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Many times since I've known about cryptocurrencies, I've thought to myself, if I had done this trade or these trades, I would have made many thousands of dollars sometimes more than I ever did in an entire year.

To put this into perspective, I try to think to myself, many people go to sleep every day thinking: "I might not have eaten to full satiation today but tomorrow, tomorrow might be different." This is part of the reality we live in. The eight richest men possess more than the half of the world's poorest and the share of the wealthiest is growing. [source]

Whether or not, the powers that ought not to be, created the current situation humanity is in today, mostly intentionally or unintentionally, they won't listen to our solutions, in fact they will try to stop us any of our actions that would challenge their pyramid of power.

So no matter what brought us in the situation we're in today, those of us who want a better world need to design and bring about the much needed fixes.


Cryptocurrency is a new technology created in January 2009 with the first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin.

If their current growth rate of the past couple of years continue, they will soon represent most of the world currency value. In the current post I will try to make those stats and trends as easy to comprehend and verify as possible.

I will give an in-depth explanation of what is Bitcoin and a little primer on cryptocurrencies in an upcoming post.

Cryptocurrency Markets Are Huge!

The combined value (market cap) of all cryptocurrencies currently sits at around $117B. It's an all-time high. If cryptocurrency were a company it would be the 57th biggest one by market cap. [Forbes]

If cryptocurrencies were compare to the M3 (the total amount of money of a country), it would rank cryptocurrencies as the 54th biggest economy, right between Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Cryptocurrencies' market cap have gone up 908% in the last 365 days, from $11,7B to $117B.

At this rate, cryptocurrencies would surpass Apple's market cap of $752B in under a year and become part of the G20, ranking as the 18th biggest economy. In less than 2 years, cryptocurrencies would rank as the third biggest economy, right under China and the USA and 1 year later. They would then represent $120T.

As of January 1 2017, all fiat currencies, stock and gold markets combined equated to roughly $159T. [souce: Economy - under broad money.]

These are only extrapolations of past trends but they are very interesting nonetheless. If these trends hold, cryptocurrrencies will rapidly become a real challenge to all national currencies.

The equation: $117B10.0810.08*10.08≈$120T

Investing Our Time Wisely

I've known about cryptocurrencies since July 2011. I've began reading about them daily in 2013 and began investing in the same year. (I might have erroneously stated 2012 in the past.)

I've been telling people to have a serious look into cryptocurrency since 2014 and have begun encouraging people to invest in early 2015 when I felt like Bitcoin's biggest bubble had passed.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of currency or money and have a nominal value in dollars. Their value fluctuate in relation with the offer and demand on online markets, called exchanges. These exchanges are websites where anyone can log onto and buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

These exchanges act like the different stock exchanges. A list of close to 500 active cryptocurrencies can be found here at It also list more than 400 other cryptocurrencies which have low to no activities which mean are possibly not being used anymore.

Clicking on the price of each cryptocurrencies on the list will bring up a page listing the biggest exchanges for each cryptocurrencies. Here's an example of such a list for Bitcoin which currently is the cryptocurrency with the biggest market cap. The market cap of Bitcoin is the total value of all Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency space overall price performances are simply staggering. No matter what is anyone's take on cryptocurrencies or if they ever heard about them, their price performance since their debut, make it so that anyone in their right mind, must seriously begin to consider allocating time to their investigation.

Comparing Cryptocurrencies To Stock Markets

Bitcoin and Ethereum's performance over the last couple of years leave the best performing stocks of "all-time" in the dust. (Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.)

In 2016, only 8 companies of the S&P 500 had a better price performance than 2016 Bitcoin performance and only 2 of these 8 companies have a bigger market cap than current Bitcoin market cap. [source]

Ethereum was sold at 0.29$-0.32$ on its ICO lauch date of 22 July to 5 August 2014. It's current price, on July 17, is 184$. This is an increase of 84,275% over 3 year. [source]

Other interesting stats on all-time best performing stocks can be seen here.

