Trump Assassinated in 2022? Civil War by 2026?

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The moderate left is dying (even in the former alt-right refuge Chile) along with the entitlements of socialism in 2019/2020, but the radical left will grow immensely (or already is) more popular because of economic implosion, ubiquitous university indoctrination and ongoing propaganda, becoming politically dominant within approximately a decade. The radical left will likely eventually overturn Trump’s conservatism even if by extra-constitutional means if necessary, and for example open the floodgates on open borders, New Green Deal, predatory taxation, (actually eugenics directed) universal health“care” and other social justice memes. Folks we allowed elites such as George Soros and the Rockefeller Foundation to control the minds of our offspring and compatriots.

Armstrong Reiterates Prediction of Trump’s Demise

I cited on my recent blog Armstrong’s prediction that Trump will not remain in office through the end of his second term:

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  3. ³ PRIVATE BLOG – Repo Crisis is Getting Critical.

    Is Trump Being Kept in the Dark?:

    The problem is there has been a massive defense perimeter around Trump […] But I also know many people have tried to penetrate that defensive perimeter without success […] His statement that he thinks the Fed should have negative interest rates demonstrates he is being kept in the dark.

    Once upon a time, I could write to the President and get a response in a matter of days […] While our computer shows he [Trump] should win, it also shows he may not finish out a second term. I do not think that is due to some impeachment. My concern remains that he has one thing in common with JFK. They both were against war. Even JFK stated in the debate with Nixon that the decline in the dollar was because the military was expanding globally […]

    My concern is that the coup against Trump from the intelligence agencies is all about they see him as curtailing their power. The Neo-Cons hate him with a passion for he will not just invade Iran. Then we have the Monetary Crisis Cycle. Trump would be the BEST person to have there during that crisis. Any career politician will do whatever it takes to support government at the expense of the people. Trump will return to the private sector so he would NEVER agree to a law that would harm his own business prospects in the future.

Armstrong hence blogged more about this prediction:

It has been obvious that the Intelligence community has tried to both prevent Trump from being elected and to overthrow his presidency. This Impeachment has turned into an outright coup. Here we have Joe Biden publicly admitting he withheld money UNLESS Ukraine fired the prosecutor who was investigating the company that hired his son to gain influence in Washington […] It appears that the Democrats have joined hands with the Intelligence community to actually overthrow Trump. CNN has joined this conspiracy and is claiming now to be tracking the lies of Trump without documentation to support their headlines. Why has the country come to this? Clearly, this is an all out coup and at the expense of dividing the country so profoundly, it is not hard to see how and why the United States will not separate and we may not even last until 2032.

The Democrats know that the socialist system is collapsing. They can smell it in the air. Even if the Democrats, CNN, and the Intelligence Community succeed in overthrowing Trump, sources say the objective is to (1) raise income taxes to 75% with the tax on Billionaires to be back to 90%, and (2) they want to go to war in the Middle East against Russia.

[… ]

The more I talk to sources, the more I begin to see that the computer will be correct again, which I have tried personally to fight against […] The British elections came out in line with the computer projections. Ideally, Trump should win. However, he may not be in office after 2022. The computer is showing some sort of shift at that time, which raises concern about a staged assassination or a faked death by hear[t] attack. We certainly do not seem to be headed back to government as it used to be.

This toxic political state of the United States is going to get far worse. The Democrats are simply fueling hatred and dividing the country for what seems to be just revenge for their own failures in economic policy. There is no winner here. Even if the Democrats gained control of the Senate and the White House imposing Marxism full boat, they would be unleashing death and destruction with civil war.

There have been hundreds of millions of people who have been killed fighting against Marxism. All the wars starting with World War I have resulted in a tiny fraction of deaths compared to the war against Marxism (i.e., China, Russia, South America). Not even religion stacks up against the war against Marxism. I am thankful I am not 25. But I lament for my posterity whose future will never be what I experienced.

