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Incontrovertible proof that the U.S.A. govt is lying about 9/11 exemplifies that democracy is a ruse. Decentralization technology offers some hope for a paradigmatic improvement.

The aforementioned details appear in my prior blog: In T̶h̶e̶f̶t̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶M̶a̶s̶s̶a̶c̶r̶e̶s̶ᵀʳᵃⁿˢᵖᵃʳᵉⁿᶜʸ We Trust.

I should add that I have ZERO trust in government. I wonder if there’s any government on planet earth that isn’t corrupt and infiltrated by the mafia. I think perhaps there are some leaders in government who are trying to do good (e.g. Duterte in the Philippines trying to rid his country of the menace of the mafia’s addictive drugs business), but there’s no government that can be sustainably good because of the power vacuum paradigm of democracy which I explained in my prior blog. Note if any small nation sincerely wanted to transition to decentralized ledgers and enable opt-in degrees-of-freedom to programs which require taxation and offer benefits, I would be inspired to try to help them.

Adoption of decentralization?

I’m hopeful that despite the inertial barriers, society will eventually adopt this decentralized paradigm as it develops because it will offer more capabilities, degrees-of-freedom, and thus more prosperity. Humans are herding animals and thus the majority will sniff downwind of the early adopters and eventually cross the chasm when they realize they’re being left behind.

Cognitive dissonance is real

I presented in my prior blog the incontrovertible proof that the official story of 9/11 is absolutely impossible.

You can’t handle the truth!

Retired U.S. Army Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III summarized his awakening to these truths as, “OH MY GOD”.

I also listed in my prior blog a series of never ending false-flags that have been perpetrated by the governments on their own people. And I linked to some of the evidence of the cover-ups.

I doubt that anyone actually clicked any of the links and invested the significant time required to inform themselves about the truth of the massively corrupted world in which we live. I know some of you are already awake. You want actions and solutions, not more verbiage about the problems.

I’m wondering why the rest remain in denial. I could understand if they’re busy, but you’d think that people who pride themselves on being correct would at least make some effort to stop spreading lies against humanity. I could understand if they’ve looked at how deep the corruption has always been and decided they’re powerless to do anything. But that isn’t what I normally see and hear from others on this issue. Why are we so disinterested and lazy about the truth? Why are we so unwilling to admit our governments are evil?

I responded to Cyrilla Baer:

[…] one of my best friends lost her boyfriend there […] For obvious reasons, she wanted to know exactly what happened and was satisfied with the answers she found. The conspiracy theories surrounding incidents like this just bring the grief back to those who lost loved ones. Let it go.

Is it because it more painful to know that the government killed their love ones that they choose to not fight against the massive corruption. So therefor their love ones died for nothing. I don’t think you’ve read the incontrovertible facts. Why willingly perpetuate the lies against humanity?

It certainly feels much better to be scammed by fairness doesn’t it? To pretend that the most important problem in the world is that “there aren’t enough bicycle paths.” Or to believe some slick MSM presented bullshit lies about good deeds our governments didn’t do. We would hand the natives in the tropics a mirror and offer to exchange it for their land. Nothing has changed! This is why our leaders consider us to be no more than mindless, dispensable sheep.

Why exert the extra effort to employ our brains and critical reasoning when satiating our feelings is so much more important and more instant gratification. Why work hard when sucking our thumb is so much more gratifying. This is why humanity is manipulated and the majority will always remain manipulated. There’s nothing we can do to change the psychology of the majority, rather just accept the serious humor: “big red, white, and blue dick jammed up their assholes everyday”.

The only thing we can do is individually choose to come out of (i.e. defect from) the system of the dysfunctional majority. That is why we need transparent, objectivized, decentralized ledgers. Not to defect from all groupwise action, but to defect from corrupt collectives. Decentralized, objective, tamper-proof ledgers aren’t about eliminating all trust and collective action, but rather about decentralizing the freedom to choose whom and what to trust. The game theory of decentralized trust is very robust and resilient.

