Legacy Bitcoin to radically outperform gold

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Both Bitcoin and gold are breaking out to the upside for numerous reasons including the unstable situation in the world with the Repo crisis warning of a EU-lead financial contagion, rising interest rates and now the highly contagious and bizarre coronavirus situation (c.f. also) threatening to reach 150,000 new infections per day by April, c.f. also. Appears that China may have been withholding the truth about the severity of the situation.


Yet the Bitcoin / Gold pair chart paints a breakout of Bitcoin relative to gold that should take the superior safe haven asset Bitcoin up to a20X multiple to the gold price by May, and then to 50X multiple later in 2020 and then finally to a 250X multiple before 2022.

(click to zoom it)

With gold poised to top $2000 before May, this is yet another indicator pointing to a possibly $40+k Bitcoin price before the May 14, 2020 Bitcoin mining reward halving event.

Fed’s Plan to Cap Yields Signals Higher Gold and Silver Prices

Also recently Craig Wright has reaffirmed the “Long-term advance notice” thesis which posits a SegWit donations attack on the impostor Bitcoin Core at the May 14 halving event. See also the recent video interview he participated in and my comments about it. Of course, Craig’s handlers (the powers-that-be) aren’t going to sell the legacy Bitcoin. They will surreptitiously fork the Core airdrop in May and then send the soon to be worthless airdropped Core shitcoins to the exchanges which erroneously think Core is “BTC”. They will of course dump the ~1 million Core shitcoins to begin the crash and attack on Core which will send the legacy Bitcoin to $1+ million in 2020 or 2021.

I wrote in email:

What has Craig Wright said[written] here? Come on read carefully.

He said[wrote that] he will not sell BTC and that he wants to build a sustainable model for miners and that the industry will be taught an important lesson over the next 12 months.

He is reiterating the long-term advance notice.

How many times have I explained that he (the powers-that-be who actually control the private keys) will not sell legacy Bitcoins!! Why do I have to repeat this so many times?

They will split the chain surreptitiously then upload their soon-to-be worthless Core airdrop shitcoins to the exchanges which erroneously call these “BTC” and dump the 1 million shitcoins on the market crashing the market for the impostor shitcoins which everyone erroneously thinks is Bitcoin.

He has just reiterated the plan and I am now 90+% confident that the SegWit donations attack is coming at the halving as I have posited.

Also he has made it more clear that he does not actually control all of this. Which is exactly what I have suspected.

We can see gold rising to $5000 by 2022 or 2024, and thus with a multiple of 250X, then Bitcoin over $1 million. Refer to my blog archives for the detailed past discussion and explanations of these posited coming events.

(click to zoom it)

I wrote recently in email:

The 50 DMA is under the 50 WMA and unlikely to cross up over until the next surge. Also 100 DMA at $8000 on Jan 31, but the 50 WMA $7900 on Feb 1. And then 50 DMA $7750 on Feb 4. Given the 100 DMA will cross under the 50 WMA, we could get a small crash into the mid-$7000s still around the end of the first week of February before the posited bullish lift off.

Note on the next surge over $9k in February this will take out the 200 DMA, and the 50 DMA will cross up over the 50 WMA and the 100 DMA, then a couple of weeks later the 50 DMA will cross up over the 200 DMA, then 50 WMA and 100 DMA will also crossover the 200 DMA in March.

The bullish setup is one for the ages. Get ready.


Bitcoin ready to launch to the stratosphere. Bitcoin vs. gold chart portends a massive breakout to the upside for BTC relative to gold!!!!


Armstrong get off my lawn kid.

Bitcoin Copying Adoption of Gold as a Free Reserve Asset

I wrote in a comment on my prior blog Most Important Bitcoin Chart Ever:

More confirmation that the repeating pattern we see in the chart presented on this blog is a monetary reserve asset adoption pattern. Those who think Bitcoin is not following a monetary (reserve asset) adoption pattern should note the uncanny pattern in the Bitcoin chart which matches the adoption pattern of gold after Nixon ended the Bretton Woods accord:

Armstrong on Gold

It’s not completely clear from his public blogs if Armstrong understands that gold is heading into a bull market now and interest rates will not be high enough to choke off gold for the next few years at least. Perhaps Armstrong understands this because he did mention in a recent interview that gold should rise until at least 2024. The Fed even mentioned today that it will continue the Repos until April and try to hold up the global financial system in the face of the coronavirus crisis. And interest rates are moving down as the “move to cash” safe haven reaction. And although Armstrong seems to equivocate in the blog Gold, War, & the ECM as follows:

ANSWER: Ah, you have a good memory. It would have been much better had gold made a new low, held the 1980 high, and then rallied with the ECM turn in 2020. That would have clearly been a long-term sustainable trend. Bouncing off of the Bear Reversals & Downtrend Line and then rallying with the Pi turning point 2018.89, pointed to a rally into the next ECM (2020.05). I warned that given that pattern we would rally to test the Yearly Bullish at 1432 and at the WEC I warned that a close above that pointed to a rally into the January 18th turning point with the next resistance at the 1585 level.