Schiff hired former colleague of alleged weasel blower Eric [Rat-o-liar] the day after Trump-Ukraine call

“the rat” weasel blowing “useful idiot”

“the rat” weasel blowing “useful idiot”

I have explained many times that democracy, collective politics, and statism are winner-take-all power vacuum paradigms. Armstrong blogged The Democrats’ Impeachment is Unconstitutional about this is coming to fruition in U.S. politics at this juncture:

To achieve this impeachment, the Democrats ORDERED all Democrats “MUST” vote for impeachment even if they disagreed. This is clearly a total denial of the democratic foundation of the United States. We have people who run for office and tell you what they personally stand for. Then they get to Washington and the Party tells them it does not matter what they were elected to do, the Party instructs them how to vote and when.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew has refused to be dictated to and has announced that he has left the Democratic Party stating publicly that the Democrats told him that: “You Have To Vote For Impeachment.” The partisanship which has dominated this impeachment has deprived citizens of the most fundamental of their constitutional rights, to be represented by elected politicians. The very right to participate equally in the political process has been denied by Nancy Pelosi ordering Democrats to vote party line. This has undermined the fundamental principle of representative government.

Politicians are not elected to advance party political beliefs, but make representations as to their policies upon which people then vote whereby they choose their political representatives. If a party can direct the votes of representatives contrary to the very policies that achieved their position is as unconstitutional as directing votes against races, creed, or gender.

If partisanship supersedes democratic principles then this has debased and dishonored our democracy, turning upside-down the core American idea that all governmental power derives from the people. These party dictates have enabled politicians to entrench themselves in office as against voters’ preferences. This has promoted partisanship above respect for the popular votes which are the cornerstone of our democratic society. This impeachment process is constitutionally invalid encouraging a politics of polarization and dysfunction. If left unchecked, the future abuse of this impeachment process will undermine society which will irreparably damage our system of government.

Applying his Pi 8.6 year and 6 × 8.6 = 51.6 year cycles, with 4.3 year waterfall collapse…

Armstrong blogged Why is 2022 A Possible Change in the Presidency?:

The year 2022 is showing up as a political change in trend. That often implies a change in leadership. Since that is not a year where a presidential election would take place, given the extreme hostility which has emerged politically and the end of bipartisanship in Washington, there is the potential for the merger of violence with the political change in trend. The last time such a Directional Change showed up was November 1963.

Now look at the bottom of the Kennedy Assassination wave, which was 2015.49 and the peak in the ECM wave itself was 2015.75. Our political model called for the first time a possible third party candidate would win was 2016. We had also warned that 2015.75 was the PEAK in government, but not just the USA, this was on a global scale. The Refugee Crisis in Europe began with Merkel opening the doors to Europe first on August 25, 2015, when she chose to allow Syrian refugees who had already registered elsewhere in the European Union to enter Germany and register there. This temporarily suspended an EU law that requires asylum seekers to be returned to the first country they entered.

Then on Friday, September 4, 2015, Merkel relaxed controls on the border with Austria, allowing tens of thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary to enter Germany. This began Merkel’s so-called open-door refugee policy where she condemned the entire European project. Her actions showed that a single leader of a single EU state could alter the policy of Europe as a whole demonstrating that EU member states became irrelevant.

Then 2015.75 was the start of Big Bang, and indeed interest rates went negative in Europe just before that target and going into 2020 there are now $17+ trillion of negative-yielding European debt. The pension crisis has been building ever since both public and private. In Germany, not only are pensions negative but now the for the first time since 2015, statutory health insurance companies recorded a deficit. In Germany, there is a rising political debate about the relevance of the deficit, but it is clear that contributions are likely to increase significantly in the long-term as premiums are raised.

Therefore, on the major ECM wave which applies globally, we see that 2022.2 (March 14th) is the next key turning point after January 18th. That is lining up with many other cycles and it certainly appears that this will be a critical turning point both politically and economically.

Our Dystopian Future

Sorry folks. This is not bright and cheery. Payback is a bitch. This is all well-deserved. All of us are complicit. How much non-corrupted Christianity have you consumed and adhered to?

In all nations outside of the hardworking Asian nations, the entitled and ideologically spoiled brats (including boomers who raped the collective such that the U.S. government spends 10 times more on them than the youth) will attempt to fight for their nonsensical notion of “fair share” via the largess and permanent corruption of governance. They’ll vote to tax “the rich” which will cause an implosion of investment, businesses, and jobs. The politicians and global elite will encourage them to blame their plight on any scapegoats but themselves (and their foolish gorging on debt and statism). And thus follows all sorts of insane outcomes such as war and peacock righteous shitting.

