United We Stand!

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Divided we fall. - Competition has always played a key role in many aspects of life's evolution. Nonetheless, I chose to seek solutions to ultimately put an end to the initiation of violence because everyone’s life would be better off if it could be achieved and because there is insufficient evidence to prove violence is necessary.

No matter how formidable and daunting this task might seem, I do not know of any more enjoyable cause.

Redistributing Power!

Governments are today's most violent institutions. The truth is they simply can't exist without resorting to violence. As Sun Tzu put it: "The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin."

To reduce the power of governments without the use of violence, people must be able to create and secure value at a greater rate than those governments.

Through various systems, governments currently create their national currencies out of nothing and ultimately decide who are the beneficiaries of this newly created money. It is those mechanisms of money creation which need to be outperformed so that the power to create money slip away from governments' hands.

The reasons are pretty obvious and are best described with the following quote of unknown origin. "The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again."

Cryptocurrencies are a new technology which first emerge in January 2009 with Bitcoin. Since its inception, Bitcoin has been outperforming all national currencies many times over and thus has begin to shift the power to create money away from governments.

There are currently hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is still the cryptocurrency with the largest market cap (the value of all existing Bitcoin).

The market cap of all cryptocurrencies currently sit at $101B ranking them as the 72th biggest company.

Though these market caps are far from being the whole story, if the current trends cryptocurrencies have been on for the last couple of years hold, they could very soon pose a real challenge to all national currencies and eventually to the very survival of countries as we know them today.

It is these trends and their implications which I'll be expanding on further in my upcoming posts.

Understanding Money Shall Upset You Free!

Before going deeper into cryptocurrencies, I'll explain what are national currencies so as to understand what are cryptocurrencies are up against and also because this understanding has been one of the most enlightening and uplifting understanding I've ever had.

National currencies are fiat money which mean they aren't back by anything. Who has the power to create and distribute fiat money is of capital importance for the whole of human society and in today's society a real problem.

Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, Maurice Allais has so clearly highlighted this fact when he said:

"In essence, the ex nihilo money creation practiced by the private banks is identical -- I do not hesitate to say this because it is important that people understand what is at stake here -- to the manufacture of currency by counterfeiters, who are justly punished by law. In practice both lead to the same result. The only difference is that those who benefit are not the same." [source: La crise mondiale d'aujourd'hui]

Easy Money With A Twist

Broad money is also called M3. It is the broadest definition of money. [source: wikipedia]

  • $83.6T World M3 [source: cia.gov]
  • A list of the M3 of each countries can be found on cia.gov.
  • 3481% more US money in 2006 than in 1959 [source: Fed]
  • 26% more US money in 2017 than in 2006 [source: cia.gov]
  • The US Dollar's purchasing power is less than 5% what it was in 1913. [source: Fed]
  • The official publication of the US M3 has been stop in March 2006. [source: Fed]

Money Is Created Out Of Nothing!

When I first began to learn about the whole subject of money creation it all felt surreal. It still does to some degree even today.

After much reflections and a thorough investigation, I came to realize that what Mr. Allais's quote was describing was in fact very real. National currencies are created out of thin air, benefiting their creators at the expanse of everyone else (through inflation).

More precisely, money is created out of nothing, then who take possession of the newly created money is decided by some institutions. Explaining money creation's fundamentals by anything else than: "Who get what percentage of the newly created money." is unnecessarily complex whether its by design, with the intent of obfuscating the facts or simple ignorance.

On the subject, the prominent economist and best-seller, John Kenneth Galbraith wrote: "The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is the one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it. " as well as, just a couple pages later "The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled." (Source)

I find these 2 quotes to be so fitting in describing the situation my mind felt in, when I was beginning to learn about money creation.

The Money Masters

I bet a lot of people, if not most people, can't conceive the creation of national currencies to be so simple and unjust, at least that was my case. So whether or not national currencies could just simply be created by what seems like magic and then arbitrarily added to the bank accounts of some people, I found it would be utterly irrational not to investigate. So investigating money creation I did.

After investigating money creation for many hundreds of hours spread over more than 12 years, I can say there isn't anything that come close to this mind-boggling 1996 documentary "The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America".

Right from the gecko, the movie is packed full of reffrenced quotes from important figures of history making a lot of its most fundamental claims easy to verify and research.

There's no need to watch this documentary to understand what my upcoming posts will make clear in regard to how cryptocurrencies are a growing challenge to governmental institutions and how they could possibly lead to their demise but because of what I've already explained about the documentary and money creation, I duly encourage everyone to give it its chance, at least it first 5 minutes.