Unfortunately Bitcoin (proof-of-work) and Steem/EOS (proof-of-stake) can’t be decentralized (c.f. also), but that an orthogonal issue I will not discuss further in this blog.

Before delving into any more damned facts, first we need to acknowledge that the public is either stupefied because they’re so unremarkably gullible and incapable of fact checking, that they’ll believe any implausible nonsense they’re told to believe. The truth was summarized by one of the comments on the first linked video:

I learnt that our govt. is a magnet for white-collar criminals that want to legalize criminal activities and protect monopolies. I Iearnt that both parties are really just one party for corporate interests. I learnt that war is a racket. Most dissappointingly of all I learnt that Americans are way too gullible and conforming to investigate their own govt.'s claims.

Or we’re in denial because as Glenn Greenwald and Bill Maher explain, we wish to feel good about ourselves with a simplified (ressentiment-based) idealism that reinforces our desired delusion of freedom and happiness. These false flag events are PSYOPS against the citizenry which reinforce our delusions of superiority compared to the others who we denigrate as relatively primitive and degenerate. IOW, ignorance begets ignorant pride which begets more ignorance. Ignorance is bliss though correct?

Our own evil which we fail to see in the mirror is psychologically employed against us to enslave us in a mafia state that we choose to not see. It’s a natural human (and even animal, e.g. kick the dog and it will avoid your foot thereafter) reaction to not study the details of traumatic events because we don’t wish to revive the traumatic feelings. But the real trauma for most of us is not the pain of suffered by others, but rather the loss of our cherished delusions that the truth would eviscerate. Thus many do not feel in their conscience a need to know the truth about when for example our government knowingly withheld EPA warnings about toxicity that presumably caused those rescuers who worked at the site of 9/11 to suffer daily the trauma of severe illness for the remainder of their truncated lives:

If you’ve never suffered every minute or every day with a chronic illness then you don’t have any way of fully understanding the feeling. Imagine the worst the day of your life where you were so sick, you were wishing you would feel better asap because the feeling was so horrible. Now imagine having that feeling every minute of every day for the rest of your remaining life, with no realistic hope of ever being free of the pain until you die. Having suffered gut Tuberculosis and complications from it for years, I understand to some degree what the man in the above video is going through (yet he has a much more terminable prognosis than I do). How I wish I could only make this man’s pain subside. My conscience forces me to honor him by speaking the truth about false flags. If that innate conscience is not our humanity, then what are we and what is human nature? The obstreperous attendees at the hearing of the 9/11 Commission who screamed and demanded for Commission to ask real questions is indicative of the cover-up.

My observation is that most of us either don’t care or have some vested politicized viewpoint which requires us to callously uphold the government’s official story or to go so far into cockamamie theories that we in effect discredit the truthful investigation of the government corruption. Here’s an incomplete and far too stereotypical summary to be entirely accurate (and this isn’t intended to be pejorative but rather to hopefully help us all look at ourselves in the mirror and improve):

  • Gold Bugs want to blame the central banks but they don’t realize they’re actually making an argument in support of Marxism (c.f. also)! I bet they don’t realize that.

  • Conservatives want to blame 19 hijackers armed with box cutters financed by “Al-Qaeda” mastermind bin Laden1 who lived in caves on the border of mujahideen-stan (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan), because these conservatives “who want to be free from terrorism”, are very patriotic and supportive of military and law enforcement.

    Even many in Texas hated JFK before his assassination and many in the U.S.A. hated Muslims before 9/11 or had other politicized reasons for denial the truth.

  • Liberals don’t want to implicate their liberal MSM and their reverence for government as the protector of equal rights, minorities, and socialism. The unthinkable is if the federal government were to be proven corrupt, it would mean that small local government (without the power to redistribute wealth on the large scale) would become preferable to the large uncontrollable corruption which liberals implicitly prefer. Of course liberals think the only people doing corruption are those who have more money than they do, whilst not realizing that they’re voting for more corruption.

    We can be easily convinced to ignore all factual information about false flags, by propaganda such as the History channel’s documentary that erroneously blamed bona fide 9/11 investigators for promulgating the theory that “the Jews did 9/11”. Mossad doesn’t mean all Jews. Such absurd allegations could be planted disinformation designed to turn people numb or make it impossible to find the bona fide investigations.

