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I’m hoping smart contracts will revolutionize civilization by replacing the dysfunctional paradigm of political discord and coercive, corrupt governance, with decentralized voluntary human organization on objectivized, tamper-proof ledgers. I believe this is now possible and might radically restructure human civilization.

If you’re ready to swallow the red pill, read on … otherwise close your eyes to go back to sleep.

This long blog may be one of the most gripping and important blogs you’ll read, especially if your patient enough to click the links and assimilate all of the background research that consumed me for two weeks.

Collectivized theft paradigm

I survey the geopolitical landscape and I’m reminded of Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

Political groupings of we-the-people fight for what we want the policies of the collective government to be. We choose voting instead of civil war only until grievances become intolerable.

The irony of our plight is we’re manipulated by the de facto trust we grant to those politicians and bureaucrats who habitually misgovern us. The power struggle over who will control the government behind the curtain requires lying to the people and the obfuscation that behind the curtain they’re stealing everything and leaving the people-at-large saddled with massive debt and a broken economy at the end game.

The lies and obfuscations are masked by focus and magnification of divisive issues in the oligarchy controlled mass media and social networks such that the voters are so (ideologically, emotionally, economically, spiritually) invested in fighting their opposing political groups that voters from all sides of the political sprectrum enthusiastically accept and campaign for corrupt politicians. The politicians and bureaucrats steal everything for the powerful who have captured them behind the curtain. In return the voters receive debt-financed expenditures. The people-at-large spend their (debt-driven economy derived) incomes to the corporations which have captured the government behind the curtain. With this regulatory and legislative capture, these large corporations can destroy their competition with inane monopolistic regulations/regulators, laws, and kangaroo courts.

This never changes because such a power vacuum naturally must always be captured by those who are the most powerful. And the way to become the most powerful is by stealing the most from the collective. Any virtuous attempt to not steal from the collective leaves a void in the power vacuum and thus is naturally conquered by those who are willing to step into the void to steal from the collective. So all politicians must necessarily be corrupted. When we-the-people identify with and throw our support to any politician, we are thus corrupted by the paradigm described above. We become willing participants in the dysfunctional power vacuum paradigm. This is why I’ve never voted.

To better understand the concept of a power vacuum, observe the chaotic mess of tribal and religious power struggles that threatens to drag Russia and the U.S.A. into WW3. That void in the power vacuum was created when after the (Project for a New American Century (PNAC) aka) Neocon’s 9/11 false-flag and lie (c.f. also 1, 2) about weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) in Iraq, they destabilized and wrecked the Middle East by destroying Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, before which had been powerful and ruthless enough to maintain a stalemate and buffer zone between the major affected nations of Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Obama and HELLary Clinton opened a floodgate of immigrants from Africa into Europe by assassinating Qaddafi. France’s leadership also wanted to stop Libya’s plan for a gold-backed currency. Ironically after he was wrongly accused (c.f. also), Saddam Hussein’s admonishments and warnings were fulfilled as the judge who sentenced him was later executed by ISIS.

So the Neocons wrecked the Middle East in a proxy war with Russia over oil and gas pipelines. And they’re attempting to wreck China and North Korea to reduce Asian energy independence w.r.t. coal (the real reason for Trump’s steel tariffs). Trump’s RocketMan and Make America Great Again theatrics are yet another form of propaganda fooling us.

Repeating cycle of megadeath economic collapse

The dilemma has been necessary because we rely on granting coercive power to a collective management of the functions of government such as the power to collect and spend taxes. Civilization rises for as long as the productivity can outpace the collectivized theft. Then from the ashes of economic collapse, the same process begins anew.

Governments Are Broke Now they Are Turning People Against People

All Empires Die By Deflation – Not Inflation

Since ancient Mesopotamia the economic capital of the world tends to oscillate between West and East, because one civilization destroys itself while the other is rising from a prior economic collapse.

The Shift from West to the East
China Moving to Replace USA as Financial Capitol of World
Will China take over USA as the top Superpower

We the people are satiated by the bickering over the crumbs that sustain us, with the eventual collapse outcome temporarily obscured by rising indebtedness and cultural decadence until civilization collapses in a Minsky Moment. We the people of course blame everyone but ourselves, including blaming the opposing political groupings, capitalism, or basically anything other than looking objectively at our seemingly unavoidable predicament. War and megadeath becomes a very popular option when economic collapse ensues, e.g. the starvation of millions under the Nazis and Communists. Those who do not pay attention to the repeating patterns in history may nonchalantly think mass starvation can’t impact them in their lifetime.

Come out of her, not cum outside of her

For as long as we-the-people continue to grant extensive, coercive power to government, we’ll continue to be manipulated because the hordes of weak minions amongst us will continue to be fooled into voting for the corruption. Governance and politics is a divide-and-conquer paradigm wherein the astute are coerced into being grouped with the fools who vote for corrupt politicians. The plight of humanity can only improve by reducing our dependence on government and by having more free market choice and thus economic competition between groupings so that those groupings which are following obfuscated theft-based delusion paradigms will cull themselves (with their economic collapse). With such voluntary groupings instead of coercion (i.e. increased degrees-of-freedom), those groupings which are astute (and thus sustainably prosperous) will not be pulled down by the groupings of fools. Note I’m not claiming that a prosperous society (aka grouping) shouldn’t voluntarily choose have a charitable disposition.

To those who are awake, come out of this Great Harlot power vacuum paradigm, because “you do not belong to the world, but I [God has] chosen you.” Don’t fool yourselves bickering about political ideology with those fools who prefer a corrupt earthly King (i.e. with those who prefer the power vacuum of coercive politics). Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” This only means to come out, not to judge others by your religious beliefs because (as I explained with physics in part 2 of my prior blog) we’re not omniscient, not even in our interpretations of religious scripture. Judgment day is not our responsibility.

