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Remember what I wrote in my prior blog:

To better understand the concept of a power vacuum, observe the chaotic mess of tribal and religious power struggles that threatens to drag Russia and the U.S.A. into WW3. That void in the power vacuum was created when after the (Project for a New American Century (PNAC) aka) Neocon’s 9/11 false-flag and lie (c.f. also 1, 2) about weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) in Iraq, they destabilized and wrecked the Middle East by destroying Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, before which had been powerful and ruthless enough to maintain a stalemate and buffer zone between the major affected nations of Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Obama and HELLary Clinton opened a floodgate of immigrants from Africa into Europe by assassinating Qaddafi. France’s leadership also wanted to stop Libya’s plan for a gold-backed currency. Ironically after he was wrongly accused (c.f. also), Saddam Hussein’s admonishments and warnings were fulfilled as the judge who sentenced him was later executed by ISIS.

So the Neocons wrecked the Middle East in a proxy war with Russia over oil and gas pipelines. And they’re attempting to wreck China and North Korea to reduce Asian energy independence w.r.t. coal (the real reason for Trump’s steel tariffs). Trump’s RocketMan and Make America Great Again theatrics are yet another form of propaganda fooling us.

Armstrong wrote in Russia & the Panic:

The immediate crash in Russia was caused by investors in Moscow dumping Russian shares and the ruble following the announcement that the West wanted to confiscate Russian assets abroad. The ruble depreciated by nearly 3% against the dollar. The United States imposed sanctions on Russia for interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign [even though the CIA interferes with elections in every nation on earth]

This is clearly leading to a confrontation for the West desperately needs a war to divert attention from the failure of social program promises.

The Russian government will retaliate against the tightened US sanctions. Clearly, the actions of the Congress are unjustified and intended to provoke a confrontation. We are on the path to war and every opportunity to further that goal is clearly being taken by the USA, UK, and the EU.

Armstrong wrote in The Coming Pi Target – Will it Bring World War III?:

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of your model back in 2015.75. You have stated at the WEC that the upcoming Pi turning point on November 21, 2018, is most often political in nature. You scheduled this year’s WEC for the week before. Trump just called Assad an animal. Even 911 took place of Pi target to the day and Greece applied to the IMF for a bailout again precisely on that Pi Target. Do you think that this turning point will be a war starting in Syria?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the nagging fact that Putin invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM 2015.75 leaves one with a feeling of a stone in the stomach. All of this investigation that Russia interfered with the US elections set in motion by Hillary has convinced so many of her followers that Russia is the Arch Enemy as if in some comic book. This has created the proposition in the mind of the mindless that Russia is some sort of great evil that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. That mindset, no matter how wrong and distorted, is the basic requirement to support a war. Hillary has been one vindictive and evil person and her running around the world to blame Russia for her failed election has done so much to undermine world peace I do not know where to even begin. She has created the image that Russia is evil and that is all the military needs to justify playing with their weapons to attack Russia.


This entire confrontation with Russia has been orchestrated by the military aided by Hillary. I have warned that the mere fact that Russia invaded Syria precisely on the day of the ECM was a warning call to all of us to wake up and smell the roses before the lid of the coffin is closed. The entire Refugee Crisis began just weeks into this ECM wave when Merkel stood up with open arms to divert her negative press for refusing to forgive any debt with Greece.

The ECM Turning Point 2015.75 has been a major profound event. This means that the likelihood of the coming Pi target on November 21st, 2018 has a higher potential to be linked (1) to the Middle East, and (2) to Russia.

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

Armstrong is naive if he thinks Trump isn’t also playing his role in creating World War 3. Government is inherently a power vacuum paradigm which means theft, war, and massacres.

Who out there is not asleep?

