Some Steem Tips For Some Steem Success!

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Steem price and popularity are rocketing! Who to follow and many more Steem fundamentals every serious Steemians should know!

  • I've sign up on Steem on May 5, 2016 (Account #9,265)
  • #202 on the rich list
  • #85 best paid author of all time (33,096 SP)
  • #78 best paid curator of all-time
  • #63 most followers (People that follows me)
  • #27 most following (People I follow)
  • Steem witness since September 2016
  • My most viewed post has 4000+ views
  • I work more than 10 hours on most of my posts

Becoming An Influential Steemian

I know a thing or two about Steem and Steem knows a thing or two about me. I've seen 99% of the trending pages since June 2016 and I've seen 99% of my news feed since it exist. I currently follow 1,147 Steemians. Who we chose to follow and interact with have a big impact on our Steem success.

Some Steemians To Follow

Our Steem success is largely due to our ability to influence the richest Steemians. Looking at the chart above make it simple why this is so and also why I recommend to follow the top 250 richest Steemians. I personally follow the top 300+.

The best way to add the richest 250 Steemians is using, clicking on the name of each Steemians (opening in a new tab) and then clicking on "Steemit".

While doing this, I recommend trying to get familiarized with who's on the rich list and also take a look at the most influential Steemian's blogs and maybe what they vote on. Now because of Steem Power delegation sometimes the largest votes won't necessarily be coming from the largest Steemians at least directly. (See: )

Steemians should also follow Steem Witnesses. A list of all the Witnesses can be found here (under: follow the witnesses) and also why they should be followed.

I try to follow all devs who are developing Steem apps and I follow the top 300+ best paid authors of all time as well as anyone of interest I've come across. Make sure not to clutter your feed with people you have no interest in or your feed will become irrelevant and uninteresting.

There are many other Steem and Steemit devs. (A list of most Steemit dev can be found at the bottom of this post)

Being Successful

The second most important thing to be a successful Steemian is to understand whether we should hold on to our Steem or sell them. If someone is making successful posts but they are selling all their Steem, then in the long run, they will lose on some of their potential success. It's those who hold the most Steem who are deciding which posts are the most successful.

A lot of my posts have touched on this idea and have express the many reasons why I think Steem is a very sound crypto investment and the current post is no exception. I haven't taken out any Steem since mid-March when the price of Steem has reach its all-time-low and I've powered up quite a lot since. This has paid well for now.

I want the Steemians I know and love to hold on to their Steem, if this is a good financial advice. On the other hand, the new investors I don't know them yet and thus I don't know if they will share my view point about the world and thus be good allies. That's another reason why I try to discern if holding on to our Steem is sound.

Steem Distribution

In my previous article I've stated Steemit Inc. owns around 40% of all Steem. It might seem like a lot at first. Mark Zuckerberg owns around 28% of Facebook. A very interesting list of Facebook largest shareholders can be found here. We can see that a lot of Facebook shares are quite concentrated into a few hands yet it doesn't seem to make Facebook less valuable.

Some have argued that Steemit Inc. might even own a bit more than 40%, up to around 50%. I won't argue for or against but I'll show this % Steemit Inc. own should go down quite drastically in the coming months and years.

Looking at this chart we can see Steemit Inc. % of owning will go down around 50% during the next 10 years. This is so if Steemit Inc. doesn't begin to vote from their Steemit account. Because they aren't voting, they aren't gaining any of the new Steem except from the 15% of the newly created Steem. This 15% is the interest on Steem power. This is currently equal to ~1.5% of all the newly created Steem in a year and it's getting lower every day.

It signifies than in less than 10 years Steemit Inc. will on around 20-25% of all Steem if they own 40-50% today. This would still continue to get lower even beyond the 10 years. This doesn't take into account the fact that Steemit Inc. is selling huge amount of Steem and have clear incentives to continue doing so, yet just like every Steemians they also want to see the price of Steem go up. I haven't taken into account that a lot of Steemit Inc. owning aren't in Steem Power and thus don't generate interest.

Steem inflation will continue to go lower until it reach 0.5%. It might go lower afterward, I'm not exactly sure.