Conquering physical geography

In my prior blog I explained that the mandate of government over a geographical jurisdiction has historically been based on the need to protect productive physical resources (including our own bodies) which were tied to a (vulnerable) geographical location. We historically grouped ourselves in geographically bounded regions for our mutual cooperation on military protection and to enforce group culture such as canon law in the West which enabled the physical transportation and trade network effects that fostered the industrial revolution that caused the East to fall behind economically (and ultimately collapsed into Communism in the 20th century as depicted on the chart in the prior section). Read my prior blog for the details.

Yet as I explained in my prior discussion of Rifkin’s Zero Marginal Cost Society, as human productivity becomes increasingly more weighted to intangible knowledge production transported at the speed-of-light over computer networks, geography no longer has the mandate to create natural power vacuum driven monopolies. Geography is subsumed and disintermediated by the intangibility of digital knowledge creation and sharing. Bitcoin and its offshoots are really about the rising phoenix of (increased degrees-of-) freedom-of-choice, and the withering of governance mandates based on geographical jurisdiction.

Instead of the futility of attempting to create a micronation, we-the-people now have the technology to organize ourselves with transparent smart contracts which can straddle geographical boundaries! Andreas Antonopoulos is a popular personality who articulates such concepts.

Contemplate the profound potential ramifications. Instead of reliance on the coercive power of (corrupted) government to enforce adherence to contract law and empower the proliferation of frivolous lawsuits (which destroy society), we can encode contracts transparently on the objective ledger to enable tamper-proof reputation and forfeitable bonds to serve as a substitute for other forms of enforcement penalties. If a partipant destroys their reputation by habitually failing to fulfill their obligations in transparent, objectivized, tamper-proof contracts, then other participants will be less likely to enter into contracts with them. Opt-in trustless transparency plus objectivity replace, subsume, and disintermediate corruptible trust and coercion.

In this way perhaps we don’t need to fight over our preferences for organization. Hypothetically for example imagine a progressive socialist governance run by smart contract which can tax its participants (perhaps by an algorithmic computation of budget) and spend to provide egalitarian welfare and subsidized opportunities to all needy participants. The actions and obligations of such a government and its signatories (aka “citizens” or participants) can be recorded on objectivized, tamper-proof ledgers as a smart contract. Participants join by digitally signing the smart contract. The typical progressive socialist ideology is that all immigrants should be free to join. So presumably the smart contract wouldn’t require any restrictions on earning capability or net worth for those who wish to join. But socialists might not actually like this because it would prevent them from employing coercion to prevent defection by those who don’t wish to sign their contract. And of course all those who want to be lazy and collect welfare and subsidized opportunities would gravitate to the smart contract whilst all those who are productive would be forced to gravitate away from it because otherwise they’ll eventually end up bankrupt from promoting moral hazard. This is the reason Libertarians want small government. Progressive socialists ignore the consequences of moral hazard and the unavoidable corruption of the power vacuum of government. So that is why I hope objectivized ledgers can naturally disintermediate geographical jurisdiction so that socialists can learn political economics by way of comparative examples of the success and failure of various smart contract governance experiments.

This transition away from geographical based governance to opt-in smart contract based governance will not be without challenges. The existing overlords (and the citizenry that want coercive government) will not willingly give up their monopolies (and ressentiment-based lust). The power vacuum paradigm will attempt to retain control over us by dictating extra-jurisdictional reach of its corrupt law (c.f. also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M). The global mafia who occupy the power vacuum behind the curtain of the world’s governments will attempt to retain the consent of the governed by fooling us with propaganda that appeals to the cherished, obstinate sensibilities, such as the lies about man-made global warming and their manufactured false-flags and military deceptions disguised as terrorism such as:

How myopic (archived) can we be to not notice the psychological symbolism of the official narrative lie w.r.t. the alleged attackers (which I placed within quote marks in the list above) portrayed in these meticulously orchestrated psychological operations.

The almost magical military precision of the 9/11 false-flag deception was presaged in Revelation 13:13–14:

And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people. Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived.

The oligarchs are attempting to leverage deception and the ignorance of the people to unify a globalized citizenship and law (aka NWO) to retain their mandate. The people-at-large are easily fooled because the people are so in love with politics and their individualized complicit role in feeding the corruption as I already explained. They trust a paradigm of theft and plunder rather than transparency.

But the oligarchs will ultimately fail and lose control because the increasing decentralization of economic production will disintermediate their power. As the weight of the economy shifts away from physical to intangible, the oligarchs won’t be able to keep track of all the productivity being created under their noses. Even if they mandate a tax on every cryptocurrency in every geographical jurisdiction, the people will outflank them by creating fully transparent knowledge exchange (barter) systems which are not fungible enough to tax. How can someone compute the tax due for that which can’t be assigned a fungible valuation, e.g. an exchange of knowledge? Are they going to assign a tax for every blog post and comment? Dysfunctional totalitarian governments might actually attempt such economic suicide, but the productive will leave for more hospitable venues and eating their popcorn while watching on Youtube these totalitarian regimes collapse.

We’ll still need to participate in that fungible resource-based economy for our basic sustenance needs, but the value of that will become an increasingly smaller proportion of the production we generate. Perhaps the oligarchs will attempt to fight back by making food scarce with a scorched earth policy, but surely then the human race will stamp them out as the obvious terrorist threat that they are. That is unless they can continue to fool us into believing that we’re fighting some other patsy such as Oswald or 19 camel-riding, cave dwelling hijackers (c.f. also) armed with box cutters.

The DAO Reconstructed

The DAO failed because of concentrating $150 million of funds in an algorithm which had a bug that enabled the hacker (who was apparently working for Bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu). And The DAO was subsequently declared by the SEC to be an illegal unregistered security because the pooled funds were essentially under centralized control. And that centralized control was responsible for securing the correct use of the invested funds to fulfill an expectation of future profits.

