Making Monkees: Tired Monkees May 16, 2019

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"Not everyday can be a fancy banana day". - Famous Monkee proverb

yep. so I'm having too much fun with the famous Monkee proverbs to stop. hehehe Today's video is just a casual banana day. They happen!

Somedays you get to take the slide, and other days you gotta climb the ladder. As long as it's not a pattern of trudging through the muck... you're still golden! It's ok to be tired. It's ok to rest. Take a deep breath and hold it. LOL (not too long.... air is important hehe)

Exhale and take some time to refocus. Pray. and then... get back on the horse.

You know how many people have ideas and never follow through? Don't be a statistic. Be a conqueror! Day by day, look back to how far you've come and appreciate the journey.

...and celebrate the little milestones too! Like today! I looked at our YouTube channel and we're up to 10 subscribers! hehehehe 11 videos and 10 subscribers? That's kinda cool!

Happy things are happening! And it's all because we're taking little leaps of faith, one day at a time. You never know what opportunities are out there - how many people are willing to help - what kind of arrangements can be made... until you move the idea out of your head and into reality.

Little shout out to @pennsif for making a huge difference in this world, two days in a row! Go check out what he's doing and cheer him on!

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Thanks so much @fundition!!! You always bring a Huge smile to my face when you visit!!! Feels wonderful to have your support!!!

Thanks for the mention Leah.

I wonder if the Monkees might want to join in the #five4theplanet challenge...


great minds think alike! hehehe

yes - i was thinking the same thing actually. Not just for the environment, but also - if they can't think of things to do in specific areas for the day - giving them a "suggested task" for that day - to help spur them into thinking along those lines!

i liked how you have 5 things for the day because not only does it tell us what you're doing - but gives us gentle suggestions about what we could be doing

we have no monkees right now - we are on hiatus as we are building and spreading the word.

after the summer we will start the next monkee season, most likely in october/november after they have

  1. settled into the school year and
  2. gone through some short steemit training (we are reaching out to people beyond steemit now - so they'll need help learning the steem ropes before they can post)

although - we are also thinking of some other alternatives where they can post (if they are a bit nervous about the crypto world)

i'm thinking of 2 things actually - 1 - posting through steemit or 2. posting through email and then monkeepals will post their content for them in an account maintained for them by us. (we will just keep the posting key and when they are ready to learn more - they can take over the account and change passwords)

or... a third option. (TBD later hehehe)

i really want to draw them towards steem because i think it has amazing potential for them in the future and is a nice way to get their toes wet in the crypto world

but.... there are many people who are wary of it ... so there has to be a proper incentive for them to try it.

working all these things out behind the scenes! hahahaha

i know it seems like we're just having fun in our videos with dry ice and costumes - but trust me.. there IS a very analytical brain behind all the giggling ;)


Are the previous Monkees still active in anyway?


A few... But we could probably do a weekly challenge for them that might get them interested...

I would just need to see if I can come up with something for prizes.


Are they all in the US?


no mostly outside the US

Fun is always we pray for and glad you are having some


Hehehe yep! Some days are harder than others but we persevere!