Steem Popularity Is Booming!

(Source: @me-tarzan )

This chart shows the number of page view has. The lowest page view is 122,968 on 2017/04/17 and the highest is 162,309. (4 days old data) Today's page view is 168,675 (2017/06/03). There is an increase of 37% for daily page viewed from the lowest point to today 2017/06/03 (38 days). is the top 7 most popular website with around 274,141,600 page views per day. It's the website that most resemble My take is that Steemit will inevitably overtake it and probably faster than most expect. How could Reddit compete? does everything Reddit does but better and it can do more. It could be argued that doesn't do everything Reddit does yet but it's only a matter of time and it won't be long.

I don't know exactly what it would take for Steem's booming popularity to reverse but it would clearly take some major black swan event for it to happen. is valued at roughly $4.7B. This is no guarantee for anything in regard to Steem or but it does look like Steem has a bright future.

There is no reason why Steem couldn't become the most popular website either, in fact everything point in that direction, pretty much no matter what we vote on, as Reddit doesn't pay any of their users, yet it's the top 7 most popular website. (For more on the subject see: The Future Of Benevolent Economy!)

We shall eventually reach a point where millions of people interact on the platform, all of them making the best out of their own wisdom and knowledge and having clear incentives to best communicate their needs and convictions. What it will look like we can't really say, beside that it will be quite different than what it is today. The power access, process and exchanged by millions isn't linearly more than what we are seeing today, it's exponentially more complex and rewarding.

Steem: A Crypto Like No Other Crypto

The top 100 richest Bitcoin addresses own between 10,000-100,000 BTC each. They are worth between ~$25M and ~$250M each. In the last year Bitcoin price have gone up 350% and around 370% for its market cap while the sums of altcoin market cap have gone up around 2500% for the same period of time.

Bitcoiners and other large holder of altcoins are looking to diverse their crypto investments. They diverse a lot of their investment into other cryptocurrencies because as long has their investment stays in crypto they don't have to pay income taxes.

For me context on the subject: Some Steem Stats!

Steem: Where Your Tribune Is Worth A Fortune!

(Source: @krypto )

Steem is like no other crypto because it gives their owners the power to direct the attention of a growing number of people and very possibly the largest social network. It cost around $87,000 US to become one of the top 200 largest Steemians today 2017/06/03. If Steemit Inc. and all Steem on Poloniex would be sold at today's price and would be owned by people owning $87,000 in Steem then there would be roughly 1500 more Steemians with 87,000$ accounts. It's pretty obvious that a lot of people will be willing to pay a lot more than 87,000$ to be higher than the top 1500 Steemians.

There are 211,275 Ultra high-net-worth individuals at last count. (Above US$30 millions) We can bet a lot of these people will be very willing to pay to have a tribune which reflect the size of their fortune.

The sum of everything I've said in my articles and the fact that Steem seems in a good position to become the most influential information dissemination/p2p banking platform, makes owning it very attractive to anyone wanting to diverse their crypto currency investments or any type of investors really.

It's very probable that most people will have a Steem address before having a Bitcoin address and thus there's high probability that we'll prefer to pay every businesses transactions with Steem (no fee) rather than Bitcoin. By then, it might become increasingly harder to collect taxes.

It's fun to think about a future where almost everyone's mood is very much affected by Steem price and the most trending content.

There's more than 16367 Bitcoin addresses owning more than 100 BTC or $250,000 all of which must be looking to diverse their investments.

The price of Steem fluctuate primarily in relation to Bitcoin and more indirectly to USD. As I said above Bitcoiners and cryptocurrency investors try to avoid selling their Bitcoin for USD to avoid having to pay income taxes so when the price of Bitcoin goes down, a lot of the times it leads to a lot of people diversifying into altcoins and thus rising altcoin prices. Also whenever Bitcoin prices are rising and Steemians aren't diversifying/selling, then the price of Steem is rising in regard to USD.

