Succinct Absolute Truth about 9/11 and Las Vegas Massacre

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Finally the very succinct absolute truth condensed into one place. No wild goose chase. No UFOs, imaginary airplanes, missiles, dark energy ray beams, nor other disinformation nonsense.

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I have added a Quora answer (archived) and another Quora answer (archived) on this topic, let’s see if it becomes censored or heavily down-voted.

Btw, A.I. will not be subjugating human intelligence which thus implies Kurzweil and Elon Musk aren’t that smart.

I cited (archived and archived) a “smoking gun” video in my debate with Jim:

Of course everything was blown outwards.

Dimwit I wrote that the concrete beams at the front side of the Pentagon were blown such that they angled outwards, not inwards as would be the case if they were struck from something from the outside.

There is no such thing as nano grade thermite, and if such a thing existed, it would degrade almost instantly, because the finer the thermite powder, the faster it degrades, which sets a practical limit on how fine you can make thermite powder.

And thermite of any kind […] You would find blobs of iron that had melted […] which no one has found, no one has found any iron that melted and refroze therefore no thermite.

Hey “Jimbob”, this smoking gun video refutes everything you have written and thought:

9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

Make sure you watch all the way to the end.

I cited a key video in my debate (archived and archived) with Jim on his blog:

Not an explosion. That is a crash. I know what explosions sound like.

From 5:00 to 5:25, you are proven wrong. The firefighters even say that it was WTC 7 exploding and say the building is going to be coming down soon.

I responded to Charles Fletcher on Quora about the above video:

Source for my claim of 1.4 times free-fall is NIST.

Thoroughly debunked for anyone with a brainstem:

Free-Fall Acceleration

To completely grok that you must take in the context of their very thorough proof that NIST’s model of the collapse of WTC7 is entirely and 100% impossible.

AE 911 for Truth have committed what amounts to scientific and engineering fraud.

Cite proof of that otherwise you’re making accusations that are unsubstantiated.

The individual you are referring to has an extensive background in modeling data. And thus his expertise is applicable.

Moreover, he is merely the narrator. At 12:22 in the video structural engineer Kamal Obeid starts the explanation of the impossibility of the NIST model. The explanation continues throughout the video. You are welcome to try to refute the claims in the video about NIST’s model. I will be happy to blow gaping holes in your attempt if you do.

You appear to be some sort of disinformation agent who is paid to pollute every Quora topic on 9/11. You attack the credibility of people who are more than enough qualified to do the type of analysis they’re presenting. You attack (only by appeal to corrupt authority) but provide no facts to substantiate your claims.

Appealing to authority of Journals is akin to appealing to the wolf in assigning blame as to who attacked the hen house. Journals are gatekeepers and don’t publish what they told not to publish by the powers-that-be.

Instead appeal to the facts. Argue the facts in an intelligent manner instead of appealing to corruption as your defense.

Here is some more analysis from engineers and physicists (from AEfor911) qualified to do so:

The NIST WTC Investigation-How Real Was The Simulation?

Technical Articles

Free Fall and Building 7 on 9/11

I added one more reply (c.f. archived) to Jim’s blog (←note the links to the left are incomplete archives because Jim has been deleting some of my posts, so use the older archives linked above to read all my comments there at his blog) and I quote it here because it exemplifies the entire discussion over there at Jim’s blog:

Jim wrote:

Oops, I forgot the plane that did hit the Pentagon.

You’re so senile that you can’t even assimilate the information we are presenting. So your always erroneous proclamations are as useful as listening to a lying 8 year old child.

You are correct, a plane did hit the pentagon, and I was incorrect to deny it.

However, I fail to see what your witnesses are supposed to be proving that contradicts the official story.

Senile old man, analysis of 9/11 requires an intellect which you ostensibly do not have.

I already provided the irrefutable evidence of molten steel

I followed your link, found no such evidence, just more troofers telling more lies, without providing evidence or explanation for their lies. It is a trail of breadcrumbs. One troofer confidently cites another troofer, and I supposed that other troofer will cite yet another.

Jim you're always lying. There's plenty of evidence on the page I linked.

You lie because of some combination of either being senile, being a disinformation agent/gatekeeper, and/or you can't accept that your preferred narrative and life philosophy is entirely bankrupt.

About your bad behavior as the host of this blog with your back-dating of your comments and deleting of my comments, I'm archiving everything and publishing / exposing you as a bald-faced liar on both Steemit and Medium. And as I gain popularity for my work in crypto, I am going to widely expose you as a fraud.

I warned you to not enter a debate with me. I do not lose when I am correct. Repeat, I never lose when I am correct. I would rather die than lose. And I put a lot of effort into making sure I am correct and correcting myself.

Further you are not going to respond to this complaint by following the trail of breadcrumbs for me, and finding the evidence that supposedly convinced the first troofer in this long chain of troofers, but instead you will issue ten more lies supported by ten more links of the same type as the one above.

The facts of 9/11 can’t simplify themselves to the paucity of your intellect.

I will stop deleting his comments if he stops and defends one story, instead of making a ten claims, then, when one of those claims is refuted, instead of defending that one claim, making one hundred fresh claims.

You have not refuted a single claim of mine. You challenged Yara’s claims about dancing Israelis and Silverstein’s order to “pull it”. I have no obligation to respond to claims I never made.

You challenged my claims about the nano-thermite and the molten steel, and I rebuked your challenge. And you have made a new challenge about insulation, which I am going to destroy below by referring to something I wrote earlier which you intellect was unable to assimilate.

This is almost too stupid and dishonest to respond to.

The reason you put insulation on steel beams is because normal fires, can, and routinely do, reach temperatures that substantially weaken steel. If “Jet fuel cannot melt steel” why are the beams coated with fire resistant insulation?

As usual, you presume you know something about physics and engineering but you are never correct in your silly and childish misunderstanding of physics and engineering.

Neither nor myself claimed that insulation on steel beams is not necessary to protect against steel weakening due to fires.

The failure of your assimilation is due to the fact that you never bothered to watch the videos I provided for you which refute the NIST models and official story as told by NIST. Or that you had some issue in digesting the information in those videos (such as you flippant appeal to your own ignorant misunderstandings of physics and engineering). In those videos, they explain what I am about to tell you now. The problem is you are unwilling to do the necessary prerequisite homework assignment so that you could understand the additional evidence that is presented based upon presuming the student of 9/11 has already studied the prerequisites they were given the links to!

