Making Monkees: Monkee Mojo is Back! May 17, 2019<

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"Ain't no Mojo like Monkee Mojo". - Famous Monkee proverb

I need a tshirt with that Monkee proverb! hehehe

yessssss Monkee tshirts. Excellent.

I'm so sick today. ughhhhhh I almost fainted like some weirdo after my shower. The whole nine yards. Wacky eyesight, numb limps, dizziness. No idea why. Probably a teeny bit overworked? I seriously considered skipping posting tonight and saving it for tomorrow.

BUT NOOOOO. we must persevere!!!!

We are on a roll and I can sleep in an hour! The Monkee trunk of our Monkee palm tree is just coming out cool and I needed to share and keep our Monkee Mojo Momentum!!!

If I haven't mentioned it before - I seriously love working on projects with my daughter! She makes everything so fun! She infuses our time with laughter and silliness - but knows how to buckle down and get things done too! She is one hard-working chick!

We are getting CLOSER AND CLOSER to the convention and I'm starting to freak out a little bit!!! So many little things to come into play! But - we'll just do our best and have fun and get the word out about SPUNKEE MONKEE!

Check out our video today!! (oh yeah and I never say it - but don't forget to subscribe to my blog and our YouTube channel!!!! and click the bell and all that jazz. I'm such a bad vlogger monkee captain.)

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Good to see you've been Steeming on...

Also happy to see you seem to be getting good support!

Must talk soon........




hi!!!!!!!!! :)

yes! @fundition have been supporting about 50% of our Monkee update posts!!! so thrilled! and we saw a new big upvote from @singhcapital that thrilled us too!

would be so great to be able to have funding each month to put towards the Monkee gifts!! or... allowing the account to grow to give votes

missing you :)


Missing you too, sweetie... Love to the entire fam! <3

Pam trees looks cool... By the way I hope you are feeling better now... Don't take too much stress... All will be okay dear..


they are coming out even better now!!!! :) can't wait to show you the update video :)

and yes - i've not been sleeping - just working a lot... but tonight - after i post the new Monkee video and write some more Fireflies... then - SLEEP :)

Then I can say your daughter is the lucky charm for you


hehehehe she is quite a blessing to me! We have a great relationship as momma and daughter :)

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Thank you so much!!! Tomorrow will be our next video :)

3 weeks until the convention... Getting nervous!!! 😄

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I hope you are feeling better, too
much monkeeying around must have made you super drained 🙈

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Hehehhee well....that got a giggle!!! I'm feeling much better except... Went to bed at 3:30 am, woke up at 5:30am

Totally normal, right? 😝

I did actually go back to sleep for about 45 minutes... Sooooo

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