The spike up in gold is clearly reminiscent of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan on December 24, 1979. That was under the pretext of upholding the Soviet-Afghan Friendship Treaty of 1978. As midnight approached, the Soviets organized a massive military airlift into Kabul, involving an estimated 280 transport aircraft and three divisions of almost 8,500 men each.

The chart above seems to indicate that gold may spike up to ~$1950 by May. Then perhaps correct back to as low as in the $1700s and then continue to move to higher ATHs.

He also seems to recognize the difference in the situation now compared to 1979 and 1980:

Currently, our system resistance has stood at 1585 followed by 1620 with technical resistance in the 1575-1595 level. We most certainly have to be concerned if gold peaks with the ECM. This will not be a good omen and I agree it is reminiscent of the pattern of 1980. The interest rates the exploded and peaked in May 1981 with the top of the ECM back then.

With the Repo Crisis and the Fed desperately trying to prevent interest rates from rising, which was opposite back in 1979-1981, we still have to be very cautious about how all the markets line up on our model for this turning point. Back then, gold peaked on its own cycle on January 21, 1980, while the interest rates rallied further peaking with the top of the ECM precisely – 1981.35.

Armstrong’s most recent follow-up about the coronavirus seems to indicate that this turmoil with the coronavirus could continue into April with a turning point in May, which would correspond with the May 14, 2020 Bitcoin halving event:

The first reported cases of SARS back in 2003 took about a month before it translated into a surge in cases. Then there was a second surge of infection which hit the hospital sector which came about two months later. This version has a greater infection rate but a lower death rate. This introduces a risk of a greater potential for a pandemic. Therefore, our model shows choppiness in the financial markets until April and a general turning point come around May.

Censorship Rising

Note Medium has ostensibly censored my account there, because of course it is run by a (presumably Zionist sympathizing) Jew who doesn’t want patriots to have access to correct information. Yet every post I had written is archived on archive.is. Note the non-Zionist Jews who adhere to the Old Testament are not our enemies. The Jewish State has been coopted by the old world banksters behind the curtain who Soros ostensibly implicitly works for (or put another way they’re all working for Satan).




Armstrong blogged Congress Requests Google to End Free Speech:

Katherine Anne Castor who is the Democrat from the 14th district in Florida who is an attorney who apparently became a politician because she has difficulty with understanding the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has amazingly sent a letter to the head of Google asking him to violate the First Amendment and asked him to effectively remove any YouTube that disagrees with her desired narrative on Climate Change.

Any metropolitan centers such as Tampa, FL (the 14th district) will lean Democrat, especially as the economy turns to stagflation with rising interest rates by ~2022. Patriots must congregate in rural counties. Read also Democrat Congressional Committee Demands Google Bury "Climate Misinformation".

Urbanites (aka yuppies and what we in the South used to malign as “Yanks”) stereotypically think all Southerns are illiterate. News anchors were caught this week mocking southern accents and educational levels, which seemed to be roughly on par with Hillary Clinton’s statement about “deplorables” in the 2016 POTUS debates. Read also Pseudo-Psychiatrist "Diagnoses" Trump Supporters With Mental Disorders.

I replied on Quora:

Mark Rivers wrote on Quora:

I've lived in Texas. I know of what I said from personal experience. Austin is an exception, as I mentioned, but the rest of the State is proudly backwards. (BTW, you live in the most conservative County in Southern California, so your experience is limited both in years and exposure.) If you like it so much, go now while you're young and find your paradise. Transfer (A&M is a good engineering school) or look for jobs there when you graduate.

Define backwards and forwards in this context?

San Francisco is leading the way to societalcide. If that is what you mean by forward.

When the tech bubble blows up we will see how forward CA really is.

The Not-Com Bubble Is Popping


Let's have fun with Paul Graham

Ycombinator continues to suck, jointly and severally

I wrote on Quora:

Intolerant bigoted Evangelical Christians in the South or intolerant, bigoted Social Justice Warriors in the West. Choose your poison.

They’re both poison

I replied:

Murray Godfrey replied:

Edison Lee answered on Quora:

I live in the Bay Area, particularly San Jose, which is one of the most liberal areas in California. I personally identify as a right-leaning moderate. The following is my personal experience; it may not reflect other peoples’ experiences as a conservative in CA.

Most people here don’t really care about politics and don’t talk about it. However, people unsurprisingly will assume you’re also liberal and share their same left-leaning beliefs. Most of the conservatives I know here are pretty closeted. You’re going to get bashed and labelled as a racist, sexist, and xenophobic monster by the loud few for just sharing some ideas that are barely right-leaning. It’s gotten to the point in which moderate liberals have been accused as being conservatives because they weren’t “left” enough. Just saying “I agree with Trump on insert one policy” is enough to trigger many.

