Creating The World We Long For!

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1600 - Steem's popularity is skyrocketing! Join now and profit! Seriously! And for everyone else already on Steem, let's boost this growing popularity even more.

This post is about how to create the world we long for and how Steem and other cryptocurrencies can play a big part in this, why we should all try to boost Steem's growth with each of our posts as well as ways to incentivize such sharing so it becomes part of Steemians' second nature.

Most people who could benefit from using Steem haven't heard about it yet and it's a no-brainer for everyone to work toward a better world helping remediate to this.

Steem Pays Its Users!

Steem is a revolutionary social network which pays its users for the votes, posts and comments they make depending on the votes they received. Not all votes are equal.

I've made a lot of money Steeming in the last year, more than a hundred thousand dollars, but there's possibly very few people who can still expect to make many thousands solely blogging nowadays.

Steem is the name of the technology and data base on which Steemit runs. Steemit is only one of the the many projects using this data base. is another example, displaying the same information but differently.

Steem is also the name of the currency users are being paid with. Each Steem are currently worth around 1,40$ and can easily be exchange for money. Steem is currently distributing around 63,000 Steem daily.

No credit card is required ever. The only thing needed to register is a valid email account.

Steem details of its functionings can be found here.

Sign up here.

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

We're still very early and the opportunity to make interesting profits are very real. Steem currently has a bit more than 263,000 accounts.

It's somewhat getting increasingly harder to succeed but any success is also increasingly more rewarding as we go.

Any posts or comments can pay their authors from mere pennies to hundreds of dollars and even though the trending page is filled with posts making hundreds of dollars, no new authors should expect their posts to make this much money even though it remains a possibility.

Most trending posts are from established authors holding a lot of Steem and thus having a lot to lose or gain from the Steem price performance. Also, people holding a lot of Steem are leveraging them to receive more votes and thus bigger rewards.

Posting anything will get their authors some rewards, from not quite a penny to much larger rewards as mention above. Posts can be a simple link or image or more extensive post.

New authors should probably stick to short posts requiring small amount of work and which are fun and witty, that is unless they know how to make their posts being paid well or if they are writing those posts with a precise objective which suits them.

Steem Popularity Is Skyrocketing!

Steem is the most fun social network and its meteoric growth is a testament to that.

Steem steemed from concept to reality in early 2016, to become the 3,673 most visiting website today and is still going up the rank at a frantic pace.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way money is created, distributed and transacted and now Steem also change the way information is disseminated. Money "rule" the world and money creation rules money but that's a topic for another post.

Every 3 seconds new Steem are created and distributed by a network of computers which no single entity control.

If were to close every Steemians would still have control of their funds and they could still access their exact same blog through other site like or app like eSteem.

Hundreds Are Joining Everyday!

Hundreds of people are already joining Steem everyday, sometimes thousands and in a few months it could be tens of thousands.

I know a lot of us wished we were making and publishing video when Youtube got launched back in early 2005. There wasn't a lot of competition back then and this would have been a good opportunity to build a valuable and fun business.

The same can be said about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. People with a lot of followers on these websites are receiving advertising offers and some of them are getting well paid to post simple advertising links.

Steem present even bigger opportunities than these websites and is still in its very early days.

Joining emerging social networks very early can be very rewarding and Steem is no exception.

Our Thoughts And Actions' Purpose

The very purpose of our thoughts and actions should be to create the world we long for and for this to happen, it's necessary to have our ideas shared by a growing number of people, therein lies the need to share our Steem posts far and wide as much as possible.

Steem and all its users will gain immensely from accelerating Steem's growth. Steem content will get much more diversify, plenty and authors will feed on each others influence of ever more enlightening reflections.

The real value in each of our lives lie in the joy our actions and knowledge bring us rather than in any sorts of pseudo valuable we own, like national currencies.

Cooperation amplify our joy while its opposite, abuse, leads to mutual destruction. Let's work toward greater cooperation and curtailing abuse whenever possible.

Our posts should also have a place left open to introduce people to what Steem is and what it can do for them.

