Stolen Body - Chapter 2 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 7 of the Freewrite Challenge - Our Greatest Journey)

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Last 3 sentences from part 6
     "Would you like a camel cigarette to calm your guilt?"
     My eyes shot open. "Huh?"
     "Would like a camel cigarette to calm your nerves," she said, and dug in the pocket of her jeans, producing a pack of cigarettes.
     I chuckle. "Yes. Thank you Doyle. The dream has gotten me... (5 Minute Google Timer)

Day 7 - Prompt - Our Greatest Journey

     I chuckled. "Yes. Thank you Doyle. The dream has gotten me. I don't know. Tore up I guess."
     Her soft eyes smiled. "Everything will work it's way out. I have to remind myself that our greatest journey is yet to come."
     My heart sunk to my gut. I knew what she was trying to get out. That the best of times was yet to come, but I had this nagging feeling this was only the beginning of the hardships I would endure. I couldn't help to think that Dr.Smith had opened up Pandora's box.
     "Did I say something wrong?" Doyle asked.
     I tried to smile. "No Doyle. I'm fine. You got a light."
     Her soft brown eyes fail to the cigarette pack lying in front her. "Sure." and dug in her pocket and struck me a light.
     I inhaled. Doyle was right, the cigarette hitting my lungs calmed my nerves. We sat in silence and I thought back to nights at the observatory. Not only did Maria like her coffee, but her cigarettes as well. Couple months before her death I had noticed she picked up on smoking. Instead of her usual one pack per day, she was smoking two and half packs a day. I could tell she was stressed, and asked her if everything was alright. She smiled and told me I was being silly. What was she nervous about? I thought.
     "Who was nervous?" Doyle asked.
     I shot her a glance, not realizing I had said my thoughts out loud. "Um..." I didn't want to tell Doyle, even though Doyle had known Maria Lakes. Maria had lived next door to Doyle.
     "It's OK Jonathan," she said, her elbow propped on the table with her hand cocked, holding a cigarette between her fingers. "I'm your friend. You can tell me anything."
     Even speaking Maria's name out loud made me feel like I was betraying her and that I was guilty of a crime I didn't commit. But I couldn't not tell Doyle. Doyle was the kindest person in the world, and she was the type of person who would go to the grave with a secret. So, I said, "Maria Lakes." Just for a second something passed over Doyle's eyes. I'm not sure what it was, but I didn't like. Did she think I was guilty? or... I swallowed, wanting to push the thought away. Or is she guilty? Did Doyle kill Maria Lakes?
     Doyle's took a sip of coffee, and looked away. "I miss her," she said, and I hated myself for suspecting Doyle for a second. "I still have the portrait she paid me to paint. I was going to give it to her the next day, but she never came home. Then they stole her body."
     I choked. Coffee shot from my mouth. "What?"
     Her mouth fail open and closed, eyeing me as she bit her bottom lip. "You didn't know? It was all over the news after her murder. Her body was stolen the night it was taken to the morgue before an autopsy could be performed."
     "I didn't know." I messaged my temples.
     "You don't remember me and you talking about it?" she asked, her eyes suspicious.
     "No." I closed my eyes and thought about my visit with Dr. Smith. He said we made progress in regaining suppressed memories, but we didn't get that far... (5 Minute Google Timer)

     I skipped yesterday, I just couldn't write, because of a documentary I watch the night before had me so tore up and when I got up to my daily two thousand words, my feeling from the documentary was bleeding into my story, and had to stop after three hundred words or so. To get it out of my system I done it for the freewrite yesterday. I tend to be very passionate. And sometimes I just have to write those passions out to sooth myself. But now I'm back to the story, and I hope there is more magic to come.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I love doing the daily #freewrite challenge. I love the way it exercises my mind, by not giving me time to second guess myself, forcing me just go with the flow. Love It!!

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words. I marked the word when I first used prompt.

     Thanks to @mariannewest she gave me some advice how to format this continuation using prompts, by inserting links to the last chapter. So I figured to keep from this getting to lone and save me and other people time I will insert links to previous chapters for those interested.

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The Story Prompts - The Green Door

  1. Describe Your Front Door
  2. History
  3. Sleeve
  4. After Midnight
  5. Not Yet
  6. Camel
  7. Your Greatest Journey

I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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Hm, another important detail that he suppressed. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. You are doing great! : )

Great to see you continuing your story. 👍👍

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Thanks. I won't stop until it it finished. I'm here to stay.

An intriguing tale. Teasing out those repressed memories keeps the reader guessing.

Thanks for the comment. I just hope I can continue making the reader guessing. Thanks. Love your poems by the way.

You’re welcome. And, I’m honored you love my poems. Thanks so much!

Loved reading it!

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Thanks. It makes me happy knowing someone is liking it. Thanks A lot.

You are welcome. Hard to believe I am the only one. Perhaps the readers should take the time as well to respond.

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It is a great way of turning a story and introducing new characters.. I think it is going to get more complicated as the tale progresses.

I got a structure in mind, and if I do it right it should picked up speed. I hope.