There's also many other advantage to Steem. Steem can process many times more transactions than any other cryptocurrencies combined (except Bitshares) and these transactions are free of any fees. (For more: Steem Technology Is Impressive! ) allows you to receive notifications whenever someone mention your name on the Steem blockchain or Steemit. It takes probably less than 2 minutes to set up, logging directly with Facebook and it's totally worth it. The notifications will be sent to the official Steemit chat.

I thought I'd mention it because I think too few people are using this notification and thus are missing out on some stuff being said about them or whenever their posts are mentioned. There's also a lot of other interesting notifications available. @void is the dev behind the app.

Steem Largest Voters

Whenever you want to know who was the largest contributors on a post, change to The list of people found there are in order from the largest to the smallest votes. It's also possible to see the order in which the vote were casted by clicking "advanced mode" and then "vote details".

The Most Empowering Feeling!

(Source: @klye )

I've talk a lot about Steem and I'll continue to do so. The reasons are obvious. Steem in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies solve some fundamental challenges humanity is faced with and which can't be solved by any other way.

Mutual Empowerment!

Steemians are trying to create and lead each other to the most empowering experiences possible. We're trying to mutually empower each other and not empower ourselves one over the others. If the price of Steem goes up, we all become wealthier while those who can best communicate the most empowering knowledge and ideas will be the most rewarded and empowered people. This is how things should be.

It could be argued that proof-of-work cryptocurrencies best reward those who can plug in and maintain the most cryptocrrency hardware miners into the wall at the lowest cost. Those who are already wealthy have a big advantage in regard to achieving this. There is nothing inherently good about using a growing amount of electricity thus grow of POW coin can be problematic. Also this is best achieved by centralized entities/companies and these hardware miners are built by centralized companies. As I said in a previous article:

"Every sovereign individuals thus every Steemians have as their highest interest the dissemination of the most mutually beneficial knowledge. In contrast, all other institutions, companies, governments, armies, etc., have as their highest interest the empowerment of themselves at the expanse of everyone else. Generals, elected leaders and companies always have more empowering knowledge than their subordinates and competitors and their power depends on it." (source)

Proof-of-work systems of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will always cost way more resources to run than DPOS systems like Steem and Bitshares. POW systems still have some interesting incentives and advantage over fiat currencies which people would benefit from knowing. (For more on that exact subject see my sub-chapter named Bitcoin here.)

Bettering Society!

As time and technology advance, we, as a society, can produce more with less effort and if our currency supply is stable it means a given amount of money should pay for more resources as time passes. This isn't what is observed as our society is entrenched by the centralization of power and resources.

Wealth Concentration

The 139 billionaire who have pledge to give $365B of their combined 2016 net worth of $731B doesn't solve the challenges wealth concentration poses. The world's wealth and power is only getting more concentrated. Their plan isn't solving this problem. If they are trying to "buy some time" then they should already talking about what are the real long term solutions they are putting into action.

The type of universal basic income currently being discussed by Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and many other so-called important people doesn't solve wealth concentration either. Those type of universal basic income only make a growing portion of the population ever more dependent on ever more powerful "force monopoly" often referred to as governments.

Centralized Money Creation

The billionaire pledge and the UBI mentioned above doesn't solve the problems inherent to centralized money creation either. Whether or not these guys have thought about these 2 problems, centralized money creation and wealth concentration, the fact remains, they haven't mention those problems, so even less some solutions. You'd think they kind of had the time and resources to understand these problems.

Devising Some Solutions

Not only Dan Larmier (ex-CTO of Steem) has identified those problems but he's successfully devising some solutions, i.e., Graphene, DPOS,Bitshares, Steem, EOS, etc. (EOS Presentation) It was already pretty incomprehensible for these billionaire not to identify the problems mentioned above whether or not it was intentional of them, it's only getting more so, now that Dan has written about and devised so many successful solutions.

I've known about Dan's revolutionary solutions like DPOS/Graphene/Bitshares for more than 3 years now and some of his most fundamental ideas for 2 years. I'm a one man band. It's not like these were obscure projects. Bitshares was in the top 10-20 biggest market cap for most of its life and currently sits in #22 and Dan was known to be its main creator since the very beginning.

Joy Is What It's All About!

