Life Is Awesome!

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Life is so awesome, most people try to avoid death until their very last breath, pretty much so no matter what. If that wasn't the case then suicide would be the number one cause of death but it isn't. Obviously it doesn't make this cause of death to be any less tragic.

But even for those who decide to end their life, it's not that they thought life was never awesome but simply that at some point, suffering began to outweigh life's awesomeness and their fear of death.

Be Awesome! We Never Know When Our Time Comes!

Now, whatever comes after death might be even more awesome than life itself but no one knows for sure, thus the logical need people feel to try to squeeze everything they can out of it.

I share this to highlight that even though there's a whole lot of suffering in this world, there's provably even more awesomeness.

In the end, maybe life's awesomeness and suffering perfectly equal one another but nonetheless the experience of life itself could always be considered a net positive and that's a very comforting thought.

My Latest Series

The current post is part of a series of post listed below but can also be read on it's own.

I Stand For What Feels Right

This hasn't changed. This is why I get up in the morning, to make myself feel good and help make others feel the same about themselves.

What feels right is to feel in tune with reality, it's when we aren't engaging in self-deception. Today the whole human society is conducive to deception, in fact the higher people are in its many pyramids of power, the more they have to engage in deception, whether they realize it or not.

It's a lot easier to live in tune with reality when our whole environment is also in tune with reality than when our whole environment is constantly seeking to deceive us and each other. This is why the more someone gets in tune with reality the more in its environment will also gets in tune with reality or they will avoid one another.

Making Governments Irrelevant

As I've already said in many of my previous posts, I'm seeking ways to make our world less deceiptful and less engaged in unnecessary acts of violence, by seeking ways to be more in tune with reality and to live in harmonious ways with mother nature.

I'm here seeking to create a voluntaryist society where all forms of human association are voluntary as opposed to the current form of society where governments cannot function without the threat of initiating violence/imprisonment.

There's no need to know all the answers as to how exactly a voluntaryist society would look like nor is there anyway to have all of those answers at this moment.

Anything that empowers every humans rather than give even more power to the governments is a good thing for everyone.

"We're creating systems that make governments irrelevant, taking dispute out of their jurisdiction to allow people to interact securely with each other." - Me paraphrasing @dantheman - (source)

Creating Fairer Systems Of Governance

To make governments irrelevant we need to create better forms of money than the national currencies created by them, money which is created out of nothing at the expense of everyone else and which have help governments create misery of unparalleled scale.

Cryptocurrencies are this better forms of money first launched on January 3, 2009 with Bitcoin. These new types of money have began to shift power away from governments back to the individuals. I've try to explained some of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are a better type of money than national currencies in my post: "Understanding Cryptocurrencies: The Best Investments Of All Time".

The post also explain what are cryptocurrencies in a way anyone can understand. I feel this is very important to understand, as this cryptocurrency rise as been the biggest wealth creation of the last 8 years and if I'm right will continue to be so for many years to come and everyone holding them are the first benefactors.

No matter who benefit from them first, in the end, I feel like cryptocurrencies are truly benefiting everyone.

This whole world is set up for a big shift in power, away from governments and back to the individuals.

The Universal Fear Of Not Having Enough

We all have this fear. We all want to avoid suffering so much than we'd do pretty much anything not to end up poor. Yet in today's society, the more deception there is the better but this is only for those who rule society itself. Yet everyone are pushed to deceive one another.

And before the advent of cryptocurrencies, the situation seemed very dire, as anything done to help achieve a fairer society would always end up being counteract by governments creating more money out of nothing, further empowering themselves at the expense of everyone else.

The Will To Live In The Face Of Utter Despair

This video was filmed in Egypt. This 10 seconds clip beginning at the 7 seconds mark is probably the video I've watched the most in my life. It's a very poignant clip. I don't know what the Arabic part of it means.

Egypt has been in the top 5 US foreign aid recipient from at least 1995 to 2015. Egypt isn't a developing country and the vast majority of this aid 86% in the last year was directly given to Egypt's military forces.

The militarization of the whole world through any means possible, through nowadays what is called "foreign aid" which goes on directly to fund, train and equip any forces coveted by the most powerful rulers have been happening since as long as recorded history began.

No amount of "foreign aid" is meant to really help anyone but the rulers, just like no wars is meant to help anyone but the rulers of start them. But this "aid" only exist to further deceive people and make them always more reliant and subserviant to those rulers instead of making people self-reliant and independent.

As long as I have the freedom to, I will work to bring about a better world.

Nobody Voted For People Being Left Starving To Death

I'm not okay with people starving to death, nor does anyone of us should. We should all look towards changing the current status quo and not only for those people starving to death but for everyone going through any avoidable hardships most of them created by those inherently violent governments.

If we're all scared of not having enough money then we can all easily understand how the poorest and most uneducated must feel about their situation, where not only are they lacking food, medicine and education but sometimes their whole village is.