I prefer to just shut my mouth and keep nodding to whatever people are ranting about, whether I agree or disagree. Life is much more peaceful that way.

This kind of thing can happen for anything which makes you part of the out-group.

Try living in east Texas as an atheist. See how well you get along once that news gets out.

Being ignored by conservatives who do not want to associate with you, is distinctively different from being heckled, vandalized, and proactively attacked in numerous ways by the left, including eventually the worst of ways. Libertarian conservatives conserve their energy for resolute action and economic results. Tend to be tolerant and mind their own business, until the point of unavoidable war. Then the guns come out.

This is known as the Left Singularity holiness spiral no one can be holier than the winner-take-all Stalin or Lenin waiting at the end game:

site:blog.jim.com Left singularity - Google Search

Note I don’t agree with so called “Christians” (who thus aren’t Christian despite their claim to be) who want to legislate morality (i.e. not Libertarians) in defiance of the teaching in the Bible such as the warning by the Lord in 1 Samuel 8 not to empower KING (i.e. government) to lead them against other nations. To worship two masters. To give unto Caesar what is God’s. To attempt to build a perfect Babylon on earth instead of leaving the judging to God at heaven’s gate. Christianity is a set of ideals and virtues to guide a sane society, not a falsifiable good.

Armstrong pinpoints 2036 as the peak in the civil war violence coming to the USA


Looks like EU economy will turn down hard in 2022. Then the USA will turn down hard 2026ish, which will unleash the political chaos, which will start the skirmishes of early stage civil unrest and civil war. It will apparently reach a crescendo by 2036.

From 2028 or 2032 forward, the West will be in a waterfall economic collapse as China rises to #1 superpower and financial capitol of the world by 2033.

Really folks this is happening. Don’t remain in denial.

This means that any plans you might be making now, will likely be foiled. Plans for business. Etc. All will be thrown off course by radical changes.

You need plan Bs. The plan As may not work out at all.







Watch the videos in Wuhan on the following linked ZH article!







Note I wrote in email:

First of all, no one is saying it is a militarized virus, but rather even reputable news outlets are explaining that it could have been accidentally released from Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory:


The R0 had been estimated as high as 3.8:


Follow-up concludes over 2.5:


Here is a ZeroHedge article about potential underreporting of deaths:


Another ZH article and the video of the nurse who Armstrong belittles in his latest blog:



A PhD in pathology is warning that we may see a pandemic:


Another one from Hong Kong is projecting 150,000 new cases per day by April and May:


And that by then international and even domestic air travel could be entirely locked down.


Death rate in the epicenter is 5%:


Also they are treating this with HIV drugs which may be keeping the fatalities down compared to SARS.


17% are in critical condition:


This looks likely to be much worse than a 3% death rate.



Up to 32% of cases end up in the ICU. It is very unlikely that the death rate will remain below 3%. Armstrong appears to have jumped to an incorrect conclusion too quickly.

Although SARS only killed 10%, it killed 65% over the age of 50!


Armstrong is incorrect to conclude that coronavirus death rate is only 3%, because the recoveries are also only 3% thus far:


And the severe illness rate is 20%:


Please Martin be more careful with your blogs. You have jumped too quickly to make a conclusion which can not yet be made.

UPDATE: Armstrong’s most recent follow-ups have been more professional and balanced:




Four of those six global emergencies took place during the last ECM and this one began on the turn at the bottom. Since our disease model on influenza is a 13-year cycle, that is also pointing to 2022 as a crisis year. If this coronavirus has the same life-expectancy for its global spread before reaching a peak, that also points to 2022. The good news, the death rate seems to be legitimate and it still runs less than 3%.

This has the potential to reduce economic growth further on an overall global scale.

I agree with his latest assessment. Appears that the initial surge in spread and cases will peak in April in hundreds of thousands in China, with probably less than a 3% death rate (thus thousands will die), but the death rate among the elderly and chronically ill will be significantly higher perhaps 10+% but still much less than the 65% death rate from SARS in this demographic. This seems to be some precursor to a more deadly and/or widespread pandemic that Armstrong’s cycle model expects in 2022ish.

I’m hoping the death rate will not be high enough for the WHO and nations to justify a complete lockdown on air travel. Once the virus has spread to other countries, they will realize they must relax their travel bans because the virus is no longer containable with nation-state borders. Also keep in mind the locusts in Africa and potential for famine there. There’s a shitload of bad crap piling up on the horizon including the accelerating Maunder Minimum, volcanos and earthquakes. And the global financial system teetering on a sovereign debt (and general debt) contagion.