For example the self-proclaimed “152+ I.Q.” leftist-wolf-SJW-in-libertard-sheepskin Eric S. Raymond implicitly promoting the idiotic concept known as democracy in his blog Be the America Hong Kong thinks you are which pretends that civil rights exist for any reason other than the ruling class thought they were an acceptable, noble delusion to fool the sheepeople into cooperation. As Armstrong has warned numerous times, economically collapsing pride will attempt to sustain itself by pretending it’s still the moral high ground (God help us if Pence becomes the acting President, we’re doomed to piss off the Asian oligarchs with temper-tantrums about economic realities such as Mike Pence criticises NBA as 'wholly-owned subsidiary' of China) such as the audacity of attempting to force China to change to a democracy with the CIA ostensibly instigating another color revolution as they did in Ukraine (c.f. also the The strong horse and the weak horse), thus pushing the hardworking and economically rising Barbarians (c.f. also and also) (where they actually injected monetary liquidity into the economy instead of extending QE for the wealthy) to retaliate and take over the global economy as predicted to occur as soon as ~2027 Xi Jinping: “In 10 Years We Can Expect a New World Order”.

For example as of today the Philippines is threatening to make it much more difficult for American tourists, if the U.S.A. proceeds with its holier-than-thou crusade. Armstrong has also as early as 2015 (or even as early as 2013 preceding the Ukrainian Revolution) predicted the end of the era of international travel (c.f. also, also, also, also, also, also), because of this global 1857.6 year collapse cycle (think 1000 year flood event) in health, religious, ideological, political, economic, and monetary crisis which is developing. Armstrong blogged How Empires Collapse – A Orderly Path to Conclusion? about how empires always collapse from within.

Regressive stagflationary Universal Basic Income will in the future pay people to not work and instead fund their indoctrination to sit on their Lazyboy chair watching Netflix and interacting with social media, so that a 1984 dystopia can finally become our well-deserved, anti-Christ(ian) reality.

Tangentially, someone made me aware of Why Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Distrusts The U.S. and US soldiers pose with the bodies of Moro insurgents, Philippines, 1906:

The bodies of Moro insurgents and civilians killed by US troops during the Battle of Bud Dajo in the Philippines, March 7, 1906.

I don’t have time to dig for it, but many years ago I read about the history of Mindanao, and it was the violent mess of warlords that still persists to this day in the Muslim regions, c.f. also, also, also. In the 19th and even into the 20th century, every man in Mindanao carried multiple knives strapped on varies parts of his body to be prepared for attacks. Even today if you drive through Muslim Mindanao you will see male children carrying automatic rifles. Let me quote some comments from the above linked 1906 massacre article:

"the men used children as living shields." Yes Stephen the same is going on today, Hamas, ISIS, the palestinians any number of terrorist groups are using Human Shields to avoid being attacked so if they are, they can get empathy from ill informed and misguided individuals such as yourself […]

I do have to agree with Ed Stephens that I do Muslims do not assimilate well. all the countries where there are loads of Muslim refugees there are assaults on women, as can be seen in Denmark and Germany. Still, as Ian Stevenson states, killing children is very sad indeed, it is not their fault that the parents follow the Muslim religion, though the Muslim religion is not so nice to their girls (daughters) as can be seen with all the honor killings such as in Canada. No matter what. Islam is not a religion of peace […]

Little tidbit of Philippine History, seems DU30 forgot about it or just did't want to mention it.

On 24 September 1974, in the Malisbong massacre the Armed Forces of the Philippines slaughtered about 1,500 Moro Muslim civilians who were praying at a mosque, in addition to mass raping Moro girls who had been taken aboard a boat

It seems this picture stirs up a lot of emotions, especially against the US. So using it as a benchmark then the US would be well below Japan and the current Philippines President Dutarte in terms of numbers of deaths, and currency; this last year Dutarte has ordered the killings of 7000 people. They were all somebody's children. The picture is terrible, of course it is. But it's over a hundred years ago. Since then well over a hundred million people have been killed in conflicts all over the world, including nearly 1 million Filipinos in ww2, at the hands of the Japanese, who committed far more atrocities on The Philippines than all others that came before them. Since then both regular Filipinos and Moros have committed multiple atrocities on each other as late as last year.

