End of democracy and a Civil COLD War approaches

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Remember I warned that it could get nasty in the USA before 2032. Looks like perhaps 2020 could possibly be the last democratic election in the USA and perhaps also Britain. Perhaps only an illusion of democracy will remain. By 2026 the political process will likely become very nasty and elections may be a mere formality and devoid of actual democracy (democracy meaning a cooperative process that substitutes for civil war…i.e. we will be in Civil COLD War for some period of time until the actual knives come out)...

President Trump’s stern letter to the Democrat leaders of the illegal impeachment process makes this point very clear.

As predicted by Yuri Bezmenov in the 1970s, his “useful idiot” social justice workers (SJWs) have no enemies on the radical left and make all sane individuals their enemies, because their culture of pathetic unrelenting, escalating victimization identity politics is completely out-of-touch with reality as exemplified by the following Q&A on Quora where these high IQ tech sector idiots are the vast majority of users.

Gagan Bhatti wrote in answer to “How did a billionaire, Trump, convince every day Americans that he is one of them or just like them?”:

I don’t think he convinced Americans that he’s one of them. He convinced Americans, that the majority democrats and liberals ignored, that he sees them and understands their anger. He also participated in their anger by not being so politically correct and asking the question they’ve been asking for years. Why do we continue to support free trade and aid to foreign countries that don’t benefit all Americans.

For a long time our political leaders ignored them because the ruling of the nation is bigger than that question. Ruling a country is complicated, especially when rulers have to beg for money and take bribes in order to rule.

While we were ignoring those Americans, the size of the dissatisfied public grew and became a sizable bloc. But again instead of doing anything about it, our leaders claimed they’re dissatisfied because they’re stupid and don’t know what’s good for them. Mind you many educated Americans were also dissatisfied and scared about their future, because outsourcing isnt just happening in the blue color sector, it’s happening in all other fields as well.

Trump just told those people, […] current leaders […] beg me for money […] but ignoring that you know that you’re right […] don’t care about you […] think you’re stupid and don’t know what you need […]

Gerald McGowan chimed in:

2: He talked about the corrupt mess […] in Washington, aka. “The Swamp”, a cozy collection of [back rubbing] dishonest politicians and corrupt lobbyists […]

3: […] about a stagnant economy and the “Swamps” bureaucratic incompetence which sucks the life out of the national economy.

4: […] about the trade policy which punishes American business and forces “Burger King” to move to Canada. We export our jobs and economy and build our factories in China.

5: […] about the EPA which cares more about “Farm Ponds” and “Snail Darters” than citizens and their ability to support themselves.

6: […] about the mess of Obamacare which raised my wife’s insurance costs by a factor of 4. You know, the whole “If you like your doctor…..” thing.

I wrote on Quora:

Indeed the current Left Singularity political climate is such that someone of Trump’s “genius” may be about the best we can hope for (and that is an indictment on the decadence of Western civilization):

The crisis " Jim's Blog


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The Next American Civil War - Thank You Mueller

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I wrote an answer on Quora:

POTUS Donald Trump’s IQ is probably between 2 and 4 SD and given how he has outsmarted everyone who has Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’ll guess 3+ SD:

The crisis " Jim's Blog

Listen to what the enemy does not say

My detailed arguments/reasoning are in the comments on other answers to this question, which I have compiled into the following linked blog post:

End of democracy and a Civil COLD War approaches

If you prefer you can also read it at a mirrored site with different formatting style:

End of democracy and a Civil COLD War approaches - Busy

And I’ve archived it in case (ironically) the “indelible blog on a blockchain” site ceases to be sustained economically and goes dark:

End of democracy and a Civil COLD War approaches

I wrote on Quora:

So far Trump is outsmarting the Democratic Congressional leadership such as Senator Schumer who apparently scored a perfect 1600 SAT (back when before it was dumbed down, the SAT used to correlate well to I.Q.) after working the printing press for a professor who helped students prepare for I.Q. tests.

Did Senator Schumer really get a perfect 1600 SAT score?

The Democrats though are caught in the idiocy of the Left Singularity holiness spiral (i.e. no one more moderate than the most extreme on the left can survive) and being pulled radical left by the AOCs and the long Marxist indoctrination march of the liberal religion.

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I wrote on Quora:

Regarding Mueller’s corruption, Trump’s refusing to (de-)focus on B.S. is potentially a sign of divergent thinking and genius:

Essence of Genius

“Mueller’s corruption”? Besides the fact that I never mentioned Mueller so it’s not regarding anything in my post, I’ve seen a lot of bizarre argument fallacies but this is a new one to me. BTW, refusing to “de-focus” in the presence of unflattering evidence is also a sign of narcissistic personality disorder.

You wrote, “…49 questions Mueller sent him…”

Regarding Mueller’s corruption, that is too deep of a topic to handle in a comment thread. Besides I don’t want to get into that argument here, because it will lead to Quora censorship and an entire waste of my precious time.

I can link you to Flow-Ir-In’s answer and my comment on it (as to how for example you may be entirely oblivious):


I can just urge you if you truly think you have a high IQ, then widen your perspective. Propaganda and confirmation bias also impact those with high I.Q..

I wrote on Quora:

Your dislike for Trump’s politics, life strategies, personality and ideology are not a scientifically valid correlation to his IQ. High IQ does not correlate to any one given set of ethical or moral norms, e.g. the Unibomber.

Regardless of my opinion or indifference about those attributes of Trump, his mastery of politics and his taking over the Republican party coming from the position of essentially an independent, non-career politicians is simply astounding. He completely remade the Republican party as an outsider and unified a huge base which is capable of another Electoral College victory in 2020.