  • Boomers were taught by their parents to have great respect for government, police, and civic duties. Boomers even romanticized and idolized the secretive power given to the secret agencies of the government. My prior blog explained that this is an Anglo-Saxon Western European cultural trait and institution.

  • Millennials are preoccupied with social values, instant gratification, their feelings, and fake fairness. See their reaction to a female peer doing a laughably inadequate dunk compared to the male contestants. The impetuous Western Millennials cynically conclude that the entire system of the boomers is screwed up and unfair, so they aren’t about to single-out any specific egregious and murderous faction within the system. And Eastern Millennials are preoccupied with the economic development of their formerly impoverished nations.

  • X-Gens such as myself are preoccupied with middle-age approaching old age.

Mafia became the government

I don’t know if it ever wasn’t the case, but surely by the time JFK was assassinated then mafia and the FBI and CIA were business partners. JFK purportedly said he would, “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” The scope and scale of 9/11 exemplifies that the power of this corrupt deep state and its untraceable black budgets has magnified. Do readers understand that Prescott Bush and his Union Bank’s bankrolled Hitler? Refer to Antony Sutton’s research linked below.

I replied to a smart, math guru boomer in email:

ideas which, like mine, were probably formed from parents who had never been in trouble, from high school civics classes, and from books, movies, and TV shows in which police never lied and justice always prevailed

Armstrong has written (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) about the metamorphosis into police state:

If I am that wrong about everything, then what? Which new theory should I latch onto, and why? JFK was executed by the Secret Service because they discovered he was a serial killer? Santa Claus is real? Hillary Clinton is running a child sex dungeon in the basement of a pizza restaurant in DC? The World Trade Center was destroyed by aliens?

So if the-powers-that-be (TPTB) are capable of an event which is so unthinkably horrific then they get away with it because we're so numb to propaganda. You're conflating. Triangulate. Reality will come into view.

JFK was assassinated because he was attempting to negotiate with the Russians and Castro in Cuba but TPTB had a vested interest in continuing war. JFK and his brother Bobby were attempting to reduce the corrupt hegemony of the CIA which was married to the mafia.

The assassination of JFK (and MLK) was a coup d'état by the mafia-laden intelligence establishment and the precursor to 9/11, the police state, and the subjugation of our freedoms to the War on Terror.

Antony Sutton’s research at the Hoover Institute explains how this nefarious powers-that-be had also created the Communist revolutions in Russia and China.

The narrative of the JFK coup d'état is detailed by: Roger Stone "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ".

In A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes:

Our oligarchs saw the acquisition of an empire as a means of diverting the American people from the struggle for political reform […] From our participation in World War I our nation suffered a tragic loss of democratic freedom. The Espionage Act of 1917 effectively snuffed out free speech by making felons of persons who exercised their First Amendment rights […] The war started the FBI on its path of gathering millions of files on people and organizations […]

JFK assassination

The full analysis of the JFK assassination contains so many cover-ups and details that can fill 1000s of pages. The bottom line is the mafia known as the FBI and CIA were in control of the false-flag as they also were on 9/11.

JFK’s assassin was allegedly Lee Harvey Oswald firing from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). This official story is entirely impossible based solely on the ballistics evidence.

Additionally Oswald also had two plausible alibis. First, witnesses placed him on the first and/or second floor of the TSBD around the time of the shooting. Secondly, it’s plausible he was photographed standing at the doorway entrance to the TSBD at the moment of the shooting (c.f. also more arguments for and against).


Was Lee Harvey Oswald standing in front of the TSBD at 12:30?

The claim that Oswald killed police officer Tippet is highly questionable. Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby admitted there was a conspiracy and his life depended on silencing Oswald.

