Insane Clusterfuck of the Collapse of Rule-of-law, Eventually to Imprison Most Westerners

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England’s Magna Carta and the U.S. Constitution have been subsumed by insane laws and jurisprudence subterfuge which will plunge the West into a Kafkaesque, clusterfuck — turning Westerners back into the imprisoned, serfs we were in the Middle (“Dark”) Ages.

Cities Are Reviving Debtor’s Prison Because they Are Broke

In Rem – Criminal Activity of Government

Society will turn against itself, wherein vested interests, greed, and economic desperation (especially as interest rates rise, imploding the 700+ year Western debt bubble) will cause the political system to imprison and steal from the minority, until possibly said minority grows into the impoverished majority forming a Dark Age. This is no joke! You’re asleep…

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

5000 Year Low for Interest Rates

Visualizing The 700-Year Fall Of Interest Rates – Zerohedge

Hitting Zero: 700 Years of Declining Global Real Interest Rates – Zerohedge

Interest Rates will Double:

QUESTION: […] on Zero Hedge […] a Harvard […] visiting scholar at the Bank of England who claims:

“We trace the […] dominant risk-free asset […], starting with sovereign rates in the Italian city states in the 14th and 15th […] to long-term rates in Spain, followed by […] Holland, since 1703 the UK, subsequently Germany, and finally the US.”

[…] when your models are 5,000 years, the two ridiculous statements are a [4.78%] 700-year average as if this really means something […] when rates have been below that for nearly 10 years, and […] “the dominant risk-free asset over time.” You have demonstrated that moving averages are not valid in forecasting and that government routinely defaults.

You forecast at the conference that [private sector (c.f. footnote [1]) interest] rates would rise very rapidly as we move into the Monetary Crisis Cycle.


ANSWER: It is very nice to trace 700 years […] the average of 4.78% by switching to the dominant economy as the financial capital of the world moved. However, starting […] in the 14th century skips the crazy part […] the Great Financial Crisis of 1092 in Byzantium […] a watermark event that set in motion the decline thereafter. This study […] is interesting, but regionally biased.

The fall of Byzantium resulting in the financial capital of the world moving to India – not Spain. That is why Columbus set sail trying to get to India, which was the financial capital of the world after Byzantium.

We hit a 5,000 year low. The Reversals we provided at the conference show we are looking at a near doubling in rates when we cross that [reversals threshold]

Source for the History of Interest Rates

Some of Armstrong’s blogs that cite the same 5000 year low interest rate chart:

Inane Kafkaesque, Clusterfuck of the Collapse of Rule-of-law

Australia Wants Two-Year Prison Sentences for Paying More Than $10,000 in Cash

UK Strips 86-Year-Old of Pension because She Saved £50 a Month

If your financial transaction “involved” in anyway in the unbounded, multifurcated lineage of a criminal financial transaction regardless if you didn’t know about a crime, all yourtaintedproperty can be seized by the government without a trial nor proof.

For example, you received some fiat money (or cryptocurrency, gold, gift, property, etc) from some entity (even a business) that received from some other entity that received from another and so on…then all property “involved” with your transaction be confiscated if your transaction is in the lineage of any crime, including lineage of “involved” property. Not just the derivative funds, but also any property “involved” in facilitating criminal (including derivative) financial transaction(s) — e.g. the house you issued your transaction from, the vehicle you drove, etc.. Most cash bills can thus be confiscated and even have traces of illicit drug residue.

The police “stole” his house over $40

Australia Police Now Confiscate Loose Coins in Cars

More inane examples

An excerpt from my recent blog Bitcoin Fractal Projects an Infinite Price:

Applicable laws (and insane, unconstitutional absence of rule-of-law):

Here’s some more:

I'll quote some of the shocking details from the above linked blogs.

In Rem – Criminal Activity of Government

[…] based upon ancient tradition known as Deodand, which was a thing forfeited […] to God. In reality, Deodand was the law concerning an object or instrument […] forfeit[ed] because it has caused a person’s death – such as a runaway horse and wagon.


English common law the king merely replaced God with himself. Deodand traces back to the 11th century […] applied by the king [of England] to confiscate assets until Parliament finally abolished it in 1846.


civil asset forfeiture has been so abused […] it amounts to outright theft. People cannot afford costly lawyers and the government exploits the poor all the time to just confiscate cash, cars, and houses. The police are using it just as the troops in Rome turned against the people to pay for their salaries. The police […] transformed into the enemies of the people for whatever they can confiscate they just get to keep.

Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014

Between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized […] $12.6 billion in asset forfeiture cases. The growth rate […] averaged +19.4% annually. In 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by +52.8% from 2009 […] by 2014, that number had ballooned to roughly $4.5 billion […] making this 35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 in a single year. According to the FBI, the total amount of goods stolen by criminals in 2014 burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses. This means that the police are now taking more assets than the criminals.