How with your claimed 4 SD I.Q. can’t you separate that pattern from the personality and ideological?

My guess is Trump is around 2 – 3 SD. Perhaps slightly higher, but I doubt he is 4 SD. However, I have only interacted with him by listening to his speeches pandering to an average crowd. I would need to read or interact with him where he’s not intentionally dumbing down his rhetoric. Have you even considered that he may be (should be!) modulating his speech for his audience?

These Sisyphean, torturous, egregious inkblots cause me to doubt your claim of a high I.Q..

P.S. The ethical discussion itself would be a very lengthy one and in some areas I could argue quite incontrovertibly that Trump is more on the correct side than not.

I wrote on Quora:

Actually anthropogenic climate change is a hoax. Trump is smarter than you. He thinks outside the box.

Click here to dig into the reasons

It’s quite sad that society can be so manipulated by propaganda and that those who claim to have high I.Q.s can be so easily manipulated. What does that say about the future of civilization when the people who think they are smart can’t even be objective?

You are wrong. All of the accumulated scientific evidence supports the anthropogenic hypothesis for climate change. That’s the reason that over 99% of climatologists support it and do so in tens of thousands of published research papers.

I suggest you read the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) from the United Nations where hundreds of scientists from nations around the world present the evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Mr. Trump has a dismal understanding of science, amongst other areas. You should not choose him as a model for out of the box thinking.

I suggest you go read all the links that I linked to in my prior comment. Also you would do well to listen to the video from preeminent Princeton scientist Freeman Dyson (who purports to have a 180 I.Q.) and another from a Nobel laureate, which I have linked to in the comment trail that I linked to in my prior comment. Both of them explain very clearly why man-made (aka anthropogenic) climate change is complete and utter nonsense.

There were 31,000+ scientists (some 9000 who were PhDs) who signed a petition declaring anthropogenic global warming to be a fraud, but this gets swept under the rug by the mass media:

Global Warming Petition Project

The so called 99% of climate scientists what you cite are on the dole of corruption and have been caught lying and faking temperature data more than once.

The mass media which feeds you all these lies is owned and controlled by the global elite who are manipulating you into the Left Singularity so they can enslave you.

The climate is controlled predominately by the Sun. Period. The climate is always changing. The climate goes through cycles controlled predominantly by the Sun and sometimes interrupted by massive volcanic eruptions. Man can only control the environment not the climate. Get an education please (and I’m aware you claim to be a scientist on your profile, so that makes this all the more sad) . It is very sad to see humans controlled like zombies by corrupt propaganda.

Currently headed into a Maunder Minimum (back tested with a new very accurate model, which has since been vindicated by the expect drop in sunspot activity) and another period of extreme cold and extreme weather (hot, cold, drought, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions) due to the declining sunspot activity. This has been correlated through the history of the Earth. The propagandists started off lying about global warming then when the temperature data was cooling and they got caught faking it, they changed the propaganda to man-made climate change, so they can profit politically off the extreme wealth variance that accompanies a Maunder Minimum.

Also there is much more at stake than the lies about everything:

End of democracy and a Civil COLD War approaches

“There were 31,000+ scientists (some 9000 who were PhDs) who signed a petition declaring anthropogenic global warming to be a fraud,…”

Wow—32,000 scientists! Well, actually, not scientists, but people who claim to have a bachelor’s degree in some sort of science. Not verified, of course. Most not practicing science.

Based on that criterion for inclusion, that amounts to a whole 0.3% of sorta “scientists”. Uh…not so wow.

And few of these signers are even real climate scientists—you know, the folks who do actual research in the area. They didn't sign. Rather, based on a review of the scientific literature from 2013 and 2014, 99.9% of those climate scientists accept anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In case you’re counting, of those 24,210 papers surveyed, only five rejected AGW—and two of those were by the same author.

And then there’s that petition (which in some mailings was accompanied by a fake journal article deriding AGW). The petition they signed doesn’t actually say that “anthropogenic global warming…is a fraud” as you claim . Nope. It just says that signers are not convinced that it will cause catastrophic heating or disruption of climate in the foreseeable future. (It will and it has, by the way.)

As for the 99+% of climate scientists you insult without evidence by asserting they are “on the dole” (I’ll bet you haven't read even ONE of their 24,000 papers), how do you know that? Oh, because they disagree with you. It’s all a big, worldwide conspiracy. Sure, Shelby.

(I did ,by the way, look at some of the links in your citation. Right wing distribes with no science, no verified hard data, confusion of weather with climate, most of which link to the web pages of a guy with no science background who spent 11 years in jail for cheating investors out of $700 million and hiding $15 million in assets from regulators.)

No thanks, Shelby. I’ll stick with real science.

You’re appealing to politics, corruption, liars, and junk science, not science.

Oh you’re going to believe the gatekeeper Wikipedia and refuse to click the link which explains how Martin Armstrong was framed when the NY banksters were caught in the Long-term Capital Mgmt collapse after they were using the IMF to bribe Boris Yeltsin. Even so, we can entirely ignore Armstrong’s point about the natural cycles, and just focus on the following…

Climate “science” is NOT EVEN A VIABLE SCIENCE, but a way to fool the public as our democracy-power-vacuum slave masters buy some junk science to motivate Yuri Bezmenov’s “useful idiots”. Again listen to 180 IQ Freeman Dyson. I cited the video for you. Listen to the Nobel laureate. Stop lying (to yourself). Do you deny the logic presented in the following videos?