As Yara and I have told you already numerous times that if the building had collapsed due to beams that weakened or even deformed due to heat, then the building could not have collapsed at free fall acceleration perfectly into its own footprint. It would have toppled to one side of the other and also it could not have completely collapse. There are entropy reasons for this that apply to buildings that do not even have the WTC’s structural core of steel. For example some idiot on Quora thinks he is rebuking us with the Windsor Towers example. But the reality is the Windsor Tower did not collapse entirely nor into its own footprint at free-fall acceleration.

Additionally and most importantly, the WTC towers were constructed with all the structural steel in the center where the elevator shafts are. These beams are more thick than a large oak or redwood tree at the lower storeys and become monotonically less thick at the higher storeys. There are several relevant implications from this.

First, it would entirely impossible for the kinetic force from the collapsing upper floors to completely collapse the lower storeys. The center structural steel would remain standing while everything else would partial collapse, bend, twist, topple around it. The only way to get total collapse of that center structural steel is by controlled demotion. Period! No other way! Period!

Secondly, it would be entirely implausible to even weaken the center structural steel with a fire because there is nothing that can burn in the shafts. The fire could at most have weakned the horizontal beams holding up the concrete floors and the outer fascia of steel, both of which are not structural except for holding up the concrete floors. IOW, the steel that could have been weakened by a fire could have no impact whatsoever on the structural steel in the center of the towers.

Third, it is entirely impossible that such a weakening could lead to free-fall collapse acceleration, due to the inertia of the center structural steel as a resistance.

Fourth, it is entirely impossible for the steel beams to have been evicted from a naturally collapsing structure horizontally for up to 600 meters with such explosive horizontal acceleration. There must be explosive force injected as in a controlled demotion. Also steel does not burn, yet we see in videos steel beams flying through the air will tails of smoke which can only be explained by thermite cutting explosives on the beams.

I could go on and on, but I think that is sufficient to show that you are either an idiot or disingenuous. Either way, you deserve to be exposed as a fraud.

I challenged you on this, you gave me a link, your link was not to evidence of molten metal

My readers at Steemit have already agreed with me that you’re lying. You appear to be running some disinformation blog. But I shouldn’t rush to attribute cleverness to what can be explained by sheer ignorance, seniality and foolish pride.

As expected, Jim partially deleted the above rebuttal from his blog. I thus wrote another comment (c.f. archived) on his blog which I expect him to delete:

Jim deleted the part of my comment that explained that all the structural steel is in the center elevator shafts and my 5 point rebuttal to his nonsense about misapplying the relevance of insulation on non-structural beams.

When the host is censoring, you know he is corrupt as hell. Anyway, everything is archived for those who want to find it.

The last comment (c.f. archived) I will make on Jim’s blog refers to his delusional claim that “Truthism” being some grand leftist conspiracy:

From which I conclude that they are being paid by Robert Mueller, his organization, and/or left wing Jews.

Jim do always chase shadows? I had already criticized Mueller in my blog implicating him as complicit in 9/11. What you do not like is that I also implicate your beloved Neocons.

Here I will criticize Mueller again:

I don’t hate Trump. Rather I just think he cucked to the Zionists (when he recognized Jerusalem for example and when he accepted their loans to build his casinos and hotels) who enslave us and helped perpetrate 9/11 against us. Also I shared a link with you indicating he is losing the mid-term elections. Also I think the Zionists put Trump in office (unbeknowst to Trump) via their control over mass media and Wikileaks, which I actually predicted in a blog before the 2016 Presidential election.

Thank you.

Circle-jerk echo chambers are nice. Is your supply of Vaseline well stocked?

Troofer evidence is troofers asserting that evidence exists, a trail of breadcrumbs that has no end in any actual evidence that I can easily find.

Jim it’s okay. Yara and I understand you’ve made it abundantly clear about the limitations of your brain. We’ve stopped trying to confuse you with too many facts and deductive logic— so called “bread crumbs.”

Vaseline anyone? Cya!

Here is a photo of one of the structural steel beams as it is clearly standing on a sunny day in the pile of debris, appears to be angle cut at 45 degrees so that the upper portion of the beam will slide off and collapse:

There is a video that attempts to debunk that photo asserting that it was cut by clean-up crews:

But they are full of shit because no clean up crew would use 45 degree angle cuts and have the beam slide on them while they are cutting.

The comment on that Youtube explains perfectly:

This video is nothing more than a lame attempt at covering up the OBVIOUS demolition of both Trade Towers and notice, the shill that made this video never addressed the question of WHY the supposed cleanup crews would cut these huge steel columns at a 30 and 45 degree angle. I’m a seasoned welder of many years and can tell you without a doubt that there is absolutely NO REASON to cut them columns like this. Also, there are more damning evidence as far as these cuts that i happen to notice as well, including EVIDENCE of the device to hold the cutting charges in one photo.

William Rodriguez was the stairwell maintenance man at the WTC and here is his story:

Last Man Out on 9/11 Makes Shocking Disclosures

William Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who saved hundreds of lives, the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center before they collapsed, and that his testimony that the basement of WTC1 exploded before the plane hit was ignored by officials.


Employed at the WTC for 19 years as a maintenance worker, Rodriguez was responsible for the upkeep and safety of the stairwells within the 110-storey North Tower. On the morning of 9/11, Rodriguez was the only person at the WTC site with the master key to the North Tower stairwell doors. [NB: For fire containment purposes, only doors on every fourth level were normally left unlocked.]


At great risk to his own life, Rodriguez re-entered the structure three times, and even rescued people trapped between floors in elevator cars by lowering ladders down into shafts. Having helped lead everyone he could find to safety, he finally decided to exit the building.

Rodriguez is believed to be the last person to leave the collapsing North Tower alive.

He survived the building’s collapse by diving beneath a fire truck, where he lay trapped, completely buried in a mountain of dust and rubble for over two hours. Barely able to breathe, he thought he would “die for sure” under that truck where he was literally entombed.


Rodriguez and a handful of co-workers who were down in the basement at the time of the attack, actually heard and felt huge explosions beneath their feet in the lower basement levels.

While this anomaly in itself should have been cause for serious investigation, it is the timing of these explosions that is extremely troubling:

They occurred several seconds before the first airplane impacted the tower.

The first of these explosions, which occurred about 7-8 seconds before the plane struck the tower was so powerful it literally threw Rodriguez upwards, clean off the floor, as parts of the false ceiling collapsed onto and around him.