Thus I can conclude The DAO failed because it wasn’t decentralized.

The automation itself became a form of centralization due to hacking. And the delegates in control were self-appointed instead of elected.

I agree with Andreas Antonopoulos that automation is one of the essential features of smart contracts. However, I think its important to not sacrifice decentralization of control when enabling automation (because it’s known to be impossible that automation code won’t have bugs, even if formal proofs are employed). My idea is that the pooled funds in a smart contract should remain under multi-signature control where one of the signatures required for transfer of funds is automated and the other is an individual stakeholder or their elected delegates. And some means for a vote of stakeholders to patch the code of the smart contract code when a bug is discovered. Thus the smart contract (such as forfeiting a share of future profits) can penalize non-cooperative participants in way that such participants don’t suffer when their non-compliance is justified due to for example defeating a hacker. This seemed like a quite obvious solution to the problem of bugs and hackers which I personally haven’t seen anyone else articulate.

And afaics it’s also a solution to the securities law issue which I mentioned 6 months ago in §C.  Decentralized Autonomous Organization of my blog that if the invested funds remain under the individual control of each stakeholder and transferred by them to pay for budgets and expenditures after a vote approving the action to exemplify that the stakeholders are active managers. This seems to be the paradigm by which a DAC could raise funds without being subject to securities laws, because each individual shareholder is securing his own invested funds and participating in the management of his expectation of future profit.

Thus the tokenized shares of the DAC wouldn’t be securities nor utility tokens.

What are the liabilities and tax obligations of the stakeholders of a DAC?

I explained in part 2 of my prior blog that the rapid industrialization of the West was primarily driven by two factors. First the aforementioned maximum division-of-labor driven by network effects arising out of pastoral-intensive manorialism fostering more efficient transportation networks. And secondly the rule of contract law and opt-in limited-liability corpus aka corporations which enabled diverse, pervasive reinvestment of investment capital.

Today an individual can form a corporation in any of numerous geographical jurisdictions significantly detaching the law governing the corporation from their personal geographically based legal situation. Sometimes these are more enviously referred to as tax evasion havens. Yet tax planning isn’t the only benefit of these increased degrees-of-freedom. Governments are becoming increasingly totalitarian in their edicts that violate privacy by for example requiring the wealthy to report all their worldwide assets either to pay a wealth tax or under the guise of fighting terrorism and money laundering. This is essentially coerced reporting to the mafia of whom they can then extort and kidnap, because the mafia controls the government behind the curtain. A corporation can even serve those who aren’t wealthy but wish to delay receiving taxable income and gains which feeds the politics of the government which requires them to pay individual taxes. For example, if you don’t agree with Trump’s policies, then why pay taxes during his term if there’s a legal means to delay taxation? (But note the IRS forces Americans to take a fair market value salary, so they already sort of made this option only available to the wealthy who earn more on their passive investments than their active work. However, if we create tokenized systems wherein our participation such as blogging on Steem increases the value of the tokens, then those tokens increase in value as investments not as salary so in this way non-wealthy individuals could delay taxation!)

Governments hide the fact that they increase taxes on the working class while pretending to be increasing taxes on the wealthy:

Taxes Alter Behavior

I was in Australia when they were proposing the Luxury Tax. They got the people to vote for higher taxes by lying to them. The slogan was they were going to tax the rich with their “Ferraris, Fur Coats, and French Wines.” Everyone cheered – ya! Get the bastards! When the tax was passed, suddenly the dumb public discovered ALL electrical products were included. You could not buy a clock radio without the Luxury Tax. People get what they deserve from government – lie, lies, and more lies, and empty pockets to show for it.

Milton Friedman on Capitalism

Most of the wealth earned by the 1% is from INVESTMENT, not wages. So why are the 99% oppressed? Largely taxes. For example, Social Security is a simple tax. That money is not invested in your future. The government robs from Social Security and stuffs it with government debt, which they then move toward negative interest rates. This deprives the average person from earning anything on those funds that were supposed to be for retirement.

The Cadillac Tax – Obama Will TAX All Your Benefits as part of Obamacare

OBAMACARE was perhaps the most toxic enactment ever to be implemented by the Democrats using the poor to raises taxes on the working class – not even the “rich” […] EVERYONE who gets healthcare as a benefit, including retired persons who have worked for the private or public sector, will wake up and find that those benefits are suddenly TAXABLE income. Yes – that is correct. If it costs your employer $1000 per month for your healthcare, that will be taxable income. Hence, you will pay about $4,000 more in taxes for benefits worth $12,000. There is absolutely NOTHING the Democrats will not tax. Everything you get as a gift, benefit, or find in a parking lot, will be taxable income.

Governments Going Insane with New Ways to Tax People

In Ireland, a reader has sent this gem in. The Communications Minister Denis Naughten is so proud of himself for changing the definition of a ‘television set’ to include your laptop in order to extend the TV license fee to be applied to computers, laptops, and large tablets […] In Sweden, as of April 1st, a new tax will be applied to ALL electronics. Are you ready for this? The reason is of course not to raise money, but to protect people from electronics; including everything from the fridge to tvs and laptops. On April 1, Sweden will impose a new so-called “chemical tax” on electronics and appliances. The purpose of the new tax is said to reduce the amount of hazardous flame retardants in our homes.

Most nations generally recognize the legal jurisdiction of any other nation to authorize the creation of and govern corporations within that nation’s jurisdiction. Typically these are corporations which any citizen of any nation may own shares in and/or be a controlling director or officer of. The historical precedent is that the formation of a corpus via Articles of Incorporation is a valid jurisdictional entity which is distinct from its shareholders, directors, and officers. The laws governing a corporation default to the jurisdiction where that corporation was formed.

