Making Monkees: Inspired by Monkees June 24, 2019

Hi everyone!!!

I'm at the Block Party in Colorado, meeting wonderful Steemians! but I wanted to make sure that I took some time to give some updates about the children who made a huge impact on my heart at the convention!

Please give a quick listen to this little video about the young girl who touched our hearts! :)

and take a peek at the AWESOME Monkee mascot that she made for us too!!!


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@dreemsteem, When somebody put efforts to dedicate something to us then it really makes us happy we feel blessed too. Hope that you are having wonderful time. Stay blessed.

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Oh so many good links!

Time to get caught up on what's happening in monkeyland!!

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This project indeed is making a huge mindshifts in the Monkees as well as families. I can't find where the mascot is or the poem (if I listened correctly, lol). But I am so touched that lives are touched by you. You are a great inspiration.

By the way, Jayden is alright now because somehow the teacher that I mentioned to you is replaced with another one. Haha. Talking about God answered prayers. Thank you so much. =)

Where's the poem!?


I forgot to add it!!!!

I will add it and then DM you :)