The Green Door (Day 2 of the Freewrite Challenge - History)

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Day One - Prompt - Describe Your Front Door

     Dr. Smith sat back in his chair and scratched the black stubble on his chin, studying his patient. "Jonathan I would like you to describe your front door."
     "Huh? Why?" I asked, I was already aggravated by his questions. I come here for help, not to be interrogated.
     "It will help me understand your motivations. In other words it will help me understand why you do what you do."
      I inhaled and flared my nostrils, trying to sooth the anger. I could feel it boiling in pit of my stomach. Why does this man want know why I do what I do?
      "Jonathan, please describe your front door."
      I nodded, biting my bottom lip, and flashes of green popped into my mind. "OK. It rectangle, just like every other door I ever went through, you know just like the door there," I said, and pointed at the oak stain door on the other side of the room, with it's fancy designs, as if Dr. Smith thinks he some special person or something. And an image popped into my mind, of me ripping down the door and pouring gasoline on it, and pissing on it as the door went up in flames. I hate that door, and every time I walk through it my gut wrenches.
      Dr. Smith forced a small. "Go on."
      I rolled my eyes. "Like I said it is rectangle, and it has two squares at the top and two squares at the bottom, and two rectangles in the middle of the door. It has brass knob, but not a round knob, but a handle."
      "Very good Jonathan. What color is your door?"
      "Hmm..." he grunted, and scribbled in his notebook. I hate that notebook.
      "What?" I asked.
      He crinkled his eyebrows. "Excuse me."
      "You said hmm, what does that mean?"
      Dr. Smith took a long hard look at me, and then looked down at his note book, and scribbled.
      "A note," he said, and continued to scribble.
      He laid his notebook on his lap and with a patient smile, he said, "I'm a Psychiatrist Jonathon, and it is my job to keep detailed notes on my patience. Now tell me why did you decide to get a green door?"
      I looked up the ceiling as I laid on my back. Why had I gotten a green door? It's ugly as mud, and yet I refuse to change it's color. "I don't know," I said.
      Dr. Smith studied me for a moment, and scribbled in the stupid notebook of his. Dam that notebook, I ought to rip it out of his hands and stomp on it.
      Dr. Smith narrowed his eyes and cocked his head. "Why do you want to stomp on my notebook Jonathon?"
      "Um..." I was tongue tied, I hadn't realized I said it out loud.
      "Do think I am judging you, Jonathan?"
      "Um... I... don't know. That's thing I don't know anything anymore." (5 Minute Google Timer)

Day Two - Prompt - History

      Dr. Smith rubbed his chin, that stupid prominent chin, cocked his head and narrowed his eyes, making contact with my pupils. "Jonathan do you know why your here?"
     I fought the urge to look away. "Um... I..." I stammered, for some reason I couldn't remember. Why was I here? "I'm sure you'll give me a history lesson," I said.
      Dr. Smith let my remark roll away without so much as twitch. "Jonathan you work at the observatory across town correct?"
      "Yes. Write that in your history book."
      He grunted, and scribbled. Dam him. "And do you remember what happened last week?"
      "No," I said, and broke from his gaze, aggravated that no matter what smart remark I made it never effected him. "Should I?"
      "Jonathan It is very important that you try to remember. I'm here to help you Jonathan." he laid his notebook in his lap. "Now I want you to close your eyes and try to remember last Wednesday. You went to work and showed up at your office. Now try to remember what you saw."
      I bit my bottom lip. I didn't like where this was going. Who cares about last Wednesday?
     "Close your eyes Jonathan and think about that day when you arrived at work."
     I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting the urge to jerk them open.
      "Now keep your eyes closed and listen to my voice Jonathan. Relax and be comfortable. Let your body sink into the cushions and as you listen to my voice focus your attention on last Wednesday night as you arrived at your office. Let your subconscious mind imagine that night and recall what you had seen. Relax and listen to my voice. As you listen focus your attention..."
     I tried to fight his voice, but I was falling, sinking deeper into the cushions as relaxation overcame me. I was somewhere between sleep and awake. I could hear is voice directing me, telling me to relax and focus, and deeper into the cushions I sunk, drifting into the subconscious mind. I was standing outside the observatory, and lying on the concrete steps leading to the entrance was a mangled shoe... (5 Minute Google Timer)

     I'm not sure where the story is going. I was as much surprised by Jonathan drifting in hypnosis as he was and finding a mangled show. I wonder why the show was there? And why is it mangled? I don't know.

      I love doing the daily #freewrite challenge. I love the way it exercises my mind, by not giving me time to second guess myself, forcing me just go with the flow. Love It!!

      As you can read I had stopped mid-sentence. I want to do an experiment, and do something just kinda like the #weekendfreewrite. Each day when there is a new prompt I will continue from where I had left off, and I will keep adding to story each day, five minutes at a time, until the story is finished. It will be cool see where the story goes and how many prompts it will take me. Hopefully it goes on at least till the end of next week or more. Let the journey begin.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words.

The Story Prompts - The Green Door

  1. Describe Your Front Door
  2. History

I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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I am far behind and catching up on your story. : )

What a tease you are! lol

Uncle Bruni just got in from poker and I'm feeling very generous tonight. I like this continuation #freewrite, great job. 🎊🎉

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Awesome! As the story progresses, I am certainly feeling his trepidation.

They say with writing we should let the story lead us and not think too much, so what you are doing is fabulous. I am a couple days behind so am off to read your other parts. 🙂


Thank you very much. I agree with yeah, I let characters lead the story, and I just follow them, giving them a nudge here and there.A lot writers are planners and write great outlines, and not to knock there work, but I could never work that way. The couple of times I did plan a story with an outline, I knew what was going to happen and it wasn't as fun.