Rodriguez heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other.

Note I have seen seismograph data confirming these pre-explosions. You should be able to find it with Google searches.

But the “bombs” were by no means confined to the basement levels.

During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building.”

Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him.

Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez when Willy took one look at the man and froze.

The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.”

Note there are Youtube videos of Felipe David scarred from these burns who confirms all of this.

At the closed-door 9/11 Commission hearing, Rodriguez testified under oath that explosions were going off in the basement of the North Tower before the first plane impacted the building.

He explained in great detail to the Commissioners the numerous cases of serious injuries he had personally witnessed that were caused by these explosions.


How could a plane crashing into the North Tower possibly have caused elevators in the South Tower to explode?

The esteemed 9/11 Commission never bothered to ask.

Worse, and to his utter disbelief, Rodriguez later discovered that his statements were completely omitted from the official record. As a result, not one word of this decorated hero’s startling testimony appeared in the much-ballyhooed 9/11 Commission Report, a document that continues to be touted as “the most detailed, definitive study of the events of 9/11.”

Furthermore, Rodriguez was told, quite emphatically, not to speak about the explosions to others until “further investigations” had been carried out. As the world knows, this has yet to happen.

As a result of much public pressure, the Commission’s investigation records were finally made public—seven years later, in January 2009.

Rodriguez was stunned to find that his testimony was among those marked “restricted,” and thus inaccessible to the public. His crucial evidence remains restricted to this day.


He was convinced beyond a doubt there were explosives planted within the Towers. The official explanation—jet fuel, which is simply kerosene—made no sense at all.

Besides, he had overheard many exchanges on firemen’s two-way radios that day that confirmed virtually all the jet fuel had burned off, and the few remaining scattered fires looked like they could easily be knocked out.

He was convinced the explosions he had seen, felt, and heard that day were not caused by kerosene.


As to who might have planted the explosives, he was at a loss. He couldn’t conceive how the alleged terrorists could have pulled it off; they couldn’t possibly have gained access to these buildings. He was convinced there had to have been other players involved—insiders.

He found such a prospect not only ominous in the extreme, but also disorienting and confusing on many levels. Suddenly, nothing seemed to make sense. Only one thought consumed him.

Who were the killers[murderers]?

Strange Recollections


Especially following the 1993 bombing, security in the towers was extremely tight. That was glaringly obvious wherever he went. So how did the culprits manage to gain access?

He started to look into the security company in charge of the WTC complex, Securacom, and was more than a little surprised by the identities of two of its top executives.

President George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his cousin, Wirt Walker III, were both principals of the company. Further, he found this very same company was in charge of security at Dulles airport and United Airlines—both central to the attacks.

Brushing this curious connection aside as coincidence, he began to wonder about the practical difficulties the perpetrators would have encountered in gaining access to the buildings. He tried to recall having seen any suspicious people, or strange occurrences.

Pieces began to slowly come together.

He recalled seeing small teams of men in white “HazMat” coveralls busily moving about the building in the weeks preceding the attacks. Their presence didn’t strike him as particularly odd at the time, except for the fact that they used the stairwells almost exclusively and avoided using the service elevators. But he now began to wonder about these men’s real identities and true purpose.

One particularly bizarre incident snapped into focus, one that was so frightening he recalls it made his “hair stand up.”

A few weeks prior to the attacks, he was working in a stairwell on the 34th floor, which he knew to be completely vacant. Suddenly, he heard the strangest sound—one he’d never heard inside the tower in his nearly twenty years there.

It was a powerful, ominous, “rumbling” sound of something extremely heavy being rolled about. It sounded like a “huge metal dumpster on steel wheels, containing something extremely heavy—tons—being rolled around” a floor that he knew to have been totally empty—devoid even of furniture.

Yet, Rodriguez categorically maintains there was “someone” on that floor moving some monstrous contraption about.

Oddly, he admits to having been gripped by intense fear at the time, but he was having difficulty verbalizing to me the exact nature of his apprehension. While this didn’t strike me as having been a particularly inauspicious occurrence, it was clear he had been deeply affected by it. He immediately reported the incident to the main office, but was reassured it was a vacant floor.

Rodriguez was emphatic that he felt so frightened by this incident he didn’t dare open the door to look inside because he literally feared for his life.

He intuitively sensed grave danger behind that door, and did his best to avoid the 34th floor thereafter.

[NB: It is worth considering that long-term occupancy (and thus control) of a whole floor would have granted occupants virtually unlimited and unobstructed access from all sides to the entire 47-column central core of the tower via the elevator shafts. By sequentially disabling individual elevators for ‘servicing,’ the occupants would have had clear access to the entire 1,350-ft central load-bearing core—from the topmost floor right down the 6th level basement sitting on bedrock.]


And money was no object. Not one to approach such a grand and noble undertaking with anything less that total commitment, Walter famously offered a $1 million cash reward to any engineer or scientist in the world who could prove, in an academic technical paper, that the three towers could have collapsed the way they did without explosives.

Despite massive national publicity—the million-dollar challenge was even sent to the engineering faculties of over 100 universities, as well as a host of major architectural and structural engineering firms—there were no takers.

None. Zero. The prize remains unclaimed to this day. [But is this surprising? How does one prove water isn’t wet?]


Walter and Rodriguez even made private presentations to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They were surprised to find both these leaders were more than a little knowledgeable about the cover-up.


That little adventure had cost Walter over $6 million of his personal money.

Jimmy’s parting words to me, in 2007, embodied a truth that continues to resonate and gain currency as the years roll by:

“Trying to outdo the mainstream media by throwing a few million bucks around is like trying to outshine the sun with a flashgun.”


CNN spent a day interviewing Rodriguez at his home, but when it was broadcast the following day it had been thoroughly edited: they glamorized the heroic rescues and the White House tamasha, of course, but wholly excised anything pertaining to the explosions. It was a total whitewash.

Some reporters have subtly warned Rodriguez to keep quiet, as his outspokenness could jeopardize his life. “You don’t know whom you’re dealing with,” one major-network insider told him.


Obama’s regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, has officially initiated a nakedly aggressive program of “cognitive infiltration,’ an insidious initiative where government agent provocateurs have been ordered to covertly penetrate 9/11 truth movements and attempt to structurally disable these organizations from within by sowing disinformation.

One can only wonder why this kind of deep sabotage would be necessary—unless these “conspiracy nuts” now poses a real and present danger to the powers that be.

