Chapter 12 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 26 of the Freewrite Challenge - Beacon)

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Chapter 12

Day 26 - Prompt - Beacon

      Mindy threw her hands up to shield her face as Doyle slung a fist. Thud! A bright flash of light exploded in Mindy's head, followed by ringing in her ears. She stumbled backwards against the night stand beside her bed, and knocked over the lamp. The light bulb popped, engulfing her in semi darkness. She scrambled, reaching for anything to use as a weapon.
     "Come here." Doyle grabbed her by the hair of the head, and jerk her head back.
     Mindy squealed in pain as Doyle slung her on the bed. She flopped, and then rolled off the other end of the bed, and crashed head first to the floor. "Oof!" and felt a crunched on the bridge of her nose. Blood leaked into her mouth. Dizzy. Confused. The corners of her peripheral vision darkened as she flailed her arms. Her right hand happened upon a empty coke bottle, and wrapped her fingers around the neck of the bottle. The distortion was coming. She could feel it seeping up through the depths of her mind's eye. She had to escape from Doyle. She loved Doyle. Doyle helped her find a new life after that night during the big freeze when she locked her father out of the house. It was Doyle who found her wondering the streets, alone and cold. She was broken. Defeated. Cheated. She had nobody, and nowhere to go. The world had given up on her, assuming she had perished with her father, her remains dragged off and eaten by wild animals. Doyle had gotten her the apartment, and helped her fill out applications for jobs, so she could get her life. It was Doyle who bought her a new identity. Doyle was the closest thing to a family she had left, and gave her temporary shelter in a dead woman's house that Doyle had murdered, but all that came with a price. A steep price, but she had no choice. She had to do the things Doyle demanded from her. They were awful things. Cruel things. Evil things. People were dead because of it. And the bodies were piling up, and fast. Without realizing it she had dug herself in a whole with Doyle. If she didn't kill the people Doyle wanted her to murder, Doyle threatened to go to the police. She was being blackmailed by the one person who helped get her life back. After the first murder she began to change. It was the second murder when the distortions came for the first time, and her alter ego took control of her body. She hated Doyle for what she did to her, and yet she loved Doyle for saving her, for believing in her when rest of the world had turned its back on her. And now Doyle was upset. She had missed up. She had drawn attention to herself, and if the police ran her finger prints or DNA it would be a life time in prison, but if she went to prison she wouldn't go alone. Oh no, she would spill her guts and tell the police all about Doyle. How she had murdered Maria Lakes because she and Jonathan had a one night stand. And how the spree of murders evolved around Jonathan. Who had either talked or danced or flirted with him. Doyle was nuts. Her obsession with Jonathan was dangerous.
     "You missed up," Doyle said, as Mindy pushed herself to her feet. Doyle bent at the waist and pulled up the hem of her pant, and grabbed a small knife sheathed around her ankle. The metal gleamed from the ray light filtering in the room through the cracked curtain. The veins on Doyle's forearms bulged as she clenched the knife. The blood leaking from her nose, staining the front of her chin and shirt and hands and arms, made her look like a demon possessed to do the devils work. Doyle narrowed her eyes, and pointed the knife at her. "Now you're a liability, stupid bitch."
     Mindy. "Please don't. Get away from me."
     Doyle. "Eat shit, just like your father made you eat shit." Spit mixed with blood flung from Doyle's lips as she walked around the bed. She poked a finger at Mindy's chest. "Stupid. To think I tried to help you." and balled her fist, and struck Mindy in the chest
     Thud! Mindy grunted, and screamed. Then all noise disappeared from her ears replaced by bubbling sounds, and behind the bubbling sounds, laughter. The distortion had arrived, and Mindy stiffened as her eyes rolled in her head. Her body jerked.Then calm, and Mindy inhaled through her nostrils. The shit and piss tingling her noise. Then she opened her eyes. The blue replaced by dark almonds with a black center, and corners of her lips turned upward into twin peaks. She narrowed her gaze as she ran her tongue over her bottom lip. It was time to consume and destroy.
     Doyle scrunched her eyebrows, and gulped as she took a step backward, but it was to late. Mindy raised the coke bottle above her head, and swung. The bottle crashed against Doyle's head.
     Doyle's eyes rolled to the back of her head, and collapsed, loud snores escaping her mouth. Mindy stepped over the Doyle, and swung open the curtain. The light engulfed her. It felt good. Glorious. The distortion had never experienced daylight. There is so much she could do in the light. The light was the newfound beacon of hope and destruction. For now on when Mindy saw daylight it would be the distortions beacon to come out and play in the light.
     Mindy opened the window, and the sounds of sirens blared in the distance. She made her way onto the fire escape. She had to escape before the police arrived, and hurried down the fire escape stairs. At the bottom she heard someone call out, "Mindy. Stop!"
     She looked up and it was the man who came with Doyle.
     "Mindy isn't home right now." and spun around, and ran down the ally, and disappeared around the corner.


     First off I won't to apologize to @mariannewest and the freewrite community for not writing the freewrite challenge in the last ten or eleven days. It wasn't intentional. Life got really busy. I'll not go this long again without doing the freewrite challenge, but no promises. I love the community. Best on Steemit, and I hope every freewriter and everyone Steemit prospers as I am prospering. Life is only as good as you make. Each of us can prosper. It is up to you.

     By the way I didn't have time to do much of an edit. I plan on coming back after the story is completed to do an edit.

     I love doing the #freewrite. As a writer I find it very good exercise to sharpen skill. For me, writing is one those endeavors that you can always improve skill, and for me at least there is plenty of room to grow skill.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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Wow! It's an honor. Thank You, and everyone who took the time to read. Awesome!

Powerful characterization and description. Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde sort of transformation.
Only this time the transformed characters seems to be willing to stop hiding ("distortions beacon to come out and play in the light.").
Illumination can be dark

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