Making Monkees: no idea what we're doing! May 14, 2019

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"Experts are just stubborn daydreemers that kept trying." - Anonymous

Ok that wasn't actually an anonymous quote.

I just made that up LOL (the clue should have been how I spelled dreem the CORRECT way. with 2 ee's of course!)

We are SO far from being experts at knowing how the heck to take our project to the next level.

And sure - we could hire people to do that for us. (if we had the money)

And sure... we could be super professional about this and write out a detailed map of how to GET there. (umm... we did that too. The map is now one giant hilarious doodle adorned with casual bananas and fancy bananas. There IS a difference, you know.)

But WHY make it

Boring and Straight-laced

when it can be

I'm a firm believer that if it's going to really WORK then it needs to be a lot of PLAY. All play? Well. No, of course not. I have to keep records and receipts and make sure that I file our fictitious business name and (shoot. I need to mail out that thingie today....)


But but but...

Play!!!! Laugh!!!! Engage with people with a smile and try to connect your solutions to their dilemmas.

Even though there happens to be a lot of laughter and "random experimenting" going on.... make no mistake about it. You will never meet two more driven, analytical, persistent, stubborn, giggly chicks than me and my daughter.

Ok. Maybe you will. But add us to that list!

We're on a strategic mission.... we're just gonna have as much fun accomplishing it as possible! Hope you enjoy viewing today's video as much as we enjoyed making it!

p.s. @kaerpediem, @penderis, @chekohler, @eveningart, @saffisara, @bluefinstudios, @seadbeady, @jamerussell... thanks for answering my last posts question! What if was like a "double or nothing" challenge? answering questions for a quiz and increasing the amount as you got the answers right? or... like a who wants to be a Steemionaire. hahahaha thinking thinking.... would that be a fun steem giveaway!?!?

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I swear I could watch you two playing forever 😍😂

Love the big pan. There must be something that they use on movies etc that's a bit more sustainable and easy to control that might work for you... maybe less of a h&s concern too 🤣

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yes! they do have something that they use on movies to make it more sustainable!!!!

its called money

lots and lots of money hahahahahahahahahahaa


Riiiiiiight hahahahaha. Doh! Now why didn't I think of that?! Bet they don't have two giggles quite as good as you though ;)

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someday we will have the giggles AND the money! heheheh and then we come steal you and you can play on our videos too hehehehe


Ooh yeah! That would be so much fun- Monkees do the UK ;)

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Wow. I love this line
"Experts are just stubborn daydreemers that kept trying."


hehehehe glad you like it! i made it up ;)

but i DO believe it


Yea that is 100% right. To be expert, you just need to continue trying and trying towards perfection


maybe we will never achieve perfection - but always growing BETTER than the day before :) thank you for visiting! I just visited your blog too! hehehehe