But, take heart, dear reader: although truth lives a wretched life, it outlives a lie every time.

Every time.

ACE Elevator Company: 9/11 Questions and Research

How could explosives be planted in the WTC?


The possibility of controlled demolition was not seriously considered in the Nine Eleven Official Conspiracy Theory (NEOCT). There were workers with unfettered access to parts of the builds that were perfect for the planting of explosives, such as in the elevators shafts next to the vertical support columns, and above the ceiling panels next to the horizontal beams. There were also fireproofing renovation workers.

Dr. Niels Harrit has estimated that it would take "tons" of explosives to demolish the buildings. Demolition experts such as Tom Sullivan have said that it would be quite easy to plant them, if a group had access to the elevator shafts, next to the core columns.

Workers had access to unoccupied areas by day, and in occupied areas by night, and on week ends. Workers from the A.C.E. Elevator Company in the WTC elevator shafts from 1994 until 9/11/2001 were not even mentioned in the final reports. Neither was LVI Services, working on the asbestos removal project. Nor were the fireproofing workers.

The words "Ace elevator" or "A.C.E." (herein ACE) are not found anywhere in the PDF files of the 9/11 Commission or NIST reports, although "elevator" appears multiple times. You can check this out for yourself. The names of the security company, "Securacom" (renamed "Stratesec" after 9/11), are not found either. If the security company cannot be trusted, than there are many ways the explosives could be brought in. The building owner is also key. The landlord, Larry Silverstein is only mentioned in the WTC 7 report, as a contributor.


ACE got the WTC contract, the biggest elevator project in history, There was an article "Drive to the Top" in the trade magazine Elevator World about the ACE project.

Elevator modernization would be the perfect cover for the planting of explosives. Tom Sullivan, who worked for Controlled Demolition Inc., said that the elevator shafts, next to the load bearing columns, would be the perfect place.

NEOCT supporters may say "people would have seen A.C.E. Elevator planting explosives in the shafts". But building occupants, except for A.C.E. workers and StrateSec security, could not look in the elevator shafts. As an experiment you can do, just try to get permission to look in the shafts. I could not even look in one that I partly own.


Why was Ace chosen, a small company with no significant record of clients, instead of the huge Otis Elevator, with over 100 years of experience?


After the 1993 bombing of WTC 1, Otis Elevator employees bravely helped the first responders. As a "reward" they lost the contract to Ace. After the 9/11 attack, Ace employees left, and did not help the first responders.


ACE Elevator employees - never investigated


Susan Lindauer reports that trucks were entering the WTC garages in the very early hours, in the weeks prior to 9/11.

The Pentagon was also under construction just prior to 9/11. Ace may be the trump card to play, in the deadly game to find out who could have placed explosives in the WTC towers before 9/11. ACE Elevator workers should be investigated for staff who knew more about explosives than elevators.

LVI Services, the largest asbestos abatement company, based in New York City, was working for years in the World Trade Center. Above the ceiling panels, next to support beams, would be the perfect place to plant explosives under the cover of asbestos removal. LVI removed asbestos from the Pentagon as well, and serves the US Government on controlled demolition projects. The president of LVI has held numerous Top Secret clearance positions with the Department of Defense. He was not questioned before the 9/11 Commission nor was his company mentioned in the 9/11 Reports.

Ample opportunity to set explosives.

The WTC security cameras, locks and electricity were turned off on the weekend before 9/11.

Conclusion: ACE and LVI workers could work in the shafts all day and night for months (at the core columns), plus above the ceiling panels by night (at the horizontal support beams), planting explosives without detection. There should be a new investigation of 9/11, including these workers.

Demolition Access To The WTC Towers: Part One - Tenants

On occasion, the public has been asked by George W. Bush to refrain from considering certain conspiracy theories. Bush has made such requests when people were looking into crimes in which he might be culpable. For example, when in 1994 Bush's former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through several investors, Bush's spokeswoman, Karen Hughes, shut down the inquiry by telling the Associated Press -- “We have no response to silly conspiracy theories.” On another occasion, Bush said in a televised speech -- “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th.”

But paradoxically, we have also been asked to believe Bush's own outrageous conspiracy theory about 9/11, one that has proven to be false in many ways. One important way to see the false nature of Bush's conspiracy theory is to note the fact that the World Trade Center buildings could only have fallen as they did through the use of explosives. A number of independent scientific studies have pointed out this fact, but it was Bush's own scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), through their inability to provide a convincing defense of the official line, who ultimately proved that explosives were necessary.


On 9/11, American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north face of the north tower (WTC 1) between floors 94 and 99. In a stunning coincidence, these floors bracket those that had been upgraded for fireproofing shortly before 9/11. This coincidence was amplified by the fact that one tenant occupied all of those floors – Marsh & McLennan (Marsh), which at the time was the world's largest insurance brokerage company. One other tenant, Sumitomo Bank, shared part of floor 96 with Marsh.

During the years from 1993 to 2001, Marsh made several modifications to these floors, in addition to the fireproofing upgrades mentioned above. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Marsh made modifications to the south side of floor 94 in 1998. That same year, the PANYNJ helped Marsh demolish floors 95-98 in order to rebuild the fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Marsh did further modification work on floor 95 in the year 2000.


Marsh was a large company, with a number of subsidiaries, including Putnam Investments, Mercer, Johnson & Higgins, and Guy Carpenter, a company that occupied floors 47 to 54 of the south tower. Marsh was also known to be notoriously secretive, and had been likened to the CIA. Its chief executive on 9/11 was Jeffrey Greenberg, a member of the Brookings Institution, the Trilateral Commission, and the son of the chairman of American International Group (AIG), Maurice Greenberg. AIG has been reported to be at the center of a number of CIA operations.


At Brookings, Greenberg hobnobbed with Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the 9/11 Commission, and the Iraqi Nemir Amin Kirdar, CEO of Investcorp, a BCCI-related company founded by the Saudi Abdullah Taha Bakhsh.


