Life's Greatest Mysteries!

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The universe's beauty seems infinite or at least, it's as close as it gets, I love to think this exquisite beauty is perfectly being reflected in this sentence as well as embedded in the very fabric of everything we do, which in a sense it is, it's just that we don't necessarily always see it.

The Great Mystery

Life And Death

That's part of life, the great mystery we're all part of, a mystery of unfathomable everything.

Sometimes, only how painful this mystery is, seems to equal its greatness, while for some, for whatever reasons, suffering can become too great at some point, leading them to reach out for the universe's second greatest mystery, death.

Death's mystery is as great as life's mystery and only second in its chronological order. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't want to postpone death as much as possible, in fact, I'm pretty much all for it.

I won't go in detail into this but I see those who oppose life extension technologies as part of the "natural" selection process, these people get to live their early natural death while others get to live their unnatural extended life and everyone live and die happy.

There really is no need to get offended by this tongue-in-cheek joke, as this is just a joke. I wish the best to everyone and that we can all come together for the greater good.

Let's Mutually Empower Each Others Project!

Before going any further with this post, I want to say, this post is part of a series. This series is about empowering individuals and helping strengthen this culture of mutual empowerment. It is part of a wider scope empowerment project. Each posts are very powerful on their own but even more so as a whole.

Cryptocurrencies are pretty literally the best financial investments of all time. Proof of this is shown in #3.

Cryptocurrencies Are Creating New Paradigms!

I think it's worth it, pun intended, to be repeating the stats below until they become known by most.

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency invented and still the one with the biggest market cap, has gone up in price by 919,900% from an initial price of 0.50$ in January 2011 to 4,600$ today.

10$ worth of Bitcoin back then is now worth around 92,000$. The price of Bitcoin has gone up 650% and 200% in the last 365 days and 4 months respectively.

The market cap of cryptocurrencies, the value of all cryptocurrencies combined is $165B+ and rank them as the 41th largest company in the world by market cap, right under Toyota Motor and Intel.

It would put cryptocurrencies as the 46th biggest economy by M3, between South Africa and Qatar.

The price of Bitcoin, in April 2010, on it's very first exchange, the now defunct, was $0.003.

At this rate, cryptocurrencies would surpass Apple's market cap of $815B in under a year and become part of the G20, ranking as the 18th biggest economy. In less than 2 years, cryptocurrencies would rank as the third biggest economy, right under China and the USA and 1 year later, they would then represent $120T. [source]

The Greater Good

It's A Personal Thing Really

The greater good is made up of the sum of the individual people's well-being. Like every personal thing, it is subjective, it is a personal truth.

Everything we do in life is based on our own perceptions, our own truth and everything others do is based on their own perceptions, their own truth. Our truth is what we value and what we value, is what our truth is.

"Only individuals can make an estimation of truth based upon their own perceptions." - @dantheman - [Source]

Everything We Value

To value, to esteem is one very fundamental part of life. This is perfectly reflected in the way Steem is design from the very name itself. Steem is a cryptocurrency with a stake based voting system. The more Steem Power* someone owns, the greater their influence on who or what posts receive the new Steem which get created every 3 seconds.

On Steem, we estimate or give a value judgment based on everything we perceive. We vote for those who are the best at expressing our most empowering truths in a way to bring about mutual empowerment with the spirit of countering empowerment at the expense of others.

Each Steem are currently worth around 1.47$. Their price fluctuate according to demand and offer.

Steem: Rewards The Most Empowering People And Ideas

If everyone voted only for themselves then every Steemians would grow their amount of Steem by the same %. Only Steem witnesses would grow their Steem at a faster rate. (What are witnesses is explain below.) This simple mechanism assures Steem content will always be a net positive.

Simply put, Steemians have incentive to approve witnesses who aren't selfish, the incentive being, they, those who approve witnesses could receive votes for their posts from those who they approved as witnesses.

Thus the most widely supported witnesses won't be selfish and the Steemians and posts which will be the most mutually empowering should always eventually rise at the top and get the most attention and rewards.

Most of the time, empowering others is the most empowering thing we can do.

Vote For Witnesses That Empower You!

Steem witnesses are the equivalent of the Bitcoin miners. If you've never heard of Steem, cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin bare with me for a second.

Any Steem account can become a witness. Steem witnesses use dedicated computer running 24/7. It is these computers which are creating the Steem blockchain. New Steem blocks, making up the blockchain, are created every 3 seconds and are said to be signed by witnesses rather than mined like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The Steem Bockchain

The chronological order of these blocks are called the blockchain. Each blocks contains all the operations done by Steemians in the previous 3 seconds, in text form only, no image or video, only the links to those are stored.

Among those operations are the full text of posts, comments, editing of these, the Steem transfers, upvotes, flags, resteems, power up, power down, SBD conversions, profile changes, account creations, password changes, post rewards, curation rewards, block creation rewards, follow, unfollow, price feed publications and much more.

Every new blocks create new Steems for the post, curation, interest on Steem Power and witness rewards or block creation rewards.