Here is another testifying to Congress:

Btw, Quora censored the above response to make it sure that no one can read the truth.


I wrote on Quora:

Why is that some otherwise “intelligent” folks think that I.Q. must correlate to their ethics and propaganda indoctrination? Confirmation bias exists.

I could expound. Some folks think they found the Holy Grail of ethics and they can’t fathom how anyone with a high I.Q. wouldn’t come to the same ethics. But they don’t realize that ethics can’t come in only one flavor (due to for example the Second Law of Thermodynamics trend to maximum entropy wouldn’t allow it). Also they don’t objectively identify the ways in which their own thinking has been made subjective and indoctrinated with for example the Left Singularity religion:


I wrote on Quora:

Trump’s relationships are none of your business. Mind your own business. Refer to Matthew 7 about getting the plank of wood out of your own eye, instead of judging the speck of dust in the other. Jesus’ point is that we are blinded to our own faults.

I don’t know for sure whether he cheats in business or is just very astute at strategics within the letter of the contracts and law. But more to the point, the fact that you expect anything but corrupt slime balls to be politicians exemplifies how little understanding you have of political economics:

Some Iron Laws of Political Economics

Heck maybe Trump is about the best we can hope for at this juncture when people such as yourself are so blinded to realities, c.f. some of my other comments in this topic for example:



Trump is not a racist:

I believe that you’re simply delusional. And thanks for the explanation of Jesus’ comment. but I went to Sunday school and I don’t need you’re help. EVERYTHING I said about Trump is accurate, that has nothing to do with me, it would still be true if I never existed. He is a racist and hosting an upper class African American meeting doesn’t change it, it simply disguises it. My biggest problem with Trump is how his character flaws are affecting the country. His treatment of our allies the Kurds will haunt us long after he’s dead. His willingness to sell them out for personal financial benefit (his Turkish hotel) and to benefit Putin (WHY?) WILL MAKE ANY OTHER NATION THINK TWICE BEFORE RELYING ON US AS AN ALLY EVER AGAIN. Read my comment again and ask yourself if anything I wrote is wrong?

Not even wrong - RationalWiki

And I won’t even bother to enumerate the numerous inkblots.

The content of your response (not you, this is not ad hominem) is a poignant example of the Left Singularity mass mania (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome):


I’ll also suggest you read this:


But you will have none of it. You’re already in the holiness spiral with no enemies on the Left and all enemies on the Right. Regurgitating whatever the mass media programs you to say. Do you know where this ends? Gulags. Megadeath. Civil war.

The Left Singularity mass mania blinds you to the very high IQ 4D chess that Trump is playing with your Left Singularity:

Listen to what the enemy does not say

P.S. Instead of celebrating intelligent successful black youth, would you prefer instead to live in fatalistic, violent society possessing an average IQ of 87:


You’re off somewhere that I’m not even sure is a tangent. You replied something about ethics, and not everyone having the SAME ethics. Responses are universal, even if ethics aren’t. When people are lied to, stolen from, and/or suffer because of the actions of another it pisses them off. Trump has lied to Americans, and now to the Kurds. The international community sees it and will not trust him again, and by association America. As far as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, it amuses me how a remark by some right wing talking head has become a psychological diagnosis that the medical establishment hasn’t made or said anything about. It seems to me that the phrase really describes the blind obedience, agreement and excuses for him made by his base and scared Republican politicians. I’m through wasting my time with you, the last word is yours to have, I’m done.

My original point (linked from my first comment) was that there is not one norm of ethics that correlates to high IQ. It was responding to the question that we are supposed to be commenting on, “What is Donald Trump’s IQ?”.

You then went off on your opinion of Trump’s ethics, which has nothing to do with my point. That is one of the inkblots. There are several more inkblots.

Your inkblots run the gamut from for example not being able to prove that the USA has never double-crossed any ally before, whether that really has had the dire ramifications you claim it will and even failing to for example account for how the COLD Civil War politics that are enveloping the USA has altered the way allies and enemies deal with the USA on the geopolitical stage. For example, China appears to be biding its time while addicting our nation to Marxism and Fentanyl, knowing that if the corrupt politicians retake the presidency (e.g. the pay-for-pay Clinton Foundation kleptocracy), then they (along with the cooperation of the global elite) can continue to bribe them and rape our nation economically and ideologically:

Trump campaigned on a pledge to get our troops out of the never ending wars in the Middle East which the war hawks and the global elite want to keep us mired in, for their corrupt geopolitical aims. He is keeping his promise, which thus elevates his ethical status in my mind. Our Founding Fathers didn’t intend for us to have these huge standing armies, because they understood the deleterious ramifications from our formative history in Europe. These countries in the Middle East are going to continue fighting perhaps forever. We can’t fix the entire world. We can’t stick our nose in everybody else’s business. Here’s some history for your edification:

The Real Reason why the Constitution Preserved the Militia & Right to Retain Arms

The Winds of War

The Constitution - A Lawyer's Perspective

Deep State & the Latest Ukrainian Scandal

The Deep State knows full well Trump will not authorize war. There is absolutely a very serious problem behind the curtain. Like Japan, once the military seized control of the government, they took Japan into war. There was no evidence that the emperor ever made such a decision.

Beware the Common Thread that runs through War

I look for patterns and when you see the same pattern time and time again, history becomes merely a Shakespear play performed for centuries where the plot remains the same and the only difference is the actors in the performance. So let us look at this objectively and without bias.

