Making Monkees: Getting into costume! May 15, 2019

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"A costume is just the everyday clothing of your superhero alterego." - famous Monkee proverb
haahahaha well now I'm just having fun coming up with ridiculous quotes. Today we started piecing together our costumes. Every summer for 15 years I became a new character when I taught children for our church's VBS program. And I had A BLAST!!!

Here were just some of examples from those years!

At first, I was solo. My kids were IN the program - so they were too young to be my assistants. Here, my mom and I took an idea for a warrior princess (from a movie - any guesses where this costume idea came from??? If anyone can guess FIRST - i'll give them 5 steem!!! and no @bluefinstudios - not you. you already know LOL)

My baby girl (and one of her brothers, not pictured!) couldn't wait until they were old enough to work/play alongside me!!!

One more year going it solo - before they made their debut!

And there she is! Still a baby (this was 5 years ago?) but so ready to jump in there and have fun!!! (my son was actually on the other side of me - but we'll leave him low-key for now hehe)

The serious picture of us as special agents... and then of course -the silly picture! because that's the way it should ALWAYS be. LOL

Someone asked me the other day if Sydney was my biological daughter. (I don't blame them LOLOL- she looks exactly like my hubby who is 6'8", blond and blue-eyed!) but YES... she is!! 25 hours of labor and all! But maybe she looks a LITTLE bit more like me as a brunette??? What do you think @jamerussell? hehehe

This one was.. almost 3 years ago now! Not taller than her mom here - (but you know she is now! hehehe) Climbing mountains here and still battling to get to the top of those peaks!


If anyone could make a career out of dressing up and having fun with kids - I think you can see we'd make pretty awesome candidates! hahaha You'll see the BEGINNING of our costume-making here. It always starts rather basic, and then builds and builds as we have fun embellishing with all the fun little things that make it AWESOME!

Hope you have as much fun watching us as we did making it!

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And when you talk about costumes, I am in for it. Though some costumes are scarcely you know that

hehehehe aren't costumes the most fun! :)

So i kinda missed the big reveal!! But woooww you are gorgeous lady!! Not that you fishing for compliments I know. But so is your baby girl!!

And I'm guessing Xena Warrior Princess?

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Hehehhee good guess!!! But nope. Her outfit looks SUPER similar to mine.(the answer to the question) hehehe

And thank you for the compliments... Not fishing but still lovely to hear nice things hehehehehe

Lol actually tried to DM you a pic of my little one, not because I'm fishing for compliments but because she is so cute and aunty dreamie needs to see her!! But partiko does not allow images in dms. Will have to drop in to discord soon just to pop you a pic!!

Maaan then I don't know. Can't be wonder woman, that amazonian princess is running around in panties!! Definitely looks amazonian to me though

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahahahaha not amazonian!!!!

I'll have to drop hints!

Lol sounds like you gonna eat the Baaaayyyybeeeee😂😂😂

Babies are yummy!!!! I must eat her little cheeks!!!

Maaan and she has cheeks for days!! They literally falling off her face just begging you to eat them!!




aahh that beautiful post of some beautiful girls ... and of course very fun. How good that they share, I feel happy for you and what you prepare for the monkees! beautiful job.

we keep trying, one day at a time :)

its the only way - right? hehehe

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Thanks @fundition! hope you enjoyed our costume antics! will be fun to keep embellishing as we go/grow! hehehe


You are hilarious with your upvoting yourself at 0 cents hehe

I think you need a delegation from some kind woman... 😂

And they are edited awesomely!!! It's called natural and organic
Wait til you see today's 😂😂😂😂😂

I'm terrified give me great material .... What can I say!??!??

I believe the term is "cinematic gold". 😝

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That is beautiful and fun. I love VBS. Love costumes. Love the video. Very fun. Made me smile.

hehehee i'm glad you liked it!!! it sure was fun doing all those :)

and now its time for monkee pirates!!!! hahaha

That is very funny and I love pirates.