A class action lawsuit was filed against Washington DC where police were robbing people for as little as having $100 in their pocket […] police [turned] into legal criminals or “gangs” as Bloomberg News calls them.

Deodand – Civil Asset Forfeiture Violate Every Principle of Human Rights & Civilization

Today, civil asset forfeiture is an outright crime against the people […] not even a tax – just an illegal taking of innocent people’s money. Its origin is in ancient law that the King of England adopted as a means to pretend he was God and entitled to confiscate everyone’s money […]

The United States Supreme Court in J. W. Goldsmith Jr., Grant Co. v. The United States, 254 U.S. 505 (1922), noted the origins of government forfeiture power in the historical practice of Deodand […] cit[ing] Sir William Blackstone (1723–1780), in his “Commentaries of the Laws of England”, which noted that this practice extended back […] Ancient Greece. A Deodand is a thing forfeited […] because it has caused a person’s death.

The English common law of Deodands traces back to the 11th century and was applied, on and off, until […] abolished […] 1846. Deodand […] has been transformed into the government’s right to seize your property even if you have done NOTHING wrong for it is the object that commits the offense, not you. Politicians have assumed the role of God […] no longer […] that says you had a horse that […] took off running and killed someone. The horse was then forfeited to […] pay […] funeral costs of the victim […now] transformed into civil asset forfeiture [not to directly to the victim but forfeited to the government].

The U.S. Supreme Court relying on Deodand to justify the confiscation of property to enrich the coffers of government is no different than being robbed on the street at gunpoint […] judges […] do not defend the Constitution […] right to property is the foundation of civilization […] we […] formed governments to provide a rule of law to ensure our cooperation with each other. Now we have governments claiming someone sold drugs from your home and seize your […] house [for] committ[ing] the crime […] even if you […were unaware of a crime…] the rule of law has been turned into a profit mechanism for government.

[…] we have no independent judges who will stand up for our basic human rights. There was a revolution, in case these judges forgot, which meant that just because some practice existed in common law does not mean it survived […]:

“We the People of the United States […] establish Justice […] and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of …”

I do not see how ANY reasonable interpretation of the Constitution can justify Civil Asset Forfeiture[’s] direct conflict with the very stated purpose of the [U.S.] Constitution.

Can Anything Survive as an Alternative to the “666” Enslavement Electronic Currency?:

Our greatest problem is government’s hunt for money. Now 29% of [U.S.] households are […] hoard[ing] dollars […] government can […] simply cancel[…] the currency. [Unlike Europe] USA has never […] other than the transition from the Continental dollar to the US dollar. But every other currency […was] cancel[led…] precious metals historically […] universally acceptable […] world[wide…] problem metals face is stringent tracking of who buys and sells […] Storing in a bank is now […] money laundering […and] the problem of transportation […] risk highway-robbery by the police under ruthless civil asset forfeiture


what kind of a future do we face? […] government […will] simply declare they own x-% of your wealth and if you do not voluntarily hand it over you are a CRIMINAL who they can justify killing […] every person already commits 3 felonies a day and do not know it.

[…] historian Charles Hibbert […] in his classic […] Roots of Evil […] government used the law to be cruel […and] confiscate wealth […before] the American Revolution, there were about 240 felonies […requiring] the death penalty. Why death? The king […could] confiscate your property and throw your family […i]n the street. The accused would be tortured to try to force him to confess […and thrown] in prison indefinitely just to win without a trial as the US government has now authorized thanks to one of the most ruthless Senators of all time, Lindsey Graham.

A misdemeanor […required] indentured servitude. The king sold you as a slave […] quoting from court record […for the] many he shipped to America:

“[…] the sentence […] is that you shall no longer be burdened with the support of your wife and family. You shall be immediately removed from a very bad climate and a country overburdened with people to one of the finest regions of the earth where demand for human labour is every hour increasing and where it is highly probable you may ultimately regain your character and improve your future.” (Roots of Evil, p145)

Just like Civil Asset Forfeiture, they pretend you have done something to justify them […] profiting […] Is it any wonder the US Federal courts have a conviction rate over 98% when even Adolf Hitler’s rate was 90%? It is always about money and only a FOOL thinks there is any […] justice […] it is always JUST-US […] and the [complicit] mainstream press allow this


[…] Historically government could not hunt down money with such [electronic] efficiency […] Can society stop this […]? […] there is no such period in history that holds the answer […] You could have packed up your gold and just left town. That is not possible today […] If we go all the way [to Mad Max], the only thing that has value is food. Scary thought […] This is the PUBLIC v PRIVATE eternal battle […] always driven by […] politics. Can we ever break this repetitive cycle […] for human kind?