Creating Beneficial Change!

As I've laid out above, reaching out to people is one of the most important thing in regard to creating the world we long for that's why I want to reward those who are doing it.

My 100% upvote is worth around 70$ and I have 10 of these every 24 hours. I don't necessarily plan on giving only 100% upvote but I would love to give at least one a day for the best outreach posts.

Five days ago I said I would do such a thing for introduction posts. See here. It turned out I gave 6 100% votes in a roughly 24 hours period. Here's the list of those posts.

Any posts can be used to promote Steem, even introduction post. I will look for these posts promoting Steem in the tag #promoting-steem.

None of officially listed tags on Steemit are about promoting Steem. See here.

Creating The Culture We Long To Live From!

Let's create a culture where it's in everyone's second nature to share their most useful knowledge and human power.

Sharing our posts as much as possible should be part of this. Promoting Steem can be easy and can make any already valuable posts even more valuable.

It's easier to create a good post promoting Steem than to make any other type of post.

I Made Money On Steemit And So Can You!

There's so many people in dire need of money that money can always be used to attract attention but everyone should make sure to be honest though and clearly state that most people won't probably make as much money as the earliest adopters.

Now no matter how much money people will make on average, Steem truly is a revolutionary technology and that's one of the reason why I want to share it far and wide as much as possible. I've already shared about all this throughout most of my posts. Here's one good example.

By the way, a click-bait title is only a click-bait if the post isn't a useful post to the person who clicked on it. A title's purpose is to have people click on it and the intent of someone clicking on a link is to have a good time seeing what's behind that link.

Let's Reward Promoting Steem!

I will peruse the #promoting-steem tag. I invite others to join too. People should mention approximately how many people they will share their posts with, as well as provide links to these posts from their social media where they shared their posts.

I use to share my links on other social networks. Bitly allow me to know how many people clicked on my links and also when.

I have more than 200 clicks from Facebook's profile, on one of my post I shared there last week. I also have more than 90 views on the same post I share on one of my Facebook page. receive around 555k page views per day and around 14.4k Steem posts are published every day. If everyone shared their posts and received only 10 clicks on them then that would result in a 25% increase in page views per day. From there, even more could be achieved.

It's a given, Steem's already skyrocketing popularity would experience an epic boost if everyone would shared most of their Steem posts to their other social networks and that's why we should all make concerting efforts toward this goal.

Boosting Steemit's Already Existing Buzz!

Each and every time people will hear about Steem should help generate create more interest.

Tagging friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as adding tag there, will definitely helps your posts get more views.

If a lot of people begin to use the tag #promoting-steem then it might be a good idea to put the number of people the post is going to be shared with in the first line under the title's post like I did.

The number of people being reached out isn't the only thing I'll be looking in rewarding posts. I'll also be looking at the overall quality.

I encourage everyone to help me incentivize this habit of doing as much as possible to boost Steem's growth.

Whether or not this initiative will do much difference remains to be seen. It might or might not but I felt like trying.

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I'd Love To Change The World!

Thank you to @papa-pepper for the awesome t-shirt!

Thank You!

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read all of them!

Vote for my witness here if you consider I'm Steeming the world you want to be living in. (What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!)

I use Markdown Pad to create my posts and I recommend it to everyone.

See here how to align pictures.


Get on the chats. Not in private messages but in the chat rooms. These are some of the best places to makes some Steem friends.

Find Out More!


"Steem is the name of the social network but also the cryptocurrency users are getting paid with."

This should say the following

"Steemit is the name of the social network and the cryptocurrency users are getting paid with STEEM which is the official cryptocurrency for Steemit and any STEEM Projects like @zappl for example."

Really interesting , thanks.

Great post. Also, some of the information written can be used to promote Steemit as well for prospective members.

Thank you for your advice. I amended this part of my text. I think you'll like it. I added some valuable information and clarified the one already there.

And thanks for the support by the way!

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Exclusive interview with Moneymaker from the darknet........ Continuation of the article in our blog!