There was the famous parting speech of President Eisenhower who warned about the risk of the growing military establishment. Most people do not know that in December 1897, Otto von Bismarck met with the last Emperor of Germany Wilhelm II. It was then when Bismarck had warned Wilhelm about the rising influence of military establishment just as Eisenhower warned the American people. Bismarck warned that especially of the admirals were pushing to construct of a battle fleet. They even named a ship after the man who warned against their aggression.

In reality, you cannot have a standing army always training for a war that never comes. The leaders get their toys and they historically always want to play with them to the detriment of the people and the nation and the soldiers whose heads are filled with propaganda about fighting for God and country who said thou shall not kill, unless a general orders them to do so.

What does Japan, German and Austria-Hungarian Empire all have in common? In the case of Japan, World War II was instigated by its military and the Emperor was subservient to the military class. In Germany […]

Martin Armstrong blogged:

(Why) Is Socialism Dying?

You repeatedly say that Socialism is dying. I live in a rural area of Oregon. As a personal observation, what I see around here is that more people, and especially the younger, are indeed moving TOWARD Socialism. The influence of the media is so strong that even people we know who advocate gun rights and the Constitution are willing to give up both to see Trump out of office and love the Bernie rhetoric of free everything. So, with the “dying” part, is it referring to more countries moving away from it than are moving toward it? We seem to be heading that direction, and rapidly at that.

ANSWER: Socialism is dying because other people’s money is running out. Yes, we see that socialism is rising in its extreme actions from climate change being usurped to justify the confiscation of wealth and control of the economy. It is also prevalent in the rise of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the USA and the Labour Party in the UK.

This is the final rally of socialism before the crash. It is more akin to the final Phase Transition of a market as it makes its fatal high like the Dot.com Bubble, 1929, or Tokyo 1989.

So do not confuse the rise in the outward demands of socialism. We are running out of other people’s money and the unfunded promises will reach $400 trillion by 2032. There is no possible way to fund that without a crash & burn.

All Bernie’s Money

Clintons and Banksters Colluded to Destroy Students and Families

Bernie Sander Praises Russia as Better than America

Bernie Drunken Communist Party 1988

Bernie Sanders – The Millionaire Socialist with 3 Houses

How to Destroy Civilization by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Stop Reproducing – Save the World

We also see this manifesting in the stark political divide between left and right. The left in Britain is saying the Prime > Minister should be jailed if he carries out Brexit without a deal. The people voted for Brexit. They lost. That does not matter.

We are in the collapse of government and the socialistic promises since World War II are all coming due. Economically, this is a battle to the end. The left wants to confiscate all the wealth of the right. This is the end of the purpose of civilization and the beginning of pure tyranny.

I for one have no desire to live in a socialistic world of tyranny. I will most certainly leave and move to Asia rather than live under such tyranny.

I wrote on James A. Donald’s blog:

Tying this to my lengthy comment down the page, there’s no way to “restore” the ideological and political inertia of the entire U.S.A.. Trump is magnificent short-term and he provides us time, space, and capital, but his movement can’t overcome the medium-term inertia on the nation-state scale.

As you know, the conservatives are only a majority outside the cities, e.g. remove the coastal cities of CA and the state is Republican.

We must restore from the bottom-up, grassroots, from the small aggregating eventually to the large. We need a viral ideology/religion. First step is to take control over procreation and education. As for religion, we simply need to go back to what Jesus really taught, which no church has ever really obeyed. For example, 1 Samuel 8 tells us to have no KING on earth to lead us. A nation-state KING can not be stable. We need decentralized leaders of smaller entities of organization, where the flock are taught to think for themselves and vote only with their feet. The best managed fiefdoms will receive the best flock.

I am not just talking about this, I am implementing it. And I suggest all of you do as well. Get off your armchair and be proactive.

P.S. We will need a truly anonymous, decentralized cryptocurrency because without cash we can’t be sovereign enough. Bitcoin+Libra will be fully tracked by the (eventually) world government.

I also wrote:

“No church has ever obeyed Christ” makes you stink of holiness spiraling heretic

Jesus was persecuted by the Pharisees and the official State church. In Matthew 5 he urges us to pray in our closet instead.

You don’t want religion for spiritual salvation. You want to use it to erect a Babylon. And thus you will receive your reward in full as Jesus says in Matthew 5.

The organization of large nations is fraught with problems and never will be stable. Rome survived for 1000 years because taxes were 3 – 5% and because the citizens prosecuted murders. The soldiers were self-funded from booty. It was a significantly decentralized system.

I refer you to Jims position on putting the otherworldly mission of the church ahead of its worldly mission, while the worldly mission is failing, thus preventing the success of the otherworldly mission.

If you are content with saving souls while christendom falls, you are a holiness spiraling heretic.

You’re not making sense. “Large nations” can’t be maintained, but Rome could, and was “decentralized”, even though had a singular authority delegating this authority, which is centralization, not decentralization. Explain.

Also, this nutty attitude to everything, “every church ever was wrong for obvious reasons that I, Shelby, understand, and every country ever was wrong for obvious reasons that i also understand, and could have been fixed had only their stupid bishops and kings obeyed me” is transparent high school level crazy talk.

Jim has blogged about the necessity of freehold and decentralization. He understands very well the Second Law of Thermodynamics and in the inexorable trend to maximum entropy.

The Western Roman Empire did not try to enforce a State religion in every conquered territory for example. Did not stop the Jews from practicing Judaism for example. The empire was (necessarily!) very decentralized.

Constantine attempted the the State religion thing and the Eastern Roman empire has never been as accomplished as the West of the Hajnal line civilization. Even today the top-down culture regression persists in Eastern Europe, Hispania and Latin America.