So which nation has jurisdiction over the creation of a corpus of individuals from potentially every nation who’ve pooled their resources into a corpus which is operated and recorded via a smart contract on a decentralized ledger? If the securities regulation doesn’t apply for reasons I already stated, then what law of nation-states would apply to the DAC? Since each individual stakeholder of the DAC may reside in a different nation, no individual nation can hold liable the participating individual stakeholder for the actions and decisions decided by the entire corpus of stakeholders. That’s the fundamental concept of the limited-liability corpus which enabled all the economic development since the Middle Ages. Thus afaics the nations are bereft of authority over such a DAC corpus.

This is the real value of a DAO. The DAO reconstructed as a DAC is the corporation whose default law (e.g. whether it can offer bearer shares where the name of the shareholders isn’t recorded any where) has no geographical overlord. The DAO shouldn’t be conflated with ICOs, violations of securities laws, or violation of any law that has jurisdiction over corporation such as licensing requirements, etc.. Even traditional corporations can violate securities laws and it’s directors and officers get in legal trouble for doing so.

Create a corporation as a DAC on a decentralized ledger to form a corporation that pays no corporate income taxes nor annual fees to any jurisdiction, answers to no jurisdiction in terms of the requirements to register the owners of bearer shares or other requirements that nations place on the corporations formed within their jurisdiction. But don’t expect this corporation to get a fiat bank account any time soon. The old world (traditional) banks are resisting the inevitable.

Thus I hope readers can now understand my long held intuition that Bitcoin was created to destroy the legal jurisdiction of the nation-states which will force the world to embrace a world government in order to reinstate the coercive power of government which the majority of people prefer to trust. Even Revelation states the beast is wounded, but then it healed and the people followed the beast. Bitcoin wasn’t invented by some Japanese hacker working alone. Bitcoin is a highly sophisticated technological and political-economic weapon that likely originates from the global elite who are driving the world towards a world government. The design of proof-of-work centralizes the control of the ledger although this fact is obfuscated.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Imagine my reticence to even write publicly about false flags given the vicious, closed-minded, ad hominem attacks that resulted from my prior attempt on 9-11-2011 to urge my cohort programmers and engineers to uphold the skepticism of the rational scientific method.

Professional programmers and engineers normally pride themselves on upholding the utmost rationality and objectivity. However even amongst my cohorts, anyone who attempts to apply scientific objectivity to false flag operations is pejoratively labeled a theorist of conspiracies, truther kook, nutter, and insane believer in absurd concepts such as alien space ray guns, holographic fake airplanes, and Dumbo The Flying Elephant.

Coming out of the closet as a homosexual rewards the individual with politically correct powers against discrimination; whereas, exercising one’s right to free speech under the Constitution w.r.t. the malfeasance within our governments can lead to grave discrimination in employment opportunities and other opportunities such as when applying for any license or permit from any (especially national level) government: “Show me your papers”. One of the Loose Change documentaries points out that, “There was a time in South Africa, they would put flaming tires around people’s necks” as example of what would happen to those who actively dissent.

Let’s just remember that without dissent there’s no science. Science is founded upon the principle that a theory is only valid if it has withstood the test of time and open source attempts to falsify it. Junk science involves delegation to an authority or closed (i.e. bounded) grouping of “experts” (decided by some authority) that becomes fake history as in “his story”. False-flags are fake his–stories.

9/11 massacre

The official narrative is proven beyond reasonable doubt to be impossible.

The flight dynamics of the government’s story are “totally impossible”. The planes were remotely guided (c.f. also).

Refer also to my prior blog: Israel’s Mossad DID 9/11?

Assimilate all the facts (c.f. also) pertaining to Osama bin Laden.

Corbett reported that in the Arab world “Ana raicha Al Qaeda” has the colloquial meaning “I’m going to the toilet.” It’s implausible that ‘the toilet’ could be the name of an Islamic movement. It’s fiction.

WTC buildings demolition

The U.S. government (USG) claims the World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers and the adjacent Building 7 spontaneously collapsed symmetrically onto their footprints due to failure of the steel due to heat from fires. The government’s story is extensively refuted by the scientific evidence and engineering facts. For the official story to be true, the laws of physics wouldn’t exist. A summary is available in an interview with Richard Gage the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

For example, NIST’s simulated models for the collapse violate the laws of physics and entropy. The only plausible explanation is controlled demolition via thermite cutting charges and nano-thermate explosive charges. Evidence of thermite (for cutting beams) and nano-thermate (for explosive pulverization) were found pervasively in the dust by independent researchers. This residue couldn’t possibly be found if thermite and nano-thermate had not been employed in the demolition of these buildings.

These demolition and pulverization charges were placed on the structural steel core of the building that encases the elevator shafts via the “renovation” of the elevator that had been ongoing during the 9 months prior to 9/11.

Pentagon bombing

Irrefutable extensively corroborated eyewitness testimony (that included expert police officers) concludes that the (white military not silver American Airlines) airplane that nose-dived towards the Pentagon didn’t and could not have actually hit the Pentagon. The airplane pulled up at the last moment and was obscured by the fireball of the bomb that exploded within the Pentagon at that moment. That exploded section of the Pentagon had been undergoing “renovation” in the months prior to 9/11.

After powering-up perpendicularly over the Pentagon, the jet could have attained significant elevation over the unpopulated Potomac and evacuated national monuments and landed nearby at Andrews AFB moments later. There was a similar decoy white jet seen flying at higher altitude to confuse witnesses and provide plausible deniability.

Tangentially, I deduced that the planners of this false-flag were unable to fly the airplane on same south side path as the trail of physical evidence such as downed light poles that were staged in advance, because that path isn’t perpendicular to the exploded side of the Pentagon. If the jet had not flown on the north side of the Navy annex then the illusion of the plane being enveloped by the fireball of the explosion would have been potentially ruined by the plane flying non-perpendicularly over the side of the Pentagon. This would have been more noticeable to witnesses thus potentially eliminating the deception.