Money creation doesn't have to be centralized anymore. Each 3 seconds new Steem are being created in a decentralized manner by rules decided proportionally by everyone who owns them. Steem is large scale uncensorable information dissemination and consensus decision making platform. Pseudo-consensus decision affecting billions are currently made by a few politicians and wealthy capitalists and relayed by centralized companies with everything this entail.

Steem has given the world the power to disseminate the most empowering information and direct incentives, for each of us, to use this power!

What I Stand For!

I'm here helping in the creation of decentralized systems which empower and bring Joy to all.

Wealth is just a tool and not an end in itself. Joy is what I'm all about.

Approving My Witness

Consider approving my witness if you share those ideals and consider approving other witnesses too, seriously! I try not to ask for witness vote in the private chat so I'm mostly doing it here through my blogs. If you've never heard about Steem witness and are serious about Steem I recommend reading my article "What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!"

Type teamsteem at the bottom of the page and then click vote.


I'm now signing 8 blocks a day, 1-2 more than before the publication of my previous post.

Thank you for reading and for your comments! I read them all!

Official (24h/7 Voice chat with Steemians)

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Im confused by steem. I transferred bitcoin into my Steemit account and own 75 Steem tokens, but my account value only states $129. If Steem is over $2 then why is my value so low. Do i need to convert the Steem tokens into something else?

Thank you for your question. You Steem are really worth 129. The price feed need to catch up that's why.

Answers to 70% of your questions are in #2, 20% in #7 and the rest is scattered all over the universe.

Yeah I noticed it takes a while for the actual price to catch up with reality.

Great information!!Thanks for this article. I love the cryptos and the metals. I spent several hours putting this mining stock investigation together. I hope you find it of value. I think silver and gold may be ready to start moving up again very soon. This is an article I wrote breaking down some mining companies, the better of which should outperform the metals themselves by a wide margin.

Great post sir, but dont make it seem like you joined steem last week. Youve been on steem since last year may, and took massive advantage of the price back then.
Steemit isnt a one day thing.
Im happy that youve got some great cash out of it, but most whales today dont look in the direction of minnows.

You speak of following the top 300+? What is the use when they dont follow back(because many dont)? You are able to see their posts, but they wont see yours, you feed them, they dont feed you. Thats an elite way of thinking, and you dont mention how to get whales to follow back.

The rich get richer. Thats what you are selling sir, and its worked for you, enjoy your 3k plus sbd.

Yes, except now. I just saw your post now. You should look at my last post, at the very end. You'll see why I think there is thing you haven't consider that are wrong.

Also I didn't make it seem like I joined last week. It's written on my profile. This is public information.

When I say follow the top people then you can know which you agree with and try to have their attention. Some make money almost exclusively from commenting. The greater your comments the greater your chance they will follow you back.

Steem is great and will reward everyone or it will fail because it will fail the majority. If it fails the majority then it can't succeed.

Currently if the price of Steem goes up or down 4% then I lose or make around 6,000$ which no 3,000$ post can make for. Read more at the end of my last post.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy life!

For this poat you make 3,450$ wow!!!! I like your job ! I hope to level up and my self.

Thank you

Why cryptocurrency is not yet being people's first choice of investment ?

because cryptos are new and not regulated and there is less security than in fiat currency. This can change in the next years

Government are the one creating the regulation. Governments are MAFIA. Government aren't a good thing. There's more on this in my writings. Thank you for your input though.

@teamsteem, I am new here, I love this platform beacuse it will be the future of social media...I will help in promoting steem to more success and I am fired up. (following you)..Iagree with your comment and therefore nominate your comment as comment of the day...bless you and more success

It's better not to be regulated... That is why cryptos have been so successful! They are much more than a fad or a good business, they can eventually mean the long-awaited separation between the economy and the state, the same as the state separated from the church as well. For the sake of the cryptos and its users, I hope that the regulations take time to arrive. Although, I do not see how states can regulate something that is so abstract, at the same time cryptos are everywhere and nowhere.

"...cryptos are everywhere and nowhere."

Holly molly!