Let’s not forget what happened in Leyte wherein the Americans offered a reward for every “head” of Japanese captured or killed and brought to the American base. The Waray Filipinos brought in only the heads. The American military had to change the wording of the bounty to “head and body”.

Let’s not forget that Filipino youth gang attacked me and bludgeoned out my eye with stones and G.I. pipes right in front the police station in non-Muslim Angeles City (on the main Tagalog island of Luzon) across from SkyTrax disco (the same police station that is still there now although it no longer extends all the way to the corner of Fields Ave).

All of the nicest infrastructure in the Philippines where economic activity now concentrates was built by the Americans or Japanese. Angeles City is booming because of the American investment of Clark Air Base. Ditto Subic Bay. Ditto Cagayan de Oro and the road the Americans cut through to jungle to Bukidnon wherein the Dole pineapple plantation was established in the cool highlands of Manolo Fortich. Ditto Davao which was a base for the Japanese during WW2. Zamboanga City has a fort that was built by the Spanish.

The native Filipinos if left alone would do mostly nothing but get drunk and fornicate. Tribal attacks on farmers would be routine. It’s the Chinese merchants who run the country and keep the lights turned on. Sorry to say, and I know Filipinos might get offended, but these are the facts from an American who has lived half his life in Philippines (mostly in Mindanao). Let’s not conflate the naturally lawless Filipino natives with my Cherokee ancestors who were ostensibly more civilized and willing for peaceful restitution with the corrupt USG.

Presumably the Muslims in 1906 were employing the mountains and the local civilian population as a refuge from which to launch raids against the economic development activities (e.g. mechanized farming, building roads) of the Americans on the islands. In 2009, a foreigner friend of mine and I even tried to invest, farm, and live up in the mountains around Davao where Duterte’s mother lived and our experience was one of continual theft by locals and being dispossessed by corrupt, drunken Datus. I know exactly where is the house of Duterte’s mother.

That’s not to argue that perhaps the CIA was not also meddling. I can understand Duterte is some respects and I have also met in 2003 in the Damosa area of Davao self-claimed Davao Death Squad members who were polite and even offered to protect me, but he shouldn’t throw out the baby with bath water and punish innocent American tourists for natural, end game politics we can’t control. But let’s not get overly dramatic and pretend that the Filipinos don’t contribute to their own mess. I could go into a lot more convincing detail, but it’s too far off topic for this blog.

And pessimistic, but natural macro social trends:

The egalitarianism holiness spiral has destroyed female bargaining power and women are naturally driven to self-destructive R-strategy reproductivity chaos:

As usual most everything the collective tries to dictate causes the some side-effect which is more deleterious than what was posited to be improved by the dictates (aka “you can never do just one thing” and tying our shoelaces together is never going to be less wasteful):

An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications. — Lazarus Long

The leftistard holiness spiral “no enemies to the left” left singularity is going to get much worse within several years or sooner:

Jim (aka James A. Donald, the first person to correspond with Satoshi Nakamoto on the mailing list where he announced Bitcoin, had some peculiar relations and disingenuously debated 9/11 with me), points out below that the decadence of the West (especially the U.S.A.) exhibits the inability to build and maintain the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Is it just a coincidence that the symbolism of sacrificing 2700+ goyim Americans to Moloch on Jesus’ actual birthday of September 11, 2001 (c.f. also), while demolishing the symbolic World Trade Center skyscrapers with low radiation, tactical nukes? Combine this with the decadence that Westerners (especially Americans) celebrate Jesus’ birthday on the pagan solstice instead of his actual birthday. And to add insult to injury Americans overemphasize celebrating a pagan ritual instead of, “the most important Christian holiday/event is Easter, specifically the Resurrection, which is intended to solidify the fact that man is more than just an animal body and man himself is or has a soul. The soul of man is man, not the body. Pushing forward the concept of becoming one with God, which does not have anything to do with bodies or the physical universe itself. However symbolic an event it was, the concept has existed in every major religion as the primary goal to date, including those preceding Christ.”