Other very powerful and well-connected people worked in senior management at Marsh. These included Stephen Friedman, a senior principal at Marsh Capital and former partner at Goldman Sachs, who later became George W. Bush's top economic advisor. Friedman was also a member of the Brookings Institution, the Bilderberg group, the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and the board at In-Q-Tel, the investment firm founded by the CIA in 1998. In-Q-Tel invests in state of the art technologies related to defense and intelligence work, including nano and chemical technologies, according to its website. [19]

In another interesting coincidence, Friedman belonged, through Cornell University, to a secret society called Quill and Dagger, the membership of which includes Paul Wolfowitz, Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley. Wolfowitz, the neo-con deputy secretary of defense in the Bush Administration, was the author in 1992 of the "Wolfowitz Doctrine" of pre-emptive warfare. He also made comments about a "surprise like Pearl Harbor" months before 9/11, and met with Pakistani ISI General Mahmud Ahmed in the week before 9/11. Berger, the National Security Advisor to President Clinton, was later caught stealing documents from the 9/11 Commission investigation. Berger was also the boss of White House counterterrorism Tsar Richard Clarke, and together with Hadley - who was Condoleezza Rice's deputy - was responsible for delaying or obstructing Clarke's plans to stop Al Qaeda in January 2001.

The President of Marsh Real Estate Advisors, from 1982 to 2001, was Craig Stapleton, the husband of George W. Bush's cousin, Dorothy Walker Bush. Stapleton's Marsh division was responsible for negotiating office leases in the US, Canada and Europe. He once co-owned the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush, a spectacular investment for all involved. In 1997, Stapleton was a member of the board of a company called Cendant that was charged in 1998 with massive accounting fraud. The President of Cendant at the time was Henry Silverman, a former partner of the Blackstone Group and later Vice Chairman of the PANYNJ. Stapleton went on to join Winston Partners, a privately owned investment firm founded in 1993 and led by George W. Bush's bother Marvin.

The Vice Chairman of Marsh on 9/11 was Mathis Cabiallavetta, a Swiss citizen. Although Cabiallavetta was a member of the Marsh board from 1993 to 2000, he took his position as Vice Chairman in 1999, after having been President of the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) from 1996 to 1998. This was the same UBS that bailed out George W. Bush's Harken Energy in 1987, with the help of billionaire Jackson Stephens.

Also note that it was through Union Bank that Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush had financed Hitler. Antony Sutton did detailed research on the “banksters” crimes against humanity.

Add to this L. Paul Bremer, and the possible Marsh ties to demolition technology become clearer. One month after 9/11, Bremer would become the CEO for a new division called Marsh Crisis. Interestingly, the Yale graduate Bremer had been working to complete the National Report on Terrorism, and prior to that had been managing director for Kissinger Associates. According to a US Senate report, Kissinger Associates had a number of meetings with BCCI representatives in the late eighties and early nineties, and it refused to provide documents requested by the Senate investigators. Bremer was also a member of the board for Akzo Nobel, the parent of International Paint, a company that produced a fireproofing application for skyscrapers called Interchar.

Bremer was on the international advisory board for the Japanese mining and machinery company, Komatsu. At the time, Komatsu had been involved in a joint venture agreement with Dresser Industries, the oil-services/intelligence front in which Prescott Bush Sr. and George H. W. Bush got their start with Neil Mallon. The Komatsu-Dresser mining division operated from 1988 to 1997. In July 1996, it patented a thermite demolition device that could "demolish a concrete structure at a high efficiency, while preventing a secondary problem due to noise, flying dust and chips, and the like." Residues of thermite, the highly energetic chemical mixture, have been confirmed in samples of the WTC dust, and the use of thermite at the WTC was also revealed by environmental data. Dresser Industries merged with Dick Cheney's Halliburton in 1998.


Bremer was called away from Marsh in 2003, to be the Iraq Occupation Governor.


Kasputys' connections to the DOE, from 1977 through at least 1997, are interesting considering that the DOE was developing thermite ignition devices as early as 1983. Additionally, national laboratories working within the DOE developed nanothermites in the late 1990s. Nanothermites are explosive thermite mixtures where one or more reactants are present at the nanometer scale. These are also called super-thermites due to the extraordinarily large amount of energy released upon ignition.

Kasputys was also a member of the Logistics Management Institute (LMI), whose members included Paul Kaminski of In-Q-Tel and General Dynamics, Charles DiBona of Halliburton, Skull and Bones member Joseph Samuel Nye, and Michael Daniels of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). It has been noted that SAIC, a defense contractor with expertise in thermite-related technologies, played a large part in the NIST WTC investigation. LMI's self-proclaimed role is “advancing the science of government.”


Deutsche Bank was the bank of the German Gestapo during World War II, funding the construction of concentration camps. It was broken up after the war, only to merge together again in 1957. In 1998, Deutsche Bank added Banker's Trust, which had purchased Alex Brown and Sons in 1997, to its group of companies. It was Deutsche Bank and these subsidiaries that were identified as being involved in insider trading related to the 9/11 attacks. The person of most interest in these dealings was A.B. Krongard, the CEO of Alex Brown, and CIA counsel to George Tenet. From 2001 to 2004, Krongard was executive director of the CIA. Another significant player was Wolfgang Demisch, managing director at Alex Brown from 1993 to 1998, managing director at UBS Securities from 1988 to 1993, and member of the board at SAIC.


Moving to floor 83 of the south tower, there was AON Corporation, a Chicago-based competitor of Marsh. Today, General Richard Myers, one of the people most responsible for not protecting us on 9/11, is a director at AON. But on 9/11, the most interesting character working for AON was Jim Pierce, the cousin of George W. Bush. Jim's father Scott Pierce, formerly a partner at G.H. Walker & Co, pled guilty to 2,000 counts of mail fraud in 1985, as President of E.F. Hutton.

Jim Pierce was managing director of AON on 9/11, and he had arranged a meeting on the 105th floor of the south tower for that morning. Pierce survived that day, despite the fact that twelve people came to the meeting in the south tower, and eleven of them died. The location of the meeting had been changed, the night before, to the Millenium Hotel, where Pierce watched the south tower as it was hit by the aircraft. Apparently the meeting attendees were not all notified of the change in location.


Gordon was George H. W. Bush's Senior Director for Defense Policy on the National Security Council, and he worked with George Tenet at the CIA from September 1996 to October 1997, as associate director of central intelligence for military support, and as deputy director of the CIA from October 1997 to 2000. During this time, Gordon would have worked closely with A.B. Krongard, who was Tenet's counsel from 1998 to 2001. Later, in 2003 and 2004, Gordon was George W. Bush's Homeland Security advisor.

Apart from Lawrence Livermore labs (LLNL), one of the DOE facilities for which Washington was responsible, well before 9/11, was the Savannah River site near Aiken, SC. In February 1997, LLNL and the Savannah River site signed an agreement of cooperation to share technology. Savannah went on to add "Developing sol gel technology for fuels and other applications" to its portfolio. Sol-gel technology is utilized by LLNL for making nanothermites. In another coincidence, Savannah River Technology staff participated in the search and rescue operations at Ground Zero by providing unique tools.