The uncontrolled spread out of China is well underway:

Thai Government Admits "Unable To Stop" Spread Of Coronavirus

Children With "Stealth" Coronavirus Infections Raise Fears Of 'Community Outbreaks'

6000 Quarantined on Italian Cruise Ship due to Virus Scare

Note looks like a vaccine may be able to scale up to the global scale by about 2022, so that should be the resolution by then:

And the timing of this virus seems very suspicious as a way to push the globalism institutions control grid (e.g. FATF, WHO, etc) agenda of the Zionists (along with their Bitcoin reserve currency monetary reset plan which I have explained) and curious coincidences pointing to the possibility of this being an engineered virus:

Also this virus may kill the weakest of the elderly and sick, thus helping to reduce some of the healthcare entitlement costs.

In contrast, influenza while also very contagious and widespread, but only kills ~0.05% — nCov thus about 50X more deadly:

Projections after the SARS infections concluded that with even a moderate pandemic the US would have been short 40,000 ventilators to treat patients. If the quarantines prove ineffective and as medical supplies become stretched to breaking the mortality rate will soar above twenty percent. Hundreds of millions corpses burned in ditches?

The real story is that only China can build new hospitals in 7 days and health care systems of the rest of the world are unprepared to handle the onslaught. This is going to reveal how horrible and deadly socialized healthcare really is. And how inefficient democracy can be, because surely politics will interfere as it has been with WHO and nations slow to declare travel bans to contain the spread before it became too late.

And then holy shit! Look at this chart. SARS was initially only 3.5% death rate then it climbed to 10%. But the nCov virus is spreading exponentially faster! Oh this could be very, very bad if true:

Coronavirus: China accused of 'burning bodies in secret'.

Martenson Fumes: The W.H.O. Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life.

And soon it will all come crashing down...this is going to be epic...

'There's no doubt': Top US infectious disease doctor says Wuhan coronavirus can spread even when people have no symptoms

Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response

As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic.

"They All Knew!" - Chinese Furious At Virus-Fighting Officials Who Lied About Human Transmission:

Instead of embracing transparency, Beijing back in December arrested several researchers for "spreading false rumors" about the severity of the outbreak. Of course, their warnings have since been realized.

CNN Is Angry That Too Many White People Are Trying To Stop The Coronavirus Spreading

Perhaps even more significant than the economic impact, will be the political and social order destabilization effects, assuming 60 million will be infected in the USA by 2022 with 1.5 to 6 million dead just in the USA alone. Not only could this cause hordes people to go berserk (and for example try to assassinate Trump as this lady who crashed a gate at Mar-A-Lago may have been attempting to do today), but if the dead are predominantly among the elderly then this will shift the political demographics of the USA to the youth who are more radicalized, especially as the stagflation and rising interests rates decimates them as they are up to their ears in (student, car, and credit card) debt.

The housing market prices could start declining precipitously as soon as next year, much sooner than I had originally expected. Homelessness and vagrancy could spread precipitously. Remember what begins in California spreads to the rest of the nation — it’s now legal to defecate in the middle of the road in San Francisco.


Number of all hospital beds in the U.S. 1975-2017. Trends indicate that the overall number of hospital beds in the U.S. is decreasing. In 1975, there were about 1.5 million hospital beds in the U.S., but until 2017 the number dropped to just about 931 thousand.

Possibly we could end up with dying carcasses lying in the roads of the USA. And makeshift cremations along the side of the road by homeless. No, not the end of the world. But enough destabilization to really radicalize the politics of the nation. The revolutionary-social-justice minded youth will step in the power vacuum and seize control of the politics no later than 2033 if not much sooner.

Trump’s actions today to quarantine certain individuals Watch: White House Holds Coronavirus Public Briefing may temporarily slow down the advance of the virus into the USA, but the cat is already out of the bag. It will be impossible prevent the pandemic from eventually gaining a foothold in every nation on earth. Eventually the USA will end up with a full blown pandemic, because it only requires a few contagious to slip through to seed the pandemic. The USA by not quarantining all inbound international travelers will ultimately fail to contain the pandemic. Mark my word. Btw, this is the reason that Americans need to return home asap, before eventually all inbound international travel is quarantined due to increasing spread of the pandemic in other nations outside of China.

I wrote on Jim’s new blog:

And yet you still can’t distill to the generative essence which is 1 Samuel 8 and 15.

If you want a King to lead into war, you will be eventually slaughtered. There’s only one King and he is very angry that the world has forsaken his Son.

And now the bowls of Revelation are being poured out as I predicted back in 2010 that HIV would be spliced with an airborne virus:


Jim you are way behind the curve. Satan and his Zionists have been working on this [and Bitcoin] for a long time. I even remember reading online many years ago about alleged attempts to splice HIV and a flu and introduce via bats.

These may be the signs mentioned in the Bible. Also the rise of the Red Dragon (China).