Confiscating, destroying, and faking of evidence

I’m drawn to the most salient issue pertaining to whether JFK’s fatal head shot could have originated from behind at the TSBD as alleged. Similar to the FBI confiscating all physical evidence and the numerous CCTV videos in the vicinity of the Pentagon explosion on 9/11 then refusing to release them to FOIA requests (and the rushed shipment of all the steel beams from the WTC to China to be melted), there’s an alleged cover-up and government conspiracy involving the physical and film evidence of the JFK assassination. The protectors of the official narrative seem to have contrived arguments.

Bullet fragments recovered by the FBI combined with analysis of the Zabruder video can be argued to support a frontal hemisphere exit wound. However …

The alleged frontal exit wound is inconsistent with the fact that JFK’s face was intact both in leaked autopsy photos and as corroborated by several expert doctors at Parkland hospital who were trying to resuscitate him. Those numerous expert doctors, Jackie Kennedy and Secret Service (SS) agent Clint Hill who were in the car next to JFK, and numerous close eyewitnesses all corroborate that JFK had an exit wound in that blew the back of his head off. Even the Harper Fragment from his skull was confirmed by Rosemarie and Linda Willis to have landed in the grass located at least twenty-two feet to the left of where JFK assassinated. Police Officer Roger Craig stated a .45 caliber slug (which wouldn’t match Oswald’s rifle) had been found there with such a fragment (not sure if this is the same size of the Harper fragment). Witness Charles Brehm also stated he saw the fragment fly and land. That Harper skull fragment was taken by a government agent and later was magically rediscovered by Harper in a forward location near where a stray bullet struck that the FBI tried to claim were bone fragments after they had removed the bullet fragments from the area.

The Orville Nix video shows at least JFK’s hair deforming upwards and then backwards. Mary Moorman said she saw JFK’s hair lift up. Eyewitnesses standing close by such as William and Gayle Newman and the Willis family (c.f. also saw a halo or aura of white and orange brain matter splatter backwards and above JFK’s mangled head. Officer Bobby Hargis was the police motorcycle escort driving behind on Jackie’s side of JFK’s limousine. Hargis stated that brain matter splattered on him. Hargis also stated the “bloody brain matter” sprayed upwards in a plume.

A summary of the storm drain shooter evidence gives more detail of the relevance and context. That summary cites a very credible book.

The findings implies fabrications were made to the autopsy x-rays, the famous Zapruder video, and every film evidence the FBI and SS could get their grubby hands on.

Startling new testimony was published in 2014 is credible evidence that the famous Zabruder video we all see today was altered at the top secret CIA “Hawkeye” photo processing unit at the Eastman Kodak plant at Rochester. In an interview presented by Douglas Horne, former chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), Dino Brugioni of the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) stated that he had seen the original copy of the Zapruder film and that he had seen chunks of brain matter and mist rise several feet above JFK’s head. Horne explains that a second compartmentalized team at NPIC processed an altered copy of Zapruder film which had come from “Hawkeye works” and made to appear as though it was an original copy.

Brugioni noted that Ed Greene and three other supreme photo experts at Hawkeye had to the capability to do anything to film. Horne notes that others who had seen the original copy Zapruder, also had seen the brain matter and mist blowing up and backwards out of JFK’s head. The Zapruder family was paid a fortune over the years ostensibly motivating them to be not too outspoken about what they had seen in the original copy.

In On the Unspeakable:

Attorney General Ramsey Clark […] responded that there was no question in his mind that the photos and X-rays were of Kennedy. Then admitting just a scintilla of doubt, he made the following statement:

“But if they're not [authentic], then you have something of a magnitude beyond common experience that would reflect so devastatingly on our society as a whole and its corruptibility that you don't know how to deal with it.”

The “magic bullet” controversy is irrelevant if the subsequent fatal head shot requires the bullet to originate from the front hemisphere. Otherwise the same bullet hitting both JFK and Connally was necessary to allow for the alleged third shot from TSBD to be a plausible yet problematic explanation for the missed shot which nicked James Tague.