Bitcoin Price

The Graph

Cryptocurrencies Market Cap

(In Billions)

Shares Of Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Market Cap

  • Bitcoin (47.26%)
  • Ethereum (21.49%)
  • Ripple (5.88%)
  • Bitcoin Cash (3.89%)
  • NEM (2.10%)
  • Litecoin (2.05%)
  • Ethereum Classic (1.23%)
  • Dash (1.22%)
  • IOTA (1.13%)
  • (Found more here)

Cryptocurrencies In Numbers

Though the current cryptocurrency trends have an upper limit, they will continue their growth and help us to create a better, more enjoyable world.

I will repeat my simple comparison from my previous post which can help people understand why cryptocurrencies are shifting power away from central authorities and how this is greatly benefiting everyone.

I want to add, cryptocurrencies cost less to transact than fiat-currencies. They can also be used as contracts, smart contracts, systems of item tracking and much more.

National Currencies

  • The cost of creating new money is negligible.
  • The future creation rate is unknown and decided by a small group.
  • They can be counter-fitted.
  • Nobody knows exactly how much money there is.
  • Benefit those who benefit from the growing money supply, at the expense of everyone else. (It's that simple.)


  • The cost of creating Bitcoin is non-negligible.
  • The exact future creation rate is known.
  • They can't be counter-fitted.
  • Everyone can know exactly how much Bitcoin has been created.
  • Benefit everyone fairly.

The Upward Trends Of Cryptocurrencies

This great shift of wealth from national currencies to cryptocurrencies is well on its way and as I said will continue its course. Only a black swan even could reverse the current trends.

Anyone with some money sitting somewhere can benefit from these trends and will benefit from learning about why these trends will most likely continue in the direction they have for the past couple of years.

As I explain how cryptocurrencies are created, the reasons why these upward trends will continue will become clearer.

Let me just say, hardware miners capable of mining cryptocurrencies have become the most profitable commodities as well as the cryptoccurrencies themselves. Cryptocurrencies based on other mining process than POW, like those based on DPOS such as Bitshares, Steem and EOS could very soon change that meaning those process could become more profitable.

Creating Enjoyable Human Experiences!

If anyone of us lack water to drink and food to eat, no bits of computer data, paper money or precious metals could ever make up for it. Let us not forget that what we fundamentally value the most is the food and water that sustain us, and what makes our consciousness able enjoy itself.

If there are people dying of hunger and going insane all around us because of the barbaric ways of our current society, then no amount of food could ever be enough to satiate our universal hunger for justice.

Let's try to avoid greedily acquiring bits of digital information os subjective value. Let's instead favor creating meaningful and enjoyable human experiences.

Share Your Truths And Humbly Admit Your Mistakes!

We share our truths so as to maximize our life's enjoyment. These truths are our personal truths and fluctuate ever closer to a greater truth.

Let us not forget the current faith of those who go hungry, those who have lost their freedom to injustices and anyone going through some hardships whatever those are.

Let's all look to improve our ways of life and spreading this idea far and wide.

Steemit's Popularity Is Still Skyrocketing!

Steem is a cryptocurrency. It allows for new feature Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies don't have. Click here to learn more. is still quite small but its potential is infinite and its popularity is still rocketing!

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The combined value (market cap) of all cryptocurrencies currently sits at around $117B. It's an all-time high. If cryptocurrency were a company it would be the 57th biggest one by market cap. [Forbes]

And we have only scratched the surface of this too, that is really mind blowing the amount of LIBERTY that is right on our doorstep, if we consider our moves carefully individually and collectively to take back the power the corrupt have thieved from us --- and that our statism and laziness has given to them.

Another amazing post FILLED and packed with gold nuggets.


Thank you for another stellar piece of life changing material @teamsteem.

Sleep well brother!!