Again the irony of a self-claimed genius Eric S. Raymond who once wrote about me publicly on his blog, “you’re bat shit insane.”

He got the ‘bat’ part right though. Give him props for that inkblot luck.

Christians need to get their house in order. The time is approaching.

Societalcide Thoughts

P.S. I recently responded on Jim’s blog to Not Tom’s post:

There’s no market for gold anymore other than market makers, because nobody uses it for commerce. Heck there are videos on the Internet where a people prefer a candy bar than a silver coin and refuse to pay $20 for $1500 gold coin. Market makers can easily be controlled by the government because they have to be visible enough to have enough liquidity to run their business.

The Bitcoin / gold chart on Tradingview paints a massive bull flag that will take BTC to 20X before May, then 50X in 2020 and 250X before ~2022. We are looking at a $1 million BTC price and a $5k gold price over the next couple of years. But it will be nearly impossible for you to cash out that Bitcoin price because there will be a SegWit donations attack on the impostor Core Bitcoin (all addresses that begin with 3 or bc1) and thus the 1 MB blocks will be full on the legacy Bitcoin fork which will force Core to forkoff at the May 14 halving event. Thus you will not be able to get your sell transaction into a block. The miners will be making[earning] 100s of BTC per block in 2020 after May, which will drive the stock-to-flows valuation to $1+ million. But then the FATF will step in later in 2020 to declare that all tainted lineage BTC is to be frozen. This is going to be a very difficult situation to navigate. Probably the best way to profit is to buy ASICs and sell the ASICs instead of the actual BTC tokens. People do not realize that the mass of Bitcoin are the ASICs which is detached from the transferable value token. Whereas, with gold the mass is attached to the transferable value.

Gold is dying. LEGACY Bitcoin is rising to be a reserve asset, but it will be a two-tiered currency system where all the non-billionaires will be kicked off because the transaction fees will rise to $50,000 and the FATF will regulate the mining farms. Even China is a signatory to the FATF.

The only hope for us is we can create a truly anonymous cryptocurrency which can have some form of decentralized, permissionless governance or mining which the FATF can not regulate. This is a very difficult technological problem to solve. I have been working on this research since 2013.

Gold will not serve you well after 2024. Prepare to have your goldbug fingertips burned up to your armpits.

Also responded to Jim’s post:

Jim the Chinese currency will always be highly limited from a reserve perspective because nobody trusts them. Asia will rise and China’s currency will increase in status, but it will never reach the heights of the dollar. Instead legacy Bitcoin is likely to rise into the void left as the dollar hegemony declines along with our military and economic influence hegemony.

The West will splinter so that we Anglo-Saxons can do what we do best, which is kick ass in more lean and decentralized paradigm such as the manorialism and the Western Roman empire that made us great. It remains to be seen what level of scale will work best for us. I do think the civil war has never been finalized. The South is likely to break away from the yanks. We never fully trusted nor liked them anyway.

And responded to The Cominator’s post:

Armstrong can project that far into the future, because when he was a hedge fund manager with $2 trillion under management (which was half of the US national debt at that time) — the largest ever — he invested ~$100 million (inflation-adjusted) to compile every history fact into a super computer correlation model. He spent for example $10 million to collect every silver coin ever struck from the entire history of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire to construct the only accurate chart of the monetary history. He employed machine learning and his vast experience as a trader to unlock the deterministic chaos inherent in the cyclical patterns of nature and humankind.

You can’t equate Constantine to Trump because Constantine was able to consolidate around the winning economic future of continuing trade with the East. The Anglo-Saxons were among the barbarians unable to achieve peace and prosperity until after the Dark Ages.

Whereas, Trump is trying to hold up the entire USA (and thus West) as is, but the West is too decadent to be sustained whole.

Armstrong’s model is correct. There will be a disintegration and then a restorative consolidation among the quality that remains. We have to cast off all the decadent chaff and become lean again.

Then we need to be great again in technology and industry, e.g. robotic soldiers. The battle for this transition will reduce much of the homeland to a wasteland by 2095.

Make sure you align with the strong horse.

And responded again to another of Not Tom’s posts :

Wtf? My best friend (and fellow co-captain for XCountry and Track) from high school attained Lt. Colonel rank in the USAF before he died of brain cancer in 2009. My father who is a carbon copy of Isaac Shelby Jr. (former West Coast division head attorney for Exxon) helped him get a letter from a Congressman so he could enter the exclusive academy in Colorado.

Soldiers take an oath to the Constitution and this supersedes the orders from the commanders. Consult with military people to confirm.

One problem is a lot of military guys (and Americans in general) have a lot of incorrect propaganda in their heads. This is why a new church is very important. Again as Jim correctly blogs, the “priests” (i.e. including mass media, public education department, Cathedral controlled universities, etc) have too much influence.