Umbrella man and the accomplice

Rich Della Rosa explains that he thinks the original, unaltered copy of the Zadruder video would have more clearly shown (presumably perhaps in alleged deleted frames when the limousine stopped) a man (known to conspiracy investigators as the Cuban “accomplice”) stepping off the right curb waving his arms then subsequently clinching his fist possibly as a hand signal towards William Greer the driver and after which JFK’s limousine made an abrupt momentary stop (c.f. also). Simultaneously standing within several feet the Umbrella Man (c.f. also 1, 2, 3, 4) was seen raising his umbrella at this moment. Both men can both be seen not yet signaling in Phillip Willis’ slide #5 at moment JFK was hit in his neck, and subsequently in the Zabruder film at the moment JFK emerges from behind the sign clinching for his neck wound. In the Umbrella Man’s testimony to HSCA, he (Louie Steven Witt) pretended he couldn’t remember the person who suggested the protest during a “coffee break conversation”, was dismissive about the alleged dark-skinned “accomplice”, claimed he was oblivious/dazed/confused/stunned during plus after the event (as a defense against the aftermath photo in which he appears to be a “very cool cat” seated next to the alleged dark-skinned “accomplice”), and also confirmed the “car stopping, the screeching of tires, the jamming on of brakes”. This could explain why JFK’s head was initially jerked forward and then the rebound of his torso (with head following) backwards because of his instantaneous loss of neurological control due to loss of brain function and the tightly attached back brace JFK was wearing. The planned abrupt stop would give the appearance that JFK had been shot from the rear. Greer’s alibi in his testimony to the WC and FBI was that he heard what sounded like a backfire from a motorcycle so he glanced over his right shoulder to check if Connally was wounded before accelerating.

Whitewashed official narratives

Even if we’re skeptical of all witness testimony and presume in spite of numerous reports to the contrary that there’s no tampering of the physical, forensic, and photographic evidence, we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Oswald shot JFK and that there was no conspiracy involving rogue actors within the United States government (USG) such as the FBI, CIA, and SS.

Thus, the 9/11 Commission and Warren Commission (WC) reports and its conclusions should be accurately characterized as a legal defense for a government (as the defendant) that was never brought before and adjudicated by an objective, impartial jury. The subsequent House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigation and report should be accurately characterized as a grand jury compromised, weakened, manipulated, and lied to by the conspirators masked behind the convenient veil of security clearances and national security.

It’s impossible to bring a case against the most powerful facets within the government by asking the government to investigate and prosecute itself. That’s analogous to expecting the fox to fairly adjudicate whether the fox raided the hen house. This inability to prosecute high-level conspiracy is one of the reasons that governments have always been and will always be corrupt power-vacuums. This is why Libertarians want limited government. JFK’s assassination abrogated the respect for authority and naive idealism of the boomers and their parents. The subsequent descent of society was into the reality mass defection away from trust of and allegiance to a common good. The pot of the melting pot is melting. And that might be a good thing as explained earlier in this blog.

Lack of physical evidence implicating Oswald firing the rifle

As admitted by the WC report, paraffin tests for gunpowder residue (GPR) at that time were so entirely unreliable (i.e. a positive result could be obtained from drinking coffee or handling Clorox bleach) that they were inadmissible in an objective adjudication. Yet Oswald was tested and his results published even though they’re meaningless. This reeks of manipulation of naive public opinion.

As confirmed by both the FBI and the Dallas Police Dept. (DPD) and admitted in the WC report, Oswald’s fingerprints weren’t found on the rifle that was the alleged weapon employed from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). A news cameraman filmed the rifle being dusted for fingerprints within the TSBD. After the FBI fingerprinted Oswald’s dead body at the morgue, fingerprints appeared on the rifle that was in the FBI’s possession. The WC confirmed another fingerprint on the rifle which didn’t match Oswald. No objective jury could convict Oswald given such botched and anomalous handling of the fingerprinting.

The fingerprinting is just one of the numerous anomalies involving the physical, forensic, and photographic evidence which thus reeks of cover-up (c.f. also). Two of the police officers who were present when the rifle was discovered stated a different type of rifle had been found which wasn’t the type of rifle allegedly owned by Oswald.

