Chapter 6 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 21 of the Freewrite Challenge - Orbit)

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Original Picture I used for the 1st prompt

Chapter 6

Day 21 - Prompt - Orbit

     Orbit was the most popular nightclub in the city. The who's who partied at the Orbit. It was multi cultural, and multi sexual establishment. The doors were open to straight, gay, lesbian, trans, and everything in between. Only requirement to have a blast in Orbit, was its hundred dollar door fee. And the killer loved to find victims in places like the Orbit. The killer wasn't interested in trailer trash, wheel barrel pushers, or poor girls. No. The killer had pride in the victims they took. The killer liked their victims to be clean cut with trimmed fingernails, thin, and brunet. The killer could tell a rich girl from a skank. It was easy if look for the right signs. Rich girls tend to stick their noses in the air with holier-than-now attitudes. And on that night the killer sat at the bar, sipping on bourbon, scoping the next victim, sitting two bar stools down. She was thin with round hips, wearing a navy blue sequin dress that sparkled under the strobe lights, and best of all she was a brunet.
     Perfect, the killer thought, and licked their lips as the strobe lights revealed small steaks of red in the victims hair, causing the killers lions to burn with fire. A bead of sweet rolled down the killers forehead. The young brunet stood up as another blond female walked up to her, took her hand, and lead her away.
     The killer pushed through the crowd, and licked their lips as the brunet and the blond walked out of the nightclub. I bet their lesbians, the killer thought, and sure enough proved to be correct. Outside the brunet and the blonde embraced each other as their lips danced, exploring each others mouth. The couple pulled away, gazing into each others eyes. The killer was taken back by the passion on their faces, and almost turned away, not wanting to destroy what they had. But the killer couldn't. The urge to consume begged to destroy, to fulfill the lust brewing in the lions.
     "Do you love me more than Rob?" the blonde asked, as she traced the brunets lips with the tips of her fingers."
     "I never knew what love was until I meet you." The brunets eyes sparkled under the glow of the streetlamp, reminding the killer of the eyes of their last victim. She was a cop, and had those same trusting eyes.
     "How did you ever sleep with him?" the blonde ran her fingers through the brunets hair.
     "I don't know," the brunet said. "His thingy looked like a salami with hair."
     The blond shuddered. "Yuk. gross me out."
      I bet yours looks like a sloppy joe, the killer thought, and followed the couple down the street. Keeping just far enough behind not to draw attention. For three city blocks the killer followed, resisting the urge to attack. Then the moment of opportunity struck as the girls turned down a side street near the killers apartment.
     Luck of the gods, the killer thought, and reached to inside coat pocket, and brought out a small metal sphere attached to a leather strap. The killer slid the strap around the wrist, and as soon as the girls entered the side street, the killer picked up pace. It was time to purge. Time to fulfill the need to consume. The girls passed from the glow of street lights. The narrow side street was empty. The killer clenched their teeth, and attacked. The blond spun around as the metal sphere crashed against against the bridge of her nose. Bone crunched! Blood spewed, and the killer heard bone in her ankle snap as she crumpled into a pretzel on the concrete. The once flawless face was now covered in a dent where her nose should have been.
     The killer spun around to the brunet. Her face was pale. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes looked like dinner plates. The killer could tell she was trying to scream, but the air lodged in her throat, and a strange gurgling sound escape her mouth. The killer chuckled. Clenched a fist, and swung. The knuckles crashed against her temple. The brunet eyes rolled in back of her head, and stumbled backwards. Surprised that the brunet didn't good down almost swung the metal sphere, but stopped. Her face needed to be intact. If her face got destroyed than the brunet was a useless as the blonde, gurgling up blood on the ground. Tonight was a night of fun. A night to fulfill pleasure and desire. Instead the killer kicked her knee, and she fell to the ground. The brunet screamed, and the killer rushed over, and cupped her mouth. Then took a rag from the back pocket and stuffed in between her teeth. The brunet fought, clawing and scratching. Fingernails raked the skin, and little whelps of blood rose on the killers forearms. The killer moaned in pleasure, managing to control her while reaching to the inside coat pocket, and retrieve a vile of chloroform. Then reached for another rag in the other back pocket and soaked the rag. The brunet eyes pleaded for mercy. The killer yanked the rag from between her teeth, and quickly placed the moist rag over her mouth and nose. The brunet flailed her arms. Seconds later her body went limp. The killer glanced up to the window in front of them, and saw the curtain flutter.
     What are you thinking, the killer thought, by your apartment. You're getting out of control. The killer popped knuckles, now old lady Mrs. Jones had to die. The killer rushed to the window, using their elbow, busted the glass. A screamed echoed in the apartment, and the killer made quick work with Mrs. Jones. The metal sphere found her the side of her head. And when the killer crawled out the window, the brunet was gone. She ran up the street, screaming for help. The killer cursed, and ran away.


     Today I got on Google Timer, and forgot to set the timer. It wasn't until I got near the end did I realize the timer never went off. So today ended up being a ten minute freewrite. The story is getting harder to pull off using prompts, but I don't want to quit. If I learned anything if life, loser quit. And winners keep going even if they know they will lose. I may be losing, but I don't quit. Of course you have to know when your beaten, but I'm not beaten. Not yet. So hopefully I can pull a rabbit out of a hat and get this finished. This story will need major revisions when I'm done. I'll determine if worth it or not afterward.

     The prompt was a hard one. I hope it is believable. Since I realize this is not shirt story, which I originally intended it to be. Instead it has morphed into something bigger. So, I employing a structure that a lot of mystery thrillers use. This is like my third attempt at a mystery thriller. Most of the time I write fantasy, horror, or science fiction. But this is a good learning tool. It was the reason I joined Steemit in the first place. To learn.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words, and inserted markdown tags. I also marked the word when I first used today's prompt.

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I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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One of the best chapters in this story... Keep on going @shanedustin.

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OMG! You gave me chills. I am going to stay away from side streets now. : )

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2x a 5 minute freewrite then :) How did it feel to be a killer?

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