The world doesn't lack money or food, the world is designed the way it is, having created untold hardship for most while an ever smaller group of people amass an ever increasing amount of physical wealth.

This doesn't have to be like this and it's up to all of us to take the necessary actions to bring about the world we long for.

Over time humans have been able to increase the amount of goods and services they produce at a fix amount of energy, yet all of those benefits will continue to be enjoyed by an ever smaller group if we don't unit and rise up.

Cooperation Over Exploitation

Cooperation is better than exploitation and we all need to make this an integral part of how we live.

I'm here on Steem to cooperate with others. I'm here because I know that cooperation is better for everyone than exploitation and deception. I'm here to share about these truths.

I'm here to pool my knowledge and money to create greater things than what I would be able to create on my own.

I'm here because the incentives to do good in the face of social pressure can often be a greater incentive than our own self-determination.

I'm here to speak the truth and expose the deception we're face with.

Most people won't remember much of what I said in my life but anyone can come on Steem in the future and read what I shared here and learn about me from an incorruptible source and of quasi indestructible nature. This is very priceless.

The Life We All Cherish So Much

The whole money race is rigged against us. Money is being created and use against us and to rob us of the life we all cherish so much. We need to try to stop being control by fear and begin to help one another realize all of those deceptions that are being used against us. We need to stand up for one another.

This is not just talk on my part. I'm really looking to make this happen more and more each day, not just by sharing my knowledge online but also by looking to make my every actions ever more in line with my deepest convictions.

Life Is Not About How Much Money Someone Makes

It's about how much joy they create. Steem, like life is not about how much money we have or how much we've made but how much we enjoy it for ourselves and how enjoyable we make it for others. As I've said many times, this is easy for me to say as I'm not starving to death from lack of money nor am I in some other immediate life threatening condition.

This is further reasons for me to try to help others and try to inspire them to do the same. Everyone know what it feels to be in need and how bad it can feel, just like everyone know life would be worthless if there was no one to share it with.

Our Universal Desire To Help!

I've been on Steem since May 2016. I've been a witness since September 2016. I've just re-read my almost 1 year old witness application post today which was a fun read.

I currently control around 1% of the author reward pool which roughly put me in the top 20 most powerful voters. A large part of this (86%) comes from SP that has been delegated to me a couple months ago.

Over my time on Steem a lot of people have kept asking me how to be successful, to which I should answer, try to instill joy in others. Not only will it make you successful on Steem but at life itself.

The reason why Steem was created in the first place is to reduce the need for violence, it's to create a more peaceful and more enjoyable world.

The Only Meaningful Measure Of Success Is Joy

A lot of people think because their post didn't generate as much money as they wished for that they aren't successful but the money generated by a post isn't a reliable gauge for its success. If everyone created what the think would be the best post possible then everyone would vote only for themselves and everyone would receive Steem in proportion to how much Steem they own.

@freedom is the second biggest holder of Steem Power after @steemit, any post which would receive a vote by this account would receive around 528$ just from this single vote. Such a vote isn't a reliable gauge for success either and such a vote could be negated by down votes from anyone else.

To instill joy we should look toward living in tune with reality. This is the way to create consensus. Live by your truth and don't let any immediate number of votes or dollars be the judge of anyone's Steem success.

Help People And People Will Help You

There are leaders on Steem. @freedom is one and possibly the greatest but hasn't voted in a long time. I didn't provide my stats about my vote to brag about it, I provided it to empower people. I want people to look at the most powerful voters and learn about them and about why those Steemians vote who they vote for and what they vote for. Study Steem to make the most out of it.

I myself am looking to make the message of this post more accessible. I want this to be more widely shared. Not necessarily this exact post but its essence and the essence of the whole series it's part of.

Associate with leaders as cooperation serves everyone fairly. On Steem, leaders want to create other leaders as everyone empower everyone else. On Steem, trying to exploit one another will inevitably lead to being exposed as everyone as real incentive to keep everyone in check. There are no middle man who could possibly manipulate or interfere with any of the data.

Working Toward Advancing Society

We all have different strenghts. Some are better with writing, others with coding, moving others, manual labor, etc., and by pooling all of our strenght we make each of us stronger.

We need to expose the lie that there isn't enough for everyone and that the way things are, are the way things ought to be. This is a lie. Things could be a lot better for everyone.

Better systems of governance and money creation have been created than the current centralized one ran by governments and these newer and better systems are constantly being improved upon.

I'm here on Steem to help leverage these better systems to help us create a more enjoyable world.

Working Toward Advancing Steem

I'm not on Steem to upvote the next celebrity fad, media sensation or billionaire's intellectual masturbation. No amount of billionaire's intellectual masturbation will solve the current inherent problem pose by the centralized money creation systems and the wealth concentration they lead to.

I'm not here to replace anyone or imitate anyone. I'm myself and that's who I want to be and that's who everyone should aim to be, themselves.