The Steem blockchain is currently 85GB+.

Witnesses Are Looking For Your Support!

Every witnesses in the top 20 signed around 1370 blocks for which they currently get paid roughly 0.18 Steem per blocks or 247 Steem per day. If compared to the best paid authors daily, this put them as the top 20 best paid authors today.

The rest of the witnesses sign the rest of the blocks proportional to the stake weighted votes/approval their witness receive compare to other backup witnesses. Backup witnesses are the witnesses which aren't in the top 20. Top 20 witnesses are the witnesses who receive the most stake weighted votes/approval.

Backup witnesses currently sign between roughly 60 blocks and 0 blocks a day each for which they are paid roughly 0.9 Steem a block. How many block each witness sign can be seen here.

Voting For Witnesses

Anyone has 30 witness votes or in other word any Steem account can vote for 30 different witness and change those vote at any time. Anyone who doesn't vote for witnesses or doesn't use its 30 votes is missing out on their power to influence who signs the most blocks and who receive the block rewards.

We all want witnesses to represent our truths, just like we want the best paid authors to be those who best express those same truths. Authors, which are those who receive the biggest part of the reward pool, roughly 67% of the reward pool in the last 30 days, should logically end up supporting the witnesses that best support their views, mutually empowering one another.

Steem: Where Witnessing The Uplifting Is The Norm!

The top witnesses aren't necessarily the biggest whales in fact, they aren't, for the most part. Some of the biggest Steem whales could easily be in the top 20 witnesses but instead they judge it would be more beneficial if some other Steemians occupied those places.

Witnessing this is very uplifting. Some whales, at least one whale has even decided to totally stop their witness all together, leaving more opportunities for ascending Steemians.

Whales deciding to step down so to speak and put some much smaller stakeholders as top witnesses is something most Steemians might have never realized before but it is something very real and very uplifting as I've already said. Not everyone is trying to abuse everyone else in this world, Steem is a testament to that, in fact most people would rather chose mutual help whenever possible over any merciless competition.

Decentralized Technologies Are Decentralizing Power!

Even today's most powerful warlords would most probably chose to live in a more merciful and cooperative world if they simply knew how to achieve it without putting their freedom at risk.

Steem is part of an emerging movement of decentralized technologies which are empowering each of us to create a more enjoyable future. Cooperation empowers all of us more than any type of competition.

Steem is all about cooperation and mutual empowerment.

Centralization Is Rarely A Good Thing If Ever

The Case For Decentralization

Today's most popular websites are, starting from the most popular, Goole, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Reddit, etc., are all owned by companies with special interests. These special interests aren't those of the people at large but the interest of those company stock shareholders and possibly more sinister group like shadow governments and secret societies.

These companies aren't there to ultimately empower us, they are there to empower themselves. Anyone who still consider Wikipedia to be neutral and a non-profit organization should be reminded truth is a personal thing, a subjective thing and no matter how good we can try to be unbias, we can never totally be unbiased, this is impossible.


Wikipedia, just like the others, isn't unbiased, nor can it be. Starting from first principal, we know nobody can be totally unbiased as truth is a personal thing that only people can determine for themselves.


What a lot of Youtubers feel like

I've been looking at the trending page of Youtube on a daily basis for more than a year and I must say, the most trending video aren't necessarily of the most enjoyable and empowering type, far from it. Most people must have heard about many Steemians having some of their Youtube video demonetized because the information contained in these video could potentially be exposing some truths some Youtube advertisers would rather prefer being keep out of the public's view.

Google/Youtube isn't looking primarily to empower people with truth or helping people to determine what is true nor does it has the ability to achieve this, Youtube just like any other company are looking to empower themselves and this empowerment always ultimately comes at the expense of everyone else.


I've used Facebook for many years daily.


Baidu is a Chinese company.


I've been looking at the front page of Reddit and many subreddits for many years daily now.


The case for decentralization is undeniable, as we all rely on information to make decisions in our daily life and no one can arrived at the truth for us. Truth is a personal thing and can only be determined by individuals. The better we'll be able to live and communicate our truth, the better we'll become at avoiding unnecessary violence.

Steem is one set of decentralized technologies which is fundamentally challenging many aspects of our society to the clear benefit of everyone.

Many other decentralized technologies are bettering many other centralized one and whether or not these decentralized technologies are based on blockchain technologies or fully decentralized is beside the point.

Emerging Decentralized Technologies

Not all of these are fully decentralized and I get the irony of listing Youbute and Wikipedia. There are many more than what I've listed. The world is becoming more decentralized with all this entails, more power to the individuals and less for the ruling elite.