The powers would be will start a war before the submit they're power and control of us all like petulant children at a food fight at a local crèche for retards. They did not make these weapons of diplomacy for farmers in Vietnam and goat herders in Iraq, they made them for this type of revolution. Food and Water has and always will be the one true currency when all the talking is done.
Nice article too, props to the author.
Many blessings to you all, from the best minnow writer you've never heard of x

I'm really honored to be here with you my friend! I realize that we share so many of those sometimes heavy and hard to carry convictions! And this is a very good feeling!

As you said so well, there's a whole lot of liberty on our doorstep and this too feel really good.

I agree with you that is up to us to take it back!

I'm really recognizant of all the special attentions you give everyone. You're a very thoughtful and very fun person!

I'm inviting everyone to go take a look at Barry's latest post: Today's my 1 Year birthday on Steemit as it is a real treat one of the best post I've ever read.


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Very well said, Love tha.

Thanks @teamsteam, good article. I just start reading your articles, saw couple other good ones already. I have couple questions;
I could not understand how you came up with $120T?
Do you think, ICOs are creating bubble in coin valuations?
Looking forward to see your upcoming posts. Thanks again

The market cap increase 908% in the last 365 days.

The current market cap is 117 billions.

117 * 9.08+117= 1179 after a year.
11710.08=1179 after a year
10.0810.0810.08=120 Trillions after 3 years.

I've said away from most ICO besides EOS. They might be creating little bubbles but compare to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with the exception of EOS, these ICO are still relatively small and these bubbles if they one shouldn't affect the market too much.

Good thinking, I like the way you are simplifying the numbers.
I think, I made it unnecessarily complicated in my mind. In my calculations, I was looking for the total available bitcoin (with consideration of the new segwit and supply issues) x future bitcoin price (with factoring the future increase demand).
Thanks again :)

Great thanks;)

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Great post! I agree wholeheartedly that block chain levels the monetary playing field and can help bring the manipulated monetary policy out from the shadows and into the light. As more people begin to understand the basic principles of crypto and the utility they provide, their acceptance will spread the world over. You've earned a follow and my witness vote.

We do share the a lot of the same conviction on the current monetary system. Thank you for support my witness. I really appreciate. I follow you and look forward to learn more from you!

Great post - thanks

Great post

Thanks for helping us understand and learn a little more. I hope I can continue learning from you.

I'm grateful for it! I'm hoping to be able to continue being grateful for every joy I feel, things I learn and teach!

makes me cry

"Steem potential is infinite" That's what I like to hear @teamsteem!

Also just voted you as a witness, let's go! :)

Good choice for witness votes @stackin !!!!

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You deserve it boss 😎

You have definitely earned a Witness vote from me . And I totally agree with you, cryptocurrency is expanding bigger and bigger every year , you're lucky to know about it from years ago and now you can educate others on it as well. I know that crypto currency will take over , it's already happening with the rise this month . @teamsteem

Thank you @journeyoflife! I very much appreciate your support.

It's true that I was "lucky" to learn about them early. I've put lucky between quotation marks because it was equal part luck and part wilful determination.

The sudden rise of the past few days was a bit of a surprise for me. A nice surprise indeed!

A nice surprise towards the future . All the best :)

A big amen to that.


great post teamsteem! crypto will take over because the general public knows​ it's fairer than the current system!

It is very true and markets are discovering this truth too.

I am glad to hear it. He earned my witness vote so long ago, like @timcliff -- I cannot remember LOL.

I love active people on here who are detail oriented.

@teamsteem is a very smart choice @journeyoflife

I agree , great content creators deserve to be at their highest point .

Thank you very much to both of you!

Wow! What a great wealth of information! Thank You! I would love to hear more on the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Might be a good mini-series of posts?

Ha ha! I'm very glad to have you ask this. It is a mini-series. There's at least another one coming in this series and probably more.

I've always thought this about your posts, they are packed with good stuff LOL

That's great to hear! I'll be looking forward to it!