Raise your hand if you hate the leader of North Korea? Raise your hand if you hate Russians? Raise your hand if you hate Americans? Raise your hand if you hate Muslims? Raise your hand if you hate Christians? Raise your hand if you hate atheists? Raise your hand if you hate conservatives? Raise your hand if you hate liberals? Raise your hand if you hate white men? Raise your hand if you hate …

The Russia Poison Story is WMD 2.0

An Open Letter to Olivia Solon

The powers-that-be are manipulating us into supporting war. They want war as the outlet for angst when the socialism and indebtedness they foisted on us comes to its bitter bankrupt end soon.

Deep State Lies

Nelson Hultberg
April 7, 2018

Liberals and neoconservatives form the foundation of the Deep State. They have given us the hideous bureaucratization of America. Theirs is a system structured upon egregious fabrications and fantasies, promoted by amoral politicians, and sustained by the fake news media. Millions of Americans, thus, live in a tyrannical Matrix believing they are free and their government justly governing.


“Perpetual war for perpetual peace” was the satirical phrasing used by George Orwell in his futuristic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, to describe Big Brother’s exhortations to the proles of Oceania. This absurdity has now come true.

The most dangerous arm of today’s Deep State is the Pentagon-CIA-NSA complex. The reason it is so dangerous is because it must continually find enemies in the world to protect us from in order to justify its gargantuan budget every year. If there are no enemies that we need protection from, it must then seek to create them by lies and distortions so as to continue feeding its prestige and power.

In addition to this mandatory seeking of enemies, war is the perfect way to enslave a people domestically. Rights and liberties can be nullified in the face of an outside threat. Citizens who would object to oppressive taxes and regulations in peacetime will patriotically endure them in wartime. So “perpetual war” (or threat thereof) is the great need of the Deep State to bring a passive citizenry into acceptance of Washington’s usurpations.

Consequently, the Pentagon-CIA-NSA complex is automatically driven to spin lies, especially about Russia being an ominous threat to America today. In this way, it can strike enough fear into the voters so that they will continue to allow hundreds of billions of dollars every year to be siphoned from their earnings.


President Trump swept into office like a gale force for change from the idiocies of the past 30 years of rule by liberals and neocons. He has brought about numerous major accomplishments.


But there are three major mistakes so far in Trump’s first year in office, and they threaten to upset his hope for a genuine purging of the Deep State swamp.


Trump’s second mistake has been his apparent capitulation to the neoconservatives on foreign policy and how Russia is to be treated. His instincts at first were spot on, when he said during the campaign, “Wouldn’t it be nice to get along with Putin and Russia for a change?”

Nelson Hultberg is naive if he thinks Putin and every other major leader isn’t complicit in the theatrics bringing us into World War 3.

The problem is that we give too much coercive power to governments. I explained this power vacuum paradigm in my prior blog.

Humanity’s only hope is to come out of the lie of democracy and choose decentralization technology. Stop giving governments our consent for them to govern. Just walk away and say no to all of those bastards.

Something is rotten in the Denver airport

EDIT 4 days later: Trump is potentially starting WW3 based on our own allies (the rebels) who did the gas attack to gain our support as they were about to be defeated in Syria:



Chris Boyd wrote at Quora:

Many of the Americans I meet in the country have a heart of gold too, are exemplary citizens and I still have many contacts there. Which is why I feel so sad for the American public. They’ve had a succession of psychopathic bloodthirsty governments who squander the country’s money on fruitless wars and weaponry, whilst murdering its young men and women in the process, using their patriotism as a tool to coerce them to fight and support war.

As Jack Ma, the multi-billionaire owner of Alibaba so succinctly pointed out recently: “the reason the US is in such trouble is that they have wasted thirty years and around fourteen trillion dollars on pointless wars”. I would go even further than that. The US currently spends $1.2 trillion on weapons, war and spying out of $3.4 trillion earned in Federal taxation - fully one third of all income generated.

China has risen to become the second biggest economy in the world without firing a shot, or invading anyone and whilst spending less than a fifth of what the US does on weapons and warfare. Therein lies the lesson – whilst America has been busy blowing things up, China has been busy building things up.

