Israel’s Mossad DID 9/11?

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Israel DID 9/11 (Israeli Mossad) Dr. Alan Sabrosky


9/11 - Ten Years Of Deception

Zionist Orchestrated SJWs Protests Against Christopher Bollyn (Larry Silverstein was the owner of the WTC!)

Why does the Christopher Bollyn Wikipedia page not exist.

How Rothschild Zionism Controls the United States

Spokane, Washington is heavily populated by Zionist sympathizers. (also listen at the 27 min point as well)

Why is it that we the people are so damned gullible?

You will eventually learn that these same people created Bitcoin. More information to follow…

I declined payout, so please do not downvote for lack of effort in the content. I’m sharing a link to a specific statement in the first video which I want to draw readers’ attention to.


If it is the Mossad, then it must have been granted the permission of at least as high as the CIA director, as otherwise could have some grim implications for Israel.

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That link also contained analysis that implicates hotel security in a cover-up.

Luckily I archived the link above, because Medium nuked the original. So be sure Medium is another gatekeeper of propaganda and censorship as is also Wikipedia. Someone else also blogged about it.

Additionally we have the photo evidence which seems to be staged:

Charles Boyd commented:

If this guy got all those guns into the rooms, where are the suitcases at when the crime scene photos were taken & leaked? Has there been any forensic reports showing which guns / tools he used? Assuming they all would have his finger prints & DNA all on everything. Has there been anything new that has come to light that proves he acted alone? Where is the security footage from the hallway where he shot the security guard? Where is the footage showing him taking these to his room on the floor he was booked?

And the authorities conclude they can’t determine a motive. Lol.

Eric S. Raymond also related what his source in the investigation told him:

Aaaannnd what did he say?….

Paraphrasing slightly…this is best left alone. Heavily but deniably implied: dude was a U.S. intelligence asset who went nuts, and the people who used to run him don’t want anyone poking around his backtrail.

Ah isn’t that nice lie for TPTB to tell their compartmentalized agents.

No, he was a U.S. intelligence asset who was a cover for the false-flag.


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