None of the known 150 witnesses who are purported to have seen the airplane, actually saw it hit the Pentagon. This is because the view of the alleged impact point is obstructed from view except in a very few close locations. Also it’s because the speed of the airplane and the precise timing of the fireball provided no way for the human eye to actually discern the difference between the plane flying through the fireball or over the side of the Pentagon (both outcomes would appear visually the same because our human visual system can’t detect such hundredths of a second movements, but maybe a cat could). Five or six members of the mainstream media (MSM) conveniently claimed to be driving adjacent to the impact point, but their view was obstructed such that they would not see the impact and would have only seen the fireball. One of them USA Today editor Joel Sucherman stated that he saw a plane peal off instantly after the fireball and fly away at a steep trajectory. Roosevelt Roberts, Jr. stated he saw the airplane fly away from the Pentagon immediately after the explosion.

Eyewitness testimony must be extensively cross-checked because for example the (sometimes incomplete and even paraphrased) summaries of their accounts contain numerous anomalies. For example, Sean Boger didn’t see the airplane hit the Pentagon. Rather he saw it coming directly at him, then he ducked and couldn’t see. He presumed it hit the Pentagon because of the loud explosion. Steve Anderson claims one of the wings dragged on the lawn but there was no such markings on the lawn. (CIT) contacted Frank Probst but he refused to be interviewed without permission from the Pentagon! Master Sergeant Noel Sepulveda claimed (c.f. also) he saw landing gear down which conflicts with all of the dozens of other witnesses; and there’s other reasons to doubt his credibility. Mark Bright presumes the airplane hit but didn’t actually see it hit, and he stated the plane “powered-up” at the last moment. In an interview by Jeff Hill, Penny Elgas stated she saw the plane go over the (presumably north side based on her description of the position of the wing of the plane “over” the) CITGO and she saw the plane tilt and 40-50 feet up at the time of the explosion. Thus her recollection of the plane being enveloped by the smoke was the plane flying over the Pentagon. She imagined this was the plane flying into the wall, but her state-of-mind was hallucinating that day as she admitted in the interview. Sean Boger and Jack Singleton confirmed the tilt of the plane as it powered-up over the Pentagon (they were facing the nose incoming, so their right was the left for those CIT interviewed at the CITGO station). Dawn Vignola and Hugh "Tim" Timmerman were too far away and a building obscured their view, yet in the split second in which they could see the plane emerge from behind a building they heard and saw the plane tilt and power-up. Timmerman stated to CNN that he was only a quarter of a mile or less from the fireball, but actually the distance is much farther away at approximately three-quarters of a mile.

April Gallop stated, “I was 50 feet from the impact zone, the engine should have been in my lap.” She was inside the Pentagon during the explosion and walked out of the outside hole in the Pentagon along with other co-workers who survived the blast. She said there was absolutely no wreckage parts of an airplane. Photos just after the explosion don’t seem to show any wreckage. Those who claim they saw passengers in airplane seats actually saw charred human remains perhaps next to charred office chairs, or they’re lying. No such photo of airplane seat or other extensive wreckage has ever been produced. The few small pieces photographed with AA logos could have been planted, such as during the chaotic evacuation of the area minutes after the initial explosion when the C-130 approached and the people were told a second hijacked airplane was incoming. The non-randomized sheared base of the downed light poles compared to similar light poles naturally downed by high winds indicates the 9/11 poles were staged with a blow torch.

National air defense stand down

Pilots for 9/11 Truth documented via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that war games (c.f. also 1, 2) simulating terrorist hijackings on the morning of 9/11 all over the country, making it impossible for the military to track the planes on radar and scramble F15s to intercept the “hijacked”[remote controlled] commercial airplanes which had turned off their transponders. Appears this air defense stand down was premeditated.

Our military devised in the 1960s the plan Operation Northwoods to hijack commercial airplanes then fly the passengers to a military base after radar rendezvous with a decoy airplane. Such rendezvous can be seen on the radar of 9/11 perhaps where they were flown into gaps in the radar coverage. Passenger list for Flight 77 contained many military and key engineers involved with flight guidance systems.

Disinformation about 9/11

Defenders of 9/11 ostensibly have surreptitiously financed disinformation groups which pose as truth movements to confuse readers and discredit the truth. For example, John D. Wyndham from Scientists for 9/11 Truth published a disingenuous blog that attempts to fool those who don’t carefully and meticulously study the proof which I summarized and linked to. Refutations of the propaganda quoted from their blog follows:

Did a large plane, matching a Boeing 757 in general and Flight AA 77 in particular, hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? In the last several years a group of scientists and engineers have presented a number of scientific papers that answer both of these questions with a resounding “Yes.”

Those “scientists and engineers” haven’t refuted aforementioned proof from (CIT) and Pilots for 9/11 Truth.

Despite hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw a large plane fly towards the Pentagon and impact it, critics continue to claim otherwise […] There are over 62 documented eyewitnesses who saw the plane impact. Fourteen (14) witnesses saw one or more of the light poles struck […] The witnesses cannot be explained away in any credible fashion.

I exemplified with examples that when witnesses testimonies are meticulously analyzed, interviewed under cross-examination (not just trusting what MSM published second hand), and the specific circumstances of their claims are meticulously analyzed, it turns out that none of them saw the plane impact the side wall of the Pentagon and none of them saw light poles falling down. Period.