  • IPFS (Protocol to store and share files.)
  • Dtube (IPFS+Steem: Explained)
  • BitTorrent (Protocol to share files.)
  • Tor (Free software for enabling anonymous communication.)
  • Freenet (Peer-to-peer platform censorship-resistant communication.)
  • Zeronet (Decentralized Internet-like network of peer-to-peer users.)
  • Many (Decentralized Domain Name Server.)
  • Many (Decentralized Chat Softwares.)
  • Many (Decentralized Marketplaces.)
  • Hyperboria (US, Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Internet.)
  • FreedomBox (Decentralized, Peer-To-Peer Internet.)
  • Serval (Cellphone-To-Cellphone, Meshnet Communication.)
  • Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency: Decentralized money creation and exchange.)
  • Many (List of more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies.)
  • Bitshares (Cryptocurreny: Decentralized Money Creation and cryptocurrency exchange.)
  • Many (Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.)
  • 3D Printers (Decentralized Manufacturing.)
  • 3D Printers (Revolutionary carbon fiber and metal printing: Markforged)
  • 3D Printers (LLNL game changing metal 3D printing, XJet, first direct metal inkjet 3D printer)
  • 3D Printers (Bioprinter)
  • 3D Printers (Graphene)
  • 3D Printers (Molecule-making machine, Printing Molecules.)
  • 3D Printed Houses (Many)
  • 3D Printers Marketplaces (Many, request, buy, sell, share 3D printed objects or designs; cgtrader, Shapeways i.materialise.)
  • 3D Printers Shredders (Many Waste Shredders: Turn Your Old Plastic Into 3-D Printing Fodder.)
  • Fiverr (Decentralized Freelancing Offers and Requests.)
  • Uber (Decentralized Car Rental and Taxi and Helicopter Services.)
  • Airbnb (Decentralized Rental Place.)
  • Open Source Global Village Construction Set (50 different Industrial Machines to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.)
  • Youtube, Wikipedia and Other (Decentralized Education.)
  • EOS (Decentalize Everything, in depth explanation.)

Steemit Inc: Where Decentralization Rhymes With Success

Steemit Inc has played a big part in launching Steem the cryptocurrency. Steemit Inc still holds a very large amount of Steem and thus have every incentive to see Steem succeed. In fact, no matter what I said previously, companies are pretty neutral entities with the options of acting mostly selfishly or for the greater good but because of the current state humanity is in, people are most often pressured toward acting selfish.

Steemit Inc is still the major force behind the development of the Steem open source software as well as providing an easy access to the Steem blockchain itself through its website and soon to be released mobile app.

There are many more Steem windows to the Steem blockchain some of which I've listed here and many more to come.

My hat's off to the whole Team at Steemit Inc for their great accomplishment and for the 15 months plus they have been operating.

Praising Decentralization On Centralized Websites

The Irony

Today's most cryptocurrency enthusiast and other decentralization proponents, all praise decentralization and how decentralization prevents the censorship of monetary exchanges and the sharing of ideas of any kind, they also, and I agree with them, prone decentralization facilitate cooperation between people and the irony in all of this, is they're all doing it mostly on centralized platforms which have been shown to prevent free speech, close accounts for arbitrary reasons which have translated into serious set back for many of those enthusiasts.

Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap has its own decentralized social network built on its blockchain but at this point it doesn't make much sense to use and there's serious problems that need to be addressed before it could ever come close to being as useful and user friendly as Steem.

Steem Is Currently The Best Decentralized Social Network

Steem is currently the best decentralized social network and possibly the best social network period. Steem is challenging the business model of every existing websites or at least eventually will.

Sooner or later cryptocurrency enthusiasts should logically end up on decentralized social network and Steem will be there to welcome them, in fact, 325+ thousands of accounts have already been created and we are welcoming many more thousands everyday.

Steem The Fastest Growing Social Network

Steem is growing fast. I doubt there has been any social network which has seen such a fast growth. The reasons are many and obvious. There's currently no comparable technology able to do what Steem currently does.

Anyone who understand the basics functioning of Steem, understand that developing a technology enabling comparable feats would necessitate an incredible amount of work but even then, there would be no guarantee any process can equal or even less surpass what DPOS is currently achieving.

Delegated Proof-Of-Stake

DPOS is the technology underlying Steem. @dantheman is the inventor of the technology. DPOS was created around August 2014. DPOS allows for many more transaction than any other cryptocurrencies currently allow.

For at least more than 4 years now, everyone in the cryptocurrency space has currently been looking to scale up the number of transaction per second their blockchain allow, one would think that if it were that easy, many would have come up with many working solution, yet all of them are very much behind in term of transaction per seconds and the speed at which they are confirmed.

@dantheman in his talk for EOS has said DPOS should allow for millions of transactions a second in the future and Ned Scott CEO of Steemit said the same if somewhat indirectly here.

Steem And Cryptocurrencies Are Benefiting Us All!

I already benefited a lot from Steem and I know many others did to.

Steem is an ever improving technology with a fast growing support, it is bigger than each of us combined and its potential as well as what it has already accomplish is mind-blowing. I'm very enthused by the idea of seeing it grow even more and seeing it better myself and the world even further than it already has.

Steem and cryptocurrencies in general have the potential to change much more than just social networks, money creation and banking. How they influence our world is entirely up to us, yet Steem and cryptocurrencies are not the whole. Let's not confuse them for the whole. They're only part of the whole of the great mysteries of life and death.