Another problem is there’s many selfish and/or sellout snakes even in the military. There’s a minefield of defection all over the West. We’ll have to figure out who is worthy and not as this restoration proceeds.

My gut tells me that most of the guys who comment here are armchair parasites who want someone else to fix the problem for them. Not reliable, action-oriented dependable warriors.

Nobody is going to butter your bread for you. All the fuckers are going to be cast off. We do not need the do-nothings and duplicitous fuckers.

The real world is going to distill down to 50 caliber machine guns for example. And other organization. A community of devout reliable warriors and intelligent folks who operate in good faith with honed strategic thinking. A collaborative dialogue among good men.

I responded again to another Jim’s comment threads:

Jim is of course correct that economic corrections only become long-term declines due to societalcide decadence manifested in crazy political outcomes and actions, which exacerbate and extend the economic decline preventing economic re-balancing and restoration.

Since I coined the term ‘societalcide’ a few years ago and have blogged extensively about it, I presumed it was implicit in my thesis that Trump will be undermined by a combination of a 1000 year low in interest rate that is reversing now with the Repo crisis and the left singularity political reaction to it.

The deeply ingrained problem is that more than 50% of Americans are incapable of (or at least unwilling to) standing on their own two feet without debt and entitlements. When the downturn comes, the swing voters in the MidWest will vote left of center because they will want to blame their plight on something other than their own addiction to a debt-based bubble, a dying industrial age, and entitlements. Technological unemployment is another factor because our education system has sucked so badly for many decades. Jim has blogged about how for example our universities don’t produce many white engineers anymore (certainly not many engineers with a masculine testosterone level who aren’t useful idiots that serve the Cathedral). One might fantasize that we could kick off the restoration by nuking Google’s headquarters and any other tech company that hires Indians. The USA allows these fuckers to have full rights (e.g. buy land) and yet we are not afforded reciprocal rights in the countries of origin (e.g. India). Ever tried to work with an Indian programmer? They brag about having numerous sidelines going and parasitism on their employers. Their quality control is horrendous, lazy, nearly unintelligible pronunciation of English, etc..

Our collapse will be of course be political, because we do not know how to organize ourselves. Do you see Trump talking about the unconstitutional income tax? Trump is barely tiptoeing around the problems and does not have enough strength and power to strip out the Cathedral that profits on selling the white man up the river.

The political implosion will be over the next few decades as Armstrong’s 224 year collapsing wave model predicts. The man has correlated everything that has ever moved (even earthquakes and volcanoes) in the history of humankind.

Jim also I think there’s some confusion between us w.r.t. terminology. I view civil war as synonymous with civil unrest. I think you’re thinking of a formal outbreak of war that is for example to resolve some question of formal sovereignty such as secession of a State or group of States. The supreme court already ruled that secession is unconstitutional. I doubt that the elite will coalesce around a move to secession. I think we’ll have to go with what you refer to as the stable bandit scenario for restoration. And this is why the decline will proceed to 2095. Our elite have sold us out and we do not have enough organization to overcome them anytime soon. Our elite are waiting to devour Trump when the economic and political winds are ripe.

And finally hinting to Jim that he flings (tilts) at rainbows:

Energy is subservient to soft power, priests, and control over the levers of debt. Remember who is really in control and they are unseen far behind the curtain. They aren’t their visible servants such as Mueller, Hellary and Comey. Jim’s inability to identify the deeper source of power is his compartmentalization.

And another response to Jim’s incorrect fantasies:

Nothing against Musk’s entrepreneurial nor even his gamesmanship of the government for tax credits which makes his businesses work economically. But we don’t need Mars exploration to make marriage work again. That’s an extremely roundabout and inefficient proposal. All we need are 50,000 men with 50 caliber machine guns who have pledged their life to protect the edicts of a county, e.g. 2nd amendment haven and no family law haven. Has to start with a devout religion and deep education of the facts. We start the restoration by retaking counties. County by county. Mars colonization would accomplish nothing if we haven’t first fixed our soft power, education, churches, and political constitutions.

Read also Republicans Demand Information From IRS After Finding Millions In EV Tax Credit Abuse and "It Was The Final Bucket Of Straw" - Trump Tax Plan Sparks Middle-Class Exodus From California, New York — read also the comments.

Read also Global Governance Structure Is "Too Centralized & Too Authoritarian".

I also responded to TBeholder’s post:

At the decadent societalcide stage of an empire retrenchment, stealing is more profitable than restoration, expansion and conquest. Wars are constructed so the elite can rape the collective. Allowing the left singularity to proceed to its self-destructive end is tantamount to promoting harvesting gold fillings, kidneys, and anything else that can’t be well hidden. We’ll get to the kidney harvesting by 2095.