Some of his posts have so much good stuff in them, I have long thought the same thing @sarahsayjay

Shared on Twitter for you man. I will have 2k followers there soon!


and still so many people do not understand what the word means, and are 'scared' to learn because they are heavily sedated by the mainstream media.
My next step is investing in some silver and hopefully later gold. What are others opinions on this? Anybody hear investing in the same way?
I am excited about the future of crypto.. I am still new with the learning kind of wish I had some kind of cryptocurrency mentor to point me in the right direction =D lol...

You can actually invest in gold and a cryptocurrency at the same time with something like OGC (OneGram Coin)... a Shariah-compliant crypto backed by gold: Of course this is not the only choice and I implore you to read the white-paper and do other research before starting a new investment. Best of luck!

As a mentor I would say, begin to invest, buying cryptocurrencies in particular Bitcoin. In my next post I plan on explaining more of my reasoning.

Edit: I really love your comment by the way.

Thanking you. Anyone I speak to (in the real world) about this seems to be sleeping!:)... so your advice is important to me! Therefore I look forward to your next post!I will keep an eye on your blog for it to appear there...

Also I would reconsider investing in precious metals. Warren Buffet once said, he'd much prefer having all the agricultural land of the USA than having all the gold in the world. He said he always prefer to have something working form him than old on to currencies like the US Dollars or something like precious metal.

Sure precious metals are infinitely better than the US Dollars but in today's economy I'd seriously take a look and cryptocurrencies and if you want to diversify further taking a look at investing in gardening, food forests, solar panels, something that will work for you.

That's funny because I was at an event recently where I overheard some people discussing foraging ( not in terms of economy), but as a means preventing us from not losing touch with the land.- I definitely do not have green fingers =) -, but again I can see their are huge benefits financially such as herbs yields of cut flowers and vegetables, all of which can be very valuable in the long term.
Time to think ahead , while we are at the beginning eh?
Thank You for your time, I know you must be busy!

You are making good comments on posts today I noticed sister.

Bitcoin is now 3x the value of gold (see part of my early-day post about 12 hours ago) -- and gold is hard to store and carry LOL.

I joke but there is some truth to this.

Diversify and sounds like you are sharp and determined to learn, you will be fine I am sure.

I am very curious , and determined. I want to learn more just incase I will be kicking myself down the line. Also, important if the Euro were to turn completely worthless ( not far off already lol) over night. - who will think that I already planned for it :)
Thank you for taking time out of your busy steemit comments to reply!!.. it encouraged me to learn, & I will take it as a sign that I should start investing!!!
Ill hold off on the gold for now after reading ur last post... x3 !!!!.. id be a fool not to jump on the bandwagon!

It is important to remember..... we are all here early. It's a fact.

Sure, we were all not here in crypto maybe 2, 3 or 5 yrs ago....... but if you consider the bell curve and where we are at on it, we are here early / as early adopters.

The crypto market cap has been on a bull run since the NIGHT of the Bitcoin Forkening, which a lot of people are forgetting that was THE key trigger to moving the markets. It just was, the charts show it.

We just crossed the $120B market cap last nite, I am going to say maybe ~15 hours ago.

Compare that with the global money markets reach and the world population, and you can see what I am saying today is true in all my comments in this post.

We are here early, this is just the beginning.

I have to say again what I said in previous comment to 'teamsteem', It is sounding more and more sensible to me that I should think ahead, while we are at the beginning! =) ,Going from a lot of current events, I am worried about the strength of my euro for the future, and I have been looking here and there for smarter ways to protect myself from inflation. I hope crypto will also gain value because of the demand for it increasing =) There is no crystal ball, but as you stated you have been pretty much confident about it from the start- so I am pretty much going to take your advice. ..& blame you if it doesn't work out ( Just kidding!!!>.lol;) )

Awesome post! I'll vote for you to become a witness.

Thanks for the post. I would like to share a nice infographic about all the money in the world.

The numbers are a little bit different than yours I think, but nevertheless nice to see what the possibilities are for the future :-)

I don't think I ever seen this one.