"What I would like to say is that, there's so much more ahead in blockchain technology and in cryptocurrency and there is so many more big problems to solve and if we all continue to work together and brace this technology and bring it to more and more people I have no doubt that 5 years from now we will be looking at a much more fluid, inclusive and empowered group of people across the world." - @ned - Steemit CEO - [Source]

Helping One Another

And Acknowledging The Plight Of The Less Fortunate

Helping others is the most enriching thing I've ever experienced, on part only with being helped myself and so I'm very grateful to everyone who ever came to my help. Sincerely.

I, once more, want to acknowledge the plight of the less fortunate, those who are victims of injustice or anyone currently suffering for whatever reasons. We all have suffered at one point or another and we all know there isn't any worst feeling.

I consider myself very fortunate for the most part and I'm very well aware this could change at any instant.

I look forward to help as many people as I possibly can and working on becoming better at it.

Steem Is Allowing The Truth To Emerge

Steem is allowing us to pool our truths, our forces and build upon each others truth. The more popular the Steem platform will become, the greater the force behind the Steem truth shall be. So let it be!

"Some things are neither true nor false, yet consensus is required and the result of that consensus has impacts on all of society."

"Who shall determine the truth? From what frame of reference? Show me any process that is guaranteed to arrive at the truth and I'll show you how it will fail."

"Only individuals can make an estimation of truth based upon their own perceptions. Consensus is the result of the majority of individuals coming to the same conclusion."

"Assuming all individuals can communicate and have incentive to live in the truth then truth will prevail. If there is incentive to believe a lie, then the lie will prevail. This applies even on an individual basis." - @dantheman - [Source]

The Great Dictator's Speech

I haven't shared this video in this series and I find it very fitting so I though I'd share it. It's surely one of the very best speech ever utter.

The Funny: Have You Heard Of This Altcoin?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tweeted this yesterday and got seriously roasted. The whole thread is priceless and can be found here. I found this tweet on Reddit here.

Approving My Witness!

Witness #53

Most Steemians don't support any witness yet. Be counted, be among those who support witnesses. Let's work toward making Steem second nature for as many people as possible.

Witness votes are like 24/7 votes you cast on 30 people! Put together they are some of Steemians most important votes!

Would you consider voting for my witness to help us Steeming the world we all long for?

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read all comments!

Steem's Growth Is Unmatched!

Its Popularity Is Rocketing!

Share the fun by inviting your friends!

Good To Know

I use Markdown Pad (free version) to create my posts and I recommend it to everyone.

How to align pictures.

Visit The Chats!

The chat rooms are some of the best places to makes some friends.

Find Out More!

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Your post is filled with such wonderful sentiment and overflowing with information. I really feel as if I not only learned something but found a enjoyment a sense of longing to see this community grow into the magnificent beast that it will become. I see a beauty in your arrangement of words that is not all that common. You drew me in with youthful banter while filling my head with valuable knowledge , thank you.. I am completely NEW to steemit, and cryptocurrency and your article gave me information that I found extremely valuable I can't wait to read more.


not a problem i truly enjoyed reading it and I have come back several times referencing the information that you put in there it is so full and helpful, I really want to thank you


I support with your comment👌👌
Agreed 👍👍


right you thoughts is to wonderful i like it


Just hanging around
-( invisible whale)


just hanging round always good fun I'm back for more re reading I find some posts just keep bringing me back


I agree with you! This post was very insightful, informational, and the pictures were fabulous. I could see there was a lot of thought and effort that went into the making of this post. I am also new to cyrptocurrency and I definitely could use all the information that is present! So thank you for this post as well!

Wow, again I feel as if reading your post is being a part of an event. You put so much heart and soul into your articles, and it's obvious a lot of time and effort too! I have a friend on here who was my inspiration to start promoting witnesses on the bottom of my own posts, he's away right now, but when he returns I will definitely have him read this and see if he might add you to his promotion :)

Everything we do in life is based on our own perceptions, our own truth and everything others do is based on their own perceptions, their own truth.

This is something I've come to see more and more, and I'd also add that these perceptions are subject to change, in fact should change when new information comes along. I believe very strongly in constantly questioning, not becoming stagnant or rigid. It's been the most important thing I've taught my children. Never stop asking why or how or what, because it ultimately leads to learning something new.

I believe in you, as I said before I'm team 'teamsteem' :) I'll resteem this post and keep spreading the word for you my new friend :)


I really appreciate all of your heartfelt comment. Sincerely thank you!


And I love that you tagged it Joy :)


Can somebody forget the deep stuff and anwer my question "How do you know when to end a friendship?"

I didn't know where to put this question but thank you for noticing this whale. I really appreciate honest opinion.