A response to Jim’s thesis about the judiciary turning Trumpest:

Trump may be gaining influence in the judiciary. He has had numerous judicial successes. Many judges probably wanted to defy the Cathedral but didn’t feel safe doing so.

The problem is I don’t think Trump can sustain sufficient political power when the 1000 year interest rate low and debt cycle turn against him. Although white blue color workers are likely to turn more anti-immigrant as the economy turns down, they’re also likely to turn anti-elite, and support punitive taxes against the upper middle class. The upper middle class to protect themselves is likely to align with universal basic income. IOW, the aligned political interests of the nation are towards the left singularity. The ideological propaganda will be constructed accordingly.

One might hope that a situation such as in Chile arises where the left can’t form a coalition and thus the extreme right although in the minority effectively remains in control (e.g. with a defacto veto on any new Constitution).

Problem is the USA still has a large middle class. Until that middle class has been harvested/eviscerated entirely, the economic incentive is for the politics to remain on the path of leftward harvesting of white America. The economic downturn should tilt the swing voters enough to push further leftward with increased taxes, regulations, unfundable entitlement obligations, etc.. The Fed will be tasked with monetizing the national debt and keeping the interest rates low for the Federal government whilst private sector interest rates will skyrocket. Stagflation. The Japanese model. Eventually it comes to head perhaps extreme violence by 2036 as Armstrong is predicting.

I just don’t see any win-win scenario where the entire country comes together to endure a debt reset and scales back with mutual sacrifice to restore the nation again. Americans do not even feel that way about each other. There’s very little sense of community. Neighbors don’t even talk to each other anymore. The entire nation is running on corrupt foundations such an unconstitutional income tax. Christianity is all but vacated except in some places in the South. Without Christianity, there’s no hope at all of coming together during an economic crisis.

In short, we can’t compare when the economy is running high and thus there’s an incentive to cooperate, with what will happen when everyone is pissed off because the economy is in the toilet.


Everything should be understood from the economic perspective. Empowering females is very lucrative for the elite and upper middle class in a society that is wealthy, because females are undisciplined profligate spenders. Females are like children who can’t keep their fingers out of the cookie jar. The disciplined white male who possesses self-control is bad for a consumption economy that is run on ever increasing debt-based spending.

The USA will move in the direction that harvests the most from the middle class fat. There’s no asceticism without religion. Demolishing and coopting Christianity was the first necessary plank to unleashing the great American consumption binge economy. Men who lack asceticism will never sacrifice their own personal economic opportunity cost to do what is good and best for sustaining white civilization.

In addition to that, institutions that claim to be Christian have becomes schemes to make money through organized crime.


Catholic and Protestant churches have been particularly singled out in recent years for harboring these sexual predators. Twenty years after the clergy sex abuse scandal rocked the Catholic Church, hundreds of sexual predators—priests, deacons, monks and lay people—continue to be given work assignments in proximity to children. In many cases, the abuse continues unabated.

Although much less publicized, the sex crimes within the Protestant Church have been no less egregious. For instance, a recent expose into the Southern Baptist Church leaders by the Houston Chronicle documents over 700 child sex victims “who were molested, sent explicit photos or texts, exposed to pornography, photographed nude, or repeatedly raped by youth pastors. Some victims as young as 3 were molested or raped inside pastors' studies and Sunday school classrooms.”


Federal agents raided a Philippine-headquartered church in Los Angeles Wednesday in a human trafficking investigation that led to arrests of three church leaders in what prosecutors said was a decades-long scheme to trick followers into becoming fundraisers and arrange sham marriages to keep them in the U.S.

The local leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a Christian sect founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, was arrested on immigration fraud charges in the early morning bust along with a worker who confiscated passports of the victims of the scheme and another who handled finances, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Workers who managed to escape from the church told the FBI that they had been sent across the U.S. to work long hours soliciting donations year-round for the church’s charity and were beaten and psychologically abused if they didn’t make daily quotas, according to an affidavit filed in support of the charges. Some described having to live in cars at truck stops.

The immigrants essentially became full-time workers, sometimes referred to as “miracle workers,” in a crusade to raise money for the nonprofit Children’s Joy Foundation USA, which was supposed to benefit poor children in their homeland. But the complaint said most of the money raised was used to finance church operations and the lavish lifestyle of Quiboloy.

The church claims a membership of six million people and backed the 2016 candidacy of President Rodrigo Duterte, a close friend of Quiboloy. Duterte has used the group’s radio and TV program in southern Davao City to express his views on issues way back when he was mayor of the southern port city.

Quiboloy claims to be “the appointed son of God” and in October last year claimed he stopped a major earthquake from hitting Mindanao.

UPDATE: I’ve got this James A. Donald (aka Jim) figured out. I replied on his blog to his censorship and lies about my comments above as follows:



Jim you tick off several of the items on the checklist for psychopathy.