Implausibility of timing and accuracy of rifle from TSBD

In attempting to show the plausibility that the rifle recovered from the TSBD could have fired 3 times accurately within the required few seconds, the WC relied on government tests employing ostensibly expert marksmen. Yet Oswald’s marksmanship performance test results in the Marines were only roughly average in 1956 and then slightly below average in 1959. JFK’s head and the limousine were both separately moving (visualize two separately moving pivots of a gyroscope), yet the tests cited by the WC employed stationary targets in which not every one of the three expert marksmen succeeded in the minimum of the allotted time range.

The WC didn’t indicate (unless such details are in some appendix I didn’t read) the radius of the accuracy for the test involving the 3 shots each at a separate stationary target at the required distances. Presumably the required accuracy was hitting any part of a large target such as an entire torso. Only one of the marksmen successfully completed a different test to demonstrate accuracy, but that was at shorter than the required distances and without the requirement to hit three different positions within the allotted time.

The WC painted lipstick on a pig by disingenuously claiming that the miscalibration of the rifle’s aiming scope was an advantage for accuracy, using a contrived argument that it would fool the shooter into making the necessary compensation for moving target.

On top of all these anomalies is the fact that the tests were not open source. An astute attorney in front of an objective jury would require that the tests be done with impartial third party witnesses. Since the entire point of the WC is disprove a government conspiracy, then the government can’t be considered an impartial entity.

The storm drain shooter

This section is highly speculative.

Although we may never know with 100% certainty who and where was (were) the shooter(s), the storm drain at the road level shooter theory (c.f. also 1, 2) (not the storm drain up on the far end of the grassy knoll) grabbed my attention because it’s the one which the public is mostly likely to think is ridiculous yet also the one that matches the physical evidence for the fatal head shot. And it’s the location that offered the most secrecy and inability to be seen by anyone. A schematic is at the end of this section. Also as seen in the Zapruder film and admitted in his testimony, JFK’s limousine driver Greer had turned his head twice while slowing down (or perhaps even stopping as claimed by many witnesses) to watch the head shot.

A summary of the storm drain shooter evidence gives more detail of the relevance and context. That summary cites a very credible book.

Mafia hit man John Roselli allegedly bragged to his prison inmate friend Bill Bonanno and claimed to be the gunman firing from the storm drain, acting on orders of kingpin Sam Giancana. In 1976, Roselli was found dead, mutilated and drowned in an oil drum which surfaced purportedly after he was giving testimony to the Church Commission.

A documentary claimed to debunk the storm drain theory. But the opening storm drain was several inches taller in 1963 (c.f. also):


Although recent photos and original design drawings obtained recently seem to indicate that the 15” diameter sewer pipe would be too narrow for a human to escape through and that the head shot location couldn’t be viewed without some form of angled rifle scope (i.e. employing mirrors).

Corner shot rifles existed during WW2 and presumably had been significantly improved by the CIA over twenty years by 1963. It’s also possible that JFK’s location when he was shot in the head was several feet further down from the X currently marked on Elm Street, especially given we know by now that the Zapruder video was likely modified.

Penn Jones Jr. (who is only 5’ 2” tall) claimed he had slithered through the storm drains but that it was a tight fit only suitable for a “little bitty fellow”. Robert Harris mentions Greg Jaynes also achieving the same feat. An example video exemplifies how it might be plausible. New Orleans District Attorny Jim Garrison also claimed it was possible. Jack Brazil later in 1992 claimed it (c.f. also) was possible to reach Trinity River through the sewer pipes, although it’s not clear if they slithered through the 15” pipe that crosses under Elm Street. Purportedly shortly after the assassination the Dallas Police dispatched a police car to investigate a report of a man with a rifle in the vicinity of the Trinity River. Even if the assassin didn’t escape through the sewer pipes, a car was purportedly seen parked over the storm drain cover after the assassination and one could imagine that would be visual cover for the assailant to lift up the storm drain cover and escape at night. A map of the sewer system was purportedly found in the apartment of one of the potential mafia conspirators (c.f. also).

Additionally it’s possible there were other tunnels under there in 1963 because of subsequent cave-ins and what construction workers have purportedly noticed underground hence:

Another factor likely driving the machinations in the minds of eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza is that they saw brain matter fly to the back and left of JFK. So naturally this could cause them to suspect that the shots originated from the front and/or right of JFK.