Oklahoma – The State You Must ALWAYS Avoid Driving Through:

As there is a drive to eliminate cash, police are engaging in illegal search and seizures of debit cards. More and more businesses are refusing to accept cash, which was noted even at a ball game at Tropicana Field in Florida […] will no longer accept cash to pay for those peanuts and Cracker Jacks


The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (aka extortionists) […] have portable card readers mounted on vehicles […to] confiscate or freeze suspected drug-trafficking proceeds loaded onto prepaid cards […] under civil asset forfeiture, they need not prove that anything […] can claim you looked suspicious and take everything […] under the PRESUMPTION of guilt. It is your burden to prove […] assets are not tainted, and good luck with that


traveling through Oklahoma is FAR TOO […] risk[y…] absolutely NO RULE OF LAW that remains for judges will rule […for] the state because they too need money for their pensions.

Shakespeare wrote […an] apology of a traitor to the people. Brutus’ speech […] on why he killed Caesar:

If there […] any dear friend of Caesar’s […] I say, that Brutus’ love to Caesar was no less than his […] why [I] Brutus rose against Caesar […] my answer:
Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.

This is the same […rationalization of] the police and judges […] claim[ing] it is not personal, for they need not even charge you with a crime. The legal fiction [of civil asset forfeiture] is that the money [or property] is GUILTY — not you.

The [precedent of “guilty property”…] extends back to ancient times […] known as DEODAND […your spooked] horse ran [off autonomously] and killed someone. The horse and wagon were then forfeited for [being] responsible for the death […and] sold off […] to pay for the funeral. Today, […] the forfeiture never goes [directly] to pay for some victim of a crime. Rather, it goes into the pockets of the police and judges.


government has turned against the people to sustain itself […] the end-game […collapse especially] after 2032 […]

Government Imprisoning People Who Cannot Pay a Fine:

Some people […claim] that government is here to help us. The only thing that government is here to do is to help themselves to other people’s money. Around the world governments are desperate for money. […] Britain […] sold student loans to private debt collectors at 25% of the face value. These firms them harass […for] the full 100% plus [exorbitant] interest


municipal governments [in Italy] have cameras on everything […] Travel to Italy, but never rent a car. You will be getting tickets in the mail years after […] Many cities in Italy issue more tickets each year then there are people living in the entire city


My father had taken a position as a municipal judge back in the early 60s […] He soon quit when the politicians were demanding he impose the maximum fine for every offense. When […] government gets to justify fining you, it rapidly becomes a business. In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, locals know to avoid Route 70 at Springdale Road. This single camera has issued 17,000 tickets when the total population (including children) is just under 70,000


cities across the United States are increasingly turning to what are known as private probation companies to collect unpaid fines. If you do not pay the fine, they have been throwing people in prison – that’s right – debtor’s prison is back […] One girl in our office was pulled over for a small crack in her windshield. The cop gave her about $3,000 worth of tickets for every possible thing he could write her up for. She was working part-time trying to finish university […] When I tried to help her to pay some of the tickets online, they marked them all mandatory court appearance.

Kangaroo, Kafkaesque Courts Judicial System – James A. Donald’s blog:

My model of the judicial system is that the court and appeals process is Kayfabe, that the real decisions are made in secret for secret for reasons, like the outcome of matches in professional wrestling, that the judiciary is corrupt from top to bottom, and that its decisions are frequently unjust, when justice conflicts, as it often does, with secret commands and secret policies.

Unfortunately, our “justice” system is really “just us.” also my blog Trillionaire Fund Manager Martin Armstrong Was Framed By Our Corrupt Government:

[Armstrong implies the judicial system is a ‘Kafkatrap’]

As of 2012, the U.S. national average conviction rate in federal court was 93%. While the conviction rate in Virginia and New York have almost matched Japan’s conviction rate of 99%, the national average has exceeded even Adolf Hitler’s conviction rate of about 90% at his notorious People’s Court under Roland Freisler.

[…c.f. also Chairman of Nissan Flees Japan Over Corrupt Japanese Legal System]

my lawyer Richard Altman […] said New York practices law differently than any other court. Indeed, they even let judges change the transcripts […] I wrote the SEC and said what is the point of all this. Just make up a transcript that says I confessed to whatever you want me to say and get it over with […] The whole system is so totally corrupt you cannot imagine how bad it truly has become. But federal judges are appointed by politicians and it is a one-sided confrontation. I tried to address the facts, but no judge would ever consider anything against the government. It is no different than any kangaroo court. I complained that the theory of the case kept changing from hearing to hearing. I never understood what I was alleged to have done because you answer that and they just change the theory. It is as if they accused you of killing your roommate. They [your roomate] appear[s] in court […] They change the theory and say oh, it was not that person, it someone you worked with. You ask for a name and they change it again.