CIBC Oppenheimer was invested in a number of powerful and politically wired companies, including Hollinger International, whose board included Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, and 9/11 Commissioner James R. Thompson. CIBC Oppenheimer was also invested in Robert Allison's Anadarko Petroleum, and several DKB subsidiaries including CIT Group, on whose board sits 9/11 Commissioner Thomas Kean. On a side note, Kean is also a Trustee of Drew University with Garnett Keith of Komatsu.

In 2003, the SEC fined CIBC Oppenheimer $80 million for helping to manipulate the financial statements of Enron.

Conclusions and next steps

If we look at the companies that occupied the impact zones of the WTC towers, and other floors that might have played a useful role in the demolition of the towers, we see connections to organizations that had access to explosive materials, and to the expertise required to use explosives. Mining companies like Washington, Morrison-Knudsen, Komatsu and Aoki Construction (and John Lehman's Special Devices Inc.) have access to many types of explosive materials. Oil and gas companies, like those associated with Exco, use explosives for exploration. Some of the explosive technologies available to these companies, for example Komatsu and Washington, involve thermite, a chemical mixture that has been identified in the WTC dust and in the environmental data at Ground Zero.

It seems that, if certain management representatives of the tenant companies listed above wanted to help bring the WTC towers down, they would have been well suited to do so. The companies mentioned were located at well-spaced intervals in the buildings, and some, for example Marsh and the Primark subsidiaries, had a reputation of being secretive. In fact, a number of the executives from these firms were either on the board of intelligence firms (e.g. In-Q-Tel, TASC), or were closely related to others who were. Others were connected to the CIA itself, and to some of the largest defense contractors in the world, like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Halliburton, and SAIC.

There are also strong connections to those who benefited from the 9/11 attacks, most notably the Bush family and their corporate network, including Dresser Industries (now Halliburton) and UBS, and to Deutsche Bank and it subsidiaries, reported to have brokered the insider trading deals. There are links between these tenant companies and the terrorist-related fraudulent bank BCCI.

In Part II of this series of essays, we'll look at the security companies and other contractors that had access to the WTC buildings. We'll then see more connections to the Bush family, through the companies that restructured the security systems in the late 1990s, like Securacom, where Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker were directors. Also involved in these security upgrades was Ensec, where future Democrat National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe was added as a director in 1996 and later worked for Harken Energy's Alan Quasha. The second essay will also look at E.J. Electric, owned by J. Robert Mann of the Yale Glee Club, and examine particulars about the PANYNJ management staff, and the Giuliani and Silverstein teams that were involved.

Part III [and Part IV] will review the clean up of Ground Zero, and some of the people involved in the cover-up investigations. For example, we'll look more closely at Donald Evans, a close friend to George W. Bush since 1968 and his largest fund-raiser, and who also happened to be secretary of the Department of Commerce during the NIST WTC investigation. This is interesting because NIST reports to the Secretary of Commerce.

I wrote in a Quora comment in response to James Walls who claims to have a PhD:

I haven’t looked at Pizzagate. Probably there is more disinformation than information on the Internet.

However, I might be one of those kooks you seem to disrespect. Frankly how much do you know about 9/11?

Can you explain how buildings with massive structural steel in the center where the elevator shafts were located can entirely collapse onto their footprint at free-fall acceleration due to structural damage of any kind including fire induced?

I have looked at this, and frankly the physics are impossible. What can you say?

Most people seem to not understand that the outer shell and horizontal beams of the WTC towers was not structural w.r.t. the ability of the center to collapse at free-fall acceleration. It was structural in other ways, but not in that key facet which makes anything other than controlled demolition entirely impossible.

Can you rebut this?

I pointed out (archived and archived) how disingenuous Jim became in our debate:

That was the frame at 4:40, the frame that you chose as most resembling the 911 pour.

Which is exactly what I told you in my post where I linked it, that it exemplifies the brightness that you were claiming. I also stated that following that is a shower of molten steel that precisely resembles the shower on 9/11.

You’re making claims about optics and cameras that are not backed by expertise about their physics and engineering. Specifically we don’t know at what distance was the camera used to take the video of 9/11 that is cited. We don’t know what zoom factor, digital filtering employed, etc.. So you’re just pulling unsubstantiated BS out-of-your-asshole. Anyone with a brainstem can detect the disingenuous tactics you’re employing which make your replies worthless.

What you can’t refute is any sort of holistic analysis of the facts. Instead you want to force the debate into a narrow analysis of only one claim in isolation. Then you attack that claim with your flimsy personal opinions that have no backing by actual physics or engineering expertise. Analyzing a crime scene by considering each fact in isolation is not only idiotic (no investigator would do that!), it clearly shows that you are not interested in the truth. You have some other agenda.

I continued (archived and archived) the debate with Jim:

Here are some photographs of the pentagon, which show rather small bits of flight 77 amidst the wreckage.

Thus, the proposition that flight 77 never hit the pentagon appears to be decisively falsified.

I do not think I replied to this before or at least I don’t think I replied sufficiently.

Little bits of shrapnel prove nothing at all. That is such a superficial analysis that it makes you not credible to even make such a lame claim based on such a flimsy datum.

You tend to focus on isolated tidbits which are invalidated by the holistic information that an investigator would consume. Jim have you ever studied the Nyquist Sampling Theorem? This is a fundamental theorem of information theory which stipulates that if you undersample (i.e. don’t capture all the context), you will get aliasing error which can give you an entirely incorrect representation of the signal you were attempting to reconstruct. That theorem can be extended to be generally applicable to any genre of information, not just over the time domain but also over the space domain (after all the two domains inseparable via spacetime and the Fourier transform).

If you were to actually dig deep into a holistic analysis, you would come to understand that the totality of the facts makes it absolutely impossible that the alleged commercial airplane hit the Pentagon. I had presented numerous reasons why which you never responded to. For example, where are the holes in the Pentagon wall for the 4 tons (each) of engines on the wings? Or at least why are the windows not even broken where the engines would have impacted? And you have not refute the fact that it would absolutely impossible to even point the nose below the floor of the 2nd floor (as the hole and non-fire damage was entirely contained to the first floor), because it was physically impossible due to both the engines would have stuck the ground and the ground effect aerodynamics at the velocity reported by the government. Those are just some of the many corroborating evidence which you choose to ignore. Hope you are happy with your truth Jim.