Though it contains some inaccuracies and some speculations passed as facts, it is hands down the most enlightening documentary I've ever seen, among the thousands of hours of documentary film I've ever watched.

I distance myself with what the movie propose as solutions to money creation, now that cryptocurrencies are providing much better solutions than what was available back then. I also distance myself with the movie director's views in particular his political views.

This documentary, "The Money Masters" have the potential to teach more about the fundamental of US history and history of humanity at large to most people than they ever learned before in their entire life.

The movie runs 3h30 and I've first watched it in 3 different sessions. I've now watched it more than 2 times since that first time.

How are the far reaching repercussions of money creation being kept under wrap, never very seriously discussed, is a far reaching topic in itself which I plan to touch upon in upcoming posts. Some aspects of this are discussed in the documentary.

Enthusiastically Seeking Solution!

It seems the world we live in is very different than what most people have come to believe. I'll reiterate why by mentioning Sun Tzu's quote: "All warfare is based on deception."

Trying to deceive one another is part of this merciless competition which has played a key part in life's evolution through out the past billions years but as I've already said, we should definitely look to do away with all of this nonetheless.

One of the main aspect of curtailing violence is to share our most empowering knowledge, because fairly redistributing power while minimizing possible abuse is our best bet to try to keep everyone from resorting to violence.

Being able to securely store and exchange our labour is another fundamental aspect of curtailing violence. Because if some people can rob others by creating money out of nothing, diluting people's purchasing power, then sooner or later these people end up with everything and everyone there is to own.

Comparing Currencies

This simple comparison can help people understand why cryptocurrencies are shifting power away from central authorities and how this is greatly benefiting everyone.

National Currencies

  • The cost of creating new money is negligible.
  • The future creation rate is unknown and decided by a small group.
  • They can be counter-fitted.
  • Nobody knows exactly how much money there is.
  • Benefit those who benefit from the growing money supply, at the expanse of everyone else. (It's that simple.)


  • The cost of creating Bitcoin is non-negligible.
  • The exact future creation rate is known.
  • They can't be counter-fitted.
  • Everyone can know exactly how much Bitcoin has been created.
  • Benefit everyone fairly.

Sharing Empowering Knowledge!

The seemingly inescapable relation violence has with evolution might not be so inescapable after all. One thing is sure though, maximizing my life's enjoyment while seeking to put an end to unnecessary violence, is the single most fundamental precept guiding my life.

The knowledge I've acquired about money, cryptocurrencies and everything else have allow me to live a good life which I'm very grateful for.

Let's share our knowledge, knowing full well that the content of those bits of knowledge we're sharing is just as important as how they are presented.

My life isn't perfect but like Steven Wright said:

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.


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Link to documentary is broken try this instead:

Again, a fantastic post and a topic I have been wanting to study in more depth, so thank for that link. Also, thank you for adding a link to my Steemfest2 Giveaway, as I hope there are many more submissions!

I am learning a lot from you as a friend, and I think your contributions are quite needed for Steemians.

Thank you! I do have one question: once the money has been printed, into whose bank account does it go?


Something like 97% of the US Dollars are not actual printed bills. Do you mean once they are created in a computer ledger or as cloth bills you can hold?

Most are kept in accounts as 0's and 1's. The governments issue bonds that banks and other governments purchase. It is a big circle jerk in other words.

Our "Federal Reserve" buys the bonds for example. Basically, that is the banks that run this tax farm buying their own debt. It is a scam.

Where does it go? It goes from one bank account to another, or the banks sit on it to maintain their solvency (not go broke from bad decisions).

That is what happened in 2008 for example. Our government created a bunch of new currency to bail out a bunch of institutions that had made bad decisions.

They lost their bets, and tax payers paid the losses.


upvoted and followed...!!!!


Who Can Support my journey?


Is crypto going to be the next currency in the world?

Thanks for the great post and good information! This stuff is hard for people to even think about. The more we break it down to simply concepts, the more easily the truth will be understood.

Fiat currency is a control mechanism. It is used to siphon wealth from the productive to a small group at the top. They do the siphoning by direct taxes and through indirect taxes (inflation).

Inflation is just an increase in the money supply. The current system does not work and would collapse on itself without continual inflation too. That should be people's first clue to why it is bad for us.

People will say, "But we need the banks for credit." No, we do not. You want to launch an expensive project? Use crowd funding. Raise the money. I reject the notion that credit is required. Banks should not be allowed to use fractional reserve lending, and they should not lend funds they do not have.

Governments will say that they need credit because they are in the habit of spending money they do not have. They do that on purpose too to maintain control and keep people in perpetual debt whether they realize it or not. That perpetual debt is the taxes you are required to pay in the future.