Justice is really “Just Us”:

Just Us – A Business[Kangaroo, Kayfabe, Kafkaesque Judicial System] Aimed at Exploiting Others for Personal Gain

[…] one [Italian] guy subpoenaed his own phone calls from prison which are all taped. By mistake, they gave him his co-defendant who had turned out to be a “rat” […] the prosecutor was telling the rat […] to testify against someone else as well. The rat said he did not know that person. The prosecutor replied, “Don’t worry, by the time I am done with you, you will know him like he’s your brother.” Judge Kaplan[…] ruled [the tape] irrelevant for that was a different case, even though it was the same rat testifying against him. You quickly realize, nothing is real and the press supports the system for they just regurgitate whatever the government tells them.

The [“justice”] system is now “just us”. It is a business where fresh lawyers look to make a name for themselves on the road to politics, following in the steps of Rudy Giuliani. Prisons are turning into private entities run for profit. Judges have been convicted for sending kids to prison to fill these operations for profit, as the prison gives kickbacks to the judges. This became known as “kids for cash” as judges lined their pockets.

[…] people attracted to this system are far too often […sociopaths, c.f. “the checklist for psychopathy” and The reality of the lizard people…that] do anything to climb the ladder and have absolutely no feelings of guilt whatsoever. EVERY person I have met so far who was a former prosecutor looks at those in the private sector as having something they deserve. It is the same feeling that produces socialism/communism […] they are the greediest and most dishonest people I have ever encountered. So far, I have met no exception.

This is part of the decline and fall of the United States. When there is no means to defend yourself or your property, the game is over – checkmate. Society cannot function when there is no means to address corruption […] There is NO WAY to save the […United States] with a justice system that is so corrupt. It has become the mirror image of the corruption on Capitol Hill.

When There is no Justice – It is Time To Turnout the Lights:

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I am a law student […] reviewed your case after going to the [London] premier […] of the Forecaster. My professor said your case […] is indicative of how corrupt the American judicial system has become. They ordered you to turn over assets, refused to ever define what those assets are to prevent any compliance, and then when the bank pleads guilty and agreed to return all the money, they simply said there was another fraud without ever charging you with anything. How can the American press simply refuse to ever tell the truth?


ANSWER: […] Only an idiot accepts government allegations as fact in any case. The entire problem stems from ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY! The US government cannot be sued, only the agents of the government. Consequently, those in the Justice Department are not forthcoming about admitting a mistake. I do not believe that a prosecutor should be able to bring charges.


The Supreme Court’s most anti-Constitutional decision ever […] declaring prosecutors must have absolute immunity for acts committed in their prosecutorial role. This decision has unleashed the most abusive legal system ever on the face of this Earth. The most notorious court in history had been that of Hitler where it had a 90% conviction rate. The Supreme Court, has stripped every possible human right we have fought for since the dawn of civilization. The conviction rate now exceeds 98% in the US federal courts. Lawyers tell you to just plea because you cannot win!


Nobody will hold prosecutors accountable and then most judges are former-prosecutors so good luck on pleading your case. There is not a vein of morality in most of these people. Even an honest judge is just overruled by the corrupt courts of appeal. When you stare into their eyes of a prosecutor or most judges, all you see is coldness of evil stripped of all human emotion. They lose all humanity in order to do the job.

The Supreme Court has unleashed the total destruction of the Constitution upon all of us and there is a growing call to acknowledge and address an epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct in the United States, but nobody will listen.


Shakespeare’s famous line “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” referred to the king’s lawyers we call prosecutors today. The question is when will the people stand up and say enough is enough! They ultimately do so historically and all these police killing of people are gradually pushing this awareness onto the general public. Still, according to Gallup Polls, 52% of people still trust the police. That is a 22-year low. The process is in motion. This is what revolution is all about.


There is nothing to be proud of in the American legal system. Fair trials are simply IMPOSSIBLE! History does repeat. The American Justice System is doing exactly the same thing complained about in the Declaration of Independence. The passions of man never change – hand those in power absolute immunity, and you destroy the entire moral fabric of society.

Lanny Davis Makes it Clear The Prosecutor Wrote the Script:

Lanny Davis is […] Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen[’s attorney…] legal wordsmithing […] cleverly avoids any direct answer and the press does not even understand his answer. He specifically states that Cohen did not plead in his own word, that the prosecutors wrote the script to which he has to plead or go to jail for decades. He keeps saying (listen closely) that the “prosecutors are saying” to which Cohen “agreed” under oath. The oath part is absolutely absurd for 97 percent of ALL federal convictions plead to whatever the prosecutor tells them to say. If you do not, you go to prison for most of your life. In the 1970s, the conviction rate was 72%. Today, it is 98.7%. Whatever someone says in a plea deal is NEVER the truth. It is what the prosecutor demands you say. This is no different from the Spanish Inquisition. Over 11 million people are arrested every year and less than 4% of the people in federal prison are even there for violence.


The conviction rate in Federal Court has EXCEEDED the most notorious court in history […] under Hitler, which had a 90% conviction rate. So the American “just-us” system has beaten even Adolf Hitler. The Spanish Inquisition was notorious for torture. If you refused to plead, you were tortured until you did or you died in the process. The records are by no means complete. One study found that of 44,674 cases, there were 826 executions of people burned alive […] Once convicted, they took all your property.