Decentralization is one of the key facets that made America so great. If we lose that, then we are nothing special anymore. If you are not American, then you probably do not understand. Do not try to understand us from your armchair and foreign experience/culture.

I am all for strongly enforced patriarchy in smaller, decentralized fiefdoms and a minimal State. So Christianity if taught correctly should if followed lead to these outcomes. But most people will fall away from the ideology, because of human nature. You ostensibly want a totalitarian State to enforce adherence to moral norms everywhere, but the Second Law of Thermodynamics will undermine your fantasy. Whereas decentralized organization is unstoppable:


Every church has been wrong because they are pandering to humans because they want to be popular or have State enforcement status. A literal and correct interpretation of the Scripture will not be popular except among the righteous who relish in asceticism and populating the world with God’s children.

I also wrote:


As you and others have noted, Trump is intentionally forcing the Democrats to shift further to the Left. Your Left Singularity (“no enemies to the left”) is proceeding as you predicted. Trump correctly observes that the (at least Electoral College) majority is centered roughly moderate.

There is a problem on the horizon heading towards ~2024 and Trump is also very aware of it, which is perhaps why he keeps demanding the Fed ease interest rates. He incorrectly thinks might moderate the dollar’s rise. That is the imminent strong dollar vortex as international capital stampedes out of the waterfall economic collapse hitting the EU, Japan, and much of the developing world 2021/22. This is going to drive stagflation, especially price inflation in non-dollar currencies. Vortex because of $trillions of the global corporate (and even some sovereign) dollar bonds. The world is effectively betting short the dollar, so as the dollar rises the external demand for dollar rises! This has started to kick off already which is why the Fed was doing $75 billion in emergency Repos. But the China/USA trade (and possibly a BREXIT) agreement might provide some deadcat bounce liquidity breathing room to kick the can to 2021ish.

The problem for conservative/patriarchal Americans (like myself) is that the strong dollar is going to choke exports, and then when the dollar peaks and starts to decline that will be economic collapse in the USA. This economic collapse can push left leaning, currently moderate progressives to align politically with the radical Left such as AOC. We all know that economic hardship causes individuals to be more political resentful and aggressive (blame their plight on the rich for example). The blue collar workers in the Midwest could align with the radical left as their bankrupt State pensions exacerbate economic collapse. Additionally the Millennials will be in prime voting age and even GenZ will be of voting age (if they can be incited to vote by their horrible economic plight given the student loan debacle the Clintons created).

If Trump has so gutted the Democrats that they lose again in 2024 to Pence for example, then couple this with Unconstitutional action ~2026 if they’re too impatient to wait for the 2028 presidential election. Perhaps they will have sufficient control of Congress by then to back up their Unconstitutional power grab.

In short, the problem is democracy. But monarchy also fails as you have noted in your blogs about history.

I don’t think we can get all the way to a stable King on the nation-state scale. Which is why I think we instead must eventually have an (eventually hot) civil war. We’re in or nearly in the cold civil war stage.

Besides I don’t think a King on nation-state scale can ever be stable. Instead I propose that what we really need is to return to manorialism but with larger manors on the scale of small towns. Totally Libertarian with no voting. Each town is owned and the alphamale owner consults with the males in his township. Citizens of towns can vote only with their feet. Then we need an ideology (aka religion) to bind/ally townships together for common self-defense, trade, prosperity, etc.. Women need to be controlled so that “go forth and multiply” is achieved. Conquest is via purchase. Purchase more and more land. Continue to multiply. Defend borders with lethal force. As you have stated, post-menopausal females can be set free to pursue their interests so long as they don’t do disruptive ideological crap. Townships that don’t expel leftist idiots, should see an exodus of strong-willed individuals that are worthy of survival.

Globalization, even a world government, and Bitcoin are aligned with such a shift to highly competitive, meritorious, decentralized, patriarchal fiefdoms.

P.S. I think possibly Facebook Libra will be new world currency. First backed with dollars to help drive (or coincide with) the strong dollar vortex. Then later shifted to Bitcoin backing to devalue the dollar and complete the global monetary reset away from the dollar as the global reserve currency.

I am also aware of how the global-elite creators [of Bitcoin] plan to accomplish this feat. This coming May 2020 at the halving event, they will destroy the impostor Bitcoin that everyone mistakenly thinks is the official Bitcoin. But Satoshi’s original protocol will not have died even though most people will be unaware of this.

I also wrote:

You don’t like religious doctrine, but it is considerably worse to be required to disbelieve in things seen, than to be required to believe in things unseen.

Agreed. Because most people are easily blinded by propaganda and education. Or put another way, the human mind is a blank slate power vacuum, and someone has to sketch something in the minds of people so that they have a direction in life.

Humans are significantly driven by their feelings and unconscious mind. Also we are social creatures that are driven by sense of belonging.

Thus very prone to groupthink. So much better the groupthink be a sane direction and as Jim has stated a religion needs to be defensible as logical, rational and additionally not conflicting with science. 180 IQ Freeman Dyson explains that unfalsifiable faith (existential questions) are orthogonal to falsifiable science.