I love it! Thank you for sharing!

I was only familiar with the other one. Thanks for sharing this!

I have in my playliste !!! :D

Great post keep putting up great content we are really enjoying reading these!

Thank you @adsactly! Your comment is really much appreciated. I mean it. I work a lot on these posts. Thank you for the support!

And together let's make this world better!

Totally agree. Steem will be a game changer. Great post. Very informative and useful . WIll continue to follow.

Great post! Thanks!

I really like your offer.
I have started to promote about steem to my friends.
I think steem has a bright future.
Steam can also give us the opportunity to publish our work to the world.
I am @aroyl very supportive with your offer and ideas.
Let's together realize our dreams in steem.
I love steem


Steem is on the money.

Great platform... Finally, time has come!


Awesome initiative. I already share most of my posts on Facebook. I will now start doing more Steemit-Help posts because their are fun and helpful. And your offer is of course very motivating to do so as well! ;)

That's awesome! That's what I wanted to hear!

If were to close every Steemians would still have control of their funds and they could still access their exact same blog through other site like or app like eSteem.

the STEEMIT website could also be made available again as well, as it's also opensource and available on steemit's github as "condenser". Perhaps that's still what makes it ironic, though, that I'm releasing scripts to add "hide resteems" toggle buttons, and to enable minnows access to the "Post Vote Slider" on! But, of course, this seems easier for now than going through the "politics" of having the front-end modified or upgraded directly.

Perhaps the "powers that be" at will eventually see the usefulness of some of these mods and additions, and seek to include them directly.

I know a lot of us wished we were making and publishing video when Youtube got launched back in early 2005. There wasn't a lot of competition back then and this would have been a good opportunity to build a valuable and fun business.

We were on YouTube almost that early, and we did gain quite a bit of traction as I believe you've seen from some of our posts about our past YouTube "experiences" (channel vlogolution). I've gotta agree that STEEMIT now does have a very familiar "air" to it.

However, on STEEMIT we've earned more already in a few short months than we ever did our first several years on YouTube (that was before the YouTube partnership program even existed). It wasn't until mid 2008 that our YouTube revenues really started kicking off.

It would be great if STEEMIT could also one day replace YouTube. However, there's gotta be a way to monetize all types of older content in a meaningful way. And that was just one more incentive for creating the script I just released, which demonstrates an already working "proof of concept" showing exactly how that can be potentially achieved right now!

Link: Ultimate STEEMIT: Minnow Post Vote Slider and Past Payout Monetizer... and next, here comes SteemTUBE!!! 😲

On a side note, we also share all our STEEMIT posts across our various twitter and facebook accounts as well! :)

Great Article...Thanks!

Great post . great content we are really enjoying reading these!
good advice your blog is helpful .............thank you

I think some people try to make money on Steemit using shortcuts. So what they might try to do is to keep checking what are the highest rating tags, or try to mention a whale in their blog (like I am doing here). Actually now that I think of it, that is what I am doing, especially with this particular reply.

Excellent article, I am new here and I have found your article very helpful. Thank you very much!

we have the chance to create the world we want with steemit! so let's do it!

We should all be promoting steem as it has the potential to be a facebook and twitter rival, if not a killer, as you said it is a revolutionary platform. And much more fun to boot. That feeling when you push that post button and wondering if a whale is going to come along and release the full power of his vote on you, it is exhilarating.

However I think for me, as a minnow, this was the most important part of this post.

New authors should probably stick to short posts requiring small amount of work and which are fun and witty.

I was spending hours writing my content only for it to be overlooked because I haven't put the ground work in and developed a following. It is pretty disheartening.

So thanks to people like yourself and @stackin, who have far more knowledge than me in marketing yourself, I am changing my game plan, and going to concentrate on making a name for myself.

Steem on my friend. Upvoted and followed.

That feeling when you push that post button and wondering if a whale is going to come along and release the full power of his vote on you, it is exhilarating.

I have somewhat the same feeling even though a lot of my votes come from bot, I always wonder how good my posts are going to do. People should fool themselves a lot of the votes are influences by how many Steem the author possess.