Another example is the MSM reenactment of Priest Stephen McGraw’s claims where it can be clearly seen that in the reenactment his view of the burning zone is obscured and he doesn’t actually state he saw the plane hit the side wall of the Pentagon. Also in that video he doesn’t clarify if he saw the clipped light poles fall down. Given he stated that he was quickly rotating his head presumably looking through the left driver’s side, then front, then right side windows of his car and given the blind spots of pillars with the fraction of a second in which had to make these observations, it’s quite likely that under open source cross-examination we would learn that just like other such witnesses, they made assumptions as to what they should have or what they think they might have seen. And in fact McGraw told CIT that he didn’t actually see the light poles fall down and had merely deduced it. His original statement didn’t state he saw the light poles clipped, only that they had been clipped. Note the latter can be an assumption. Also he clarified in the CIT interview that he thought the plane came over his roof, never saw it approaching, and thus we can wonder if he was disoriented trying to locate the plane he heard. Also he states the image conjured in his mind is influenced by what he heard others say after the event, and that the only certain memory is the fireball coming out the upper two windows. But the glass in those windows was still intact. The example anomalies I listed for other such witnesses exemplifies how unreliable witness testimony is when it’s being provided second hand by MSM, not subject to open source cross-examination (as should have been done if the 9/11 Commission hadn’t been a whitewash), and not corroborated by several such witnesses who have been subjected to such a meticulous process.

Four witnesses saw the right engine/wing hit the generator-trailer, while one witness saw the left engine hit the low concrete wall and break apart.

Nonsense. Analyze their testimony meticulously and under cross-examination. The witnesses who have consented to open sourced interviews (not MSM second hand reports) had been misinterpreted by the media or had ambiguities/inconsistencies in their story. Another example of inconsistency of such witnesses is Vin Narayanan columnist for USATODAY, “The plane exploded after it hit, the tail came off and it began burning immediately.” Where’s that smoking tail?

Eyewitnesses affirm large plane impact, and the damage trail establishes the plane path before and after impact with a high degree of precision.

The CIT research proves that the official path and faked damage trail is inconsistent with the path that the plane actually flew per numerous corroborated, credible witnesses (including two police officers) who were in the best possible viewing positions thus capable of observing accurately. They couldn’t possibly have all misjudged which side of the CITGO station was the plane’s path. The official path was on the south side of the CITGO, but all the CIT witnesses saw the plane fly on the north side. Thus given the north side is the only plausible scenario, the angle of the damage inside the Pentagon couldn’t have been caused by a plane impact so it must be a bomb.

These elements all confirm a flight path that is supported by eyewitness accounts, the radar data and the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) data, which was released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Lie. Both CIT and Pilots for 9/11 Truth disprove this.

The F4 Experiment: In the F4 Phantom jet experiment, a plane was propelled at high speed on a rocket sled into a massive and impenetrable concrete wall. The plane was completely fragmented into small pieces.

Inapplicable for several reasons:

  • The side wall of the pentagon has orders-of-magnitude less cross-sectional mass relative to the mass of the plane as compared to that experiment. Citing that experiment is designed to fool people who are ignorant of physics. The side wall of the Pentagon was only a layer of brick and 18” of concrete plus limestone. The concrete block for the cited F4 test was 3.66 meters (i.e. 930”) thick!
  • The F4 fighter jet doesn’t have 3 ton engines hanging far off to either side. There’s no impact holes nor damage on the side wall for the 3 ton engines. The liquefied F4 debris was piled up with no hole created.
  • Liquefaction isn’t seen in any photos of the wreckage nor described by any witness inside the building before or after impact.

According to witnesses and the FDR data, the plane had rolled about 5 degrees counterclockwise when it hit the wall.

Nope. They’re apparently conflating those witnesses viewing the oncoming plane with left-and-right transposed compared to those viewing the plane from behind. Credible witnesses saw the plane tilt clockwise and power-up.

It is noteworthy that April Gallop, who has been extensively interviewed and quoted as an important witness, had an office in wedge 2 over 150 feet from the impact hole […] She, with her child and others, exited through a window near the Heliport.

In video interviews and as I quoted from the Washington Post, she stated she was 50 feet from and exited from the large hole. We see her in a photo being attended to on the front lawn. The blast resistant windows far from the large hole weren’t broken.

The second major problem is how to explain the plane debris seen by witnesses and in photographs. No credible explanation has been offered as to how the large volume of plane debris was planted and distributed outside the Pentagon, inside the Pentagon, and in the AE Drive, except by a plane crash.

Only a minuscule amount of plane parts has been shown. The rest is innards strewn out the blast holes. Even pillars near the blast hole were bent outwards.

The few pieces of wreckage could be planted, but the highly credible cross-examined corroboration of witnesses by CIT can’t be faked.

Why did the FBI confiscate all the numerous security cam videos in the vicinity!

Financial crimes investigations & documents destroyed

Documentation and auditors of alleged $trillions surreptitious black budget scandals were irrecoverably destroyed on 9/11, as admitted by the SEC. Analogously how convenient that the satellite which was blamed for the faked global warming temperature data was also irrevocably destroyed. Some irrevocably destroyed documents were related to scandals involving former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin and the Long-Term Capital Management bailout caused by the failed manipulation of Russian bonds which I cited in my prior blog:

The corruption of the [Russian] oligarchs even became intertwined (2, 3, 4, […]) in the corruption of (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) the “permanent unelected government” of the U.S.A..

This failure was framed (c.f. also 1, 2, 3) on Martin Armstrong and he was tortured and incarcerated for 11 years on a bogus and illegal indefinite detention contempt-of-court charge because he refused to plea complicity in the scandal.

Contrary to the intentional disinformation about him on Wikipedia, Armstrong didn’t plea guilty.

Perhaps minor in comparison to other motivations for perpetrating 9/11, demolishing the Twin Towers avoided the cost of removing asbestos which would have exceeded $1 billion.

JFK assassination

Continued in part 2.