The Bible already provides all the material we need. We just need better priests who interpret and assimilate it correctly. Resurrection is an apt term for what we need. We need to tear up all the extant churches. For example, this corruption of non-profit Churches so that parishioners can obtain a tax deduction from donations, enslaves the Churches in w(h)or(e)shipping the leftard State via misinterpretation of Romans. In short, Jesus said to render to Caesar what is his and to God what is God’s. Mixing the two is a corruption. A Christian should not worship two masters (State and God). Worship God and cooperate with the State to the extent that the State does not subjugate the Christian principles (and this includes for example the principles of patriarchy, “go forth and multiply”, etc). The problem that extant “Christians” have is they’re cucked. The Bible does not even prevent polygamy. Another corruption is attempting to use the State to legislate morality by way of voting. Democracy is Left Singularity power vacuum. If you want to control morality then you need fiefdoms, not democracy. But fiefdoms don’t scale stably to a centralized nation-state.

As a Christian we are not to judge. We must give others free-will. That is why we need decentralized fiefdoms so that idiots are free to leave. God will judge them at heaven’s gate.

I’m practicing to be a priest. Lol. :) Ironic because I was a very promiscuous and rebellious man. Jesus was also a rebel though.

I also wrote:

The USA is not Russia, France, nor England:


We have at least 3 million “you can take my gun from my cold dead hand.” Thus any Left Singularity or even a reaction to it, are both prevented from any form of genocide outside of cities.

The righteous Americans who support Trump are not going to abandon Constitutional processes unless the situation becomes so dire that their everyday lives are significantly disrupted in very negative ways. We are not yet near to that juncture, despite any dog & pony show in the Beltway. For that to happen requires first that the Left effectively retake control over the government, not just threaten to do so.

Righteous Americans are level-headed. Not trigger happy for silly, unrealistic aims. Too much fantasy around here.

I also wrote:

Agreed. But again I believe (and again note I have not been back to the USA since 2006) the Schelling point for most conservative Americans to deviate from what is remaining of the Constitution must directly impact the lives of said Americans in ways that prohibit their core values. For example a national gun confiscation law would probably be such a Schelling point.

Remember that young Republican boy who was heckled by the old native American man. Remember how he just stood stoically while that old man verbally abused him. I imagine this is the stereotypical psyche of the righteous American.

Also as of right now, conservative Americans have a lot of hope and faith that Trump can significantly restore the Constitution. If not for the bad economic, demographic, and Maunder Minimum (food shortages inflation) inertia on the horizon, I would think Trump’s legacy might be sustainable. I don’t think the Americans have reached the Schelling point for voiding the Constitutional processes.

I have contemplated that Trump will succeed in employing some clever means (e.g. the recent proposal to add a question of citizenship status to the census) to remap electoral districts in his favor, possibly extending his legacy. Also the Supreme and lower court appointments.

I think Trump’s legacy is at least going to be strong enough for whomever Trump anoints for POTUS, to be elected in 2024. Then Trump could run again in 2028. If the left is eventually forced to widespread armed insurrection perhaps by 2026 as their backs are against the wall, that will be a great Schelling point. So given this current strength, I think conservative Americans want to stay within the Constitutional processes and have Trump turn over his office in 2025.

However, if the deleterious inertia Trump is facing shifts some his base to align with the Democrats and as the current crop of youth mature to voting age, then the possible horror of the Democrats gaining control of federal government perhaps by 2028 or 2032. It will be much worse than under Obama.

We live in interesting times.

Personally I would also like to stick with the Constitutional processes because although I trust Trump, I do not trust who might occupy that totalitarian power after Trump. Americans fought a war to gain sovereignty from a totalitarian King. If the country is really controlled by the mass media priests who might just be using Trump to help destroy the Constitution, they then might install a non-benevolent dictator after assassinating Trump after Trump had set the precedent of extra-Constitutional powers. I believe Rothshild put Trump into office via his alleged influence in Wikileaks. I believe there is a masterplan here and you all are being played like blinded pawns. But I also recognize that I could very well be incorrect. So please don’t accuse me of trolling. You all may be correct. I will lurk and observe.

Also my mother reminds me that the 1970s had also much of this turmoil. The major difference is we didn’t have the Internet to amplify the perception of it.

Many rural Americans turn off the Internet and not so hyperventilated about all of this.

I was around in the 1970s.

In the seventies the commies were a small group of conspirators. They were not running the FBI.

So LBJ was not complicit in JKF’s assassination? I read that JFK was refusing to kowtow to mobsters and mafia. Okay so that FBI was controlled instead by mobsters and mafia instead of Communists.

No matter how you slice it, I do not trust governments long-term. Trump is being given free reign by someone for some reason.

We the people are only sovereign with our guns (hard power) and God (soft power) in our locales. All that State level crap is for power players on a different stage.

TheDividualist chimed in:


Shelby might be meaning something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0143107976

“But there was a time in America, during the 1970s, when bombings by domestic underground groups were a daily occurrence. (…)

In Days of Rage, Bryan Burrough re-creates an atmosphere that seems almost unbelievable just forty years later, conjuring a time of native-born radicals, most of them “nice middle-class kids,” smuggling bombs into skyscrapers and detonating them inside the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, at a Boston courthouse and a Wall Street restaurant packed with lunchtime diners.”

I haven’t read it and have no personal experience, but I remember a series of Tweets summarizing it and you know there is this process how things inconvenient for the elites get forgotten quickly and this might be one example, that a period with daily bombings, and with all the fear and tension that creates, might have been forgotten.

Review: https://status451.com/2017/01/20/days-of-rage/

“Puerto Rican separatists bombed NYC like 300 times, killed people, shot up Congress, tried to kill POTUS (Truman). Nobody remembers it.”

I also wrote:

This cures holiness spiraling.

Disagree. Holiness spiraling will always defect on any ideological construct. Holiness spiraling derives from the fundamental weaknesses of man (envy, laziness, selfishness, avarice, Nietzsche’s ressentiment, etc).