I keep telling people to prepare for the day when their fiat currency buys nothing. Will you still be fed? Will you still be warm? How will you protect yourself? Do not depend on a pension, your 401K, or any other source of fiat income.

Sure, use it while you still have it, but do not depend on it. Get yourself setup so you can survive without fiat. How do you do that? You do it through having crypto, precious metals, items valuable to barter, and skills valuable to share.


Awesome comment, upvoted!


A picture says a million words i heard, i thought this would be suitable ( ;


That's literally brilliant.
Thanks for expounding.
100% true, no rounding.
these orders of the new need a pounding

Thanks @splendour from @universalway and crew


You make a very valuable comment.

I'd say before cryptocurrencies the best money was debt-free government created money. No governments have to borrow money to anyone ever they can create debt-free money as many did and still do to some degree today.

As being able to live without being dependent on society and fiat-money, this is priceless...


It may not be debt free however it still requires an initial investment, just like everything else in life.


It still create inflation but debt free fiat-money can be created and as been in the past.


Crypto is changing the world for the better. We cannot easily make transactions in precious metals of course, and crypto can be moved across imaginary lines between tax farms instantly and without risk. The best part about it, as you already pointed out, is that current oligarchs cannot control it.


Words of a true #libertyprofessional @finnian. Thank you @teamsteem for your refreshingly insightful article. Resteemed for the greater good!


Great comment upvoted!!!


well said! Currency tied to nothing is leading to the state's rapid debt and then collapse. I'm not hoarding gold bars in my house or anything, but people really shouldn't rely on paper forever.


Water is the real currency


Great Points in this comment we upvote this one.


Very interesting article .@arifulsms


nice one awesome

Thanks for the post.


We all have same goal, in a manner we all want to make society decentralized and I am sure that there will be everything decentralized in future. Decentralized police decentralized governance system everything is changing so fast. Crypto-currency have started the Idea and it's not gonna die. Everybody in here knows the value and importance of it.

Image source

Tedx talk on decentralized society


This is superb. Made me sit up when he pointed out cyprus confiscated 40% of their citizens' assets


I haven't seen that talk. I'll take a look.

very good and informative post. fully upvoted you. Many thanks.

"One of the main aspect of curtailing violence is to share our most empowering knowledge"

This is so true, yet so threatened in today's world. Internet censorship is becoming a trend now a days, especially in social media sites. That is one of the reasons why I like Steemit so much.

However there are other social media sites that are combatting misinformation and censorship like onG.Social. If you have not heard of this I encourage you to look it up. It will be huge in the next years, and it is very much aligned with what you talk about here. Cheers!


I also like the core values ONG.social stands for. Add the hard working team and the up and running service and you have an ICO that could be huge...

Excellent post and I agree with the majority of it, except the categorisation of 'money'. Money needs to be a store of value before it can be classed as money. Fiat currency is no longer a store of value because it is just inflated away, the same amount of money 10 years ago no longer has the same purchasing power it does today.

So money is not created out of nothing, currency is.

No matter what we define it as, the concept of decentralisation is a process that we MUST go through in order to progress.


I understand the distinction. Still fiat money is called just that, fiat money. I know it's not money and currency could be considered a more appropriate term.


But that is the point, I don't believe the average joe gets the distinction, they get paid in their fiat currency and go along happily with their everyday lives.

I think if we are to go through this metamorphosis as a society, then we need to start calling things what they really are, but more importantly we need to help others understand.


I really agree with your opinion @munchell

Thanks for the link to the movie dear @teamsteem!
I will be interested to see it!


Awesome! I hope you'll enjoy it!

Damn good post. i was captivated by every word. I am an anarchist and already understood these principles but your words made me see it just a little different than I have in the past. It is a learning point to change a persons point of view and one that is easily looked up. Thanks for the new point of view.


Excellent! I love you uplifting comment!

"All warfare is based on deceptions"👌🏻As usual, excellent content! Will definetly make sure to check out that movie 😍 Keep it up @teamsteem 💗💗💗

Thanks for this great post .. We can get angry all we want, but those who seek & want change, must enlighten others so their vision can become our vision. UnitedWeStand

We were just having a similar discussion, my husband and I that is, and when we started learning cryptocurrencies, it was like hitting a wall. It was amazing to realize that there wasn't a backing to the coins outside it's own creation. It's a bright future and we can't wait until it spreads more....cryptocurrencies bring fairness to the unfair world we've come to know.


You're lucky to have found someone that you can have such intelligent conversations with. The backing to coins is in how much we value them. Keep that value high.