The testimony based on auditory senses is probably dubious. Although those facing the front or rear of JFK’s limousine would have greater directionality discernment between left or right side, and conversely those facing the left or right of JFK’s limousine would have greater directionality discernment between front or rear side. So this would explain Linda Willis’ claim of a front side shooter, railroad workers claim of a right side (their left side) shooter, officer Bobby Hargis’ claim that the bullet originated over his right shoulder (meaning we should distrust his sense of front and rear directionality). Merriman Smith of United Press International (UPI) who was riding in a car behind JFK’s limousine when the shots rang out wrote, “Some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the president’s car […]”

Even though there’s reports about Fake Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza, I’m skeptical of theories about shooters up on the grassy knoll area. An assassin wouldn’t select a shooting location that is exposed to sighting from so many different directions. The attention of many of the witnesses at Dealey Plaza could have been turned to the grassy knoll by the confluence of the movement and very loud sound of a young “colored” couple breaking a soda pop bottle on the concrete and their movement in that area near the picket fence (and as seen in the Jimmy Darnell video, soda pop was likely the claimed “blood” on sidewalk). Also their suspicions may have been reinforced when DPD officer Clyde Haygood ran up the steps of the grassy knoll after he parked his motorcycle along the curb just before reaching the storm drain at the base of those steps. Although William Newman thought he might have seen a SS agent running up the hill with a “submachine” gun, this could have just been a conflation in his mind of first seeing SS agents on Elm St. remove submachine guns from the trunk of their car, SS agent Thomas Lemuel “Lem” Johns momentarily stranded as he had jumped off the vehicle trailing LBJ’s limousine, and officer Haywood rushing up the hill with his handgun drawn. Due to the chaos of such an event and then later trying to piece together a coherent reality which they didn’t holistically see with their eyes, humans can conflate unrelated events. The railroad workers who ran from the rail-bridge overpass to the parking lot stated that the parking lot was packed with vehicles, so this seems to conflict with Ed Hoffman’s story. Hoffman claimed to be viewing from an overpass at a distance greater than a football field. Presumably the vehicles would be blocking his view of the ground.

However, the smoke the railroad workers thought they saw lingering in front of the trees might have been captured on film, and which clearly isn’t shadows on the “retaining wall” from the Nix video. KBOX radio newsman Sam Pate who was live broadcasting saw a puff of smoke (c.f. also) curl from the gutter just beside the President's car. There were more reports of smoke and even coming up from the concrete which supports the storm drain shooter theory:

Royce heard the first two shots as the President’s car was travelling towards him. “I thought that they were dumballs [sic] that they throw at the cement because I could see smoke coming up from the cement ...” Austin Miller believed the shot or shots “ ... sounded like it came from the, I would say from right there in the car ...” Miller also said he “ ... saw something which [he] thought was smoke or steam ...”

Officer Martin, on motorcycle duty on the left side of the President's convertible, was close to Mrs Kennedy. He recalled, “ ... you could smell the gunpowder ... you knew he wasn't that far away. When you're that close you can smell the powder burning ... Why, you can smell the gunpowder ... right there in the street.”

Patrolman Joe Smith also smelled gunpowder, “ ... a distinctive smell of gun smoke cordite,” as he moved along Elm Street towards the grassy section of Dealey Plaza.

Clemen Johnson, a machinist at the railway yard, also witnessed the catastrophe. He saw “white smoke” near to where the motorcade had passed.
After the third shot rang out Elizabeth was “acutely aware of the odour of gunpowder ... there was no question about that.” Later she spoke of it with Congressman Roberts and he agreed that there had been a smell of gunpowder as their convertible passed the location where the follow-up car had been at the time of the shooting.

Secret Service Agent Youngblood noticed 'a greyish blur in the air above the right side of the President's car' right after the third shot.

click to zoom original and not cropped

Note, the lax SS protection of JFK apparently was the norm.