The ideological construct is only going to work for the few who are righteous. Christianity was not designed to scale widely. The vast majority of humanity will fail to find the light.

The righteous need an organizational means to “come out of her the Great Harlot.” And to defend themselves as best as possible until the end times when everyone will lose their mortal life on Earth but gain immortality in heaven.

This is not irrational optimism. It’s rational optimism.

Jim if you want to erect another Babylon, you should know already the outcome.

I also wrote:

Saying that christianity was not designed to scale widely is open holiness spiraling and heresy.

Which Bible are you referring to? The Koran?

Revelation 7 and 14 mention only 144,000 that are saved.

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” — Luke 12:32

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.” — John 17:16

“If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” — John 15:19

The bible did not design christianity and sola scriptura leads to a million priests holier than Christ.

You’d apparently prefer a Babylonian KING with a State religion in defiance of what the Bible teaches. Our life on earth can’t be perfect. There will be many false prophets and by their fruits we shall know them. True Christians will understand correctly. Others will receive their reward in full on Earth only, as Matthew 5 and 1 Samuel 8 and 15 explain.

I presume you’re envious of State power, which is what the Lord is warning about in 1 Samuel 8.

The actual hard power rests with the inalienable Second Amendment. If Americans lose their right to bear military grade arms, then we are enslaved. Astute, conservative Americans know this and that is why any attempt to confiscate guns would be a Schelling point for hot Civil War.

The actual soft power can lie within the decentralized local patriarchy if it takes control over the priesthood, including education, procreation, and media. That is why urged my brethren to get busy on founding fiefdoms that implement localized soft power. One of the challenges is controlling female hypergamy in light of the her access to State power (e.g. family law courts). All I will say publicly is be creative. Use technology. Remember I’m an engineer. I engineer solutions to problems.

I also wrote:

undisputed fact, that the wall is not being built, despite the fact that there are drone videos on the internet of a mighty impressive and mighty long wall rapidly getting longer on the southern border.

And the drug cartels have some 300 tunnels underneath it. I presume those tunnels aren’t used for illegal immigration migration. Note Fentanyl addiction is another severe problem Trump may be facing. Horrible addiction after first use.

Will be ironic if China gets revenge on us for addicting them to opium in order to get our silver back from the imports from China. We needed something to trade back to them, so we addicted them to opium.


Tunneling under the new wall is difficult.

Jim they have tunnels running under walls and buildings on the USA side coming up inside of a warehouse. They even put rail cars in them. A lot of mining goes on in Mexico. They can dig tunnels as deep and long as they need to. Also they employ catapults to fling the drugs over the border.

But most of the drugs comes in via the free trade movement of tractor trailers of goods. They hid inside other goods.

I believe we can significantly stem the flow of illegal immigrants, but I do not think we can contain the drug problem. As the economy and Maunder Minimum turns depressing the drug problem will also grow in severity and magnitude.

No opioid has horrible addiction after first use. Nonsensical.

Becoming sober again might suck, but opioid addiction takes time to build up, and becoming sober and unhappy about it is not opioid addiction.


It is possible to become addicted to fentanyl without ever having abused it. This is due to the strength of the drug, and even in a hospital setting someone can become addicted with just one use.


fentanyl is 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine and 40 to 50 times more potent than heroin. To put this into perspective, a lethal dose of heroin is equivalent to about 30 milligrams, while a 3-milligram dose of fentanyl is enough to kill an average sized man.

The drug dealers have an incentive to overdose and addict the individual on first use:


its potency also means that it is profitable for dealers as well as dangerous for those who use it, intentionally or unintentionally. Increasingly heroin is being mixed with fentanyl so someone who uses what they think is heroin may in fact be getting a mixture with — or even pure — fentanyl.

Becoming sober is not something most people will do once they are addicted. That is why opioid addiction can undermine a civilization.

I also wrote:

Is the Deep State run at the highest levels by Yuri Bezmonov’s “useful idiots” who are swallowed by Left Singularity spiral?

Or is there an echelon of truly global elite who manage the world, playing all these idiots off on each other?

Opinions? Evidence?

What role in the Deep State do the following provide? Mueller, Clinton Foundation, Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild family?

Rockefellers and Rothschilds have been on the outside for a very long time. Soros is a minion. Mueller was an extremely powerful minion who held a lot of strings, but he seems to have retired. Clintons are as powerful as anyone close to the center.

Or at least that is what we are lead to believe.

Someone told me that Assange was using Rothschild’s attorney before he entered the Ecuadorian embassy.

Most of the minions and even Clintons have at most networth of less than Lebron James.

How about some names of people who truly have something significant at stake?

You’re making the Marxist mistake of conflating money with power. The moneyed class never rules, we are ruled by either priests or warriors, usually priests.

While money can be converted into some power, they aren’t the same thing. Observe how much good Epstien’s money did him when he had his neck snapped by a hit man in a maximum security jail. Power is having the connections to be able to blatantly pull off such an assassination.

Our mass media is owned by a certain elite faction of Jews. Seems like a priest class to me.

Remember the quote where Rockefeller purportedly thanked the media for their cooperation. Did he refute or confirm that in his book?

The media are disproportionately Jewish, but not “owned by Jews” And ownership is unimportant – you are projecting Marxist theory onto reality. The White house press corp do not actually work for their nominal employers. They are part of the permanent government. They get government benefits, sit at government desks serviced by other government employees more overtly on the permanent government payroll. They are a branch of the permanent government, and get treated as such by the cleaning lady who cleans for them the offices they share with other people more overtly on the permanent government payroll.