That's a good question! Because most people on Earth live from pay check to pay check and that's not even an exaggeration. This is real. And millions might not even know where there next meal will be coming from. Wow. Thinking about this got me emotional. You knowing where you next meal come from. Damn.

I could not imagine it myself and hopefully some day in the near future it can all change. With this new world of cryptos I believe it is very positive step forward in the right direction.

Very true! It seems that the majority of the people who make a good living have no desire to contribute anything toward helping people less fortunate than themselves, at least here in the U.S. Why is it that they complain about that tiny portion of their taxes going to the food stamp program, but they never seem to complain about that large chunk of their taxes going toward the bloated defence budget?
I'm poor, and I'd gladly pay a bit more on income taxes if it went toward universal health care in this country.

And yet one of the major boosters to cryptos is expected to come from the poorest parts of the world, specifically those places where people don't have access to banks or funding. I agree with you 100% about the paycheck to paycheck. I couldn't get a single member of my family to invest in Bitcoin. I am not even going to address the skepticism I receive when I mention steemit, common response "where does the money come from?" I think however in countries where people literally have no other options, they are more likely to adopt cryptos and that is attributing to the current rise. What do you think?

I think because it's hard for people to understand, and perhaps cynicism as well. But pretty sure in about 2 or 3 years it will invade the mainstream and become more commonplace.

Because I trust physical gold and silver more.

but why? So much gold and silver has been proven to be fake gold and silver. A lot of easy scams in that industry.

Yes. Buy from a reputable dealer who is in business for a long time and who has a track record of doing business correctly. There is so much hacking going on in the crypto-world, pcs, internet and elictricity can fail, everything is just virtual, You have nothing tangible in Your hands. So I don't trust cryptos for the time being despite all the hype going on at the moment.

I think for me, my issue is that I'm not inherently interested in 'how to improve my steem game' or the statistics that the vast majority of successful channels talk about.

I want to learn, I want to read people's perspectives on life and science and I want to educate. Unfortunately, this seems to be the least valuable form of steeming, so I'm under no illusion that I could follow this advice and succeed.

But yeah for those who are here to succeed monetarily, great, great post! I'll definitely look through the top posters and see if any match my interests

Learning has value. Steem has value. Everything in life has value. You can read the whole series and you will learn a lot. I'm definitely heading into other subjects. But every subjects are part of the whole game of life of determining what has the most value.

Maybe if you read the whole series you can get a much better sense of what I'm saying. Just read the #1 and see...

We'll all end up trying to communicate the most valuable/empowering experiences...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You're right, and I tend to find interest in whatever I read enough into, so yeah. I shall continue (I was at work when first commenting)

I totally loved this post! So insightful, I'm going to follow and look at other posts similar, thanks for sharing! Keep going full STEEM ahead!

I Agree!!

You might want to take a look at the whole series if you haven't in particular #2 and #6. You'll know everything to know about Steem. Or so to speak.

Awesome! I Will do that :) thanks for the heads up!

Wow really in depth post made me think about the real impact we can have as we grow. Do you think Steem can hit the top 5 cryptos within a year or two? With the maximum supply being 250mil is this going to be any kind of disadvantage compared to other coins like Bitcoin with 21 mil max supply?

Not only do I think this is a very real possibility, I think this is very likely. And I've put my money where my mouth is. More thoughts on this in my post below.

" Set To Become The World's Most Popular Website" (Part of The Ultimate Steembook)

Really good post that! My main worries are if Youtube suddenly decide they dont want to be associated with Steem then they won't allow the sharing of videos. And of course if any laws arre brought in to restrict cryptos. You say STEEM can't be censored but what if governments do heavily restrict it, then the vast majority of people wouldnt touch it and Steemit website couldn't survive. Personally some countries goverments may come in and ban it but I think as long as Steemit evolves and we keep ahead of the inevitable competition we will succeed in the long term.

If Canada bans Steem, I'm moving out and I'll have the money to do it. It's doubtful all coutries could ban cryptos at the same time but government interference into crypto is a possible problem I agree, YouTube, less so I think.

I can't wait for the Facebook era to go down!! GO STEEM!!!