Here's a link showing the people I supported the most with my votes in the last 2 weeks. Here's a link to those who supported me the most for the same period.

Support Witnesses: Every Votes Count

I want to highlight that most of the people I supported with my votes are people who support my witness. This make sense. People seek support from people whom they agree with. We should all seek to make these mutual supports even stronger as we go. Most Steemians don't support any witnesses.

Here's a link to see who are the top 50 witnesses and who support them. (Below top 50, my witness "teamsteem" is included.)

We can see that the votes from smaller voters aren't negligible for any of the witnesses and that those smaller voters often make a very important contribution to the overall support of most witnesses.

Every witness vote counts. Every Steemians can vote for 30 witnesses and those can be changed at any moment.

Click here to vote and here to see which witnesses are still active or online. (The red one are offline.)

Understanding Steem To Get The Most Out Of It

If we'd compared the individual pay made by the top 20 witnesses each of them would rank above almost all the best paid authors of almost any single day. I've discussed this in a previous post under the subtitle: "Witnesses Are Looking For Your Support!"

All of us, no matter how much money or Steem we have or make are seeking to make our life more enjoyable and this is what our posts and votes are all about. But the reward pool is limited and made of newly emitted Steem which are decreasing at a constant pace with each new blocks.

Anyone who doesn't understand Steem basic functioning might end up deceiving themselves with apprehensions not reflective of reality. This is also true of life itself.

Seek ways to make life more enjoyable for everyone and life will become more enjoyable for yourself.

I love to think that all of us will some day upvote someone primarily because they are in dire need rather then because their post is very valuable in itself. Knowing we helped someone in dire need is of the upmost value.

Steem: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Steem is already the most valuable place for me to share my ideas, I don't exclusively mean in a monetary sense. It has been so since I've first learned about it in May 2016. Steem allows me or anyone to be rewarded for everything we say. Sooner or later it will compete with every other websites on the internet.

As Steem becomes more and more popular, people will shun away from relying on the outdated platforms provided by news agencies owned by billionaires. Not only will the audiences have real sound incentives to leave those platforms but the same will be true of the journalists publishing on these platforms.

If we don't engineer those revolutionary technologies like cryptocurrencies, that empower the individuals over centralized power then those technologies will never come about. I'm pretty sure all revolutionary technologies and what they made possible seemed pretty absurd and impossible when they were first imagined.

All Social Networks Will Adopt Steem's Model

I've watched Youtube trending page for more than 2 years now and I've seen only one video about cryptocurrency reaching the trending page, yet cryptocurrencies are the best financial investments of all time. Here's the list of the 500 most subscribed to Youtubers. I highly doubt there's any cryptocurrency expert on the list or any of them that treats of the inherent threat posed by centralization and governments.

I've watched the Reddit's front page for years now and I don't think I've ever seen anything related to cryptocurrencies, yet one would think the best financial investment of all time should be of major interest for the vast majority of humans.

The most liked pages on Facebook can be found here and from it we can rapidly determine those pages haven't been created to bring about the changes this world desperately need nor could they, even if they wished to, only Steem in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies can help this happen.

Steem Is About To Get Much More Viral!

Steemit Inc which is currently the greatest force behind Steem's growth is artificially slowing down the rate at which new accounts are created. There are currently many good reasons for them to with hold account creation, one of them is that the current system is costing them a lot of Steem Power to create each new accounts as well as being prone to automated account creation abuse malicious actors. They have developed a new system to solve this issue. This new implementation will be release soon.

Obviously account creation is one of the leading metric when it comes to Steem growth as it's one directly influencing all other metrics.

I simply can't imagine how much faster Steem's growth and adoption will be in the future but all I can say is that everything about Steem and cryptocurrencies in general make me very enthusiast for a better future and more enjoyable present.

Steemit is a team of 32+ dedicated individuals including 20+ developers on and Steem, the blockchain. [Source]

Redistributing Power!

As I wrote above, I'm like everyone else in the sense that I sometime get scared of not having enough money to get by in life but Earth is bountiful enough to fulfill everyone's need of space, air, heat, food, love, compassion etc., it's simply that these aren't distributed well enough yet, for whatever reasons. That's what we needs to be worked on.

Steem Seed

In my effor to help the Steem ecosystem, I've set up a Steem seed earlier this week. Steem seeds are like Bitcoin full nodes, they distribute blocks to witnesses and RPC nodes.

My seed should soon be added to this list of online seeds provided by @wackou.

Approving My Witness!

Witness #53

Would you consider voting for my witness to help us Steeming the world we all long for?

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read all comments!

Steem's Growth Is Unmatched!

Its Popularity Is Rocketing!

Share the fun by inviting your friends!

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How to align pictures.