1 The Corbett Report is sober, apparently carefully fact checked, and not sensationalized. There’s also numerous other potential data points of interest w.r.t. Osama bin Ladin (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9), but it’s not plausible for me to quickly separate what might be disinformation from verifiable reality. Although Alex Jones is also cited in this footnote for providing a reasonably complete summary of the lack of independently verifiable evidence about any of the claims about Osama and the use of psychological warfare via false flags to control the people en masse, I’m also well aware that Alex Jones may also mix in disinformation and is a form of psyops by for example sensationalizing the trauma which thus turns the people further numb and calcifies ressentiment-based and irrational ideological patriotism, nutter bunker mentality, etc…

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Thanks. They explain it well. This quote is what I’m also trying to point out where I wrote “eviscerate” our “cherished beliefs”:

On other things, like government corruption – especially corruption that falls on party lines – the red pill is not as easily swallowed. We like to think we’ve made good decisions and planted our loyalty flags on solid ground. If our party is engaged in widespread corruption, it indicates we were either fooled, in agreement with such behavior, or ignorant. None of those outcomes is pleasant, and so we tend to excuse, rationalize, justify or just ignore evidence that challenges our beliefs.

I’m positing that decentralization may be the solution for how those of us who are awake can side-step being the collateral damage of the corrupt and dysfunctional collective governance that is sustained by all those who can’t swallow the red pill.

I thought of the many obfuscated names for high-fructose corn syrup Frankenfood when I read this:

you mean Monsanto engineers GMO foods and they’ve been proven to be dramatically unhealthy for your body? Your body actually treats GMO food as a foreign substance, something to fight, instead of fuel?

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More sleuthing by the Corbett Report about the money trail evidence of the 9/11 crime.

I wrote at the Corbett Report:

I’m finding myself listening to Chris Bollyn and his notion of Zionism. I am a near-decade subscriber of the Corbett Report. James, might you have a look a this guy? I realise alignment is a difficult path to follow but I’m beginning to see the fingers pointed at Israel. What do my fellow subscribers think?

I don’t know if James Corbett and readers are aware of Antony Sutton’s research at the Hoover Institute which had access to many of historical records which enabled him to piece together a historical account of how the global elite created Communism and Hitler. Also follow the money trail through Prescott Bush and his Union bank to the financing of Hitler. I even found that Prescott was involved in the JFK false-flag.

The global elite created Israel. And this is all part of their fulfilling the scriptures which says all the wealth will become concentrated on the hill near Jerusalem.

Unfortunately the link to that comment has my numerous comments behind a paywall. Yet it only costs $12 a year to join if you want to read my entire discussions on that linked page.

James Perloff wrote:

If anyone would have had the power to assassinate the President of the United States, it was the Rothschild Zionist Establishment. Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment, linking Israel to the Kennedy assassination, got a strong boost in 2004 when Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu stated that Kennedy was assassinated over his opposition to Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

Long before the Internet, one of the best resources in alternative media was Hilaire du Berrier’s intelligence newsletter, which he published out of Paris and Monaco from 1958 until his death in 2001. In his September 1963 newsletter du Berrier wrote:

Israel tested her first A-bomb in September, 1962, a product of the Beersheba plant in the Negev Desert. But the halting of this Beersheba plant was part of the package America agreed to deliver on the Test Ban Treaty’s signing. In late July American planes flew over the Israel reactor site at Dimona, as a reminder. The new government under Levi Eshkol did not push its protest. For actually, though Cairo, London, Paris and Brussels knew the details behind Ben-Gurion’s recent resignation, the American and Israeli publics are still in the dark. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED: On the eve of the Harriman, Gromyko, Hailsham talks in Moscow, President Kennedy wrote a letter to Premier Ben-Gurion telling him to halt his atomic research and dismantle his plants. If he refused, a revision of America’s relations with Israel would be necessary. Literally, it was an ultimatum. Ben-Gurion looked over America’s financial aid and special laws favoring gifts and bequests to Israel and called it blackmail.1

It is noteworthy that this description of Ben-Gurion’s fury with Kennedy was not written in hindsight, but two months before the assassination.

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