Fantastic article. I have been here for less than 24 hours and I cannot stop thinking about Steemit. I have already posted my first article! Help me gain some traction and up vote if you like the research! <3

Upvoted and Re-Steemed
Steem on!!! <3

I agree. Haven't been on Facebook for quite some time because I just can't stand it. Way to many advertisements and drama. cheers

I think Facebook is already on the way down as it's starting to mirror the decline of Myspace in many way.


Great reply, down with Fascistbook! LOL

You will like what I have coming out tomorrow for sure then!!

Amazing. So much info on the foundation of joy!
I'm in!
Voted, resteemed and following.
Thanks for your post.

Read this post several times because there is so much to learn. Thank you for the great explanation! Don't get the whole witness thing quite yet. But I do see you have posts on that too. Resteemed and upvoted.

Yeah take a look at #2 and the post on witness and you'll know everything there is to know about Steem or so to speak.

Great post! Though for the record, I'm @zurvanic

Wow! That was a major case of dyslexia on my part. I corrected it. And thank you for the compliment.

No worries! I look forward to more of your content. :)

@teamsteem Fantastic quality post there! Maybe consider adding Steemit.Chat somewhere in there perhaps? :)

I made a mention of it but I just re-linked it at the bottom of the post. Great idea. Thank you @firepower!

Thanks :)

Excellent post, thank you!

Others would have separated the content in 5 chapters and 10 sub-chapters and would have made 15 separate postings out of this to have a daily post over the next two weeks to maximize profit. Not you though. You make it the RIGHT way. Superior post this here. Kudos! Voted, resteemed.

There's trade off between the 2.

Maybe I should have split it in a couple posts. Anyway, my main concern is doing what is best for the community.

Yes it is actually a few topics lined up. But it's really cumbersome to go through all those 5 sentence posting to grasp the big picture and get all the details as well. So it is appreciated to have it all in one : )

Yeah! You're so right. That's why I'm doing it this way. I'm glad you have felt this way about it.

Nice post. I'm new to Steemit so I have a lot to learn.

@teamsteem wonderful post thank you for helping me learn more about Steem including the richlist and more curiosity about becoming a witness! Being new and reading your profile, it is challenging to figure out how you are connected to Steem with an official looking account that I at first confused with the official Steemit account in this post! Would you consider changing your profile name to your real name to help us get to know you better?

Hi Jerry. I'm glad you like the post. I love yours to.

To answer your question, there's no way to change account name on Steem. Power up to another account an losing all my followers is not an option either.

It's okay. I'm not a scammer. I kinda well known around here. Whenever people think I'm part of Steemit I just let them know I'm not. I sometimes mention it in my posts.

I have vouched for you here with Jerry.

I can personally vouch for @teamsteem Jerry. He is as legitimate as it comes just like you are in the DASH community where I have interacted with many of you there, blogged many times about DASH, etc.

He lives a few hours east of me, and he is a solid individual with great morals, and looking out for people and the greater good my friend.

Steem On Jerry, keep up the good work, we are glad to have you here my man!

I really like your analysis on where Steemit is and where it's going, I totally agree. Your posts are always packed with great advice and valuable info, so thanks for putting in a great effort.
Vote @teamsteem for witness!!

Thank you for your vote to my witness.


meep meep :P


Thanks for the mention :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

One hell of a post!
I think i'll read all your older posts as well.

I recommend reading the series mentioned a the bottom of my post if you do. I'm thinking about providing a audio version at some point.

That's a good idea or better yet, maybe a presentation type video? (though that would require a lot of work)
I'll start digging through your recommended posts!

Yeah. I'm not skilled into professional filming. Yet.

I like what you had to say and share a number of your ideas. Though I have been here a while, I have yet to give a witness vote. I just made you my first. Thanks for your post and your efforts.

Thank you @clint-ftz! I'm now following you.

Awesome advice! I upvoted your witness btw. :)

Me too :)

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Now that was one hell of a post! I've used steemwhales a bit to do the same thing. Steem on!

Great post!!!

Thank you @aggroed! You rock! Follow @aggroed guys if you aren't already! This guy is awesome and doing awesome work for Steem. He's also a witness.