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A lot of times when I read your posts I think, 'this guy sounds like me!' I believe that your approach here on Steemit is a good one, to inspire others towards a new way of living on the planet beyond the old centralized control systems. Your material here makes me feel like I'm not alone in my view of what the world is, and what it can become soon when enough of us realize and remember our individual power here in these current moments of creative potential.

Your words bring the feeling that we are dancing on the edge of the old worn out systems and, even better; that we know that there was already a voluntary world being created all along underneath it all-- we individuals already have the intellectual tools to foster this non-violent, natural human cooperation that has been suppressed by society for our whole lives.

Interesting that Utube and twitter have so few trending crypto-related entries. It could be that both of those entities manipulate the numbers on certain topics-- maybe cryptocurrency is more popular than they'd like to indicate. I can imagine larger companies tampering with view counts or any numbers or statistics that might affect popularity in the perception of the users who would have otherwise seen more crypto things-- those crypto things that might mean their certain doom.

Thanks for another great post, I appreciate your work here a lot.


I've got to just second what you just said on a double level. Reading your comment felt like I was reading my own reply to this article that I felt like I wrote. Wait, is I you?

Want to know where the world has to head? Decentralized internet. Think about the control we are under by things like news censorship. Imagine, an internet controlled by its viewers. An algorithm search engine for complete unbiased accuracy, content that is paid for relevancy and helpfulness (Hello Steemit) We just need our own infrastructure to do it. Time to rebuild the World Wide Web


Also this is my first day using Steemit Shoot me a follow @teamsteam if you'd like to see what I have brewing in the future. I think our goals on Steemit are in alignment.


I had never thought of a decentralized internet-- that is an exciting idea! It's probably inevitable now, you've let the cat out of the bag!


Google's motto, and it owns YouTube of course, has changed from "Do no evil" to "Do hide evil." They even ruined Google+ doing the same thing. They were filtering out liberty related content, and us liberty lovers were basically talking to ourselves after a while even with public posts.


I remember Google+, but I didn't stick around there long anyway. Maybe all of the liberty-minded people will find Steemit and we'll try this again!


It's the perfect platform for it! :)


It's not even Google though. Its whoever owns the infrastructure in the first place. Comcast AT&T. There are bigger players making the rules here for sure


Agreed. Ultimately, governments own the Internet. That's a serious problem for crypto lovers. Governments are the banks, and the banks control the fiat to crypto and back process. They control the payment systems. And they control the Internet. I wouldn't have all your wealth dependent on those systems. It's a bad idea. :)

Hi Teamsteem ^^

I couldn't find anywhere how to wrap images with text with markdown and I see you master this art. Would you have the kindness to tell me how it's done ?

Cheers, FlaminGirl


yeah, I wonder too..


It's blockchain technology! It's all there for everyone to see. Want to know how they did it? Take a look for yourselves!


It's very simple. Just put the image in a div container inside HTML. The code should look like the following:
<div.class="pull-right">Insert Image here</.div>

The first FULL Stop needs to be replaced with a whitespace, the second one needs to be removed completely without replacement!

or you go with pull-left if you want the image to align on the left side!

EDIT: @richhersey this doesn't have to do with any blockchain technology, this is just regular HTML, which can be found on every website on the planet.

Hope this helps! :-)


All your posts are amazing....i enjoy reading it
You are true life is really awesome....we should enjoy it up to fullest

I love the beginning of the post and the wonderful positive message it shares to all its readers, first that life is too awesome to die, depression and lack of wealth leads to suicide but beyond those two there is so much to live for and that's why humans fear death, I am with u that cryptocurrency is the new money away from government deceit, I think China realizes this that if they legalize it then they will have no control over the public but even with them closing trades etc they can't really stop the world from recognizing the awesomeness of this new currency.
Thank u for the tips, steemit is not only about earning it's also the love we share and the experience we enjoy , I love it , and wish to interact more with people and learn from amazing posts such as this one! Keep it up .


Its true, time is short and we have to use our time for positive things, that's the only way we can live more and better, time is not a measure of how much have you lived, I think the main idea is to be able to leave this world thinking that you have done the things you wanted to do and be happy with it, if we are not ready to think that way we need to change something in our lives


That is beautiful thank u , true not regretting our last moments , that is only when we truly lived .


Well said. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest. Live in the moment. Namaste :)


Your publications are really beautiful I've checked most of them and found them amazing you're really worth it all thanks for sharing
I hope to be like you in the future I work with all my efforts and perfection of God

Dude, you're absolutely killing it. That's all I have to say.


You seriously have no idea how much I love you and your nice comments! Thank you so much Matt!

always take care of you life and be healthy.

Motivation Wednesday. Thanks for the awesome article :D

This is the Best post av seen today . I love to read each and every post of yours. Sometimes I don'rt get time to read the full content but I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing...


I really appreciate you letting me know.