Today, the United States extracts pleas from people with MENTAL TORTURE. You face 100 years in prison or you plead. They subjected people at Guantanamo Bay to “waterboarding” and NOTHING they ever do will any judge call it torture. During the war in Iraq, both the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency were engaged in torturing people. They violated human rights of the detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. These violations included both physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy, and murder. If it were not for a leak of photos, they would never have been caught. The propaganda is always America wears the white hat and would NEVER violate human rights – good one! When judges are former prosecutors appointed by Congress, there will NEVER be any independent checks and balances. They all work for the same team.

The land of the free, home of the brave, and justice for all is now just propaganda.

I blogged in Trillionaire Fund Manager Martin Armstrong Was Framed By Our Corrupt Government:

And Attorney General William Barr covers it up claiming he is sure it was a suicide and terminates the investigation ostensibly without a full transparent and open investigation.

Judge Rakoff Blasts the Injustice of America:

United States[’ legal system] collapsed into a horrible pretense of justice […] every law that is passed they include the standard language of fine and imprisonment […] In the first draft [of Obamacare] buried within the 33,000 pages was the standard clause that they could throw you in prison for not having health insurance even if you could not afford it. Well it certainly would have gotten all the homeless off the streets for they would be in prison getting free healthcare then


[…] the lone crusader [Judge Rakoff] in the Southern District of New York that the government does everything in their power steer their cases away from […] Why? He has not been playing their game. He first came to everyone’s attention when he rejected the settlement between the SEC and Citigroup.


Now he has written Why Innocent People Plead Guilty — a sharp rebuke of just how bad the American legal system has become […] there is the case of JOSEPH SALVATI where the jury awarded $102 million because the prosecutors KNEW they were convicting the wrong person. Anyone working for the government who does this sort of thing should be imprisoned themselves. After all, they violate the civil right of an individual and remain immune from criminal prosecution.


No suit against ANY major NY bank will EVER proceed in that court — Southern District of New York. Every major suit ever filed [there] since 1985 has been largely dismissed. Just look at all the suits dismissed even AFTER the investment banks plead guilty to the SEC for putting out fake research.


Perhaps, these suits are brought in NYC knowing they will be dismissed and that is the way the banks remain UNTOUCHABLE no matter what they do. Perhaps the law firms are part of the protection for the banks. If they really wanted to win, they should have brought the lawsuits in London where LIBOR is set – why New York?

Was 9/11 A Plot to Seize Power?:


Curiously, the SEC was [in WTC7 building] and this is where they kept the evidence for court cases. Gun possession cases should have been dismissed but the prosecutors then showed photos of guns. The joke was that they used the same photo for everyone. Judges just accepted it and pronounced, “Take him away.”


I had tapes that would have put the whole New York banker crew in prison [all destroyed on 9/11…] tapes covering every manipulation they pulled off from rhodium to platinum and silver. It was the platinum manipulation that I had a tape of where they admitted to bribing to a Russian minister to “recall” their platinum to take an inventory. They forced platinum to rally, then the Russian minister announced they found “more” platinum to ensure the price would crash after they flipped their positions. Even Ford Motor Company was looking into suing over that manipulation.

All the evidence I had documenting each player and what they did was seized and vanished. My requests for documents were never honored. One is supposed to be entitled to discovery. There is no rule of law. You cannot win against the bankers. When I asked a New York lawyer why the bankers are never prosecuted, he smiles and laughed. His response: “You don’t shit where you eat!”

We will never have a secure financial market until someone is ready to clean up the corruption in [NYC].

There is no question that 9/11 was the event that destroyed the constitution. We lost all of our privacy and rights ever since.

C.f. my related blogs on 9/11:

The HSBC Scandal – How NYC Protects the Bankers:

the mainstream press would NEVER report my allegations against the bankers. It was always a one-way reporting scheme. That is the problem in New York. As one lawyer put it best – “You don’t shit where you eat!” The corporate ownership of the press will never report the truth […] That is why Snowden went to London knowing no US media organization would have ever published anything.


one NY Reporter […] Isabella Ring […] asked me about this allegation in a very curious manner […] if the bank was using my account to launder money for the Russian Mafia and Columbia Drug Cartels…


That surprised the hell out of me […] I had no idea what they were doing with the money. I assumed they were parking bad trades in the accounts and then backing them out. The forensic accountant […] said that more than 33% of the trades were errors […] Or were they laundering money through them? I have no idea. That interview was squashed and it NEVER appeared most likely by the corporate editors upstairs.

Corruption & the Rule of Law:

The government plays with legal technicalities. They cannot seize a corporation and nationalize it without compensating the shareholders. However, it can seize a corporation and run it without formally taking the property. It is in a gray area like zoning regulations. The government can tell you what to do with your property short of taking it.


