"Six of the Best" MAP19 Minnow Contest [Vote Now - Win Upvotes]

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This is the next contest in the Minnows Accelerator Project's "Six of the Best".

Each of the six authors below gets a share of this post's rewards

And one (or two) of them will win 200 SP delegated for 7 days

Please read this Signup article for how MAP works. If you are a minnow, you can also sign up at that page to see if you will be added to one of the future Six of the Best competitions.


The Minnows Accelerator Project will now be run from the new @accelerator account, but will still be managed by @rycharde. Please read The Minnows Accelerator Project Has a New Account - Please Follow for full information.

What Do the Content Creators Need to Do Now?

If you are one of Six listed below, then this is your chance to show everybody your best work - and to get votes.

= Firstly, please write a comment with links to some of your best recent articles. I would say perhaps 2-4 articles from the last 2-4 weeks.

= Then, please resteem this post to your followers so that they may come and vote for you.

= You should also announce this on your current posts. This contest will last for 7 days, so you have time to spread the word. I have also found that appropriate comments with a linkback also work very well. Please don't spam Steemit, as that can easily be seen.

= And then, I have created a new Discord chatroom for all the people who make it to Six of the Best. Feel free to come and chat with current and past participants, and promote your blog. Go to M-A-P Discord chatroom now. Note, this is ONLY for participants.

How to Vote for Your Favourite Steemian Author [NEW!]

This part has changed and I am now using Poll-Maker AND comment votes.

= Firstly, make sure you read all the six blogs - you may discover something new and an author you had not noticed before.

= Also, you are free to add comments and interact with each author.

= But most importantly, vote for your favourite author or authors in the link below. You may only vote one time but you can vote for more than one author - so think about it carefully! AND you can upvote the author's comment thread - but please wait for the author to create their first comment with a short list of recent articles. Before anybody asks, yes, you can vote twice: once in the poll and once in the comment upvote. Any votes by bots will be removed - if you use a bot that is then followed by an army of voters, you will just be given a score of zero. [NEW!]

= What will you get? Apart from the warm glow of satisfaction at having helped a fellow Steemian, I shall upvote any interesting comments.

What Are The Prizes?

= The main prize is of 200 SP delegated for 7 days. (This will increase as we get more sponsorship!)

= However, every participant listed below will also receive 10% of the rewards generated for this article. This is possible using the Reward Distribution feature for articles.

= Also, every participant is invited to join a new Discord chatroom dedicated exclusively to MAP members.

= Every MAP Member may also be featured in our "Tales from the MAP Room" magazine.

= [NEW!] Every MAP Member will be able to participate in out new Collaborative Creations Competition - coming in a few days!

The Six of the Best for MAP19

Six of the Best today are (in no particular order):








The link will take you to Poll-Maker and you can vote there.

Now it is entirely up to you! Please upvote and resteem this post. But most importantly, cast your vote on Poll-Maker AND also upvote the authors you like most! If the votes are very close I may award two winning prizes.

Also, take this as an opportunity to network with each other; you are free to comment and discuss your experiences as authors and readers.

Let the Accelerator begin!

Sponsorship News

The Minnows Accelerator Project has received its first sponsor! Many thanks to @eturnerx for delegating 1000 SP towards the project.

Thanks also to existing members of MAP who have expressed an interest in supporting @accelerator by increasing its voting power. Deep thanks to those MAP members who have recently delegated SP to the community: @heart-to-heart. This is especially generous as these are not large whale accounts bur minnows themselves who are helping the whole MAP community grow organically and steadily.

MAP donors: @heart-to-heart - @kerlund74 - @macchiata - @spaingaroo - @inquiringtimes

The plan is to make the winning prize more significant, eventually reaching 200 SP delegated for 4 weeks, rather than the current 1 week. Assuming a peak of one winner per day (remembering that there could be more than one winner per contest) for 4 weeks, plus the 7-day cooling period when delegated SP is returned to the owner but cannot be used, then I am looking at 35 days times 200 SP, giving a total needed of 7,000 SP. We already have 1,220 SP so just under 6,000 SP more to go! To delegate SP to this project, or to donate funds, please leave a comment or come chat to @rycharde on Discord.

If you would like to be considered for the next round, then please sign up at Minnows Accelerator Project [August 2017 Signups].

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Looks like the polls are working again! Which is good for this contest - although only 2 hours left!

I will change the voting protocol for MAP21 onwards.

MAP19 has finished and the total votes are:

@inkatieskitchen = 19
@schoolforsdg4 = 11
@physics-o-mania = 10
@tayken = 7
@carlschrijft = 5
@theleapingkoala = 3

Congratulations to @inkatieskitchen ! Your prize will be in your wallet shortly.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and don't forget that you are all MAP members now, so come and say Hello in the chatroom.


I am highly honored to be nominated as 'Six of the best'.Thank you so much. The best article posted by me is:https://steemit.com/technology/@physics-o-mania/the-quest-for-the-grand-unification-the-theory-of-everything which I discuss about Theory of Everything
Second, I have https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@physics-o-mania/rqwxp-quantum-computers-a-threat-to-bitcoin on The threat to Bitcoin due to the advent of Quantum Computer
Third, I propose:https://steemit.com/life/@physics-o-mania/the-strange-face-of-reality-the-quantum-realm where I discuss about the strange quantum realm
Lastly I have https://steemit.com/minnowsproject/@physics-o-mania/hunt-for-the-dark-matter-the-unseen-neighbor.Here I discuss about a mysterious substance called dark matter which has not been discovered yet
Have a read on these articles and enrich your knowledge base and help me bring more such contents in future.
And lastly please vote for me.Thank you


Welcome. Good to see some physics. Good luck!


Good luck, my friend! I'm sure people will love your posts!


I approve these entries ;)

I feel honoured to be a part of this, thank you so much.
My posts, I think are the most suitable for this contest, will be;
Its the introduction of the series of stories I'm about to post as a translation from my first published book in Holland and Belgium.
The next two would be part 1 and 2 of my sort of how to write a story advices;
And the last one, is just a poem. I try to write one every day for my steemit followers;
I hope for many of your votes, but most of all I hope you will enjoy reading what I wright and if you do, please let me know ;)
For now, thank you again and remember this;


Welcome to the MAP room! Good luck!


Thank you @Rycharde. I'm really happy to be in it ;)

First, Many thanks @accelerator for your support and for giving us this great chance to show our work and interact with each other. I am thankful for being chosen to participate.
My latest posts are
1- About my personal life story (only 2 chapters for now): Part 1 and Part 2. It may be sad start but its gonna get better ;)
2- I am starting to write about how to have (or improve) relationships (mainly between life partners/lovers). I wrote only part 1 so far.
The other posts are almost expiring, so I didn't add any of them here.
I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. It will give me more STEAM to STEEM :D

Thanks in advance

Appreciate all the effort put forth to boost minnow discoverability. I'm interested broadly in the human condition, but specifically, education, philosophy, design, and technology.

If you do take the time (which I honestly don't expect you to) then thank you for reading :)

Personal and in the moment:
Higher Education...Wake the Fuck Up

Tech, the future and blockchain:
The Blockchain is Hungry: Looking Beyond Software and the Sharing Economy

My truth in life hacking and research:
The Radicality of Saying What You Think

My truth in recent experience:
Productivity Perils of Discord Diving

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