I think I remember (not 100% sure) that I have links in my blog that show the alleged bits of plane wreckage on the lawn which were identifiable as such were planted on the lawn after the actual explosion. I can not remember the details, but I believe perhaps they were not seen in one photo and the later appeared in another photo. Or something like that. But that is not really important. The entire charade is entirely impossible based on the most important physical evidence which I explained in the prior paragraph.

I wrote a blog in 2012 that concluded the essence of genius is to not focus on the irrelevant:

You Jim seem to focus on the irrelevant and ignore the relevant.

For example, you know damn well that defection destroys State patriarchy, yet you are totally ignoring that our patriarchs in government from all political parties have defected on us and are killing us. Yet you make excuses, because ostensibly you just cannot accept the horrible truth of our world and the loss of your fantasy of what you wish our world could be.

I explained (archive and archived) why the molten pours from the WTC can’t be carbon-based and thus must be molten steel:

You lie about what all of us saw.

Incorrect. Your ignorance of how to properly investigate lies to you Jim.

The bright white light the molten steel casts on everything around it is the difference between burning jet fuel hot, and molten steel hot.

I see slight glow on the WTC exterior wall behind, left the molten steel that is pouring out. Of course we would not expect the glow to be as intense outside in broad sunny daylight as inside an enclosed factory with a roof. Additionally and more importantly, this is another example where you don’t understand physics. The radiance of the steel inside the factory only has to disperse over a very short distance before it is reflected by objects and containment all around it. Therefore the intensity of the radiated light is amplified by the environment, whereas in the case of the WTC the radiance is dispersed and de-amplified by the environment. It’s nonsense to conclude anything whatsoever based on the relative radiance because the environmental and camera proximity parameters are all different. All we can conclude is that what was pouring out of the WTC looks more similar to molten steel than any other explanations. Other attempted explanations are contrived and can be easily refuted when analysed in detail. For example your assertion that the burning materials are carbon-based can be easily refuted and have been refuted in the original link I gave you on this topic. The jet fuel refutation below also applies to any burning carbon-based objects, they would not appear to be a stream of molten fire and also not spontaneously disperse into a shower as we see for molten steel.

Secondly, you grabbed the screen capture from the video of the steel factory a split second too early. Capture it at a later moment and the apparent radiance has decreased significantly as the camera has automatically adjusted its exposure and any digital post processing filtering.

Obviously the World Trade tower stuff is only flame hot, burning jet fuel hot.

The government (NIST) said that the jet fuel burned off in less than ten minutes. FEMA experts said four minutes. So the timeline makes it impossible that pouring out of yellow-orange is jet fuel burning.

Again you have a 5 year old’s cartoon level of understanding of physics. Jet fuel liquid will not burn as a stream of fire. Try to light some kerosene and toss it and observe what happens. And especially not for 100s of meters all the way to near the ground as shown in the videos I provided.

The physics of flamethrowers requires that the fuel be turned into a mist in order to burn over all its surface. I will quote:

Things need the fire triangle to burn. These are heat, fuel, and an oxidizing agent (for simplicity oxygen - O2). These 3 items all have minimum values they need to support their function. Example a little heat might not cause combustion but add a little more to the fuel/O2 and you get fire. The liquid fuel in the pipe is missing both the heat and the Oxygen. In addition when you dig a little deeper you will find that almost all fuels must convert to vapor to burn so seeing as the fuel in the pipe is still liquid this also reduces the possibility of combustion. If you look closely you can see that the flames don't actually appear until the liquid fuel is a few inches from the tip at the point where enough of the fuel has vaporized to support the combustion.

I challenged (archived and archived) Jim to refute the free-fall acceleration evidence:

[*This comment deleted because it wastes reader bandwidth by repeating yet again, without any attempt at explanation or evidence, the blatant lie that the towers fell down in a manner characteristic of demolition – everything falling straight down in immediate free fall starting at the same moment, when in fact the towers started their fall by toppling to one side towards the gaping holes smashed in their supports, like trees falling towards the notch cut by the axe. *]

Do you dispute the total time for the towers to collapse to be the approximately (given or take a second or two) the acceleration of an object at free-fall from the same distance? Yes or no?

If not, then how do you explain how a steel skyscraper could collapse at free-fall acceleration if the inertial resistance (i.e. friction preventing free-fall) of the massive vertical beams of structural steel in the center (where the elevator shafts were located) were not removed?

I explained it to my gf just now by dropping my empty can of tuna to the floor. Then I dropped it such that it struck the edge of the table during its fall before continuing to topple to the ground. The interference of the table caused the can of tuna to spend extra time bouncing and sideways before proceeding to the ground. Thus not having free-fall acceleration timing. Imagine many such interference collisions going on inside of the WTC if not all of the beams had been cut with explosives.

Can you imagine that in 3D in your mind and explain to us your version of how that can be possibly be?

I wrote in a Quora comment:

Your 18 second timing for the WTC7 collapse includes the demolition of the interior of the building before the building collapsed at free-fall acceleration in ~6 seconds. You’re not actually disproving anything. The NIST model which attempts to show how the interior collapse could have been natural due to a dominoes effect from the prior structural damage was shown to be entirely impossible by not only ~3000 architects and structural engineer, but also by a former employee of NIST who defected and made a Youtube video explained it all. You should really learn to stop spreading disinformation and study the actual detailed information.

The pancake hypothesis has been entirely dunked as impossible by ~3000 architects and structural engineers:

Architects & Engineers

Also I have debunked the WTC and Pentagon official stories:

Succinct Absolute Truth about 9/11 and Las Vegas Massacre

Not one of the WTC towers in New York fell at free fall speed.

There no such thing as “free fall speed.” You must have flunked high school Physics. There is something known as “free fall acceleration.”

Collapse of any of the WTC towers by explosives would require a synchronized series of explosions immediately prior to the collapse. None were seen and no synchronized series of explosions were heard prior to the collapses.

Strawman and non-sequitur in the same sentence! You’re incompetent.

We wouldn’t be required to see nor hear these if they were (as they must be) on the main structural steel which is in the center of the towers where the elevators are. Definitely not see. And as for hear, that was initially way up there, the nano-thermite may have lower audible noise, and by the lower levels it would be drowned out by the noise of the collapse itself underway above it.