Happy steeming!
confused 🐋


I think it's better to look at it as not all or nothing. Can you just hang out with that person less? Does it have to be a dramatic ending? If a person is treating you badly, of course end it. But if not, maybe it just needs a break. Some perspective from a distance. <3



Thank you for the powerful comment.
I will take your advice. Thank you it really means a lot to me.
It's only my first month here and I have so much steak on my plate. I have over 1000 members outside steemit and cannot even help 30 of them! Plus I have @steemph that I need to help and this is too much. I should just hide a little bit and not think about the Cosmos coz it's too much and my na is not CHARITY. Lol

Call me Gilaine. I am nobody.
Btw, where are you from? I love secret keepers! I have few of them, I cannot give away my trust to just one creator. The more the merrier.
I'd like to more about you.


you're welcome, I hope it goes well! on my steemit blog, I pretty much say everything, no holding back. but for now, I'm Jessica. I'm from the US but I live in Mexico City. I have been traveling around living in a ton of places for years, bringing my dog everywhere I move. I also have a project where I write poetry on people's bodies :)


couldn't agree more!

I wish there were more people like you in our world <3


This is one of the most touching comment I received so far. Thank you so my my friend!

Wow, there's so much info here that my brain is too full for a reply to most of it. Thank you for all the leads to other content, I appreciate you explaining Witnesses in a way that made it more understandable. I feel a bit more confident voting for people now.

While there was a lot of meaty stuff here,
the one part that really stood out to me is: "Steem is challenging the business model of every existing websites or at least eventually will." I absolutely agree with you & I'm frustrated I can't get my friends to see what a game changer this could be. Enough adoption & it could change everything about how we use the internet!

Thanks for a great read, I'll be over here digesting everything.




If this is a joke. This is a funny joke indeed. Reminder to the author the Youtube word was misspelled. But other than that it is a quality piece showing your mastery of HTML. Kudos. @teamsteem

indeed life is full of mystery you will never know what will happen in the future not just the next day but including the next seconda of your life. you can never expect that the things you planned will work all the time sometimes we have to stumble down to learn

There is also Dtube, connected with steem it. Both together, they are building an unimaginable future.
Facebook and Youtube will soon learn to know the best. :p

The mystery of death is as much of a gift as life it self!

This post is effortlessly educative.
Thanks for making out time to share this @teamsteem.

Steem is surely a good place to be. As for the witnesses, I do my little bit to promote witness voting in all my posts. I am not even a witness! And for your valueable contributions to the steemit community and helping me from the starting itself, I advise my readers to set you as a proxy. Please do check my post footer to see it. :)


That footer is very smart! I love it!

French revolution part 2 ( with decentralized technology). You have enlightened us with so much information and have managed to do it poetically. Propaganda, corruption, and greed is everywhere. Thank you for giving us hope :)

These posts by @teamsteem are inspiring, not just in the emotional sense. They make me want to take action to make the world a better place. I am sharing what I learn here with my family and friends.


I agree with you I make sure to read and follow @teamsteem posts I even encouraged my newly invites people to read from @teamsteem and made as thier motivation.@teamsteem filled up my mind a lot and Im sharing always what Ive learn to others this is my only treasure that I got the knowledge here is the best.

👏 Very complex and informative your text, the only certainty of life that we have is death. And there are many who are alive, but act as dead, for what they lack is knowledge, and these live accommodated. Certainly the steem has changed several lives, and I hope to get there too.
Thank you for the encouragement I always receive and for the teaching I always find in your post, it has enabled me to a better level, thank you!

Steemit has the greatest articles on the internet....

you know what @teamsteem, your post states that truth.. while i'm reading it, iit seems like there are things coming on m mind which i just jave realized :'( this is worthy for an upvote! keep up the good work!!!

This post is awesome and full of great links. I share your sentiments about this platform and see it as a new idea that can change the way we do social media.

When I read what you wrote here;

Simply put, Steemians have incentive to approve witnesses who aren't selfish, the incentive being, they, those who approve witnesses could receive votes for their posts from those who they approved as witnesses.

Thus the most widely supported witnesses won't be selfish and the Steemians and posts which will be the most mutually empowering should always eventually rise at the top and get the most attention and rewards.

Most of the time, empowering others is the most empowering thing we can do.

It rings so true that empowering others on Steemit is a great route to take here and anything that empowers and concentrates the community is a good idea. You know, that is why I started Steemit Open Mic.

By empowering others we benefit as well and there is no better place to do that than on the Steemit platform.

Facebook only gives profit for the owners we learn how to judge people on sosial media, but steemit teaches me many things and sharpen my ability in writing. Besides, steemit also makes the users get profit through sharing.

Really long post, but worth to read it!

Wow that was a long post, I agree that crypto is great, but I am stopping by to tell you about this "new" hype coin:

The exchange with the biggest volume of EmberCoin at the moment:

Here is the price chart of EmberCoin:

ember pumping 3.png

This is really very good and nice post , thanks for sharing @teamsteem


You are really true... Life is a great mystery from good. Mystery always appears as long as you still believe in it. God creates mystery in order to make his creatures believe in god.

It's crazy watching blockchain takeover the web. It truly is like the beginning days of the dot com boom back when I was in college. It will be interesting to see which newcomer alt coins are serious business and which ones are actually shit coins...