I totally agree with you, @twerking-girls! I Follow @teamsteem too and there are many great posts there. :-)

Indeed, as i read this post about life it makes me realized how wonderful life is. If we only understand how awesome life is trials and death would be useless because if we enjoy the life that we have it would be priceless. i will continue to read this post and thank you for this inspiring words.. looking forward for your success in life. God bless

this time is I consider the best time to be alive because of the Crypto especially Steem... hope North Korea will not drop nuclear very soon in my backyard haha

Thanks for sharing. Love your positivity and pleasure to learn from others. Sometimes it's hard to find people who will understand you. Can't wait for more to come.

Lack of resources is the illusion! Thank you @teamsteem for the positive messages. People don't have be pitted against others believing that there isn't enough love to go around.

It should be noted that by helping others, you also add wealth to them and indirectly to yourself as well. I look at my life and all of my blessings and realize that I would actually have less if I didn't work together with others.

Everyone is capable of finding their way in a community to help others grow, and I can see why you are such a strong advocate for Steemit. It's easy to promote ideas that you actually believe in!

I am in love with Steemit myself, there exists higher potential of possibilities where realities of love, growth, and learning are not a far off dream at all. I have no doubt in my mind that many other social media platforms will try to copy, but won't be able to have the same fundamentals and vision as Steemit.

Thank you again for your post, positive initiatives are key to everyone's success together c:



life is colorful... make the rainbow !!

Best Quote of the day! "Be Awesome! We Never Know When Our Time Comes!"... words to live by :)


Yes! Very much indeed. I'm pretty sure this is the very last sentence I added to this text. There was simply no title there and it didn't felt right. So I birthed this awesome quote.


I will be using it for the rest of my life lol :)


yeah seriously bro! now i am realizing that Steem and Bitcoin will outlive me just like how Youtube will be around much longer than me! we should set up Streemian to kjeep posting after we die like how they have social media that lets you keep posting after you die after training a program to know what you like to post etc

I like your post picture. Anyone who has ever flown in a parachute knows the feelings being up there. You are just a small vulnerable portion of the immense planet and forget about everything to just enjoy the breathtaking experience of having the great opportunity to just BE.
So, for those obsessed with just earning steem, getting votes and raising their reputation I would say, just enjoy, post whatever you feel comfortable with, engage on an organical and real way and the rest will just come.


very motivating please keep the good work

Life is awesome, anyone have a guess how much money is shown in the picture with the room full of dollars? :D :D :D

Thank you @teamsteem for another brilliant post.

I think it's slowly starting to sink in, the importance of what you are saying and doing on Steemit.

Helping people to make this a positive place, very unlike most other places.

Not only are we all different, we all have different forms of joy too.

One of yours is being an inspiration!

And you just inspired me to work out what mine are - my main ones here on Steemit are to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE AND EXPOSE.

But not so much to EEEW because the mainstream media has fully got that one covered!

This is my first time trying out Markdown, and subtlety is my middle name.

Thanks for being an inspiration.


Thank you my friend!

Nice article, full of reality and passion. It is sad how many people are blinded by money and end up not living their life to the fullest. Thank you for this article hope you create more inspirational stories. Followed !!! :D

Wow, when I read the bit about other social networks adopting Steemit's model I thought, heck, what if they did. That would be a cataclysmic shift in the way things work in the world.

Steemit would still rule though :O)


I think so to. Steem and Golos have the first mover advantage by a long shot.


They do indeed and often there is no bigger advantage!


Even more so for cryptocurrencies.

I am relatively new to Steem community and this was undoubtedly the most captivating and motivating post I have read so far. Very true, honest and realistic in every way.

I agree with your mindset, how you have portrayed joy and success above everything else we do or get in life. I have always believed and kept my faith that we all do get 'our break' at the right time. At times we might anticipate something good coming our way, most of the times we won't. But that's the beauty of life, isn't it? I mean, we all want the best things to happen to us on a constant basis, but that's not how the script is written for us usually.. There's a right time for everything we strive for, all we need is a little faith and the ability to still be happy about the course of our life at any given moment. I am not just saying this out of nowhere, I've been there myself, too. Have made sacrifices, have put the happiness of my blood relations above my own. The part of the world I reside in, family relationships matter a lot. I even had my low phases where I used to question almost everything, until I realized that happiness is not just about fulfillment of your own goals. It's way beyond that - only if you want to look at it from a broader perspective.

So yes, we all need to see, feel and live the joys of our lives all around us. Everything else will make it's way to be associated with our course. Nothing should deviate us or adversely affect us in any way. In my view, that's what life is all about. That's what life teaches us everyday. That's the 'awesomeness' of life! :)

We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error


Well said.

Thank you for the awesome inspiring article

This is wonderful I like to do this as soon as summer 2018 is here

Very interesting and informative post , Yes life is really awesome :)

Well said! I see big problem with some people trying to convince people they should be happy on force not caring about problems of this world. How about changing situation on this planet so we don't need to be happy on force?! Great article, you mention a lot what need to be said. Resteemed.


