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This Is My Steem Witness Application, A very Special Post For Me!

(124$ CAD has been use to promote this article on my facebook page which as 216 likes. Promoting it with 124$ will reach between 24,000 to 63,000 people according to Facebook.)

I Love You Steem! I Really Do!

I don’t remember having been so enthused by anything else than Steem. I’ve been Steeming for more than 30 hours a week since 4 months already.

I’ve just begun meditating daily because of Steem. Our whole lifes are determine by our thoughts yet I feel like we almost never stopped to fully dedicate some time to studying them.

Cryptocurrencies And Money Creation

New Bitcoins are distributed to who own the best mining equipment as for new Steems those are distributed to those who are being recognized as posing the most benevolent actions.

In return benevolent actors will increase their influences on this process, keeping everyone in check.

Revolution Will Be Steemivized!

There are many things I would be scared to write about publicly but give Steem a little bit more time and I will be surprised if the tyrannical world we live in, doesn’t shift to a much more humane one.

I want Steem to be my day to day “job” as soon as possible. I feel like Steem is constantly pushing me to become a better person, making the whole enterprise even more fascinating.

The Specs

Processor4-core Xeon
operatingSystem Ubuntu 16.04.1

I’ll look to add at least one witness backup and a public seed as I go up in the witness list.

End Notes

Thanks @someguy123 for helping me with some initial problems setting up my witness and thanks to everyone else currently helping.

I run my witness myself but I would definitely hire someone to further help me if I would ever to make it to the top 19. The higher I’ll go up the list, the more people I’ll want to hire to help develop all sorts of awesome Steem stuff.

To learn more about me, read my second best post here.

I love to party but I don’t drink!

Voting Steem Witnesses

Everyone can vote for up to 30 witnesses at a time and can changed their votes at any time.

I’m currently witness #70 and rising.

I'm on Steem chat every day.

If you're convinced and would love to support me, upvote this post, follow me and In The Box, At The Bottom Of This Page, Type: Teamsteem Then Click Vote!

I've just updated my price feed from 10% to 12% discount as suggested by Dan.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Je viens de voir ton entrevu avec @roxane, ce qui m'a amené sur ton article de présentation ici. Je partage avec toi ta vision de steem: lieu sans censure qui permet aux peuples de reprendre son pouvoir sur les gouvernements et les multinationales (qui ont dans certain accord internationaux de poursuivre les nation). Bref, je ne sais pas encore comment tout ça sera possible mais j'ai bien hâte de voir.


Moi aussi!


why not english so that more people can understand


Pourquoi l'anglais alors que 75% des humains ne parlent pas cette langue? Pourquoi pas le mandarin? Tellement de gens parlent cette langue. Ou encore, l'espagnol, une langue en pleine expansion?

Bonne journée :)


You've had my vote for weeks now. :)



Thank you so much for your support @klye! You also have my vote!


Can we talk later on that thing I mentioned to you a few days ago?

I'd like to get that started in the next month and have it running before new years. :)


Awesome! Sure! I'm already pretty excited about it! Keep on the good work @klye!

I have been reading your articles and understanding more about you. Your contribution to Steem is amazing. I'm a newbie and a learner here. You have been a good inspiration for me here. My witness vote is definitely for you. Thanks for all your good work. :)


Thank you very much Bala!

Just voted for your witness at #40. Happy climbing to the top!!


Thank you my friend! I'm surely enjoying the climb and the whole Steem adventure.

As a newbie, your introduction is valuable to me to become clearer about moving forward. Very succinct - Thanks

Follow for follow like for like?

you are voted :)

Much love and great work!

C'est fait, je viens de voter pour toi.
T'as d'l'air d'un gars qui a d'la drive, lâche pas!


Merci @heroic15397! Merci pour ton commentaire et ton vote de confiance!


Y'a pas de quoi!

you are doing great job man. am happy to see you at 38


Thank you very much!

Steeming is revolutionary. It just needs time to prove it.

@teamsteem Im a little late to the witness voting party, but I hope my vote helps.


How are name is bunyawi12.can you unfllow me please

My vote is for you


Wow! Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Nice man! Glad we all found something fun and profitable, that changes our lives in many ways! Hooray for Steem!


It sure does change our life and I personally feel like we have seen nothing yet.



Thank you @papa-pepper! I really really appreciate!


You are most welcome my friend!

Voted and Followed!

I just voted as a witness, keep climbing.

Upvoted and followed.


Thank you for your support!


It is my pleasure sir and we hope the steemit blockchain gain more relevance in the near future

awesome post💎

You have my vote now. Keep doing great and continue to motivate others.😊

voted & good luck, bro

I just voted ypu as my witness.
I hope it can helped


Thank you!

You had me at "meditate". I've just started meditating and realize that the person I want as a Witness is someone who takes time to slow down and look within. You have my vote @teamsteem!


Thank you! I really need to resume that practice. I've slacked down a bit on my meditation practice.

we like you

How are name is nid.I would like add me please.bunyawi12

I have not understood correctly about this, but I will try to understand it well, may I be a good part of this

Upvoted to witnesses! :))

Saludos desde Venezuela, @teamsteem, estoy comenzando y saber de historias como la tuya me motivan a mejorar continuamente, quisiera obtener de ti algunos consejos para poder ayudar a crecer a la comunidad y apoyar personas dentro de ella. Gracias por tu atencion