An excellent read. Thanks you.

Great post --
As we ponder the valuation of fiat, gold and crypto currencies, I am reminded of the words of the French agronomist Rene Dumont. He used to speak with a glass of water and an apple before him and would make reference to them as being more valuable than any currency.


Cool thought with deep implications.

Exceptional examination. Well researched and very informative.

This is especially helpful as I am trying to get several humans onboard with steemit, but their main argument is "but cryptocurrency isn't even real, they are making it out of nothing! To which I respond well, isn't that what they are doing with fiat currency if you get right down to it?! That same argument can go both ways.

I believe cryptocurrency is the future. Cryptos are freedom. With more and more people and now governments recognizing and accepting bitcoin, my beliefs are punctuated :)


Exactly. This is one main point of my point. Cryptocurrency are a much more real currency as it take a lot of resources to create them and they can allow to do more than fiat currencies. Also nobody can create as much as they want.


Yes. And everything is transparent so there's no room for theft, shady practices or doubt.

Yup Crypto currency is the best thing that has ever happened! So much good can be done with it. It can even unite the world. :)

btw! Love seeing that Steemit graph. Cool to see our community growing so quickly.

excellent and well presented post, thanks!


You are sooo right!


Hola David no se si me recuerdas, me gustaría platicar contigo sobre temas de la comunidad que quizás te interese participar, me escribes un comentario en cualquier post mio para platicar por ahi y no invadir el post de alguien más como ya estoy haciendo? Saludos

Divided we fall. - Competition has always played a key role in many aspects of life's evolution. Nonetheless, I chose to seek solutions to ultimately put an end to the initiation of violence because everyone’s life would be better off if it could be achieved and because there is insufficient evidence to prove violence is necessary.

No matter how formidable and daunting this task might seem, I do not know of any more enjoyable cause.


This is amazingly great piece of work, its really been an eye opener for me..
The emergence of cryptocurrency simply means getting raid or governments establishments and middle men, hereby making business to transact with freedom it deserves .. the only problem is volatility.. maybe together we can work to make such cryptos more stable or gain more value .. together we stand × divied we fall

** Look back as a guide. Look ahead to get a goal. Be sideways to partner to always accompany your business. And look upwards to achieve the ideals that have been compiled.**

With all the explanations of your writing will certainly lead and alert the parties concerned to keep moving forward to realize the expectations of a country. Good Luck dear senior @teamsteem

"Governments are today's most violence institutions."* violent


Thanks. Fixed.

this thing is awesome, I still didn't have watched the video you mention above, money masters I must search it out it seems pretty exciting to watched, thanks for sharing this wonderful article to the community


Thank you my friend!

Super deep post, and in-depth about the truth and dimensional knowledge on money and the manipulative control the banks have over the world.
That quote did sum it up best, ""The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.""

Let's hope the crypto community can steadily pick up momentum to reinforce a more impenetrable and stabilized foundation so we can ground ourselves into our own communities and stay decentralized. Yes indeed money is created from nothing and brought into existence through precise implementation and encouraging and required belief in "said" created money system

Thanks for sharing this, and also bro, I appreciate you coming by my profile and showing support with your up vote on my music. Truly thank you, very humbling and much gratitude. Steem on

Another Great Post and really looking forward as this series progresses and continues...

I'm also glad that You refer to "The Money Masters" created by Bill Still.

My friend, www.EllenBrown.com is friends with Bill Still and they both have a pretty strong understanding of money creation, although they don't always agree precisely on the best solutions for money creation.

As You are suggesting, Bitcoin & many of the alt coins are "showing" AND trailblazing the way to viable solutions for money creation... it is a "work-in-progress"... a "peaceful" evolution which hopefully will Not turn into a "violent" revolution.

In my humble opinion, the "Dark Side" has be trying to start WW III since the fateful day of of 9-11-2001... that is 16 years of setting up & creating the "environment" for WW III... however so far, WW III has NOT begun and that is because there is a higher level of "grace" & "protection" coming from, once again in my humble opinion, the higher nature of mankind AND other much more powerful "forces" emanating from the "Light" that is completely enveloping our entire planet at all times. ( Human beings are capable of only "seeing" a small portion of the full spectrum of Light/Energy.)

(( There is a very interesting book called "GOD at the Speed of Light", written by T. Lee Baumann, a retired medical doctor. This book may be worth looking into by both believers & non-believers of GOD because it melds Science & Religion, as mankind currently understands them both.))

Thank You once Again TeamSteem for being on the forefront of this "Evolution" that we are ALL observing & witnessing.