The damage our system inflicts upon citizens is off the charts. The government filed charges against Arthur Anderson […] case finally made it to the Supreme Court and they unanimously overruled what the government had done. Nonetheless, the firm was destroyed in the process. And guess what? The two prosecutors who charged Arthur Anderson with obstruction of justice and destroyed the firm illegally, are the left and right hand of Robert Mueller going after Trump — Andrew Weissmann and Michael Dreeben. In government, incompetence is rewarded. Dreeben argued that it was an aggressive case, but warranted. The Supreme Court unanimously overruled that position but it was too late to save the firm.

Visit Italy & They Seize Your Jewelry:


desperate […] governments […] We[’re…] confronted by something we have never seen in […] our lifetimes — border checkpoints, […] gendarmes examining cars, liquids […] under the pretense of terrorism, while expanding it into [all] financial issues […] money laundering laws […] enacted against terrorists and drug dealers, are now applied by bureaucrats to any money being moved whatsoever the form […to eventual absurdity…] that if your wife fails to declare […] her engagement ring it will be confiscated […] Put a gold coin in your pocket a […] can be confiscated. When I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell, upon entry and leaving you had to list everything on your person […] We have became indistinguishable from the Communist Border Guards


Florida City Tries To Steal an Elderly Man's House Over Uncut Grass:

The city of Dunedin, Florida, wants to foreclose on a private home because the owner, Jim Ficken, owes the city over $29,000 in fines. The crime for which he is threatened with home loss? Having his lawn grass be too tall (over 10 inches) for a period of eight weeks last summer. The city fined him $500 per day of violation, with no warning.


"The City had the authority to mow Jim's grass and send him a reasonable bill," the filing points out. "Upon information and belief, the City did not do so because it prioritizes revenue over code compliance."

The city anticipates in its own budget that 2019 fine revenue will rise 81 percent from 2018, so they seem on a deliberate warpath on such petty issues. Remedying code violations does the city no good; fining for them keeps them in business (that is, the business of stealing homes over tall grass).

Texas officials call it "property tax relief" — but legislation won't lower tax bills or decrease budgets:

State lawmakers want to lower[ed] the threshold that triggers rollback elections. Current[Enacted] legislation would allow cities, counties and special districts to increase their revenues by just under 2.5 percent — above that level, an election would be automatic. So in our example, the city could collect just under $2.56 billion before voters weigh in. That would lower the tax rate to just under 99 cents per $100 of value, but would still allow the city to collect an extra $60 million.

Problem is that when interest rates starting rising (eventually precipitously) after 2021, then real estate values (and thus appraisals) decline, so then that law enables “cities, counties and special districts” to raise the percentage tax on real estate at 2.5% + -(decline-in-value%) per year without triggering a rollback election!

Thus Texas’ already very high real estate taxes (‘texas’ w\vowels transposed) such as 3% in Edinburg, TX (including school district tax) could double to 6% after several years!

Run — don’t just walk — away from Western real estate. “If you paid more than $500 per acre, you got ripped off”

Real Estate – Cycles – Real Value

Staying Liquid May Be the Best Bet

Tax Proposals Rising in California Again

Taxation & Its Role in the Destruction of Our Economy:

Historically, this has been the difference between movable and immovable assets, such as real estate. Collectibles, stocks, and precious metals are […] moveable [which] is what governments are now attempting to seize [with civil asset forfeiture and electronic surveillance]

[possible] hedge would be to have assets in terms of stocks in the USA […] may be harder to engage in a taxation of shares as an asset, whereas in Europe they are much closer to communism and see nothing wrong with taxing assets, not just income.

[In] the fall of Rome, the first asset class to decline was [immovable] real estate […] the population of Rome collapsed from 1 million to 15,000 by the Middle [“Dark”] Ages. People had no choice and just walked away, unable to pay the taxes demanded.

Unconstitutionality of Income Taxes

What’s with this concept of just because you are born you have a right to vote to steal (ahem redistribute) money from others? As aside, I realize the civil war (and the French Revolution which Jeffersonians empathized) paused, not ended. Numerous facets coalescing in my mind.

1800 was Almost the Second American Revolution:

Political rivalry […] since [the] 1800 […] clash between the Federalists and the Jeffersonians pushed […] the nation to […] the brink of a second American Revolution. This clash of the Titans was sparked when the Federalists were about to lose power. John Adams tried to prolong Federalist control in direct defiance of the people by stacking the courts with Federalist judges to demonstrate that law […susceptible to subterfuge] The new Constitution was not specific and far too ambiguous in many areas including that of the judiciary.


Marshall was faced with the fact that the Constitution’s framers left the Supreme Court’s existence and scope of power very ambiguous […] This epic battle […] illustrates that law has never really been law. The fight to install judges who will rule in favor of one side or the other proves […] politicians should never appoint judges.