Armstrong wrote in West v Russia:

When government attempt to persuade the people to their side, the rhetoric becomes so blatant it is stunning that so many people just believe what they are told. The typical tactic is always to paint your enemy as some “monster” as Trump just called Assad. You must always demean an opponent and the simple fact that they engage in that tactic exposes the sad fact that this is a deliberate manipulation. When it comes to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the West portrays him as a dictator, strongman, bad person, and some sort of crazed Russian patriot who wants to dominate the world somehow. All this rhetoric is what we call phase ONE, laying the seeds to justify engaging in war.
Here is a Japanese War poster demonizing Roosevelt:


You will find that every side issues the same propaganda. This is indeed Phase ONE. You must get the people on your side to support the war effort. To do so, you must absolutely demonize your opponent.

Their point is not to defend Putin and try to show what is exaggerated propaganda. This is simply a standard method of raising support among your people. neither going to dispute nor support that characterization. Despite the West’s portrayal that Putin is some sort of “strongman” seeking to dominate the world, Putin’s popularity at home has only been increased. The sanctions the West imposed on Russia are his badge of honor just as the excessive reparation payments from people into the open arms of Hitler.

The trade sanctions against China are doing the same thing. They create the reverse image that America is the evil power.

These tactics are what lays the seeds for war. Phase ONE is so vital to creating the justification for war. Calling Assad a “monster” with no direct evidence that he even used chemical weapons has been a real joke. There is a pre-disposed agenda to invade Syria.

That objective will be nurtured and propaganda is being used to move public opinion against Russia and Syria to justify yet another war for monetary reasons. However, the trade war against China is stirring a sleeping giant. China has never sent an army against another nation in modern times. Attacking China, which will see a recession, means that the people will blame an external enemy rather than internal. That will justify the support for entering the Middle East war.

Ironically, Hillary’s manufactured charged that Putin cost her the election had come back to impose pressure on Trump to demonstrate that he is NOT beholden to Russia. If he takes a hard line, then it would be illogical that he conspired with Russia to win the election. Trump needs to be tough because of Hillary’s false accusations.

The entire script has been written by the Zionists and global elite who are pulling the strings behind the curtain.


Thank you for a very thoughtful and informative post. Like yourself and so many others I am appalled by the bloodthirstiness of the military industrial complex and its corporate puppets in Congress. It would appear that the neo-con warhawks are driving us towards another Cuban Missile Crisis scenario.
I do not share the worship of Putin shared by many on the left, although I am proud to say I am a socialist.
I do have one hope that Putin learns from the history of the Cold War. As a historian of the Cold War one thing stands out very clearly to me: the United States was constantly on the offensive and the Stalinist leaders of the USSR sought peaceful cohabitation with Washington. Oliver Stone makes this point in his Untold History of the United States.
The leaders of the USSR, who lived a parasitical existence while most of the population suffered all sorts of deprivations, always gave into U.S. aggression throughout the Cold War.
The history of appeasement in the 1930s and during the Cold War shows that giving into the aggressor (i.e. Nazi Germany and the USA) always encourages them to be even more aggressive.
Over Syria Putin needs to stand up to the golden haired psychopath resident in the Oval Office.
We are living in very dangerous times when a wide variety of combustible factors have come together at this present historical juncture.
I agree with you that if humanity is to have any kind of future then ordinary people must throw off the shackles of their respective political systems.

You missed this from my prior blog?

Antony Sutton’s research at the Hoover Institute explains how this nefarious powers-that-be had also created the Communist revolutions in Russia and China.

The same mafia created Communist Russia and China. You can click the link above for Anthony’s explanation of the history.

Why do you support socialism? I do not intend my question to be pejorative. I want to understand you. Socialism (like any other big government paradigm such a militarism) creates the power vacuum that gives them their power. I do not want to turn you away by attacking your belief system. Can you explain to me how socialism could possibly help humanity given what I explained in my prior blog about the power vacuum paradigm?