Speaking of witnessing... Please everyone look into the many previous Posts written by TeamSTEEM because he is one of the most worthy of Your Trust AND Vote for Witness, imho.

Hope Everyone has a Good Weekend... Cheers !!


Ellen Brown and Bill Still works are pretty awesome in term of teaching people about money creation.

I agree about some forces looking to create an ever stronghold on humanity, though I don't think we can clearly speculate on their path or if we should. I'd rather see us concentrate on our path.

I don't think I've ever heard about the book you mentioned. I'm currently looking it up.

Thank you for the support my friend! I sincerely appreciate it!


I totally agree with where our collective primary focus should be... it should be on the solutions and not the old paradigms of the past...

Metaphorically we create our "reality" by WHERE we put our focus & attention/intention... similar to a car, which we are driving.

IF we put our primary focus on the rear view mirror (the past) instead of the front windshield of WHERE we want to go... then most assuredly, we will never easily obtain our destination or our goals.

Thank You Again TeamSTEEM... Cheers !!


This is the component that will eventually become unveiled as well.

Governments are today's most violent institutions. The truth is they simply can't exist without resorting to violence. As Sun Tzu put it: "The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin."

Country means people with citizen rights + elected government + land while state means only government.

Thus, Lao Tzu is wrong on this one. You can have a Steemit online state that decides on forks, initial mining and all that and still not resort to violence. Then again you have to define violence. What violence was in times of Lao Tzu is different from today. Today you can click on a screen and a country goes broke, starving to death. Most wars are fought economically and the line between violence and just "free market" is grayed out.

There's no need to watch this documentary to understand what my upcoming posts will make clear in regard to how cryptocurrencies are a growing challenge to governmental institutions and how they could possibly lead to their demise

Not likely. They will simply shift to blockchain technologies much like everyone else, keeping track of every citizen within the blockchain. Governments would love to adopt the blockchain.

The knowledge I've acquired about money, cryptocurrencies and everything else have allow me to live a good life which I'm very grateful for.

You were an early adopter like most of us. Same can be said about those who first embraced the FIAT system or tech stocks. Early adopters always enjoy the riches the most. This is irrelevant to whether blockchain is "better" or 'worse". A government can still issue a coin and wage wars with it by using forms of citizen consensus.

Your narrative is false.


It's true there is some distinction between state and countries. I stand by my affirmation that countries need violence and war to assure their integrity.

I don't mind arguing with you but also I don't want to be arguing needlessly.

I've asked about your aspirations in the past so as to try to know what were your deeper convictions and you told me something like I was trying to divert the conversation or something.

I want to know people's aspirations because I have aspirations myself and I want to cooperate with people who I share those aspirations with and those I think I can convince of the good of my convictions and visions.

If someone is too far removed from my ideas I tend to think it's better to let go in peace and go on both on our respective path. This is better for everyone.


I have to agree with your reply kyriacos, I am new to everything in the cryptoworld, however I am educated enough to know there will always be a power that governs, regardless of what structure its built on, there will always be a power that governs, you can look as far as you can down the paper trail of history to see that. You can get rid of the government that prints the paper, but people as creatures will always strive towards power, greed and violence. Its natural. Also I believe the big governments that control populations will not let their power slip away, I believe they will just adopt this system it makes perfect sense, unless you go into a civil war for independence from your government you will still be subject under its governence. So although i enjoyed reading this post, I really did, it doesn't line up with my philosophy about life. Good job on this post teamsteem! Also wanted to add, this re-reply was referenced to your opening paragraph.


Switzerland is a state and never had a war. At least once you are prove wrong.

My aspirations have nothing to do with this. You can see what I stand by reading my posts.

I stand for intellectual honesty the most. Actions following words and vice versa. I am also very allergic to bullshit and senseless over-amplified sensationalism. check the comments. 3/4 are fake cheerleading, much like the post. politics 101. what is the point repeating the same mistakes of the FIAT world?

If someone is too far removed from my ideas I tend to think it's better to let go in peace and go on both on our respective path. This is better for everyone.

what is better for everyone cannot be known since everyone has different aspirations. what is bad for the fly is good for the spider.


A friend recommended me IOTA and I think it's a Sleeping Giant!

I always love your attitude. Now that technology and culture have advanced to the point where perpetual abundance is possible (though not distributed very well), it makes sense that people who want to opt out of competition should be able to.

I agree with almost everything you say. I'm not sure about crypto being able to benefit everyone fairly though. It has certainly benefited many people and has the potential to help some more, but as with all trade-able commodities, it is easily hoarded by those with the resources to accumulate it. Those who get on board before the big guys will be able to achieve impressive levels of wealth but those who are late to the game, not so much. The idea of not needing any trust is also problematic. Lack of trust is one of the root causes of most problems in the world.