Great post. Got my vote

only a matter of time until homes are sold and credit cards are maxed out to buy Bitcoin.

You want to be on this train!

Steem should hit $2 soon and I think its very real that it reaches at least $5 by the end of year , if you look at the growth

Amazing article, dude.

I really like the part with how we should invest our time and the part about the cryptos.

Yes the market is huge, but enough and could be manipulated easily, however the cryptos are our future. Our opportunity for becoming millionares.

I believe one day they will replace fiat. The are created for that, thats their primary goal.

About investing our time wisely, yes we have to know what is productive for us and develop it.

Cheers, @duhov

I really like your strategy of posting very high quality articles every few days as opposed to posting something meh every day. You have my full uv!

I think the explanation about cryptocurrency and bitcoin for new people here like me really need master @teamsteem. For me personally so far is still very difficult to understand both. But by often reading postings like this @teamsteem I am sure, me and others in steemit who have not understood will immediately understand... Thank you for sharing @teamsteem

A post that is very useful for all newbies who are new to the bitcoin world.
They can find out how this bitcoin history can exist.
And also they can see and know the comparison of bitcoin progress each year.
In my opinion, this is a very unusual post.
I am @aroyl thanking you.
I will wait for your post more extraordinary again.

It's an in depth article and a very detailed analysis is presented. I am thankful that I've come across this. I am inspired by the sheer talents in writing in steemit day by day. Congratulations to all of us!

Amazing post - upvoted, resteemed & followed!

The main thing is we work with love!)

Nice informative post.

Great post! Very insightful!

Brilliant article, you got my vote.

I just wanted to add, these aren't all strictly "currencies" either, they are versatile technologies, some unique and the only emerging in their field. Others will crush the competition, and victors will take the entire markets in many areas.

Blockchain is going to be implemented GLOBALLY (the chinese are about to start paying taxes with it) whether people like it or not.

And 100 fold opportunities are out there, in a ridiculous frequency.

This is a very informative post. You hit on a lot of good topics. I have been feeling a little worried about investing in crypto, but I am pumped again. Also I liked the link on Steemit. it had some helpful hints too!

Very informative post :D

Great post and insights. Thank you

Great post. I think Steem will one day be worth several 100 dollars, and I look forward to that! Who would have ever thought BitCoin to be in the thousands back in 2010.. I certainly didn't. If Steem can get to $10 that would be very practicable in comparison.

I wish so too! We'd live in a very different and much better world by then too. But Steem is just one cryptocurrency among many other crypto. It is very different and is bringing a lot of new innovation and opportunity but it's only a piece of a bigger puzzle. Let's not forget it!

Awesome post! Resteemed.

"The eight richest men possess more than the half of the world's poorest and the share of the wealthiest is growing. "

This is exactly why I've dedicated my life to giving back to those who are not as fortunate as me. I'm not going to have kids because they take up too much time and energy which I could be using to help people who really need it.

To that effect I donate my birthday to charity every year. Today is my birthday and I don't accept any presents from anyone, I simply ask people to donate to a charity which I've spent a lot of time researching to ascertain its' effectiveness. Anyone who's interested in donating can find out more info here.

Some ppl aren't ready to wake up to the fact that they are actually in charge of themselves. It's articles like this that pull in the ones that are. Cheers to the future

Cheers to your very nice comment my friend!

I agree with you sir, and a hardcore believer that the steem would be the only solution of poverty. In fact it's far different from other crypto currencies, everyone has a chance to earn some few dollar to thousand a day without the need of expensive devices.

And the small step we make to spread the knowledge today, would be rewarded big in the future. We are all affected with this humble beginning.

I think we should see Steem as part of the solution. Without internet cryptocurrencies wouldn't exist and without Bitcoin, Steem wouldn't exist... Steem is only a part of a bigger picture. Everything is always part of a bigger picture.

"In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth." - Xunzi

Somehow it is.