Also in fact there are videos where we can see squibs and there are reports of hearing timed explosions.

Also there are many reports of hearing and experiencing explosions inside the buildings ongoing from (and even before!) the time of plane impact until the collapse so the structure was significantly pre-demolished before the final major explosions causing the collapse.

I wrote in a private discussion:

Regarding world cabal - those people are not clever enough, and world is too unpredictable. Certainly people try and control things (people like Putin and Erdogan, yes maybe even the Bushes) but none of them can trust each other because they are all back stabbers out for themselves. In the end a organisation like a cabal can operate by trust (and they don't trust each other) or by fear (and I don't think they fear each other, they each think they are the alpha).

They are not clever enough for what specifically? Do you mean that 9/11 was not 4 controlled demolitions using explosives?

They have incriminating information about each other. If they defect from their cabal, they will be killed because others in the cabal know that if defection is allowed then the cabal is destroyed and they will all be decapitated. This is how organized crime always works.

It is possible there may be competing cabals. But that does not mean they are going to rat on each other about their cabals to the general public.

I never said the cabal controls what you eat for breakfast. Please specific as to what you think they do not control.


Very good discussion - thanks for supplying some relevant links. And very frustrating when people don’t debate the topics addressed until they’re nutted out, but move off-point to gain an upper hand. No one learns with that tactic... I can only take issue with your generalisation of Aussies ;)

Sorry I actually have some Aussie friends, I was just digging into simon because he was taking the debate off-topic into a personal attack on me. So I decided to play his game with him. Doesn’t mean I dislike all Aussies.

Actually I just now caught Jim deleting my posts so I think he is a gatekeeper for the evil side:

The above link should take you directly to the post where he deleted the following post.

Here follows the link to an archive of the post he deleted:

Note I have downloaded the file from the above archive to my computer in case that archive mysteriously disappears. You may wish to do the same.

You may also wish to look at older archives I made, to see if you can detect any other posts he may have deleted:

Appreciate the above info and links - cheers... Off topic- but thought you’d find it interesting if not already aware - I saw this article in the major Aussie newspaper today re: a failed resort island being turned into a crypto haven of sorts via an STO

Thanks for sharing that. I think that is the stupidest business idea. Problem with the barrier islands it takes too long to get there from any high population centers such as China. And no real reason to go there instead of other places such as Thailand. Even if visiting Australia, then the barrier islands are far from other places one might want to tour. Now if they were offering a tax free haven, that might have appeal. But for tourism, that is more money thrown down a rat hole.

FYI, a status update on my crypto project.

Yeah it’s not a venture I’ll be pouring my hard-earned into. BTW I emailed you a couple of suggestions re: your project status update. Thanks for alerting me to it

Not related: have you moved on to posting content elsewhere? Or are you deep in development on your new project? Because you seem to have scaled back on your blogging and posting output.

Many, I would think, would be interested in an update on your project as well, even at a general, non-specific level of detail.

Correct presumption. I’m deep in development and trying to hire a peer (or more than one) at my capability-level. Update as soon as we have a worthwhile announcement to offer.

Given my prior blog has me thinking that crypto may likely attain another ATH in 2019, I’m very much rushing so we don’t miss that speculative opportunity with our project because I think the crypto-winter that follows could be multiple years. However, I do need to analyze today a recent blog post by Martin Armstrong who seems to think crypto is going to crash for a very long time. I of course think he is incorrect. Feel free to check my Comments timeline later today for that rebuttal.

Thanks for the reply and update. If Armstrong's pessimistic forecast for upheaval in the US after the 2018 elections comes to pass, I would certainly agree with him that crypto is going to be an asset class of near-last resort, at least by 2020.

But that scenario that he warns of is a pretty scary one (based on several of his earlier posts/ talks/ predictions over time), one that appears to be a hoard gold, amunition and prayers type of scenario. Not quite WSHTF, but something not altogether far from it. Because if the US reaches such a point, S will in fact have to be HTF in many places in the developing world.

But I do not think, regardless of electoral outcomes, we will be reaching Armstrong's scenario for some time to come. The "elites" have plans for the US and Europe, and destroying our economies before they can fundamentally transform the population and culture in NA/EU would make implementation impossible.

Conspiracy-esque, yes, but someone powerful is driving all of this upheaval.

I wrote the rebuttal to Armstrong’s latest blog about cryptocurrency.

I believe his scary scenario is coming, but that we’ll actually get a quick $32,000 new ATH for Bitcoin in 2019 before that chaos. Please read my rebuttal above for the details.

But I could be incorrect and we decline into a $3000 low by 2020.

Why did you post a rebuttal to his current post in the form of a comment to one of your own posts from 4 months ago? No one will see it. There is sufficient content in that comment to warrant it's own post. Think of the hundreds (perhaps thousands if it had gained traction) who might have seen it, as opposed to the handful that will.

I also notice that you have a habit of compiling a great deal of useful information into comments to other (sometimes your own) original content. I suggest that you rethink this strategy. While the content is indeed captured/ documented someplace for posterity, it is a remarkably inefficient method for ensuring the distribution/ exposure of said content.

Tangentially, please note all the information I added to this blog above. The Bush family conglomerate has been wrecking humanity since at least their financing of Hitler.

I am keeping everything about why Bitcoin is a paradigm-shift on that blog because I have linked to that blog from numerous other posts I have made external to Steemit. And I doubt my Steemit audience is that significant anyway.

Don’t worry after my audience is significantly larger (after successfully launching a crypto project) and I have my own variant to Steemit to write on, I will put a lot of the writings from Steem and present them in a more organized way. I will probably hire a professional writer to do this work.

Rome was not built in one day. I need resources to get all things accomplished. I’m working on it.

In the meantime, you and everyone else are certainly welcome to write a blog and link to my writings, or even to quote the entire post if you prefer. Just give me attribution. Unfortunately Steemit doesn’t have quote feature, but if you copy and paste from Steemit into the Medium editor, you sort of retain everything with the formatting and links intact.

The first and most important priority is to get the crypto project done. There are no decentralized blockchains in the universe. No one invented one yet. I have.

Also I will be able to put features on such a variant of Steemit such that my audience will be better able to find content that I mark as very important.

I as one person can’t be the ideal organizational secretary for my extremely copious production. Again I need economies-of-scale. I’m working on it...

Also keep in mind that if I lifted every important comment post I write into a blog post, you would have nearly as much difficulty finding the blog post you want to find as you do scrolling my Comments page feed.

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