I'm glad my article help you.

It is good to know that feeling doesn't go away even once you have been on the site for a long time and have a descent amount of steem power.

I dig the post and dig the video. This is a great primer and introduction to Steem for those who want to do something great ninths World.

It doesnt have to be a lot of people to change the world. Sometimes it feels like as an Individuum you can't do much, but some of the biggest event in history was of just one person.

Thank you for this post !

keep up the good work!

Lol. Keep up the good work? Coming from an uneducated bitch such as yourself, I'm sure they're truly inspired by these words from you. So powerful

This is really nice and i will be using it. Steem will grow exponentially in the next 10years based on my findings and i believe it is better to have a bit of it in your wallet so when the time comes, you will benefit too. I will be using the #promotingsteem tag from now on and try to share all my posts on all my other social media pages. Thanks for the

Man teamsteem you are the man. Thia was a help of a post and it even helps me to understnd more how to promote steem and so on. I habe benn working hard and spreadimg the opportunity far and wide and The JAMAICANS will soon be flood the maket. These are free of speech and look for the oppurtunity to earn from anything legal. I even started a face book group called "Steem Cryptorians" that i have already intruducing people to it. Ill be pushing steem with alot because i can feel this will play a major role in my families life.

That's really awesome! Thank you for the compliments.

Steemit users are again booming in cyberspace and real world, I think that in steemit someone will be very easy to get profit. Just how to make steemit users grow and continue to generate huge profits. Jd I think it's very natural that steemit users skyrocket in this year

Steemit will be flying to the moon and back. Becoming better as it grows. Thumbs up Steemit.

It is good to promote steemit and steem. The concept behind this platform is revolutionary. Indeed, it is easier to explain crypto currency to ordinary people using steem because it is the first cryptocurrency, whose mining was designed in such a way that ordinary people can participate.

Talking to people about steemit should form an integral part of my interaction on social network henceforth. Thank you for reminding us again our obligation towards this platform.

This is Gold ... your post is !
I wish I could "pin it" permanently on my @patriciakm page. I want to be able to come back to it again and again, try out all the links, quote some of your words, this is a brilliant piece on the power of steem.
Thank you @teamsteem

Do you know how many of those accounts are active accounts?

I'm more about quality than quantity. The masses will follow eventually and why not make sure all the struggling artists, teachers, creators etc. who want to make the world better have a chance to make profit from being on here before the masses arrive.

I finally got around to bringing some friends and aquantinces to steemit. 5-6 this week, super awesome people with big hearts and lots to contribute.

100% agree @whatamidoing. I haven't checked in the last couple of days, but as I recall about 20,000 accounts are active at least once a week.

I'm more about quality, as well. I "recruit" quite a bit but it's almost exclusively person-to-person to people I already KNOW create high quality web content. It think it serves the site best to build a really broad base of quality content before emphasizing "mass" marketing too much. It will also ensure more people are established on the platform to help guide newcomers who see this purely as a "clicking for cash" site.

Totally. I mention that there is money to be made here but put it in the middle of my explanation. "Get paid to use social media" willing draw in a lot of people....mostly people who are less sincere in what they have to offer. Those people are sure to make it here eventually. Let others profit before they come! :-)

I am promoting Steemit on my Facebook account (over 5000 followers). For others It seems too good to be true!

I recruited over 200 people in one month!

Steemit for life

Wow thats amazing. I have a little over 22,000 fans on Facebook, but haven't tried recruiting yet.

You clearly need to begin. The sooner these people will get here, the better it will be for everyone!

that's cool man, you really should start telling them about Steemit. We all will benefit!

It's on my to do list. ;)

Don't wait too long. Twenty-two thousand is alot of fans. Steemit needs them all, invite them over, please and thanks.

I know too good to be true is a very real obstacle for Steem. It's good to know you're doing so much outreach. Keep it up!

thanks man!

I've only been on steem for a week but I'm already loving it. As soon as I get to understand it more thoroughly I will definitely promote in anyway I can.