I found your article very interesting !!! Thank you

You can bring a horse to water but you can't make them drink is what I always say.

That is so true!

Wow! Great article with tons of useful info.
Upvoting and resteemed. I will definitely consider casting my vote for you.

Cheers! from @thedamus

Witness already approved. It's our duty to make a positive change and not focus on greed.
Greed will kill us all but I believe it is evitable if we all have the courage to change/to evolve.

The potential of Steemit and the crypto world are infinite.
Are we all willing to make a positive difference ?

Thanks. nice Articles as always

let's see this another steemit rival

ha! , that about sums it up !

Yes, it sure does!

Very informative post and very useful to anyone new to crypto. Well done @teamsteem

Crypto <3!!

Good post! Cryptos can act as a world wide currency hedge against fiat currencys. For instance, Venezuela has hyper-inflation, but if you had Bitcoin the purchasing power would have remained the same as before, as opposed to the fiat money that has become worth less and less...

Thank you for sharing

Wow...What an incredibly informative post. I only just started investing in the crypto space this year, and oh what an exciting year it has been. I learned of bitcoin in 2011, and at that time was running scripts on a game called Runescape and was farming currency to sell for fiat.

Oh how I wish that I could have had just a small nudge to go a bit further. I remember downloading the bitcoin and litecoin wallet, but having issues getting the wallets to sync. I never conducted a crypto transaction in the 6 years those wallets were sitting on my PC. I totally would have jumped into mining back then if I could figure it out. I remember BTC at $40-50 at the time.

But better late than never. This has become quite the obsession, and I look forward to seeing what else comes out of the crypto space soon.

PS: How do I vote for someone to become a witness???

To vote for witness click the link below. Head at the bottom of the page and write my name teamsteem then click vote. My name will appear down the list with a little blue arrow. Don't click back on the arrow or you'll remove your witness vote for me and you'll have to recast your vote.

Thanks for this informative post man! We're hitting daily records with BTC and the market cap in general so the future is looking good indeed! Also cool to hear you're holding EOS 😎
A lot of people don't like it because of the hype but I'm looking forward to seeing the coinmarketcap with @dan's cryptos at the top!

I have a painting about you !!! And I have posted on my blog.

Resteemed this post because I want to read it later after I finish my job.

Thankyou for a great read..I will read it again..I am a newbie with so much to learn..

So interesting. Keep going and good luck! :)

Great post. It's a good primer for the typical complaints (of the uninitiated) that all cryptos/Bitcoin are in a bubble. They've been saying that pretty much since it was $1, and they'll keep saying that until it actually becomes true.

Your data is a good indicator that this is not the case yet, however. You've got my witness vote.

Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it!

Excellent stuff and I have also had the same feeling as well. 2015 was a very bad year for me in general and I primarily got washed out of my crypto investments. I had mined 1000 Monero in 2014 and early 2015. I couldn't survive the crypto nuclear winter. It really sucked but I have learned a ton since I first found out about Bitcoin in 2013. I knew it was the future for sure but things got rough. I just know what during these boom cycles I'm going to work hard but I know that we will likely enter a nuclear winter again and I will be waiting for my chance to strike to take a large position.

I get you. Back then all those coins were many times easier to mine. I began to mine in 2012 and made so many bad deal selling to altcoin when I totally shouldn't have. Let's look toward the future though.

Crypticurrencies giving more returns when compared to stockmarket, there is a circuit limit in stocks. People who cathed cryptos are lucky they are enjoying the fruits of it.

Everyone will benefit.

Hey! Thanks for the info!!

I totally agree when you wrote that " is still quite small but its potential is infinite and its popularity is still rocketing!" I ignored Bitcoin for so long then when I heard of Steemit I was forced to look at cryptocurrencies. Now, I try to digest anything about it and Steem! - from a newbie, @go2sheila

I still don't see how crypto does much more than our traditional currencies to prevent a concentration of power and encourage socially responsible behavior (I guess more transparency is a good thing, but if you have enough power you might not care if people know all the bad stuff you do).