There are two rules to success in life - 1. Don't tell people everything you know...

Yeah. On Steem it's backward.

Haha yes I am new to this and I love it.

This article was mind blowing!

Now that Dennis, the Empire's IT guy, has perfected the transmission of steemit through time and space, I expect you will continue to see such growth.

Say hi to Dennis for me My Lord.

You might want to consider having a look at my Domino's Pizza stock related IPO next launch post today, it might send your crypto profits with Vera in the next.....



-- Perhaps one that is far far away!

Thank you for the intelligence report.

I bet Luke would give his right arm for good info M'Lord!

I see what you did there.

I started a new Friday series called Facebook Wallet Fridays, if you want to have a look Lord Vader.

I then tried to share that by DM and on people's Fascistbook pages and Fedbook blocked it all.

How is your Facebook Wallet doing????

Giver a look if you have a minute, it is a very intentional shot at Fakebook and their Fedbook, fascistbook policies.

They have a very..... Dark Side to them!!

That's such a nice confirmation.

very helpfull, thanks!

"I work more than 10 hours on most of my posts"
Holy... :D Nice work!

hahahaha.... This is me when I read that part

It's a long time of dedication, I think that's why he is successful in steem

That's incredible! Worth all his success!


This has been extremely helpful but even more importantly empowering! I just recently found out about steemit and from what I have learned so far this community seems outstanding. I look forward to being a part of it more.

Thank you for the suggestions of those to follow but also overall how the entire system works. For sure one of the cryptos I will love to earn but also hold on to.

Contagious enthusiasm and great ideas / points.

Proud to be a part of this adventure. <3 teamsteem!

Thank you @klye!

What do you think is it better to invest in bitcoin or steem? I guess with steem I earn 10 times more, with bitcoin maybe 1-2 more?

This fluctuate from minute to minute and depends on how much money you have to invest and what are your goals.

My goal is for next 6 months for long run, possible short run to sell and buy when it's too high and when it's falling down. But mostly to keep it

I believe steem is the best currency to invest it. All of these other currency's can be unreliable and expensive with steem, you can pick your time to comment, submit a story, etc. and its free!

I think that, with this article, I have something to read for the next seven days :D

It is huge and seems very usefull

Well said, good advice and some nice overall analysis of wealth and the concept as whole.

Thank you @justtryme90!

I work about 1 hour on my Challenge posts, making gifs editing photos converting video to gif. Somehow they sometimes get overlooked. Then I post something that took me 3 minutes as an experiment and it makes 10 times more than my 1 hour post. It;s not getting me down though, know there is a big learning curve. Still getting the hang of making quality content, loving every step so far.

I'm inspired by your story and your dedication.

Thank you @seablue! You inspire me too!

STEEMPOWER seems to me the best investment this year!

Thanks for very informative post. I am on a mission in start implementing your suggestions.

thank you so much for all these amazing tips and its so helpful to everyone in this community!!! btw I LOVE YOUR SHIRT :D

I think you're spot on in your predictions @teamsteem. The Steem platform will totally replace currect social media platforms. Your logic and argument is very compelling. Thank you for the information and insight you've shared.

What a mammoth but fantastic post! You are an inspiration. I disagree slightly with following top people for the sake of it but each to their own. I still take my hat off to you for your successes!

Most top people don't post most so it doesn't necessarily add much noise to the feed.

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Hey @teamsteem! This article help me better understand steemit as a project, but more importantly as a community. I am new here (about 4 days in), and there is so much to learn.

It is important that new community members learn about the community structure. It is also important that we get to know the community members as well.

Thanks for passing along this information. I would never have made the connections that you presented anytime soon, unless you posted this article.


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I should have taken that speed-reading class.

You should try listening to them with text to speech software. I use textaloud version2 with neo's voice. Every other text to speech software I use doesn't come close to how human this voice sound. The newer version of textaloud is also messing up neo's voice. Anyway, any text-to-speech software is better than none in my opinion.

Thank you for tips, steem look very good currency

I think so too!

We are truly on an exceptional ride right now. I had no idea that so many people had that many Bitcoins in their account!

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