew beautiful places besides you have good pulse to take the images you do it well

One of the things that I liked about these places are the cats hahaha everything is very well the truth Have a nice trip

Hello shaka! I see you were so lucky to run into such beautiful kittens, this one looks very comfortable ... Beautiful photographs, wonderful landscapes. Regards!

Toll, deine Landschaftsfotographien sind mega🤗

hat was von Sizilien diese Gegend. Auch mit sehr viel Historischem geprägt
Orangenhaine flache sanfte Hügel und viel gutes Essen...

Mit lieben Grüssen aus der sonnigen Karibik!
Abenteuer und Reiseberichte aus der Dominikanischen Republik.

@shaka Very beautiful photos. I was last year in Crete =)


Cool, how was it?


it was very beautiful. I like this mix, mountains, beach, sea. Especially beautiful is the Elafonisi beach.


Very true, so many different landscapes and thus things to do.


Especially if you drive the area with a quad =)

Another amazing photo series...!! 👏

Good to see u enjoying ur time in these historical places..! 👌

Have a great trip..!
Happy clicking..!

~ Christina

Da kannste doch mal den Greece-Lover besuchen !!

Schöne Bilder !



That was surely a wonderful trip @shaka!

Friend @shaka that extraordinary destiny, Crete has so much to offer, so many wonders of a civilization that struggles not to die, some beautiful natural landscapes, very cute kittens, but I fear that with an overwhelming heat, the sun seems to be very strong and little trees big. I hope you said goodbye to the kitten!


Thanks! The temperatures were still quite bearable but yeah, in summer it'll be tough.

The photos indeed speak for themselves. This has been a wonderful story series about Phaistos, @shaka.

So far this journey, greatly increased our knowledge about this ancient place. It was also accompanied by excellent photographs. We time traveled with you. We journeyed from stone age to bronze age and at last came to the modern age where we are seeing a beautiful town in the background.
Thank you @shaka for taking us with you to this unforgettable journey.

It is a wonderful landscape without doubt is beautiful the place you visited, the architectures show the years that have been there waiting to be photographed and taught to the world, you've done is great!

The photos taken very well, the places shown in them, they are beautiful, the culture, the nature and even the beautiful cat in the chair this beautiful, great job, I believe that through its lens we move with you to that place . Congratulations @shaka

Excellent your publication, I love your photos. Greetings and blessings

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and you have inspired me, so in your honor, for you, created this masterpiece..


The blog here dedicated to you..

Be blessed

Yours Always


A clasic place. but save a million beauty ..

A beautiful day.
Your photography is so amazing.
Thanks for sharing these lovely shots with us.

Most welcome to steemit
Really amazing photography and travel.
I appreciate your natural..... best of luck in your new post...

Welcome @shaka
Wow really beautiful Photography.
I like this your every post @shaka
I appreciate your travel and natural.

Never seen an amazing place like this before but glad through your post on steemit i can feel the great experience of that place :D

@shaka really your photography so nice.
I appreciate it. Best of luck in your new post....

Nice Picture shaka ! :D
We would love to invite you to our Discord server.
In here we have more artists for you to connect to and
the ability to promote yourself and your blogs. Keep on Steemin my friend !

Crete between each photograph I discover its magic and its desire to keep alive its ancient civilization, fortunate to enjoy this Minoan metropolis.

Whao...... This are lovely in view.. I wish am there...... Amazing and wonderful pictures you have here @shaka

Great Phaistos photo series to conclude seven wonderful posts about this Crete location.

In my opinion you have explored this place successfully and shared some great and breathtaking pictures and we are waiting to see your next travel exploration because you always share the stuff in detail and it's really amazing experience to explore places through your post.

And it's always great to watch the amazing work of composition and these composition always give great essence of different aspect of things. In first picture specially i am exploring those two stones which have great essence itself and those stones are loudly saying that we are ancient.

Second picture is just Magical because whatever we are watching it's reflecting as every piece of stuff is from different world means, Plain land, Greenery, Rocky land, Mountains and two layered clouds and it's giving the greatest artistic essence of nature and i want to admire it over and over.

And for sure the highlight of this post is that cat which is sitting on the chair and in my opinions animals are great companions and when they stay with us then they always throw that loyal essence and sometimes it reflects that animals are more loyal than human beings.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I have never seen the haven. But you have introduced haven on earth here with your photography. I am surprised to see your photography. That's are really fantastic. You have introduced like haven on the earth. Thaks for sharing.

WOW! Your photos are truly stunning! Love the cat photo! :)

Awesome photography and amazing place i must say
You are professional photographer :)