Forced happiness eh? That's a cool oxymoron. Thank you for your nice comment.


Forced happiness exist big time. :)

From unconscious (not sure, it could be conscious: panpsychism) big bang to conscious thinking lifeforms- humans, cooperations always help all. With blockchain technology such as steemit cooperation will become easier. In steemit everybody wins, at least financially.

Great post and wonderful ideas. Yet there's one thing I don't understand. You want governments to function without violence/imprisonment. How could that be possible? Even Steemit uses downvoting to punnish those who break the rules.

Is there a comunity somewhere that has no rules and no violence?

I was attracted by the cover photo of this post and clicked your post and was impressed that you have the reputation of 70. I was expecting to find how did you take this photo, but was disappointed to realize that it may be only a random photo from the internet.

I searched internet and found many results of this photo. I cannot find copyright information in your post about this photo. My concern is whether steemit can use this photo legally or not.

I noticed that many steemian use other people's photos and do not care about copyright. I don't have enough power or sp to fight for the plagiarism of images in steemit, because so many users of steemit are stealing images. I always believe the plagiarism will bring trouble for steemit.

I point this out for this post, because you have a reputation of 70 and your id makes me believe you are an official id of steemit.

I just hope I was wrong. Please clarify the copyright of the fist image of this post. Thanks


All images where I don't provide the source are image which I don't need to. I don't know the exact word. I think they are called creative common. They come from pixabay for the most part.

Copyright are a bad thing for humanity. The sooner we will do away with them the better but for some obvious reasons I respect them for now.


Thanks for clarification

Great post ;)

Life is an experience that we should enjoy(fulljoy) to the fullest. Most of us can choose to live life the way we want, and make changes at any time when it is not going the way we want it to. If you live in fear of death you cannot be happy, and therefore find it hard to live a truly wonderful life, like you are meant to.

Commenting so I can find this in the morning. Looking forward to reading it in a more sober state.

I've given a witness vote based on the headlines.


Thank you! I really appreciate!


yeah man leaving comments as bookmarks and you end up with 5 cents from me! steemit is so worth it, sometimes u make several dolars off a comment! man @teamsteem u should make some youtube videos majn u can fund a youtube ad campaign to promote steemit on youtube and you can pay fo it with ur stemit posts! bro let me help make one and will u help me get upvotes on my steemit post raising money for youtube ad for steemit? i will put all the money i make on the post to youtube ad tio make a steemit ad for youtube and i will post proof it will be DOPE

we will have a youtube ad playing on youtube just promoting steemit! we will get SOmany new users !!!!


I'll see what I can think of in that regard.


yeah man steemit system realy WILl be adopted by all platforms! they HAVE rto to compete with us!

also we should warn people that faceook might try to license our blockchain ro make their own hardfork or google might try and BUY steemit! you have to plan for those possibilityies! but i hope they CANT buy steemit because of steem blokchain being decentralized

but google could end up just using delegated proof of stake and or facebook or youtube could use it to pay its commenters! all thoselikes getting wasted! instahgram could use DPOS and pay uysers and commenters, so yeah man bro OW it would REALLY help steemit and steem price WOAHHh steem price would SKYRIOCKET if for example facebook decided to use delegated proof of stake oiR a straight up steem bockchain hardfork

Yes, seriously life is the most enjoyable boat for travelling. But, this is not for them, who are surrounded many troubles and sufferings. Those who commit suicide, their hope become end.

But seeing your post, this is certain that, you are far from troubles. Isn't it??

It resonate with me so much... If I would write a post, it would be exactly like yours!
Bless :)

i like this post

Great article! Thank you for this wave of positive feelings.
Looking forward to read the next one!

bagus sekali postingannya.........
postingan yang sempurna, saya suka postingan seperti ini.

Excellent @teamsteem


@teamsteem - I am not sure if you will see this comment in the flood of comments but here goes anyway - I have to comment because I have been following you for last 1-2 months and have seen nothing but dedication to the Steemit platform and a disposition that always wants a better future for everyone. I became aware of the importance of witness activities recently and hence, this blog from you comes at an opportune time. I will go vote for you as witness. I am fully confident of your abilities as a witness for supporting Steemit growth. Your setting up a seed node is just one of the examples.

I hope to receive some guidance from you from time to time through chat or comments. I am trying to keep bringing my original content to Steemit and guidance from Senior Steemians like you always helps me to improve. Thank you so much in advance.


Thanks! I really appreciate your comment and support. You already seem to be doing very well on your blogs. Maybe you should consider getting more involved in the 2 discord chats I mentioned above. This is just a suggestion.