Sorry not trying to drag you into a long painful discussion. Just trying to get all the people to understand that the left-right paradigm is how they destroy humanity and take everything for themselves. Socialism (as well as militarism) is a complete failure in that regard. The problem is not free markets. The problem is democracy and government. That is what the people do not realize. Democracy and socialism are systems that hand all the power to the mafia. We only end up with the debt and the mafia walks away with all the profits and assets. There is no possible way to reform government, because government is inherently a power vacuum paradigm. It is a fundamental attribute of the collectivized coercive power and social organization. Centralized trust is not trustworthy.

Is it because you think there is no other system that could be fair and you somehow think socialism could be fair?

Also I suggest be very wary of believing anything from Oliver Stone or any other media person with a large following. All of these people are working as propagandists. They tell half-truths to get people to trust them as truthers whilst they incite the left-right paradigm. I will give you an example. Oliver Stone claims he knows who shot JFK, but come to find out the only detail he will release is that the guy’s name was Ron. And makes this claim when he is promoting his new book. Obviously (presumably) he is just concocting some unverifiable story in order to hype his book sales. Stone’s blog about Trump not releasing all the JFK files seems to be more matter-of-fact yet the underlying effect is to solidify Stone’s history of sensationalizing the issue. I can’t blame him for producing what sells.

If I thought socialism would help the people, I would support it.

Over Syria Putin needs to stand up to the golden haired psychopath resident in the Oval Office.

Much better we cut off funding for both militaries. So then there would be no one to fight.

As long as humanity gets angry and encourages the two sides to stand up to each other, then war results.

I don’t hate Trump nor Putin. They are only there in office because we-the-people believe in pooling our funds together in a collective power and then voting for that power. But I explained that is a power vacuum that never has a good outcome for we-the-people. I hate the entire concept of funding a collective, which gives the collective the funds to make large scale wars.

EDIT: I don’t have any disagreement with you if you wish to participate in a socialism based governance, as long as you will allow me to not participate if I do not wish to partake of that form governance. If we are all free to choose which government we join, then we can go our separate ways (w.r.t. to taxation and benefits) and respect the freedom-of-choice of others. The problem is that we currently don’t have the ability to have two or more governance systems operating in the same geographical space. I hope decentralization technology might enable us to have such choice, at least within the realm of our intangible economic activities.

@‍think5000 wrote:

Which is why every flying monkey in the nwo zoo is trying 24/7 to destroy him.

You’ve been fooled by the propaganda game that sucks you into supporting the power vacuum of top-down control. You’ve thus become a tool and pawn of the top-down controllers who you think you are destroying. Lol. And yet you think you’re more awake than I am. That is how effective their propaganda is.

You’re just another dog chasing his tail.

Moreover, your lack of understanding (concerning the Syria moves) […] So try watching some 'real [not fake] news'

You apparently missed this link which I provided to you before. You can participate in an open sourced investigation of the Syria false-flags there at the Corbett Report:


Trump is real.

Only for fools who think top-control or a King is any form of liberation for humanity. And for those who do not understand the concept of a power vacuum.

Trump has been fooled by the CIA. They are making mince-meat of him. And in fact, Wikileaks put Trump in office as I had explained and predicted before the election. And Wikileaks is controlled by the Rothschild family.

Trump is an orange colored clown. He plays that theatrical role very well right on cue every time his is incited to do so by his handlers. Trump is primarily an actor, put on a stage to fool people like you.

I want true freedom for humanity.