I do think community can do a lot to create more opportunities, a better distribution of resources and so on. That is the main reason why steemit stands out, because it is still very conducive to community building. But as it becomes more saturated and money continues to flow to the top (it will because when you have investments money attracts more money) we are going to have to come up with really innovative ways and really band together based on shared values if we want to remain a healthy place for community to grow and even so, the concentration of wealth will continue unless certain regulations are put in place. What those regulations are....I think it will take time and trial and error to build a consensus.

If the steemit ecosystem starts to look like the world economy, it's not necessarily a bad thing, it will allow us to reevaluate our philosophies and hopefully it will remain a healthy place to freely discuss the implications.

Experimentation can always allow us to learn something and steemit is quite experimental by design.

Thank you for this this helps me understand this a little bit more!

Great run through on cryptocurrency. At what price point did you get in?

A life changing post . truly thinking about it. welldone

Good job on this post brother, I see that steem is also very important to obtain aswell. I can't wait to see what EOS will have to offer in the future!

Great post, was a realy nice read :)

amazing post...i readed your post its great!!!!! WOW
many people lives are changed because of cryptocurrencies
at the time cryptocurrency launched bitcoin people not having trust on cryptocurrency after some years peoples started believing in Bitcoin and many other coins.the crypto coin market cap is daily increasing day by day. it will reach the top of the world currency.
Thank you @teamsteam for sharing your information.

What an amazing informative post. I have it bookmarked for future read and to share with frienda that are new to krypto

What is the highest price currency in the world 🌎 cryptocurrency, paper currency , country currency or TIME

be your passion"Be who you wanted to be ever since childhood"

Thank you to much @teamsteem
Too much valuable information to think about it.

Hey Great Article!!
It was really useful and Informative!!
Thanks for posting such an impressive totally inspired me..
I write articles on bitcoins and would really appreciate if you would check them out and give your views on it..
Thanks and i already upvoted and followed you :)
Hope to get followed back.

Smart money, the people paying attention and who are informed, is getting out of fiat currencies. They see what's coming.

I genuinely worry about the average investor though. They have no clue about what's coming. They are also usually in a lot of debt.

I wish the best for everyone and hope people will prosper, but I'm also a realist. I'm surrounded by people who are unwilling to do the hard things to become wealthy.

They want the expensive car payment for some crazy reason. They want to eat out all the time. They want to go on vacation all the time instead of saving money.

Most people I know, very sadly, have no extra money to invest. They make sure, because of terrible spending habits, that they never have extra money to risk.

They can't buy crypto because they don't have the extra money left over at the end of the month to "afford" it. The concept of living below their means today to retire comfortably tomorrow just isn't being considered.

What can we do other than try to inform them? I know I cannot change them. Even my closest friends are foolish when it comes to this type of stuff. They pay off a car and buy another one to always have a huge car payment. All they have for retirement is a lousy 401 too, and they don't even have a little extra money for some STEEM.

I often hear and read about how life is so unfair. People complain that no matter what they do, they can never get ahead. It's all lies though. They are the reason they are broke. Their terrible spending habits are to blame, not me or anyone else.

Wealthy people get and stay wealthy because they live below their means. They accumulate capital, and then they put that capital to work. Money works for them; they do not work for money.

I know you, @teamsteem, get it. You get what I'm writing. Most people we know do not though. I wish I could magically make them understand too, for their lives would be much better because of it!

I think the coming changes are so drastic but so much more positive than what we are use to that everyone will benefit even if we have to hit the bottom of the barrel before everything starts to go better for everyone but for once in our life I see this as a realistic possibility.

I know what you mean. These people are kind of too far off in their daily bad habits.

@teamsteem sir u are awesome and very helpful post

Well, it's nice that more people are taking notice of crypto.

For a long time, I never told anyone I was involved, and during those few times that I did talk about it, nobody could understand what I was talking about.