I clicked on the voting link and it is showing me that I am voting for you as witness. So I guess I have voted. :)
Thank you for taking the time to assess my blogs. I really appreciate your kind words about them. I am on PAL discord channel but it is true that I have not been too involved. Social networks and chat is a bit new for me and I do not understand much. Is there any way I can get more involved? Can i volunteer for some work - it is more natural for me to get involved rather than just chat randomly and hope to get involved. Thanks. BTW my name on PAL is also vm2904

nice post...
I like this post full of benefits and rich in science friends


Thank @ackza for the upvote 8 % = 0.05
You are my best friend right now, because I need more STEEM.

Bitcoin is something new that brings people together. Some of us have understood it from early time about it and adopted it, some other people will understand it in the comming years. What is good about bitcoin is that it makes a smaller world and brings joy to everyone. Thank you for writing this article, it is a bit too long but it contains many interesting things.


Bitcoin will always be the ultimate trustless blockchain backbone but one day steem will get bigger than bitcoin!
Steem will become the ultimate DAO with AI running some of the features when AI runs the witness nodes

AI will save up all the steempower and have all the witness votes XD AI bot wil take over steemit but i believe they will make it fair!

I needed to read this. Just thank you for your honesty!

its a big help for me!


That's good to know!

Like your articles will surely vote for you as a steem witness if only i had much time to write articles I'm currently investing a little every month into the community.
Keep up the good work.

This is such a well written and inspiring post. Indeed life is awesome. Defintiely resteeming this. Great links to resources as well. Thanks!

That is very good list. I must this read every morning :) it motivate :)

Very nice post, i completly agreed that we have to fight untill the last breath for the life we had.

Interesting your posts. I love to read each and every post of yours. Sometimes I don't get time to read the full content but I make sure that whenever I am free I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing... :)

It Is, We Are, Life Will!

Thanks for the Markdown tool tip! Really appreciate seeing someone else post how I feel. :)

Go be Awesome!

Great post! Thank you :)))

Life is great .....its always mistaken for some curse...nahhh....let ua soul free...cone out of the box...stop worrying too much about future....look beyond that horizon...thats where sun hides itself from all tge worries.....lets go there...for its the pllace where miracles ya life

Good post !

Help People And People Will Help You

It never ceases to amaze me just how little it takes, on your side, to be that positive difference in the lives of someone else. That small act of kindness that you so often wish for other people to give to you, that you completely forget the last time you did it to someone else.

Another positive and enjoyable piece by you @teamsteem
steem on:)


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


I don't need to see your post to give you my best advice. Leave more thoughtful and more meaningful comments.

Thank you for sharing such a nice post, @teamsteem!! I follow you and you have a lot of good post in your profile. :-)

It is a beautiful text. I do not believe that we will die - for sure our physical body but not your soul. Therefore everything is fine, everything is OK and life is beautiful.

wow nice post I really like it I always follow your cool post

That is a good word for our soul. God words encourages us to move on in life despite how discourage and corrupt this life may look like. We must love one another and follow the golden rule ; Do to others as you want other to do unto you. Let us love and help one another.

Thanks, this gave me new insights!

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Great and good post sir ...

People can achieve such greatness when they work together, we have the ability do so much if we all just give a little.

@teamsteem. "To make governments irrelevant we need to create better forms of money than the national currencies created by them, money which is created out of nothing at the expense of everyone else and which have help governments create misery of unparalleled scale."

This is the quote of the year. I hope you don't mind if I use it.

This is an awfully long post to get through! But thank you as you are sincere in your words and I have already followed you from previous posts. I admire your conviction and need to be good, that's in fact what I most admire as I feel the same. However, even though it makes no change in how I use or interact with the Steemit community, I learnt that bots get sent around and do electronic voting for investors. It' seems very unfair not because I don't care what others earn, so that aspect is not a problem, the problem lies in the fact that manual curating, no matter how you apply yourself to this, won't cut the mustard when it comes to zillions of bots crawling over the site. It surely isn't fair to newcomers but I may be wrong in this. It's a pity, as it tarnished the shining reputation I had personally thought of in Steemit. As mentioned, I won't change my habits, good posts as far as I can, giving an uplift by humour or sending a positive attitude. My curation remains the same. Sensible and random. I have favourites, I follow them, but hardly ever look at that list as I'm too busy following what's on the daily lists. Happy Steeming.


Bots can't be ban so curating bots have been a given since the inception of Steem. No matter what Steem always trickles down from the richest to those who have a bit less Steem.


This is modern life! Never mind, I ignore it all and just go on posting and curating as usual. JV


I thought about this more after your response. I wasn't taking into consideration of just how big this is. You couldn't do curation on the fairest scale without bots, so bot on. I shall continue as usual and enjoy. By the way i made another milestone, I actually powered down. It's great. Now I can tell others it really works (people are sceptical) and that pleases me no end. Thanks and Happy Steeming!

So awesome! following, Upvote & resteem.

