Chapter 11 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 25 of the Freewrite Challenge - By The Book)

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Chapter 11

Day 25 - Prompt - By The Book

      I could see a shadow moving underneath the door. Mindy was there, and I was going to get her, and make her confess to the murders. I would get in trouble by not playing by the book, but so what. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to get what you want, and I'll be damned if I go back to prison for murders I didn't commit.
     "What do we do?" Doyle asked.
     I glanced at her, and then to the peephole, and then to the door, twisted the knob, and as the door swung open - Bang!
     The loudest noise I ever heard exploded in my ears, causing a high pitch ringing in my head. I blinked, stunned, and looked over my shoulder at the bullet hole in the sheet-rock across the hall. Through the buzzing I could hear clicking. I spun around. Mindy held a gun in both hands, rapidly squeezing the trigger. To my luck the chamber was empty. The woman I saw yesterday had taken a dramatic change in her appearance. Her hair hung in strains, clumping to the sides of her head, contrasting her pale face with red finger marks, streaking her cheeks. Her cloths were disheveled, bleached with splotches of blood. Blood leaked from around her teeth as she bit her bottom lip. She looked insane, and a smell of feces and urine struck my nose. I cringed at piss and feces stains on the inside of her pants.
     "Get away from me!" Mindy looked insane, and after she realized the gun was empty, she cocked her arm, and slung the pistol.
     I dunked, and the gun fly over my head, and an audible crunch echoed in the hallway as the gun struck Doyle of the bridge of her nose. I gasped as Doyle's eyes rolled back in her head. She stumbled backwards, her feet tangled together, and she collapsed to the floor. On impact the blood splatted from her nose..
     "Doyle!" I slide to my knees beside of her, and air caught in my throat at the crooked nose on Doyle's face. Doyle moaned, and blinked. "Doyle are you hurt?" Stupid question. I know, but it was the only thing I could think to say.
     Doyle pushed herself to her knees. I shuddered from the hate burning in Doyle's eyes. I had seen those same eyes just a few seconds before, radiating from Mindy.
     "That bitch!" Doyle spit blood from her mouth, and stood to her feet. She wobbled, and grabbed my arm for support. "I'm going to kill that bitch." and pushed me away. "I'm going to make her eat shit." and stumbled through the apartment door.
     To my surprise Mindy had already disappeared. I stood for a moment blinking, astonished at Doyle's sudden change in personality. She had just taken a brutal hit to the nose, anyone would be mad, but something snapped in Doyle. I had seen it in her eyes. It was the look of murder. I gulped.
     "I'm going to make you eat shit," I heard Doyle say from somewhere in the apartment, followed by busting glass. "You're shit. Your life is shit." and then heard a loud crash.
     Something cold passed over me, a gut feeling so to speak, that someone was about to die. I knew I had to react. To what? I didn't know. I stepped inside the apartment. I followed Doyle's blood trail leaking from her nose, into the kitchen.
     I heard a scream, followed by, "eat shit!" and another loud crash. Then I heard Mindy scream, "get away from me," and Doyle reply, "eat shit, bitch," and then a thud, followed by a grunt.
     I stood rooted, afraid what I would find if I followed Doyle's blood trail into the bedroom. Sweat beads rolled from my forehead. My chest tighten. My hands trembled. I had to react. I had to do something.
     Mindy. "Please don't. Get away from me."
     Doyle. "Eat shit, just like your father made you eat shit."
     Thud! I heard Mindy grunt, and scream.


     I just wrote until the end of the chapter. It was a short chapter. I love when approaching near the end. Action picks up. Characters move faster, as with plot. The action rises. The clock ticks. It makes it fun. Well, I guess should say, the funnest part when writing a first draft. It's like everything comes to life.

     I love doing the #freewrite. As a writer I find it very good exercise to sharpen skill. For me, writing is one those endeavors that you can always improve skill, and for me at least there is plenty of room to grow skill.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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That was a lot of shit :(

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You gave me a very good read here.

Am here to deliver the weekend freewrite prompt
👇 👇 👇
In case you want a single prompt
An if you want to try three prompt at once, be my guest by checking here.
Do have a nice and enjoyable weekend.

Uhh.... Left us on a suspense...!!

Very admirable writing @shanedustin and nice narration of events from point of view of different characters.

As for the story I suspect both Doyle and Mindy are daughters of Mat Stone but having different mothers who both were brunettes and his mistresses at some point of time.

While Mindy is a serial killer with identity disorder, Doyle is on a killing spree of all the off springs Mat Stone ever produced.

I know this is a wild and very weird guess but its fun!!!

Ha Ha ... waiting for your next post.


Wow! Very good guess. It is Close to what you said. I was thinking if something around that line. Thanks for the encouragement.

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