Gathering Information - Chapter 3 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 13 of the Freewrite Challenge - Roadblocks)

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Orignal Picture I used for the1st prompt

Last 3 paragraphs from part 12

     A shiver ran through my spine. Is the killer real because I could imagine? Is this a message to us? Is this a clue? or is just some random quote that whoever made website liked? I didn't know. It had been a strange day. It boggled my mind what space habitats and Pablo Picasso had to do with solving Maria's murder.
     "What do you think?" I said, pacing her living room floor.
     "I'll go through and read the articles and see if anything pops out at me. Then I say we find were the company is located and check them out...

Day 13 - Prompt - Roadblocks

     The next morning I was woken by the a knocking at the front door. I rolled out of bed and slung on my robe. The knocking continued. I wanted to scream. I could feel the temper in my palms temples rising. Calm down Jonathan. I squeezed my eyes shut and counted to to ten. Stay cool, calm, and collected. I didn't get to bed until after three am and all I wanted to do was sleep. I'm an astronomer and study stars for a living. I have a special bond with the night.
     I slung open the front door. "Doyle?" I was surprised to see her at my door so early in the morning, looking fresh and fragile, her hair swooping out from underneath her beret coming to a rest on her shoulders.
     "I've located the company," she said, bouncing on the balls of her feet, clutching a piece notebook paper hand. "It's located right her in the city." and handed me the paper.
     I looked at the notes she had scribble down. It was information on the privately owned company called Roadblocks. "That's an odd name."
     "I thought so to," she said. "Can I come in. I'll make the coffee."
     "Sure." and stepped aside.
     "I thought is was strange as well, until I dug deeper and found out the company originally made concrete barriers for road construction. The company came across financial issues and was bought out by a space company called Spacecore Industries. They bought the company two years ago."
     "What would that have to do with Maria Lakes death or any of the deaths?"
     "Think about Jonathan. Spacecore bought out the company two years and transferred some of their staff from another factories to run the new factory." she pointed at the paper in my hand. "Read the date."
     I held the paper up. "Company bought out Roadblocks on January 20th." I looked at Doyle. "So. I don't get what this has to do with anything."
     "Keep reading," she suggested.
     "The new factory operations began on March first." I lowered the paper. "What are you trying to tell me Doyle?"
     "Think about it Jonathan, Spacecore brought in employees from other factories and the factory began operations on march first. Fifteen days before Maria was killed on the eyes of March."
     I opened my mouth to protest and stopped. Clamped my mouth and leaned against the counter. Doyle could be on to something.
     She handed me a cup of coffee. "What do you think?"
     "I think you could be on to something."
     "So are you ready to leave?"
     I raised an eyebrow. "Now?"
     "Of course," she said and blushed. "Unless you don't want to."
     "No, I do, just give me a few minutes to take a shower and get dressed." I took my coffee with me and hurried upstairs and jumped in the shower... 5 Minute Timer


     Wow! The roadblocks prompt was tough. The hardest one yet, but I had no choice to go with the flow, and I had no idea where or what or how I was going to install the prompt into the story and keep with the story line, and out from nowhere a company called Roadblocks popped at the tips of my fingers that made concrete barriers for road construction. I hope it worked.

     I couldn't find a suitable picture for today's freewrite, so I used a picture I had used a couple of times already. It is very hard to find good pictures. And lack for a better tittle I called Gathering Information.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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Excellent use of prompt word to add in the story but I am still concerned where this narrrative is moving...

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A brilliant idea to use Roadblocks as the name of the company. The flow of the story is good. :) Keep them coming.

I am here to deliver the next prompt to you. Here it is, check it out! It is 'a creature of absolute convictions'.

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Doyle is doing a great job

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