But now I get chances to talk about it all the time. My family, my coworkers---everyone is curious about crypto, and they all come to me with their questions. It's like I've become a kind of celebrity.

And it just keeps getting better and better.

Hahaha! It is! I think this is only the very beginning. Your comment maybe me chuckle quite a lot!

Thank you for post

So beautiful..

I voted and resteemed Dear @teamsteem! 🌻
Good news & good post, Thank you!


Thank you very much @deleni!

well i do doubt that crypto will really get that big, that quickly, but it certainly does have a long way to go in terms of potential markets and money investments that will be made available to the general public.

Yeah. I think my mind went off on a semi bad tangent. I had thought about better metrics to look at but kind of forgot to include them. I'll include at least one of them in my next post. I think it will give a much more realistic forecast.

Es un post alencionador yo soy venezola y vivo en venezuela, somos en este momento el ejemplo mas famoso de como el poder politico y economico oprime a la humanidad, para mi las criptomonedas es el ejemplo mas grande de como podemos liberarnos de esas manipulaciones que solo benefician a un grupo pequeño de la sociedad, creo en las nuevas necnologias y sus beneficios gracias a personas como tu que dedican su tiempo a concienciar sobre este cambio positivo, que es una opcion real de cambiar nuestro modo de vida.

Hello @teamsteem, indeed we have a bright future ahead of us those who have seen and understood the potential value and use of crypto currency in this our changing world ! Great post upvoted ) TeamSteemOn )

This is a long debate, "A great shift of paper money to the digital currency".

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Best regards


The next generation set of millionaires are not those who invested in the oil and gas sector but those who did in cryptocurrencies. Keep it up. So lovely.

@teamsteem - overwhelming collection and research.

Sir how do you see the future of bitcoin?

Would it be challenged by Etheruem and Ripple?

Enjoying the content.

love to exchange ideas

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Cryptocurrency market grows very fast, but it's just a beginning. There is still much to do. When I'm investing on cryptocurrency market, I always think about real value of this project. What technology is behind this project? How it can help people? I never invest on coins whose value is based only on speculation. On Steemit I do the same. I read only valuable posts like yours @teamsteem :) Good luck!

I will put have to read this later.. so much great info.. Like this: Cryptocurrencies' market cap have gone up 908% in the last 365 days, from $11,7B to $117B... so glad my friend @lanceman shared it now this post is in my feed. Great job @teemsteem

Good post

wow - exciting post.
Im in work at the moment alleviating the pain with your knowledge. going to give this post a re-read later on and share the love. thanks :)

i dont like this post sorry

May I ask why you dislike it?

If you find time, I would also like to know why honestly.


Thanks for your time, Barry

"all fiat currencies, stock and gold markets combined equated to roughly $159T."

Great Insights

And Crypto Currency Market Cap of $117B when compared to this is "Nothing"

Someone estimated that Crypto Currency Market Cap will reach 5 Trillion in the Next few Years.

So it is a good time to be invested in crypto currencies, maybe in the ones that are in the Top 3 / 5 according to market cap currently.

-- and Steemit was at 10,000 Alexa rank 2 months back and its now at 2850.

On this pace, Steemit will soon be in the Top 100 websites worldwide and then we can all guess what the Price of Steem will be.

Wishing Good Luck to the Steem Team and all its Users :)

Have a Nice Day

@teamsteem As it takes longer to read across a computer screen than on paper, I am delighted with my time investment to ingest this entire post. The little Good To Know paragraph was worth it alone. Thank you for your service to me and the entire Steemit community.

I'd love to vote for you but I'm so fresh in this space (1 week old) that I don't know yet how how to do it. Could you briefly explain or sent a link and I'll be glad to proceed asap. Rien ne résiste à la bienveillance !

To vote for witness click the link below. Head at the bottom of the page and write my name teamsteem then click vote. My name will appear down the list with a little blue arrow. Don't click back on the arrow or you'll remove your witness vote for me and you'll have to recast your vote.