This post is full of useful information. As it is said that everything is biased, cryptocurrency, may have some faults too. People who are fortunate, easily can gain upper-hand even in DPoS that is deemed to be an egalitarian system such as steem. If someone is fortunate enough to have 100K steem (bought at low, or already rich) have much larger influence than a proficient user (blogger). All the pump and dump of minor cryptocurrencies have made some people rich, some people lost their money. Early adopter has tremendous influence in any cryptos- BTC, LTC, ETH etc. These FOMO and trading opportunities can make or making some wall-streeters tremendously rich. However, I would say like every new tech such as blockchain can be used in good ways and will have some negative side effects. We should see all the sides of it to make a better decision.

The growth of steemit really is amazing - I hope there are many good days to come.
The platform may also be used to raise money for some charity and support those who need it the most.
Maybe check out this post for mine as an example - Rewards will go to charity:

This post could literally SAVE YOUR MOTHERS LIFE! Rewards put to CHARITY!

Indeed - "Less for the Ruling Elite", as you say. Wonderful words you used, throughout this lovely, illuminating (and joyous) article.

Kudos. Especially, I liked when you stated (on #STEEMIT ) :
"Steem is allowing us to pool our truths, our forces and build upon each others truth. The more popular the Steem platform will become, the greater the force behind the #Steem truth shall be."

And to VISUALLY See that rank-wise, Steemit is now at 2,340 -- great stuff, thanx for posting up the #chart !

And finally, I went & looked at the link (on Witnesses ) - will look into it further.

A) Witness Question - I might have missed it, but why is there a limit on the number of witnesses? In other cryptos, everyone has the opportunity to mine, or be a witness in Steemit's case.

I'm new to this site, so perhaps there's a technical reason, but I think everyone should be able to witness/mine and develop a daily stake for playing their part, instead of a select few out of hundreds of thousands.

B) This was a mesmerizingly awesome and through post. It educated me a lot of the background and backbone of Steemit. Thank you for this upgrade of my understanding of this platform and community.

Quite simply one of the most informative, truthful, positive, forward thinking posts filled with an encyclopedia worth of amazing links and resources - I knew that I only voted for 29 Witnesses for a reason - You are my number 30! Make me proud!

I love how your post is so much more, so informative....I mean, I'm not just reading about the Universe and about how great life is - which it is, and is worth reading about. But I'm also learning so much about this community and about cryptocurrency. Thank you, really helpful to a newbie such as myself ;) I'm proud to be part of the Steemit community.

The new paradigm shift is amazing, but like the rest of all good things you have to treat it with care and there are always too sides of a coin. Put everything aside steem is by far the most advance BC for social media. That is why we are working hard on building our photography marketplace on top of steem and i hope that in near future we will be able to show the first results and attract even more people to steemit at the same time.

as of right now, steem as a token still lacks some utility for the price to skyrocket, but our development on BeScouted will give steem the utility properties it needs so much and hopefully with the growth of our photography platform increase the demand of steem multifold.

So let's just all work together and maintain a transparent and fair community where everybody gets paid by talent and effort.

As for facebook or other current centralized platforms, it is natural that they are saying this, as there is nothing they can do to protect their current business as social media is moving into different direction lead by the steem BC.

Have a great day everybody and full steem ahead!

One of the masterpeaces of STEEMIT posting :)

wowww...this is so amazing post...nice share..


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Life is indeed full of question marks, it happened not in line with our mind, today could not determine the day tomorrow, life goes in accordance with the system that we cannot create, but only we can try, if this life we can created then, everyone will create life in accordance with his brain, certainly there has never been a person who failed, so did the bitcoin, if today is bitcoin like this, the future is not necessarily the same, but we expect is always good and keep it nice. Thank you.

Love this post! I'm still new to steemit so it helped me greatly! Resteeming it!

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@teamsteem Absolute gold!!
Loved this so much that I basically read it twice!
An optimistic viewpoint that is worth sharing!
Keep up the great work! Cheers!!

Great Article and so much info

The mystery of death. What happens when we die is the million dollar question. I just wrote a post on this not that long ago. Great post!!!

realmente acá hay una amplia refleccion respecto a muchas cuestiones, no se por donde empezar, pero me asombra tu entusiasmo.

Muy buena informacion gracias por compartirla

great post! I also no longer wonder about the mystery of the longest formatted post on steem..

It really is fascinating seeing multiple views on a definite subject. The life and death concept is very interesting. I myself have never heard of a synthetic way to live longer. To learn that is fascinating. I thank you for making this post and constructing it in such a way that it is captivating to read. The information on Steem is really cool too! I upvoted! Cheers and happy Blogging!

I see a beauty in your arrangement of words that is not all that common

I am new to steemit and this post gave me almost all about steemit and how it works. I know nothing about the site only is a blogging site. Don't even know how to earn and redeem my earnings if ever.☺☺

Totally agree..especially part of rewarding empowering and great post of other . Let's succeed together

You mean the Reddit is not good to use? What do you think @teamsteem? The information is too much! it will blow up my mind!!! I will focus one by one...