These new ideas about allowing anyone to create their own currency, that sounds much more exciting to me than what exists now, although it is bound to be a bit messy. If we can create currencies that reflect trust in people, organizations and ideas that deserve our trust, we might be able to really fix this world.

Have you read Debt: The first 5000 years by David Graeber? I think you'd like it a lot. It's a long tiring read though. It's an anthropological study of the history of money. I learned so much and I only got 30% through it (will get around to finishing it one day). The first thing I learned from it was that a bartering economy never existed, bartering DID happen of course but it wasn't systematically the main form dealing with resources, it was usually reserved specifically for strangers and people outside the community. Inside the community a kind of "reputation economy" was pretty much widespread, there were also many tribes where everything belonged to everybody....but a society where barter was central never existed, it was made up by Adam Smith in his attempt to explain why money is necessary.


We should go back to that system where everything belongs to everybody. It brings about an economy that incentives people to take care of everything and everyone.


A lot of people call that communist or socialist which is kind of ridiculous cause look at those tribes, there was no state. You could call it anarchism but sometimes it's better to be able to think beyond isms.

It's important to recognize that currency only has power when we collectively decide to give it power and think trust and decency make for much more natural , comfortable, and just currencies.

I do agree that we should move in that general direction but without a significant change in culture, this would lead to a whole bunch of new problems. I don't believe a drastic systematic change is possible and the complete destruction of the current system would lead to chaos and eventually another system. I think the only road forward is to start building things outside the system and allowing them to grow while the system kind of falls apart. Eventually leaving the system will be more appealing and at that point there were already be strong, healthy communities outside of the system. The only thing we need to do is to protect our right to opt out of the system. So the system only needs to change in this one way, to allow us to exist outside of the system. Once we establish that, there won't be any need to fight anything, we just need to build a new world, and I think for many it will look a lot like peaceful tribes.


Good points. I"ll expand more on a lot of the point you raised.

I've began reading David's book but never finished it if I remember correctly.


Awesome, looking forward to it. ;-)

Governments are today's most violent institutions

I couldn't agree more ... as with the rest of the post as well



please upvote my post and get small sbd

Let's get together and feeel alright :D

Very informative, thanks
You have my vote :)

a very good post indeed , thanks for sharing, upped. I am glad that we the ordinary people are creating (gradually) our own wealth through crypto space. I do not trust the banks and its masters AKA Governments

Interesting write-up. Just got a question though about what looks like pending adoption of cryptocurrency as the mainstream currency, where does that public services and naturally government relied facilities, public health, emergency services etc.?


Could you rephrased that question^


Basically asking who will be doing public services (mentioned above) if we all adopt crypto as the new form of currency


I think some cities have been build entirely by private sectors in the past. I'm not 100% sure but nonetheless cryptocurrencies like Bitshares, Steem and EOS will allow us to do and share on a voluntary basis and be a lot more efficient than current public services which we are force to pay for which is never at our advantage.

Another aspect to take into account is that as time passes we're creating more for a fix amount of energy thus there should be more for everyone. It doesn't mean there should be free lunch for some.

To learn more on this read no. 5 on the link below as well as the list of posts which are listed there.

I don't have the answers to all question and your question are legit.



I disagree with this particular perspective and I will tell you why. There are generational issues that go along with poverty that will not be solved solely with currency it also takes education. I live in The Bronx,I'm not from here but I love it here it's the inner city with nature around us. People rely on social services heavily here, there are issues that stem from poor nutrition, disability oppression and systemic violence. The solutions are complex and unless you actually live in it it is hard to grasp. I am very privileged because I grew up middle class and white (I'm 1/2 Dominican). I can see with my own eyes the forces internal and external that hold people down. Public social services are vital and need regulation.


I totally agree.

We totally need mutual aid funds.

In my opinion governments are providing public social services to further enslave people from problem those same governments created.

I'll provide much better education and I'm about to prove this.

Under forced anything, I'll provide nothing but resistance.

I think we agree. Both of us haven't fully explained ourselves yet.

I see both of us seeking for a better world. Education is key as you've highlighted. Poor nutrition, disability, oppression and systemic violence are the result of poor education sometimes from generation on end and all of this stem from the systems of oppression set forth by forceful systems of governance.

Let's stay strong and provide enlightening education wherever we can!


I just saw this. I would love to hear more about this and look forward to reading about it in future posts. :)


Crypto can do everything or even more than what the Dollar and other Rothschild money has done and the open market can do much better through capitalism without any, some, or too much government and everything. Crypto will continue to be used more in the future for more things, products, services, for trading, through credit cards, debit cards, and everything...........