This is more than impressive and i love it. i am a slow learner but i know the knowledge you've thrown in this post will do me and my ghanateam ,a great deal of good so even if it takes me a week to grasp everything in this post completely, i will and share the knowledge with others. Thank you @teamsteem

Hello, my name is Nadine and I am new on steemit. Maybe you can check out my post as well and follow back. Thank you :-)
I really like your post. Super interesting. Great!!!

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

Joy..we need to have a joy. Enjoying our life and being happy alm the times. Success is coming to people that has been a happy soul. Have a nice day.

Interesting article. I surprising never knew Steem block payouts were dropping. I guess that explains my drop in payouts. Thanks!

Edit: I gave you a witness vote btw


Thank you for supporting my witness. I don't think this explain your drop in payout. The inflation goes does so slowly that it's imperceptible for the whole.

Et ben.. Ca c'est du post. Pour être franc j'ai pas tout lu (en anglais aussi long j'aurai le cerveau qui pèterais à lire d'un coup) du coup j'ai lu dans les grandes mais je vais le mettre en marque page et lire petit à petit, c'est plein de bons messages. Merci pour le partage et bonne continuation

This is how life is beautiful looking at it in any circumstance, whether with money without money, it is simply us who give it the angle.

Great article to start the day off :) wonderful inspiration life is simply awesome be crazy be free !!

Truly truly beautiful your sharing.

One main thing is always COLLABORATION and No longer on the COMPETITION anymore. We all should live for the betterment of mankind always thinking of the bigger picture to help each other and support each other.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

thank you very much @teamsteem i am glad to get acquainted with you. Your post is very interesting.

Hello, I am new here and saw this post trending. It does make a good read but got a bit confused as it starts with Health then today's condition globally, cryptocurrency and other aspects. Each one could be a topic on its own. Liked the way you brought it out though. :)

Very enlightening! Do you consider yourself a free thinker?

Very interesting.
hope I can dig some of your old blogs about yourself:) Sorry, I'm nosy :):)
I'll comeback and read some more:)

Have a lovely day:) attempts at expressing somewhat similar thoughts fall far short...but..we are all put on earth for a reason...whatever I can do...adds to the whole...its how change happens...

so awesome an believe me when i say i went all the way enlightening,,,,,,,thanks

Great post as usual!
It amazes me the amount of closed mind individuals there are.....
I agree there is a shift that is starting to happen and will happen.
Many people are afraid of change or look to the government for answers instead of educating themselves and realising that this change can and will benefit everyone and that ,yes that feeling of joy and happiness that comes when you touch someones life and have made their life and way of seeing things for the better

"Over my time on Steem a lot of people have kept asking me how to be successful, to which I should answer, try to instill joy in others. Not only will it make you successful on Steem but at life itself.

The reason why Steem was created in the first place is to reduce the need for violence, it's to create a more peaceful and more enjoyable world."

This whole post is just awesome, and the bit I quoted above resonates SO perfectly with my personal intentions in life that it's worth resteeming purely on that couple of sentences alone :o) It's a timely reminder to me, as I've just come back to Steemit after 11 months away. Time to refocus and realign, knowing that Steemit's core values are a perfect match for my own! Thank you! Jay


That's awesome! Welcome back!

Life is fantastic!

Amazing post. Liked it.
Can you also upvote me

Your entire post is so inspiring to me, and it should for others. I have shared this to my FB Page: The Green Light because people need to have this kind of inspiration in their lives. The post was a long one, but I liked it anyway :)

Very nice completion of post! @teamsteem Loved the pictures and description.

Excellent article! I'm on the same page as you on all of these issues. I've only recently heard about Voluntarism and I think that is what we should be striving for.

You had me laughing at "billionaire's intellectual masturbation" hehehe.

Awesome positive message, and I can't wait to see all the differences you are are making to improve Steemit as a witness! :) You have my support.

HMMm all I'm waiting on is your dance video! Cheers!


Haha! Those billionaire live in a parallel dimension or so it seems.

Thank you for your support Karen! It's really appreciated.

I'm still waiting on my battery with a lot of impatience too. I plan on doing a lot more of them and also maybe investing in some much better gear and doing a lot of very professional video on many subject. I'm think about writing the script and paying a professional narrator. We'll see how this goes. It's still a project and could take quite some time before being started.


OooOo yes videography is so much fun! I love filming acroyoga flows with @acromott. Good gear really makes a difference. When you film, you can even try filming at different angles. I've been playing around with that, and it makes the video much more interesting.

As for paying a professional narrator you can probably find one on fiverr. :)

Cheers to more success and fun dance videos.

Wowww sangat tertata rapi sekali tulisan anda @teamsteem. Salut buat anda.

Must read article

such a nice & positive approach

Very interesting!

Thanks for all the inspiration above @teamsteem! Just voted for you so let's steem it up here and show other social networks how it's done properly :)
I'll be looking our for your posts from now on


Thank you for your support FlipFlopRebel! I'm glad you enjoyed this post!