Cool! Make sure to read #2 and #7 and you'll understand 90%+. And make sure to have fun! That's the most important.

Very good to know. Welcome to you also.

I'm making money on Steem each day )

Hope you'll can manage it when thousands become millions...

Go @teamsteem !

"Opportunity of a Lifetime"... the best word phrase I heard all day :)

Team work is dream work. Steem on

That's a great breakdown of the benefits of this community. I'm proud to be a part of steemit. Hopefully, I will grow to be a whale on here one day so that I can help others grow. Good post.

I love the idea of promoting Steemit!!

I am now promoting Steemit on Instragram!! The link to my post:

Thanks @teamsteem I am brand new to Steem and this helped me understand the potential.

Thanks for the advice and sharing. I started last year but was not active and did not find it stimulating. Recently I went back to posting and reading a lot more interesting articles. Probably because I have more time. I am excited with what I have read in your post and will follow your advice about going into the chat room. Looking forward to be more active and 'productive'.
Thanks again and wishing you well.

Thank you steemit, it's the wonderful social media platform that pays. :-). Can you please answer my question if possible? here is my question regarding steemit

Nobody discusses it much, but you could place ads on your posts as an affiliate, offer to do sponsored ads through Fiverr or to business leads you gather, even do sponsored posts maybe. I don't know how effective ads would be at this point, though. You'd probably need to generate more post views than the average Steemian for it to be worth it.

Resteeming this article to 13,000+ followers.

Agreed. People can do sponsor posts. It is something people do. Like YouTube for example. I'm Doctor Oatmeal.

I think the best way to do it, and I think I read this in one of Stellabelle's posts, is too just have fun and blog. I think that strategy might work because that way you are probably more likely to stick at it for a while, which is an important factor in making money as far as I know. Also, your audience are more likely to enjoy your posts and look out for more, or follow you, because they can identify with you.

After 7 days you cannot be paid anymore. You receive your payout 7 days after you posted. People can still upvote your post after these 7 days, but it will not influence the payout after these 7 days.

thanks for the reply, but what i mean was we are creating posts for only 7 days unlike creating posts for our own websites which are long lasting, you still get paid because of your old posts because ads will display on old posts too right?.

You could use ads on Steemit also. I never used any. We're we going I'm not sure we'll need ads. Seriously.

On Steemit, there isn't any type of ad revenue to be earned with your posts.

Though, there are some accounts which have endorsements, mainly from one poker site.


Nicely done, greeting from a new Steemian !

Great post and idea. My friend @probizranker is doing very much the same thing promoting Steemit. He is making a video guide for new people on Steemit. I have learned a lot already, and will learn more as he post more.
I agree we need to tell more people about Steemit!

I like your post and I agree with you. I am doing a video guide for new people on Steemit, and I used one of your post in my video. I give you credit here in my post.

Let's get steemit to the top 100 websites most visited 😀 traffic generate traffic ❤

I have read your post here at least 50 times since you posted it.

What all went through my mind I have put into a post:

& This is ME, not the things that promotional stuff out there has put into the back of my mind but ME as an INDIVIDUAL.

I don't expect you to agree or disagree with me on anything I wrote, however I would like you to read it and comment on it, give me your views as an INDIVIDUAL about my views and help me understand you and others.


Cool article! I left a nice comment there.

Thanks again, your advice is much appreciated, especially for a person like myself who is learning the ropes as far as Crypto goes.


very early and the opportunity to make interesting profits are very realy

I'm promoting Steemit by sharing my blogs directly to other social media. I currently share on:
Same username as Steemit @incomepal

Well written post. Tells it all. But at times I feel that when you write a post it is all about who you know on steemit. People with high SP try not to upvote at all but gain others votes. It does take the encouragement away from the ones who cannot write smartly, but they try. Yes people do make money on steemit. Not equally. Same way is in life when people have management jobs and labor jobs. Does steemit play the roll of minimum wages? ☺

Indeed! Indeed promoting this platform on 3 languages and once i get enough reputation i really wanna be curator of my home country!!
This is such an amazing opportunity!!!