I love Reddit. I surf on Reddit daily. But Redditors are migrating to Steem fast and for obvious reasons. I think the growth of Steem could get even faster in the future.

To be honest. Yes, you are right! steem is very fast growing! And not only Redditors, even the FB users migrating here! They are using the only messenger in FB for communication.
And there is saying here "there is rice in steemit" would you believe?! But it's true! A big help for the lower income. All they need to know is how to use it. They need a guide.

Everything you write in your post @teamsteem, i see you are always remember to talk about cryptocurrencie, bockchain and bitcoin... many information to learn about them in your blog @teamsteem, i like that because i am not familiar about that antil now... with your blog i think i can inprove my learn about it all... thank you...

I really apreciate you for this post! thanks!

This is so far the best post I have seen on Steemit. I was wondering about your markdown and there it was at the end. :)

What price do you predict Steem to be short and long term?

And thank you for this witness explanation. I am going to get right on this and push my influence!


I try not to do prediction about the price. We'll see. You can look about one previous post of mine which touches on the subject a bit. Set To Become The World's Most Popular Website


Thanks bud!

The mystery of death fascinates us all. We will not know until we leave life. We can speculate however they are only seeing in the mirror darkly. We will see so better and understand in dimensions that today are far beyond our grasp of comprehension. This has intrigued me as well with the passing of my late sweetheart Marci December 12. Cannot say I know much more but I am tuned in and eagerly await each morsel of understanding that my limited brain and wisdom can absorb. Good post. Thanks for sharing. - Troy

its true life is full of mysteries everything in life has so many mysteries its depend on us how we can manage our life


With the advent of Cryptocurrencies and the new heights they repeatedly soar to reach, it is unimaginable whats of future we have here. All I know is fantastic things are upon us, GREATNESS, is upon us.

You are right. It's simply priceless. I scrolled through the tweets on the thread, they got roasted for real. hahahheee!!!


Haha! I'm glad you highlighted and enjoyed that part too!

SEC_News SEC_News tweeted @ 28 Aug 2017 - 18:00 UTC

Investors: beware of scams involving initial coin offering-related claims

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thanks :)

I have voted for your witness. Thanks for teaching me about witnesses. There is so much to learn....

Nice work

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this is really awesome, so in depth. I hadn't realized the amount of monetization for the Witness's (though I knew they were paid obviously)

Really appreciate your Good work, enjoy my vote

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Good post

feeling jealous now where is my princess lol i need hug 😙😚😍😘😗

wow, may i resteem your post?


Sure! Resteem are always welcome.

Great post and such an informational post on that note!! The world still has regardless of the corruption, greed lurking all over the world. :)

This is a wonderful piece. Apart from all the life lessons I have learned a lot about steem, especially the witness votes. Just began voting for witnesses.

this is very good post .

What a valuable post! Thank you for this, may you continue inspire others. Im new here on Steemit by the way :)


Your post deserves much more (love) and up votes! Thank you for sharing all this. I'm still in the learning process of learning. (There's so much to learn) But the more I do learn the more I love it, I also find myself to be in the right place. I've always wanted to have a blog; maybe because I feel that I have so much I'd like to share. Thanx again!

Wow great workmanship on this post. Well done!

Oh that SEC screenshot......I'm rolling over here...hahahahaha

This was an amazing and heartfelt post! Thank you for sharing so much from deep down, in truth!


I agree! It's so damn funny because so true. Truth is coming out thanks to cryptocurrencies!


And all the kindred souls are finding each other.....What a great tribe!

its amazing post and beautiful pics collection

Sir I am happy to read it all. A topic about life and joyful moments it is very awesome. Thank you sir for this post. To tell you honestly the mystery of death and life really strikes my heart. It is full of lesson that I learn from it. I am so happy to read all of this.

you always add great value to your content which makes it cool to read and i get hooked upon always a pleasure seeing you post's thanks for sharing :)

Incredible learning experience! Very interesting.

Very inspirational and written from a holistic perspective! I am very new myself on Steemit having joined in August 2017 only and your post will make my argumentation a lot easier as a reference material to people who are still not on board.
Blockchain and Steemit are not only big disruptors for the FIAT, but they represent the tipping point and decentralization of a millennial power system and I feel very happy that we get to experience this new reality during our lifetime! Awesome post and very proud to share! Upvoted and resteemed! Proud to be on board, Ruxandra

These are very interesting and complex ideas, but I think love is the greatest mystery in the world

J'apprécie réellement ta constante positivité dans notre combat individuel à tous qu'est la liberté et la reprise d'un total pouvoir personnel par la décentralisation.

Malheureusement, je ne peux faire autrement que de partager avec toi la mauvaise nouvelle d'aujourd'hui à l'effet, qu'après que ce soit Uber qui ait déjà cédée aux pressions du gouvernement du Québec, voilà maintenant qu'Airbnb vient tout juste de se plier aux exigences de notre ''bon'' État-providence:


Montréal, le 29 août 2017. – Le gouvernement du Québec a conclu une entente avec la plateforme collaborative Airbnb afin qu'elle perçoive dorénavant la taxe sur l'hébergement (TSH) des personnes louant une unité d'hébergement par son entremise.