American Thanksgiving is also a pagan ritual associated with pagan astrology and has no historical connection to Pilgrims and appreciation of the native Americans.

Decadent American culture is built upon lies and pagan w(h)or(e)ship. Satan must be delighted as the symbolism continues with the plans for the 666 Facebook Libra world enslavement.

The following blogs are really just about that leftardism (and libertardism) was always a solution to the power vacuum of managing sheepeople. Fool the “useful idiots” into giving up everything to the ruling class because at the generative essence abstraction, the power-law distribution of control over resources is inviolable.

The radical+moderate left coalition is being decimated in recent elections because the plebs realize the “no enemies to the left” is dispossessing them. The moderate center-left in Chile can’t form a broad coalition (c.f. also) and the radical left grows, c.f. also. Chile had a very alt-right, free market, capitalistic system w.r.t. to public education for example and has suddenly erupted into radical leftardism that is dominating politically. But the problems on the horizon are that the reaction is too late to stop the economic implosion and massive technological+societalcide unemployment (c.f. also) that is about to wallop the West. More than 50% of the youth are primed to be radicalized because they will have no other hope and they’ve been so indoctrinated with propaganda (including by the high priests of Marxism in the nearly universal university education) and turned away from benevolent, solemn, ascetic modes of Christianity. So although the debt-financed entitlements of socialism are unfunded and will wither, the radicalization mode of leftardism is entering Armstrong’s slingshot move wherein the moderate left will die and the radicalized left will accelerate. This is the expected outcome of successful “no enemies to the left” leftistardism cycle.

In short, the moderate left is dying (even in the former alt-right refuge Chile) along with the entitlements of socialism in 2019/2020, but the radical left will grow immensely (or already is) more popular because of economic implosion, ubiquitous university indoctrination and ongoing propaganda, becoming politically dominant within approximately a decade. The radical left will likely eventually overturn Trump’s conservatism even if by extra-constitutional means if necessary, and for example open the floodgates on open borders, New Green Deal, predatory taxation, (actually eugenics directed) universal health“care” and other social justice memes. Folks we allowed elites such as George Soros and the Rockefeller Foundation to control the minds of our offspring and compatriots.

And Trump is leading the alt-right “no enemies to the right” reaction/attempt for restoration:

I responded on Medium:

Ragnar Carlson responded:

I’m sure this is hard to hear and I can’t know whether anyone has expressed this to you but either way: you are unwell, ill. Substantially so. I hope you can find help.

The mentally ill patient may accuse his doctor of being mentally ill because the diagnosis includes the fact that the patient is detached from reality.

The witless fall into the woodchipper due to their own foolishness.

Thank you for interacting and providing anecdotal confirmation. I would relish but I doubt we could sit side-by-side and have debate because I would own you w.r.t. facts so comprehensively, that either you lack the intellect to assimilate and comprehend or you would presumably throw a temper-tantrum or otherwise do anything to avoid drilling down to the facts. I experienced this recently when someone told me they refused to debate “my conspiracy theories” any further. Lol. Facts become “conspiracy theories” when a person is in denial of reality and refuses to discuss the facts and instead defers to some propaganda “experts” on the relevant details.

Btw, I incorporated the comment you reacted to, in my new blog post and elaborated to a great extent pulling together all the logic and citing numerous sources. Of course you will not listen nor learn. Such ideological societalcide is why the West will collapse (from within) into the abyss. Note I have 76 upvotes on the new blog as of this moment and my social media posts are typically read by 100s of people per week per the stats I receive from for example Quora. Not a wide enough reach to have any appreciable political impact (other than some Butterfly effect), but at least some people do not agree with your assessment of reality. And not that I care one iota about whether I’m popular.

Feel good lies are not going to help you survive the societalcide collapse which is imminently approaching. You’re going to be forced to deal with reality or by default the woodchipper. Your choice.

I do hope you wake up and realize what is really going on. I’ll pray for you.