Constitution is Just a Scrap of Paper:

have studied constitutional law very intensely […] nothing that the Founders did that has been retained. We have no ability to even bring a suit against the government […] the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause […] was the secret federalization […] how the Feds broke up the segregation in the South […] the hypocrisy. Government is able to arrest anyone who protests to exert their First Amendment Freedom of Speech […] simply arrest you for walking on the grass […] Yes – the income tax is voluntary. However, filing is not! You MUST file an income tax return and TELL them what you owe. They CANNOT imprison you for not paying, it is FAILURE TO FILE [but they can cancel your passport, driver’s license, access to financial accounts, etc]

The South (Jeffersonian States) rejected the 16th amendment, but the sham was rammed through with lies about the ratification process. We Southerners have been paying unconstitutional income taxes for 100 years:

Geoff Metcalf interviews attorney Larry Becraft on ratification challenge

States were told it was only to apply to “corporations of the United States” (i.e. an income tax on federal entities):

The Fascinating Truth About The 16th Amendment
The income tax is just an excise; capitations still require apportionment; and you’ve been taken to the cleaners.

Our founding fathers understood the tyranny that would accumulate from direct taxation:

Those links above are taken from my prior posts:

Many of the (if not all of the later) constitutional amendments were never constitutionally ratified.

A plausible causal correlation to the high interest rates in the Roman Empire due to its very low taxation, was absence of a Central Bank guaranteed, perpetual debt spigot funding an unrelenting government expansion (i.e. a 1857.6+ year ECM Private Wave):

[Rome] was more like the USA during the mid-19th century […] pre-industrial […] no social agenda […] to redistribute wealth […] tax rate in the ancient Roman Empire was about 5% with some paying […] 2% […80% of] taxes […] were spent on the military […] constituted[ing] about 2.5% of the empire’s GDP […] US military budget […] 4% [rising to] 20% at times of total expenditure.

Roman military significantly, self-funded booty until low-hanging fruit of conquest depleted:

Our Flawed Monetary System & Why it is Doomed:

In addition to not having a national debt or a central bank, Rome had no police […] prosecution of a murder would be carried out by the family. […] the King of England after Magna Carta who began to prosecute people for what was private crimes all so he could make money.

So whadya expect during the collapse of western civilization

POTUS Trump’s futile Wile E Coyote levitation impersonation, along with alleged order to arrest Assange, his embrace of bankster Zionists and demand for Fed to adopt negative interest rates.

Roman Tax on Estate Auctions was the Outrageous Level of 1%:

This attitude toward tax levels over 10% is the product of Socialism and Karl Marx […] auction tax which was [1%] on top of a 5% Inheritance Tax. It caused a lot of tax protests […] Tiberius bowed to the pressure and cut the tax […] to just 0.5%. Then Caligula […] abolished the auction tax


Rome did not have any direct taxation on income and this was the model for the Founding Fathers of the United States where the Constitution forbids direct taxation

Ostensibly growth in collectivized theft and unrelenting debt expansion has been necessarily to maintain social stability to avoid resumption of the Civil War which I posit never really ended:

Why can every Asian, African, and Latin American national buy land and do business 100% in their name in the U.S.A., yet there’s no reciprocity for us in their countries of origin? U.S.A. only (one of two) nation(s) that taxes its citizens residing abroad.

I blogged in 2013:

“Currency wars are like [bitch] slap wars, trade wars is where the knives come out.”

“Currency wars → trade wars → hot wars.”

Collapse of Western Civilization Underway

I blogged:

Unemployment in the West is headed greater than 30% no later than 2033:

Fed – No Surprise – The Next Bubble
— Armstrong 2013

The societalcide implications were developed in detail in my past blogs:


Armstrong has two cycle charts for the break up of the U.S.A.:

224 Year Collapsing Wave Structure Points to Breakup of USA

The USA is in its Death Throes

The first (i.e. upper) chart above starts from ratification of the Constitution. The second (i.e. lower) chart from the American Revolution.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s final, irreversible move towards his exposé was on the April 22, 2013 peak — not his publish date but point-of-no-return on the run from the unconstitutional manhunt. U.S.A.’s decline intimately tied to deep state Constitutional subversion — evident with the collapse of rule-of-law, e.g. unconstitutional attacks on Trump and unconstitutional 7 year incarceration of Martin Armstrong on a bogus contempt-of-court because the government avoided a public trial to maintain their cover up.

Constitutional decline until 2036.3. Hence maybe a slight reprieve from political gridlock until 2047.67. Hence to 2085 precipitous Constitutional decline into the abyss.

Armstrong’s blogged the first chart will be 296 to 309.6 years for the entire cycle that peaks 224 years from ratification. Roughly 2085 to 2098 until our Republic breaks up, i.e. the governance splits into sovereign/rogue States or groupings of States. Won’t be the analogous event in Rome where it was completely deserted, which followed 100s of years later than 265 AD as the Western Rome empire fell into a feudal Dark Age (aka the Middle Ages):

The U.S.A. will split into separate governing States or regions no later than 2099, perhaps even a 600 year feudal Dark Age.