All the external webpages linked in this blog have been archived at and/or


Since ancient Mesopotamia the economic capital of the world tends to oscillate between West and East, because one civilization destroys itself while the other is rising from a prior economic collapse.

The Shift from West to the East
China Moving to Replace USA as Financial Capitol of World
Will China take over USA as the top Superpower

Sun Zejun wrote on Quora:

Q: Do you think the living standards of Russia are still better than China?

A: Well, I am a Chinese, from 2006 to 2016 I personally lived in Russia for almost 10 consecutive years. By the way, for me Russian is almost my native language. When I came to Moscow in 2006, everything was more expensive than in China, and the average wages of the locals were much higher. Russians saw Chinese people as from Africa or the 3rd world. Nowadays, 12 years passed, everything’s reversed, the average income of Chinese is generally more than Russian. The comprehensive living standards are much better, in which I am quite convinced in my own eyes.

with decentralized voluntary human organization on objectivized, tamper-proof ledgers.

I've agreed with the core principle of transparency for a long time.

One of the core principles that ties many blockchain communities together is that transparency is a central key to establishing a fair and just society. What do you think about the emergence and wide-ranging acceptance, within blockchain communities, of totally opaque systems like Tether and the now-basically-proven-to-be-a-Ponzi BitConnect?

Do human beings actually want transparency, given that they voluntarily flock to opaque systems if they have a financial incentive to do so? (sidebar: I assume you think human beings should want transparency. I also think that, but that's not really what my question is about.)


Good article. I am interested in all the facts that you had provided.

I’m delighted to receive feedback that readers are interested in the facts. Thank you.

It would also help if others resteem this so it can receive more exposure. Also linking to this blog from other blogs would help others discover it.

How can people know the facts if they’re inundated with incessant propaganda. The people-at-large are numb and don’t know what to believe.

I will resteem your article even though I am still new in Steemit and have less followers.

Ty Kevin. As you gain followers, your followers may scroll back into your list of previously resteemed blogs.

If I could somehow figure out how to get Millennials focused on potential technological solutions instead of political and politically correct propaganda, I would feel very good about that. Maybe we can learn from each other. I know Millennials are very interested in technology. I will write more about this in my follow-up blog.


Hi @anonymint. Good job on this. My 200+ followers will like that too. Ty!

Thank you Charlotte for resteeming to your followers. I hope readers will take the time to read it and click some of the links so they can get the details they need to know in order to not be so fooled by the pervasive lies and propaganda being fed to us by the media and governments.

Regardless of each person’s politics, we-the-people need a technological solution to this mess because the bastards that run this world are taking us into war and megadeath again. Did you notice my mention of North Korea and the lies we’re being fed about that situation.

How can we get the Millennials to be interested? Help me to understand. It’s their future that’s at stake.

My follow-up blog will detail the lies we were told about the JFK assassination. And it will try to give some insight into how we become complacent and manipulated psychologically.

The most important though is we-the-people need a way to organize our economic activities such that we aren’t feeding this Beast of oligarchs.

If we attempt to do it by reforming government, then as was the case in every revolution in history (e.g. the French Revolution), we’ll just end up reconstituting the same Beast again.

We need a paradigm shift away from coercive politics entirely.

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Too bad I didn't see this sooner. We're pretty much on the same page though it seems clear to me you've been thinking about this longer. I have doubts that bitcoin was some creation by the NSA though. Its technology, while dissolving the bordered properties of nations also has the same effect with all levels of authoritative control and would thus be self defeating.

I've heard conspiracy theories such as Katherine Austin Fitt's that bitcoin was allowed to be developed by the deep state so that it could have cheap access to the technology waiting later to take this over. The fact that the forks in bitcoin are so resistant to this level of control, and that consensus dominates, seems to make this impossible.

I've also written in my blog about DAC's and how they can replace centrally controlled governance models (in numerous places). We're pretty much on the same page politically, though I went the long way around before settling on anarchy as a practical matter.

Come out of her, not cum outside of her

lol. This is one of the problems of translating ancient Greek (or Hebrew, etc), which Schmidt talks at length about. Semantic fields often overlap and you can end up with bad translations.

Its technology, while dissolving the bordered properties of nations also has the same effect with all levels of authoritative control and would thus be self defeating.

The smallest transistor ASIC fabs will always be controlled by the elite behind the curtain. Thus they control the mining of Bitcoin, because electrical efficiency is paramount. Thus at the right time in the future, they can turn off your number (forbid you to transact and thus you die in digital world where cash no longer exists). That is absolute power and control exactly as described in Revelation.

See also the Gist I linked for you. That contains a lot of my research on consensus algorithms.

When we know more than most of everyone else on a particular subject matter, we look stupid in their eyes because they don’t know what we know so they presume we’re bullshitting or not correct. IOW those without sufficient knowledge of subject matter are incapable of judging whether someone else is expert or not.

It’s plausible that I’ve overlooked some factor, but I studied those issues much more deeply than most everyone else in our industry. I had to. I designed a new consensus algorithm which isn’t PoW, nor PoS, nor Iota’s DAG (which btw is a total farce that only converges because of centralized Coordinator). I mean if you don’t think so, then go for example and see my debate with Avi Zohar on Medium which received numerous upvotes. I had a thread on Bitcointalk about Decentralization and for example Come-from-Beyond (the core dev of Iota) participated.

I've heard conspiracy theories such as Katherine Austin Fitt's that bitcoin was allowed to be developed by the deep state so that it could have cheap access to the technology waiting later to take this over. The fact that the forks in bitcoin are so resistant to this level of control, and that consensus dominates, seems to make this impossible.

My opinion is that she is correct. The forks of Bitcoin will all eventually die. I had explained the math of fungible finance in some thread at Bitcointalk. I could dig that up at some future time if there will be a serious discussion that will be sufficiently publicized to make it worth my time to revisit that distraction again. The tail doesn’t wag the dog.