Indeed Steemit is in it's early stages and it's only smart to get in now and start building a reputation here. Steemit will skyrocket in the near future and it will be harder and harder to get seen by someone, that's why it's so awesome to be here this early. Those who put quality to the community will be seeing success over time. People who join in a few years will wish they joined much earlier ! I know I would :)
I'm happy to be part of this fantastic community !

Indeed! Getting early is a real plus and Steem only is a small part of cryptocurrency opportunities open to us.

Steemit is a growing platform with growing pains in my opinion. How do we make sure quality content is found and promoted by the community. If everyone continues to just follow and resteem the whales in an effort to gain their attention isn't it just a popularity contest that was won from the beginning. Lets hope HF20 can even the playing field a bit more for everyone!

Hello @Teamsteem, as you shared about you have 100% voteing = $70 . Can you vote for our kids ? Please consider reading our post before voting . We would love to hear from you .

I have been promoting steemit a month after I join. So far meeting so resistance but a few actually come on board. I can truly see the value in this platform going forward. Thanks for the reminder.

awesome info for all steemians, I haven't been here long but see so much potential in steem, thanks for the advice its appreciated, resteemed.

Steem has immense potential. We need more people taking a serious look at it.

I'm a new minnow trying to make progress here on steemit.

I like what you are doing here. Very nice post and usefull info and links.
Long live Steemit!
Did upvote and resteem to show my suport.


Its a great idea to share Posts on facebook i think most of the peoples it already sharing their posts on FB

A very motivating well written article ,Its awesome initiative to promote steem all over the net, Steemit is one of the best social site that pays handsomely to the right person for the right work, adds value to the system, I am promoting Steemit all over, Thanks for sharing.

This will take over social media !!!!!!

i just joined recently and make a habit of sharing on all of my other social media pages every post I make and others that I find helpful. I look forward to the time when I have a lot of followers because I feel like I will be able to give valuable tips and advice for making the most out of joining Steemit and having the best experience on the internet.
I had my wife start her account just this morning....

Regards and Good Luck

làm sao để đăng bài lên steemit

Anyway to make purchasing of steem easlier😑 My only problem is that my country is making it hard for us to purchase bitcoin and to TOP up $ into the exchanges for us to purchase it. Not sure if it's possible to purchase steem directly next time from the site. I see steam out growing Facebook soon and if you guys can have a function for people to upload video directly on the site rather then going to YouTube, then this site will grow multiple times faster 😁

I hope you can solve your difficulties in regard to buy crypto.

I am new to Steemit, and honestly, I except for promoting it within family and family, I have not been that active until I read your post! Very encouraging :).
Upvoted, resteemed and following you!

This is a great idea I agree with this bro

Excellent article with quality content! I also love how I can share my passion to the Steemit community while earning. :)

New user here, of the ones you mentioned in this post, I love this REVOLUTION!

Hi @teamsteem,

Thanks for your article

Few days ago i compared Steemit, Steem with Foursquare, Flickr and Myspace using Google Trends:

The last 3+/- months steem and steemit had a lift off (blue and purple lines) (others are still declining)

This is a Google Trend chart comparing Facebook and Twitter over the last 5 years:

Very excited to see that Steemit is experiencing big growth and it sure makes curieus what it can bring the world in the near future!

I just joined but i was wondering is there any referral system in place here on steemit?

It looks promising, I new here so don't expect a lot yet... and this is me

Thanks for this amazing post . @teamsteem Amazing people making amazing things . We love ALL the Steemit team . <3 <3

With an innovative mindset, can Steem beat Facebook?

An awesome initiative @teamsteem; I am with you!!
Upvoted & followed you!!

Thank you for growing our community! We should all work together!

Yes indeed! We really need to!

I've left Facebook for Steemit Blogging.