Ah that famous house of Rothschild...


Rothschild was very clever centuries ago. Upvoted.


Interesting, anything you'd recommend to read up more on Rothschild?

Lots of truth to this post. Awesome info, keep it up!

The greatest thing about cryptos is that they'll finally show that money has no real value. Here's to Utopia.

Fantastic post and valuable information...
Liked, upvoted, followed...
You are awesome @teamsteam

Nice post. Good luck! :)

This post is something I feel like everyone getting into crypto or even Steemit in general should read. Because of that, I will resteem this and upvote it. With going into detail and quoting the article, the info in this piece is well put together and very well written! So well written that those with limited background in the financial industry are able to obtain the info the author wanted to convey. Anyhow, thanks for posting this and I will be sharing with a few friends not on Steemit yet. One more thing, you links at the bottom of the post have already proved to be valuable resources as well! Thanks again, following to obtain more info like this!

Great write up! Thank you.

i believe in my life and that of more

Awesome article, this is the type of article that people should read if they want to understand how things are going on the REAL world...
Thank you sir! +1 follower


I'm glad to see when people already knew about this.

Nice posting, bisa jafo referensi, pakon esteem han jitem le, pu pasai ka
Pu ka error error
Hek aneuk muda
Leumoh aneuk muda
Hana meu ta teupu koment pih krn mmg hana meufhom
Nyo uji coba mantong kiban hi ka esteem nyan .... khak khak khak

This is where we need to start determining whether we succeed or fail. We are entering an age where decentralization where the currency instead of being trusted by bankers, it is being trusted by ordinary individuals. perhaps this is the right way to go.

Wow....very good post. Thank you....this is the first time that I am going to resteem a post. Very useful info. Tnx!

Great article. Cryptocurrencies are the future!

Hallo @teamsteem, I am interested in your various posts, maybe I can learn from your post to equate my various articles. And I've followed you so that posting always appear to me. Therefore I beg for help vote, reblog and follow back my account. Thank you for your attention

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.

This is a very informative comment. I will share it on Facebook. I am also as enthusiastic about crypto currencies and hope that they will enable a better future for us all :)

Bersatu kita teguh,
Bercerai kita roboh
United we stand

Even though the interrest for Steemit is skyrocketing it seems the value is going down. Why is this? Should it not go up as it becomes more and more popular?


There are other force on the market. The value is going up the price will catch up sooner or later unless the price of Steem were overvalued which I think they aren't.

thank you for this sir, well i enjoyed reading it so much, i'm just newbie in this community but everytime i see some amazing post it made me inspired and just saying to myself "keep doing this",

  1. Fiat currency is made from thin air --> but this is indirectly linked to many things.to the economy of a country, ability to pay back,productivity,military power and so on. Lets say you cannot simply purchase an island,create fiat currency as you will and expect to have any value.its decided by markets(read people) relative to another. I guess its complicated than created out of thin air
  1. Crypto vs Governments /Centralized vs decentralized --->It all comes down to human nature!!! Can humans exist without hierarchy ? a world with no governments ,no imposed rules???time will tell

The Nobel Prize Maurice Allais use the term ex-nihilo which is latin for out of nothing. Sure if someone created paper money and said it's worth x amount of USD they shouldn't expect it to worth anything but that doesn't mean this isn't the way countries create money.

Fiat-money isn't backed by anything. It is a form of taxation by inflation pure and simple. Countries aren't even creating fiat-money anymore, they're just creating debt pure in simple.

It is a very vile system. I invite you to watch the documentary if you haven't.

I always enjoy an anti goverment attitude. Glad to see people are finally getting togheter in the real sense.

I also got carried away with crypto-currencies. In my opinion, this is the only opportunity for an ordinary person to get rich someday.


Depending on which one you pick, it is a relatively safe store of your labor. Even with precious metals, we have to continually ask, "Will this be valuable to someone else in the future?" If the answer is almost certainly yes, then it is a pretty good choice to make.

I couldn't agree more! Cryptocurrencies will eventually equalize the global economy for everyone and to its rightful level. It's like evolution, you can not stop it. - Great article! Well done!

Congratulations @teemsteem for being a successful blogger. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.

Hmm, a documentary recommended by you. Gotta watch it!

FIAT money is fake and printed out of thin air. BTC is real. Lets get real and stop hyper inflating our hard earned dollars

Now I want to check on my BTC again - https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptocoinclub/confessions-of-a-blockfolio-addict


Haha! Blockfolio is awesome!