Voilà plutôt le genre de solution que j'aurai préféré voir afin de ne pas influencer la compétitivité des utilisateurs d'Airbnb vis-à-vis les autres hôteliers. Un nivellement par le haut en une détaxation plutôt qu'un nivellement par le bas en étendant davantage une taxe.

Pas de taxe pour Netflix, ni pour le reste!

Mais ce qui frappe le plus, c’est que ces études n’évoquent pas la solution la plus simple et la plus efficace pour remédier au problème de la concurrence fiscale. Celle de détaxer les biens numériques et services en ligne pour les entreprises canadiennes. Il y a des précédents : de nombreux pays ont deux ou même trois taux de taxe de vente selon les industries. Même au Canada, certains produits, comme les produits de consommation de base, sont détaxés. Cette mesure mettrait les fournisseurs canadiens et étrangers de biens et services numériques sur un pied d’égalité.


Don't expect anything else than hostility from government. When they aren't hostile, they're just setting themselves up toward becoming more hostile.


Exactly. Well said.

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Saturno Mangieri - Blockchain Tech Adviser

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You're doing really good! And I love your blog! I'll continue to support you!


Very nice words to read from you Mon ami! I'll keep the hard work. Merci.


Mon ami. From now on, I will be posting more often in English the best content I can. Take a look on my last post talking a bit of my perception about "Bitcoin a Blessing for Venezuela". Thanks.


I can't be in a room with a TV on anymore. It's as if I feel my mind being sucked out of my skull by it. No thanks! You can actually feel yourself stop thinking, and the programming takes over. What happened to the last five minutes of my life?

Ever drive for a bit and then realize you don't remember driving that little bit? That's the feeling TV gives me all the time. My mother called it the "boob tube," and not for the reason you might think. It creates "boobs" (stupid people).


Haha! I love it. True. TV is a super weapon. The world would certainly be a much better place with all that programming.


Without you meant I believe, friend. ha ha Yes, all the dirty tricks do not work on me anymore. I'll die with a smile on my face because of knowing the truth and dying in battle defending what I love (individual liberty).


Yeah definitely without!

I die in battle too if we have to!

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thnx for post and nice post

I am so new here, and I needed such a post to know what the fuck this whole thing is, thank you very much. I am gonna bookmark this post and come back to it whenever I need to know what the fuck i am doing on steemit.

i said it, and will also say it again that steemit is not only about posting, it's much more than that. since one month ago that i joined this platform, i learns much, and still learning.

post of this kind is not something to just read but to also resteem and resteem again.

keep it up bro.

+1 Hello @azziz, I follow you now. Answered and resumed your publication. Thank you

This is a true heartfelt article and I love it and I love it and love it :)

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This is information overload; which in this case is a good thing. Clearly, it will take a few days to peruse the entire post; thus, I will keep the link handy to read in intervals, so as to be able to record a few notes along the way.
Based on what I've read, I am sure it will be productive as I continue to learn the Steemit platform.
I am a minnow. I recently did a post on if minnows should upvote, or just leave it to dolphins and whales. The research encourages the latter; but, I couldn't resist upvoting this post, even though it only offers support in terms of encouragement.
I've decided that an update to my original post is necessary, as best in terms of 'business' is not always best, morally speaking. If someone has a post that holds my attention from start to finish, I have to upvote it, no matter the benefit.
Thanks for sharing; and, I assure you death is as natural as birth. Too often people do anything to stay in this earthly body; not realizing, life is eternal; and to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2Corinthians 5:8). I am sure there is more life outside of this earthly body, in God's defined time, than in it.
Again, thank-you for this post.


I encourage you to vote on everything you feel like voting. You should definitely vote. Thank you for your comment.


Yes, I may be a minnow :+); but, my up-vote comes from the heart; therefore counts for something. I did a follow-up to the original post. Up-voting is like leaving a tip for a great dinner with excellent service. The up-vote is a way of encouraging each other. So, thank-you @teamsteem...I will enjoy the privilege of the up-vote.

Amazing information you got there, I was thinking about how the big companies have taken the market and I thing that the fact of having a passive income for the content creators maybe a key, I've noticed here on steemit once a post is paid or whatever (I'm still learning how all works) it dosen't have more feedback, and there is a lot of very good old post here too, so I'll like to know if there's any point of voting or comenting an old post, thanks for sharing!


No. Post get only paid one. We'll get paid by the price of Steem going up for the most part.


Yes, I don't think the solution will be getting paid twice or something like that, I'm just saying there is a lot of new people every day and they search and read old post (as I do) and I see a lot of great content that get lost and have no feedback at all, and maybe there was not his time but it may come, anyways, it was just an idea. Thanks!

Hello guys am newbie on steemit, and this is the first article I've red and best so far keep it up am inspired. By this article o learned that life goes on

I'm bookmarking and re-steeming this because I particularly appreciate all the reference links to distributed technologies... Thank you very much.



Deep and Rich. #teamsteem great!