Depends if we’re referring to Mad Max devastation in daily life, or as it seems you’re referring only to the financial and/or monetary system collapse. Rome’s 180 AD peak was in Armstrong’s proprietary reconstruction of the monetary history of Rome (he created collecting $10 million of ancient coins):

(click to zoom)

For 61 years from 180 AD to 241 AD, silver coinage debasement gradually accelerated. Suddenly waterfall collapse in 241 AD. The peak in the second chart 1999.27 + 61 years = 2060.

Armstrong blogged for the second aforementioned chart:

Obama is reviewing the ban on military weapons for police forces […] Instead of prosecuting the bad police officers, they are preparing to dig their heels in and arm the police to escalate the confrontation between the people and the police.

This, unfortunately, is also how Rome ended. It was not that the barbarians invaded Rome; rather it was that the armies turned inward and began sacking their own cities and anyone who showed resistance toward the government (emperor). Once you fragment society and divide the people by turning the State against its own, the end is not far behind. This weakens the bonds of civilization and sets the tone, which allows the barbarians to invade for society broke apart. The 33 years from 235 AD to the collapse of the monetary system in 268 AD saw 14 emperors.

The 224-year cycle of political change for the United States peaked in 1999 with Bush Jr. coming to power […] Dick Chaney really held the reins of power […] Obama has also largely been an absentee president […] since he is more interested in playing golf. The 2016 turning point may mark the shift in power from the bureaucrats back to a central figure […] Even Hillary will treat the bureaucrats as hired help […]

The grand “Sixth Wave” peak in Armtrong’s ECM is 2032.95, to culminate not only a 51.9 year Private Wave — also a 309.6 year grouping of 3 public and 3 private waves, amplified in severity culminating a 1857.6 year grouping of 309.6 year Sixth Waves! Fall of Western Civilization!

An interesting distinction between the two charts for the breakup and decline of the U.S.A. at the top of this post — the first said chart bounces (a reprieve) from 2036.3 to 2047.67. Whereas, the second bounces from 2016.74 to 2033.94, yet declines from 2033.94 to 2071.27.

The first seems related to governance and second to war and civil unrest. Latter precedes the former — violence precedes change in governance, e.g. Chile acquiescing to Constitutional change to appease massive civil unrest.

Collapse in governance and rule of law worsening until 2036.3 and then a slight (probably lurch towards totalitarianism) “reprieve” for ~11 measly years. War is being forced on Trump, while the U.S.A is decimated by massive illegal immigration and drug addiction.

Chaos significantly in daily life after 2033.94. Because 2032.95 is when China takes over as the financial capital of the world? The strong dollar will have abated (Bitcoin taking prominence as a backing store in stablecoins such as Libra?) thus unrelenting stagflation coupled with double-digit interest rates. Minsky Moment collapse!

Armstrong blogged Climate Data in Australia is Being Altered:

climate extremists [pressured] China to claim it would stop building coal-fired electrical plants […] However […revived] the once-suspended [Shandong Province coastline] coal power projects […] All the climate hysteria seems to be accomplishing is the fall of Western society […] their propaganda [spread] to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America […] told girls not to have children for they will have no future […] our model shows the shift in the financial capital of the world from the USA to China, but after 2032. This climate hysteria is probably part of this shift.

This climate hysteria is not being taken seriously outside […aforementioned]. Other nations see it as a plot to prevent them from joining the modern world […]

Perhaps Bernie’s liberaltards will seize the federal government by 2033 (impoverished populace will be politically radicalized). From 2036.3 the federal governance gridlock situation may “improve” lurching to asserting more draconian, totalitarian, Marxist regulation of the States. Expect massive, self-immolating tax increases such as Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax.

And/or the noted divergence between two charts could be explained by involvement of the U.S. military in significant wars that require national sacrifice, e.g. a simultaneous war with China, Russia, Iran, and N.Korea..

The States have no (c.f. also) Constitutional right to secede from the Union — wars of secession follow later in this century:

(click to zoom)

In conclusion, I agree with you that the risk of Mad Max increases after year 2033, but not likely as a Dark Age within our lifetimes. Intense devastation later in this century. Yet no walk in the park after 2033. U.S.A. will begin to resemble a Third World country in more locales and in more facets of governance, corruption, and rule of law.

[…] Britain from the day William III defeated James II at the Battle of the Boyne to […] day World War I began, where the United States displaced Great Britain as the financial capital of the world despite […] virtually bankrupt in 1896 just 17.2 years before […] the declining wave is 72 years. The first low came when Britain abandoned the gold standard during the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931 […]

Disclaimer: This is for your entertainment, not financial planning nor legal advice. Consult your own professional (perhaps licensed) adviser. I’m not responsible for any decisions you make after reading this post.

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