  1. You habitually lie. You also make presumptions about others which are untrue and then slander them. For example, you lie about what they write while removing the content. You have done this to me and others numerous times.

  2. You have an inaccurate stratospheric appraisal of your own righteousness. You think you’re smarter and wiser than everyone else. Yet often you’re incorrect. IOW, you are incapable of building any widespread consensus. You ride on Trump’s coattails ostensibly pretending to yourself that makes your ideas correct. Confirmation biases amok.

  3. You don't trust most men. This is a strong[telltale, emblematic] trait [indicative] of a psychopath. You’re a zealot and borderline megalomaniac.

  4. You think for example you could redesign Christianity as if Jim is wiser than 1000s of years of collective wisdom of the great minds of our forefathers. Christianity doesn’t need to be redesigned. It just needs to be correctly understood and discussed among men who trust each other and are not psychopaths.

  5. You can’t engage debate and dissent. You really can’t because you would be unmasked as the imperfect person that you are. And you just can’t accept the reality of what you are.

I doubt I would ever be able trust you. Unless I just misunderstand you or vice versa. I doubt you care anyway.

Also you’re not an effective leader, as evidenced by the numerous psychopaths you attract as regular commentators on your site[blog]. Psychopaths typically can’t lead because they can’t fake empathy. They have to utilize surrogates aka politicians and propagandists to do it for them.

You’re an influencer to some mild degree, but lack the leadership skills to be anything more than a voice that wiser men filter for useful content, while removing the inkblots of your personality defect.

You won’t publish this of course. But I will. There will be a record of your transgressions to be judged by men of sound mind at the appropriate time.

P.S. I hope everyone is aware of Armstrong’s theory about the true purpose of the impeachment trial:


In a separate interview Monday, Mrs. Clinton said she supported abolishing the Electoral College.

“The person who gets the most votes should win,” she told the Associated Press. “The Electoral College is an anachronism that foils the rights of the majority of Americans to choose our leaders.”





No One Is Above The Law? Hillary Clinton Refuses To Be Served Tulsi Gabbard Lawsuit

Regarding Armstrong’s theory for the real reason for the impeachment, Republicans appear to be close to ending the Democrat plan to undermine Sanders and Biden (in order to draft Hillary as their candidate at the convention) by forcing them to be called at witnesses at the impeachment. Read this Friday Trump Acquittal Eyed After Lamar Alexander Says 'No' To Witnesses; Collins Roasted Over 'Yes' Vote:

Downvoters are in denial of the reality. Maine loves Collins. Maine is essentially socialist in culture.

Again why we rural Southerners don’t trust Yanks and “city slickers”. Idiot socialists. They prioritize the bright lights of the city, snobbish about their superior form of (debt-financed, kleptocracy, mutual defection, mining the middle class) civilization and lose their attention to core values.

Actually the Zionists behind the curtain are sowing the seeds of discontent to eventually bring about a war to blame the economic crisis on:




'Guillotine the rich': Sanders staffer says he's ready for armed 'revolution'









I replied to the “Nobel Laureate economist, NYT op-ed columnist, & author” Paul Krugman’s answer on Quora:

Strong social safety nets work fine with unlimited debt. Unfortunately there’s a “little” problem coming. Rising private sector interest rates. You should know that is what the Repo crisis is foretelling. The banks can’t even trust each other because of all the hidden risk.

Don’t worry, you’ll be granted some excuse to blame it on such as a pandemic or war.

Everything that has happened to the West is what happens when you have a large middle class. A famous banker robber was asked why he robs backs, and he replied, ”because that’s where the money is.” Of course females are profligate spenders, so that will explain why our upper middle class and elite want feminism. Everything has been about mining the middle class. And that left singularity will continue until the middle class is eviscerated. The phenomena end with a waterfall collapse of civilization. Stay tuned…

And I replied to Paul Krugman’s other answer on Quora:

Climate and environment have little to nothing to do with each other. When you can’t even understand foundational principles, you definitely have no credibility to be even writing about the subject matter.

As for “climate change” it is caused by changes in the activity of the sun’s magnetic field and sunspot emissions. This ultimately impacts the cycle of volcanoes and earthquakes and pandemics (which you may note have all been increasing due to the complete dearth of sunspots in 2019).

And no, there’s not any consensus of “97% of climate experts”:

97% Scientists Do Not Agree with Climate Change or the Solution

Disclaimer: This is not investing advice. This is for your entertainment. Consult your own professional (perhaps licensed) investment adviser. I am not responsible for any decisions to make after reading my post.


Upvoting because your legacy Bitcoin theory is hilarious.

For sure the worlds economy is gonna pause to witness lunatics stealing each other's phony money.

Thanks. Yeah it will be hilarious if it occurs. Although I understand that’s not your point. Let’s see what happens...

Didn’t I tell you back in late November or early December that Bitcoin would not go below $6000.