Your last sentence makes for a very interesting proposition. I really wish it could happen

One of the main factors is we need to stop paying taxes to them. Stop financing their war machines. So we-the-people need to move from incomes which they can tax to tokens which have capital gains only when we sell them. Then we choose to sell them only when we need to. We can also move towards more subsistence lifestyles with our own small gardens and living in rural areas where we don’t need to buy all the corporate shit. The bastards then might try a wealth tax and require us to all report all our tokens (assets). But I think at that point, we’ll have the decentralized systems in place to just ignore them. How are they going to fight a decentralized system. It’s like playing Whac-A-Mole. I have Cherokee Indian ancestry mixed in with my European ancestry. I am inspired by Geronimo who stated on his death bed that he wished he would never have surrendered and by the Apache system of The Starfish and the Spider: the unstoppable power of leaderless organization.

I think the only possible way for humanity to stop financing large scale war is to move towards decentralized systems. I think decentralized ledger technology may end up being as important as the Internet.

For one thing capital gains (i.e. holding tokens instead of taking income) are taxed at lower rates. Secondly taxable gains don’t occur until the tokens are sold. If the bastards attempt a wealth tax, they’ll be taxing themselves or lying. If they’re lying to the people who are awake enough to cause them to monitor their capital gains, then those people will hold the world’s wealth and collectively have enough power to ignore the thieves.

The powers-that-be behind the visible political curtain are definitely moving us towards war. You can see how they used Assange and Wikileaks to help elect Trump and they knew that would turn up the heat against Russia from the leftists.

And we can see them using the Browder affair which was involved with the corruption of the Russian elections in 2000 (←click that link!) when Yeltsin was bribed and had to turn to (former KGB) Putin to save him.

Now Armstrong astutely explains how the lame duck MP of Australia has been ostensibly bribed to forward this agenda of sowing war. Armstrong astutely explains this will how the banksters misdirect the public’s rising angst (about their decline from first world status back into poverty) towards a fabricated external enemy.

The Australian MP Michael Danby (outgoing) is to table the “Australian Magnitski Act” which is very strange. Things like this always seem to be presented by people who later do not stand for election. Nothing other than Browder’s narrative has considered. There appears to be an agenda here and it is building to what looks like a much needed war in order to relieve governments of the failure of Socialistic promises. Nobody seems willing to even look at the allegation of Browder for there was no way Putin would have killed Magnitsky when he would have been the BEST witness Putin would have had against the Western bankers.


On his Facebook page, Danby claims Australia needs a Magnitsky Act. That’s why I’ll be introducing a Private Member’s Bill on Monday to ensure it happens.

Governments and politicians are lying thieves. And this will never change. The problem is government and democracy. We need a new social system built on decentralization and blockchains that is transparent. Will the masses always be duped even if we have transparency because they’re too lazy to research the facts (and not eat the propaganda of the mass media)?

Globalists are trying to start global war, true, and EMT strikes may occur in the biggest cities in the world, soon, cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, and others. Globalists infiltrated the American government over a century ago, to some extent at least, and progressively more so over the decades as things got worse. We should not be in Syria. We got to drain out swamps more.

I don’t think the globalists want to EMT their data collection and control grid. This is galactic, scripted drama to scare people into giving up their individual freedoms.

It scares a lot of people to do the opposite of giving up freedoms. There are different sects of globalists and there are crazy people that can try to do the EMT attacks without destroying their collections of data. But knowing this encourages people to make backups and hard copies and more of data and everything and to keep more things better protected and off the Internet at times and more.

I wrote at the Corbett Report:

There is in fact a Middle Eastern nation that is in fact in control of a vast, undeclared stockpile of nuclear weapons. This nation does have the capability of deploying those weapons anywhere in the region. It is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and its arsenal has never been inspected by any international agency. But this nation is not Iran. It’s Israel.

Let’s not forget that Israel’s Mossad was likely the key perpetrator of the 9/11 false-flag.

Trump was either beholden and evil from the get go, signed a pact with the devil as some sort of 3D chess move, or is simply duped.

The powers-that-be are moving us towards war because they need an excuse to blame for the coming global debt collapse.

Are you on discord? Where can I find you for a private chat?

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