I Haven't met a gas lighting troll yet here. Time will tell. Conner's Blog @adconner

I cannot tell you how much I have gotten from Steemit - Its now my go to for anything I want to learn more about - I have found so many useful posts, some have really been life changing for me and my family :) I do post, but my posts are not yet up to speed..I will get there though..confident of that. As far as payout, .002 in a weeks is really something to laugh at :) I am going to have a GREAT week this week, confident of that!!! Steemit is allowing me to make inspire and make my Steemit Friends smile - CCHHHHHEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEEE!!! I love this post and I really enjoy being able to spread the word how ever I can - Happy Thursday my Steemit Friends - SUNSHINE247

That is so cool! Thank you for sharing!

Agreed, Sun Shine Girl. Confidence is a gate towards success.

Been trying to convert my Facebook/Twitter/Reddit friends to SteemIt but only a handful of them gave it a try and most of them quit after a day or two. Some people still can't grasp the concept, and some even ridicule me. Oh well, i did my part.

We just need to share it and re-share it. Time and repetition will do their thing.

Since my english skills are not very good, I´m not sure i understood everything, but I´ll do my best to get to do it and join

That's a great initiative. One big problem remaining is waiting to get accounts approved. I had seen before that that is because of the initial cost and that if a person was willing ro pay it themselves that the wait could be circumvented and the people you have turned on to Steenit could jump on in. Would you, or anyone here happen to know where and how a person would go about using that method. Their are a couple people I know that I would be willing to pay for, and several others I would like to present the option to let them pay and skip the wait. created by @someguy123

This is working great. It's not too complicated. There are new option coming.

You can also create an another for another person using

I haven't used the second one but it's also working good. It's created by @ekitcho and his team @busy.witness

That will be helpful. I only had to wait a few days, but Ive seen peolpe talking about wanting a lot longer.
Promoting the site won't help a lot if the people you manage to sell the idea to can't get in before they lose interest.

This was a good read, thank you for all the resources. I will be checking them out promptly

Steemit is great, now i have a platform to share my thoughts and ideas, and i am being paid as well.
I ususally shared my posts on facebook too.

I joined a month ago. Loving it!!

This post right here is the exact reason that I am getting into Steemit and cyrpto currency in general. Now is the time to take back control of our monetary system; if not ready for that at least we can take control or our own finance. On top of that the site breeds positivity. You get rewarded for being a genuinely nice person and not some troll just to be that guy. Thank you for the wonderful post and the amazing site. I feel privileged to be a part.

Yes exactly! I love it some much when people get it about money! Let's take back control of money creation!

It is great to see you in another video singing!

Ha ha! Thank you Brian! I hesitated to do that one but I guess I shouldn't hesitate anymore. I'll try to do more. I'm getting much faster at making them.

Yeah don't hesitate. If you think someone might roll their eyes about it then DO IT!

Hahahha. Most people aren't willing to put themselves out there!

I absolutely love what you stand for -- cooperation and working together, everyone helping everyone else. I don't have time to check out all your links right now, but I will get back to them. And thanks for the link to the markdown pad. That will be very helpful, I am sure. Here is link to a facebook post that is a beautiful song:

Glad to be here! Thanks everyone for your support!

nice post
if you like my post please follow upvote comment and resteem

interesting numbers

The unlimited abundance of steam with a fair distribution I love and I feel proud to be here now reading your post and motivandome more than not surrender

great post!

The hardest part about Steemit is preaching it to your friends without sounding like you're trying to rope them into a pyramid scheme... It's a constant battle for me LOL

I know what you mean. Money in Steem is just like a bonus. Nobody is forced to invest and everyone has the opportunity to make some, so it's a bit foolish to be scared of it.

Reddit is the 8th most popular website and give its users nada. People don't need to be paid to want to share, everyone wants to share and Steem is the best place to do it.

great job keep it up.

love the tshits @teamsteem!

Do you know if there's a markdown pad version or look a like for Mac?

I guess I'll eventually include it in my post. If you use it and love it let me know. I tried that one and preferred markdown pad.

Thank you so much.

Great promo...a referral system sounds like a good idea right now!