The official media is state media with a thin superficial decoration of private ownership over it. Similarly, newspapers in China are for the most part nominally privately owned.

No one bothers to trace the ownership structures of Chinese media, and no one should bother to trace the ownership structures of American media.

So an Ashkenazi Jew (Rothschild family) is not the owner of the State media behind the curtain?


Anthony Sutton claims he had access to the files at the Hoover Institute. He is a pysop of the Left?

Jim replied:

Yes, psyop of the left.

We know who owns the media. We know that Victoria Nuland in Ukraine was merely a servant, Soros merely a cutout.

Treasonous elites, when hiring people to do their dirty work prefer to hire people of groups that do not identify with the group that the treasonous elite is betraying. Jews, Indians, whatever.

There is no secret Rothschild master mind, no Elders of Zion. The conspiracies leak. We have the Clinton emails and the Climategate emails, we know who is behind this stuff. The masters are bad people, but they are well known and obvious bad people, and not all that many of them are Jews.

I also wrote:

Why or do you assume Trump or his team planted the marked card? Who else would have an interest marginalizing the Democrats and pushing the Left further into a radicalization? Who had their fingers in financing the Black Panthers. feminism, women’s lib, etc? Jim tells us it was Hillary Clinton. I am not buying it.

Trump seemed genuinely surprised by the event:


That’s not to argue that Trump wasn’t expecting something like that to happen.

I also wrote:

Was late to read these comments and they seem to be astute theories.

because dawn raids before the election might spook the tradcucks and libertarians.

Indeed. I would also be somewhat spooked by this, if not done through some Constitutional process. I realize that perhaps the Constitutional processes are blocked but I want Trump to be clever and find ways around the impediments while still within the (illusion of the) Constitutional framework.

The optimist in me says that he is sure he can win in 2020 and is waiting until after the election

Why do you think Trump is intent on violating the Constitution and igniting a powder-keg? Seems to me he loses more than he gains by doing that.

I think he is only calling them out now because of the pending election. He wants to weaken them politically by pushing them further left of center, not set a precedent for extra-Constitutional chaos.

American is not so homogeneous. Anyone who ignites the melting pot is going to have 7 bean soup all over their living room. I doubt it would proceed as smoothly to monarchy as seems to be the preferred narrative here.

I also wrote:

Conservatives seem to really like strongly-worded letters, despite strongly-worded letters never having any effect on the left.

I believe you are missing the point. Trump is pledging allegiance to the Constitution (and implicitly God). This has tremendous soft power, but not the outcome you want (which is presumably why you view it negatively)

Trump has, after all, alluded several times to what’s coming: civil war and the end of American democracy.

Where? I do not see that in the first few pages of that letter. Trump is stressing the adherence to the Constitution.

I also wrote:

Protestants and Catholics are at their best when silent and obedient. Christians that share their faith in an effort to “save souls” are attention whores, indistinguishable from Progressives out to save the world.

Amen. They should put more effort into making more babies (10 per family minimum!) and properly raising them to not be leftards. As Jim says, no romantic marriage crap, etc...

I also wrote:

That is what allowed Americans to do great things, before the Constitution was adopted, while still under a tyrannical King George.

Why do you presume it would be any better for you under a King? Do you think the Bible is lying in 1 Samuel 8?

Power corrupts absolutely. Reach out your hand to the State, and it will chop off your entire arm.

Very tyrannical King George:


Instead of reform, they are reforming ways to hunt their own citizens. Australia began as a penal colony. The king needed money so just about anything you did from stealing an apple to any minor issue landed you not in prison, but they would sell you to a plantation for 5 years and transport you to a foreign land and leave you there. If they could torture you and get you to confess to one of 240 felonies, they carried the death penalty where the king could confiscate all your assets and throw your family out on the street. Prisoners would die under torture to save their families.


QUESTION: You mentioned that Rome had no national debt and no central bank. Exactly how did it function for 1,000 years?


ANSWER: In addition to not having a national debt or a central bank, Rome had no police force or agency charged with enforcing the law. There were specific crimes against the state that would be prosecuted such as arson and treason. But the prosecution of a murder would be carried out by the family. The responsibility for enforcing the law thereby fell on the kin, tribe, gens and patron of the offended individual.

It was the King of England after Magna Carta who began to prosecute people for what was private crimes all so he could make money. By the time of the American Revolution, there were 240 felonies all of which carried the death penalty. So the king got to confiscate all your property and throw your family out on the street all based on what had historically been a private dispute.


Historically, the king was the judge and that was his role in society. That is illustrated by the biblical story of King Solomon deciding the true mother of a child. The king was NEVER the prosecutor. Disputes were always private. Even in ancient Greece, if you killed someone, you were prosecuted by the family — not the state. The only crimes that were prosecuted by the state were those against the state or something that offended the gods, as was the case of Socrates.

It was not until Magna Carta when the nobles rose up against King John who was fining people for all sorts of things. They demanded a right to trial by jury and this seriously reduced the king’s revenue. He changed the law at that time and suddenly cast himself as a victim in any private dispute. Two people fought and the king now claimed it disturbed his peace. Suddenly, what used to be private now became state crimes. I previously wrote about the history of civil asset forfeiture, which was deodand in ancient times whereby the object that caused someone’s death was sold and the proceeds were used for the victim’s funeral. The king replaces God with himself and today we have people’s assets being confiscated under the theory that the object offends God who has been replaced by the state.