Still studying your link on consensus algorithms. Thanks. Will have to take some time to mull all of this over.

I heard that about Iota a few months ago, never invested in that.

There’s a lot more of my thought process spread around in numerous comments here, on Medium, and Bitcointalk. Also that Gist I sent you is a truncated copy of a much longer document which includes analysis of many more consensus algorithms including Byteball, IOHK’s Ouroboros, and others. And also the secret extended document has an overview of my consensus algorithm design and explains what makes it unique. At this time that extended document is not yet for general dissemination.

At some point I need to try to collate all of those comments into a coherent whitepaper. Yet another task which could benefit from others helping me. I am always on the lookout for those who are capable and available who want to join the project and help. I wrote an initial whitepaper in Q4 of 2016 but didn’t release it and I added much to my understanding since then. And the next time I attempt to collate/assimilate all the information on decentralized consensus, I will probably gain a new level of understanding.

Still trying to wrap my mind around this. Why is this buried so deep? I would think such news would have created a lot more FUD than the BCH fork last summer. I feel like if I spend the next 6 months studying all the game theoretical concepts, I might eventually be a competent judge of the security models of various blockchains, but I'm just not there yet. I find it intuitively worrisome, but can't act as an independent node of truth.

My coding skills are very good but solidity/python/javascript is not something I've used much before (only some limited javascript on my web pages). I enter June 1. I haven't really used C/C++ that much over the last 25 or so years either. My main expertise is in Pascal Delphi. But I've found that changing personalities in RAD studio isn't really all that difficult.

Why is this buried so deep?

Byzcoin claimed they had solved the problem, but I refute that to some extent although some still argue against my reasoning.

Also I presume/observe that most people who could understand aren’t as devoted to attaining true decentralization. They have other vested interests that cause them to have a confirmation bias towards “it can be fixed eventually” or some other rationalization. In any case, Bitcoin can’t scale on chain, and I already provided that link for you explaining the Lightning Networks leads to centralization.

I think all of us who have peered deep into it (including for example the venerable @smooth), have become pessimistic about whether any consensus algorithm could provably remain decentralized. @smooth says we can’t prove they won’t remain decentralized. I surmise they take the stance that even whales disagree with each other and thus none of them must defect otherwise they all lose. But I respond that yes they’re forced to cooperate to extort the most by maximizing transaction fees to the most that the market can bear. Those who refuse are defeated by those who do because the most ruthless will earn the most profits. There’s no exception in the history of mankind when it comes to the way power vacuums of fungible finance behave.

I think my variant is the most different and has a chance of remaining decentralized if the users want it to. My consensus algorithm presumes the users are invested in decentralization, and that is why I want to match it to very popular/profitable social networking so the users are motivated to sheepdog guard it. I’m aware that users are apathetic, so the design relies on community watchdogs. The high-level concept is that users can’t be fooled when objectivity is digitally verifiable. The details go much deeper than that of course.

The decentralization bugaboo is a very complex subject. I don’t know if anyone can claim to be 100% certain of their analysis of it.

Btw, I just made a point-by-point refutation of some exaggerated claims about Steem.

I think the only way to find out if you can be productive in a new PL and framework is to just dive in and see how it goes. I get the impression that you’re very smart, so it’s probably one of those things that clicks after an initial learning curve hurdle.

C++ is a complex beast now unlike when you and I used it back in the 1990s. The templates are Turing complete and type checking of templates can’t be reasoned about by looking at types. You have to run the compiler and just see what happens. I’m attempting PL design also but I don’t know yet what will come out of that effort.

Btw, I haven’t studied Solidarity or Ethereum programming in detail yet either. But I tend to pick up new languages and APIs very quickly.

C++ is a complex beast now unlike when you and I used it back in the 1990s.

I used played around with C++ the most around 2010 when I got the Rad Studio edition with both C++ and Delphi about 10 years ago. This was about the same time unicode compliance was introduced. I was motivated to get better at C primarily because of the situation that developed with the ACS Atlas and I wanted to use the Olson tz database directly. But I decided to instead use MyBase (tz data only omitting the code portion of tz data) and developed in the Delphi side anyway because I already had what I needed to calculate Julian dates and other time based procedures in my own software and the code side of the solution was redundant.

That eventually blew up in a lawsuit because Astrolabe was trying to disadvantage my software. I blogged about that situation in the beginning at Steemit and that post got the attention of a lot of whales here. Basically my solution (the Terran Atlas) caused massive disruption to important internet protocols back in 2011 because Gary Christen was pissed that I didn't take up the offer to work for them. It almost made me famous in an "Edward Snowden" sort of way.

This is turning out to be quite the rabbit hole. Many concepts that I've never heard of before. @ivanli's blockchain academy covered the basics of various consensus algo's, but none of the nuances of how various blockchains might attempt to be defeated.

You should be aware that I don't work the long hours that I used to because of my health and the fact that I'm here on the homestead also taking care of my elderly father. I've had no shortage of job offers in recent years, but at this point I really don't need money. I'll be glad to help if I can free of charge.

Referring to your linked blog, I went through the homeless stage also and also camped in the desert at one point eating canned chili and baked beans.

We are fighting the good fight. I have to be careful I don’t spread myself too thin with the Mythical Man Month problem of communication overload. I’m admiring your dedication to your father.

The flight dynamics of the government’s story are “totally impossible”.

Above link is dead. Remember I archived all the links at and/or, so you can search for the title of the video and locate a new copy. Here is a new copy and further discussion of the 9/11 false-flags.

Every major country’s leaders and/or military has executed a false-flag (c.f. also) to garnish public support for war.

Why do you delude yourself into thinking the USA is an exception.

C.f. also my latest compilation of research:

Succinct Absolute Truth about 9/11 and Las Vegas Massacre

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