The Dream - Chapter 2 -A continuation of The Green Door Prompt (Day 5 of the Freewrite Challenge - Not Yet)

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Chapter 2

Day 4 - Prompt - After Midnight -

     It was after midnight before I made it home. The session with Dr. Smith had been hard. Conjuring up old memories wasn't easy. What good had it done? I told Dr. Smith everything the police had already known, and they're still no closer in catching the killer when the killer killed his first victim Maria Lakes. According to the police mangled shoes have been turning up all over the city. Ten murders in two years, all committed with a paper weight and all women, and still nobody has a clue who the killer is. The killer was careful to never leave any trance of their identity, methodical with every scene, always leaving just enough evidence to taunt the police and always leaving some kind of written message at the scene of every murder. The last victim was a police officer Stephanie Taylor. According to the channel three news the murderer had left a message on her computer and emailed the the note to all the police officers in her department. The police theorize the killer had picked Stephanie Taylor for the sole purpose to taunt the police.
     I slung the keys in the bowl on the coffee table and flopped on the couch, and messaged my temples. I should be at the observatory gazing up at the stars, but I wasn't in the mood, and took a personal day. I wanted to be as far away from there as I could. Maria's blotched and pale body was fresh in my mind. Every time I close my eyes I could see the red blood in her hair, matted to her skin on the back of her next, standing in stark contrast to the blotch pale skin, and the hole on the back of her crown, shaped like a diamond.
     "Stop it," I said, and hurried to the kitchen and chugged a a glass of water. "Maria, if only I was there on time you would be alive."
     I made another glass of water and returned to the couch and flipped on the TV. I lay there for a long while. Sometime during that time I drifted to sleep.(5 Minute Google Timer)

Day 5 - Prompt - Not Yet

     In my sleep I dreamed... I was keeling beside Maria's body with the pyramid paper weight in my hand. I look up at the lead detective Sargent Davidson. "See look, it fits, " I said, and I slid the tip of the pyramid into the triangle hole on the back of Maria's crown.
     He grunted as he scratch his gut and raised one bushy eyebrow.
     "It's a perfect fit," I said, sliding the tip of the pyramid in and out of the hole, creating a squishing sound. Each time I pulled the tip of the pyramid out an arc of blood squirted small dots of blood on the back Maria's neck, the deep red dots stood out in stark contrast to the pale blotched skin. "Fits like a glove."
     "Or a shoe," he said.
     I scrunched my eyebrows and tilted my head and gazed into his green eyes. "Shoe?"
     "Yep," he said and leaned against maria's desk, propping his face on a one hand, and his face reminded my of a pig with stubble's. His nose was flat and cheeks puffy.
     I bit my bottom lip, afraid to ask, but I had to know. "What shoe?"
     He pointed a finger. "That shoe."
     I followed his finger and looked at my feet. The air caught in my throat as bile rose into my mouth, causing me to cough. Hanging half on my left foot was the Maria's mangled shoe with the small dots of dried blood on the heel. I jumped up and kicked my foot, and the shoe bounced off the opposite wall and landed in floor beside his foot.
     He grunted as he picked up the shoe and tossed it back to me. "Try it on."
     "It doesn't fit."
     "Not yet." He smiled, revealing black nubs for his bottom teeth.
     "Not... Yet..." I mouthed.
     Sargent Davidson nodded. "Not yet."
     I looked at the shoe in my hand. "What do you mean not yet?'
     His belly bounced as he chuckled. "Did you kill her?'
     I gasped and dropped the shoe, it bounced of Maria's right but cheek to the floor, the white leather blending in with the paleness of her body. My teeth trembled. He was accusing me of murder.
     Sargent Davidson walked around the desk and grabbed my shirt collar and yanked me forward, his nose touching mine. "I know your type. Holier than now science fucks. Your kind are the weakest. Easiest to snap. You think because you have a PhD you are something special and the rest of us owes you something, and the first time you don't get your way you blame other people. Is that what happened to Maria Lakes. Did she make you mad."(5 Minute Google Timer)
     "I-I-I didn't d-do anything, I stammered. "There's nothing to prove."
     He grinned. "Not yet."

      Today the words flowed easier than the last two days. I was able to cover a little more ground today. The timer went off, but I was on a train of thought and wrote three or four more sentences, and forced myself to stop. I have to stay true to the timer. That's the fun of it.

     I knew this was going to be extremely hard when started the challenge, trying to write a coherent story, using prompts. I can't quit. I will not give up. It may not be any good, but at least I didn't quit. I am not a quitter. I may loose here and there, but in the end I will complete what I have started.

     If you read it, wow! Thank You.

      I love doing the daily #freewrite challenge. I love the way it exercises my mind, by not giving me time to second guess myself, forcing me just go with the flow. Love It!!

      As you can read I had stopped mid-sentence. I want to do an experiment, and do something just kinda like the #weekendfreewrite. Each day when there is a new prompt I will continue from where I had left off, and I will keep adding to story each day, five minutes at a time, until the story is finished. It will be cool see where the story goes and how many prompts it will take me. Hopefully it goes on at least till the end of next week or more. Let the journey begin.

      I made no corrections to errors. Only corrected misspelled words.

     Thanks to @mariannewest she gave me some advice how to format this continuation using prompts, by inserting links to the last chapter. So I figured to keep from this getting to lone and save me and other people time I will insert links to previous chapters for those interested.

Links To Previous Chapters
Chapter 1

The Story Prompts - The Green Door

  1. Describe Your Front Door
  2. History
  3. Sleeve
  4. After Midnight
  5. Not Yet

I want to give Thanks to the @freewritehouse

I want to give Thanks to @mariannewest for the freewrite challenge.

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I totally feel you, the more we freewrite, especially continuously writing everyday, the words flow become smoother. Keep it up!

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Hello @shanedustin, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Uncle Bruni checking in Sunday night. 👍👍

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Arghh. That was so gross when he slides the paperweight in and out. 🤢


LOL! I advert to horror a lot. I think horror is the most versatile genre. I try to keep it tame on Steemit. I don't want to offend anyone. But sometimes some of it slips out here and there. Thanks for reading.


I wouldn't worry about that. There are a lot of horror fans on this platform.

That was gruesomely funny!!
And I could hear the blood squelching...eeeek
Loved your use of the prompt too
Let's see what you do with the next :D


Click On Me For Prompt👇🏿


And don't forget to swing on over to the @FreeWriteHouse, to win some SBI shares


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you could could hear the blood squelching

What a nasty guy Davidson is... must have to do something with the way he looks

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This is turning out to be an interesting read....