I've got a new addition now, although maybe I have gone too far this time. What do you think? https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptocoinclub/blockfolio-addict-tragically-dies

Once you go crypto, you never go FIAT.


Man I love the way you laid this all down! Such a great post. I speak about this same topic with some riders from time to time.

Great read beautiful post and so well written.
Thank you
~AoM RMars

Wonderful post. Thanks for share.

Together we are stronger.
The power cames from people united and holding hands each other to became powerful.. With @teamsteem we can get the power of steem for @steemian

cryptocurrency is the future my friends. Not so long before people get it and start getting acquainted to it.

@teamsteem, agreed entirely... we have to create a better way!

That said, we have to have currency in some form or another... without it, we are right back to figuring out how many carrots I have to trade you to help paint my house and things like that. So we have to have (relatively stable) currency/money to use as an agreed on "temporary store of value."

This seems to call for a couple of things... a general consensus that "something" (Bitcoin, Gold, Walnut shells) has value AND some measure of reliability and consistency that the "currency" is going to hold that value. People have to have confidence in that.

To be perfectly honest, at the moment a lot of people are in love with cryptocurrencies simply because they are going up in value. But those are the traits of an investment not so much a currency. Would as many people love cryptos if their price were just the same all the time? Not saying I know the answer... just suggesting that the endless "expansion" in value sets us up for the same risk that inflation does with fiats.

My point here is that in order for the broader population to "have confidence" in a currency... it must provide assurance that the value of "a dozen eggs" is still the value of "a dozen eggs" later. Instability causes unrest. Unrest leads to violence... and I guess my peaceloving nature finds that something at the center of what I wish we could create. Peaceful coexistence without violence as a "problem solving tool."


I think pegged cryptocurrencies like those on Bitshares and Steem have the potential to take care of the instability issues.

I still have a lot of points I want to highlight about cryptocurrencies.


Well, I look forward to your coming explorations of this-- it's an important conversation for ALL of us to be part of.

Indeed, pegged currencies may offer some sort of viable long term answer... which invites another aspect of the dialogue: If we don't trust fiat currency, when else can we peg a cryptocurrency TO, that's an acceptable measure of value for a majority segment of the population? Again, I have no ready answers... just opening the discussion for possibilities!

Again, thanks for having these dialogues!


I think something like Bit20 could be the answer. I'm not sure about the name but Bit20 is pegged to the top 20 cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap.


Piccata? Titicaca! I am Cornholio! I need piccata for my bunghole!

This is very interesting - I am still mind boggled by the whole Steemit thing and cryptocurrencies and what have you - It amazes me what people can think out or make word and all the change that is happening

We all hope for a better world but there are a few of us who does not take the first step in their own life, let alone for the society and this is sad to see nearly everyday.

WOW, How i wish i could compose such type of write up.
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You are such positive force. Thank you for the valuable information and the love and care with which you provide it.


Thank you my dear friend! I'm to see you taking time to leave me those encouraging comments! Thanks!

Fuck the dollar bills. Crypto currencies are the future of our world. I hope we get to see the day when cryptos will be the only currencies and all the FIAT currencies fall :)


Let's work towards a society where all human interaction is voluntary!

if you would not face difgiculties in life..... you will never learn anything.

Very good write up....... @lexico12

Great post @teamsteem! It also blows me away how little even friends and family understand what our current monetary system actually is (USA).

I really think that what's holding back crypto's from the general public isn't even the fact that people don't want another currency - we use many forms of online payments (PayPal, etc) - it's the barrier and complexity of these coins and ways of purchasing them that's the real draw back in my opinion.

I believe that whoever creates the first and best '1-click' type of UI /UX that takes all the thinking about buying into a coin will be the one to rule the market.

People want and need simplicity in their lives. We're bombarded by so many distractions in a day - the last thing a normal person wants to do is have to deconstruct how buy a coin and the usual in-depth process that's involved in doing that.

If they could pull an Amazon and 1-click it into their shopping cart it would be a different story.


Cryptocurrencies don't need it. They will thrive and opportunist will profit early but in the end I really think they have the power to radically change our society.

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Nice write-up

yes united we can

giphy-downsized (27).gif

Encourage me above this post. @youthhunger

Good post

Unless we learn to work together we won't survive as a species. I love this and I love bitcoin.

Very interesting.

very interestyng



Governments revolve around controlling the masses, the truth is that the people invented the money so the rich can faster enjoy the new age and stimulate others to build it for them.

Cheers for the great article :)


Money clearly is a tool of great social engineering power.


Money or currency? I try to keep those terms separate. haha

Good job

Thank you for this article very helpful! :)