Dream Diary - 17/1/18

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Morning All,

I would normally say good morning, however, I had the worst nights sleep ever! I haven’t got any dreams for you today or if I did have any, I don’t remember them. To be fair, I had about two hours sleep last night so not much time at all to dream. I am still going to share my night with you.

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Well it all started off since I have started to develop a cold. Yesterday morning my throat was so sore. It was that kind that whenever you swallow, it hurts and it feels like it’s on fire! I knew a cold was developing there and then. So I started on the Vicks - First Defence to see if I could catch it early enough before it started to develop. I was wrong!

All afternoon I was aching and my nose started to run constantly. I started to take cold relief capsules to at least try to make myself feel better. I was hoping it was going to send me to sleep as well. I had an early morning appointment, so I had to me up at 7am.

I made way to the bedroom at 9:30pm. I thought this would give me plenty of time to nod off and have a decent nights sleep. I took some more cold relief capsules, got myself a hot water bottle and snuggled in bed with my eye mask.

A couple of hours passed and I was still wide awake. I remember I saw some sleeping tablets in the first aid box. I got up, popped a couple of sleeping pills in and headed straight back to bed. Did this work? No! I waited another couple of hours for it to kick in and it didn’t. Last resort was taking one of my prescription pills that makes me drowsy. I took it, thinking this with the sleeping pills surely has to work. Nope, it didn’t!

I was awake every damn hour from the moment I went to bed until just before 5am. I knew my alarm was going to go off as I always set myself a few alarms so I don’t have to get up straight away. I reset it for 6am. I think I must have dozed off for a little bit, because I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I reset it again for 7am. Again, I think I had a little bit of sleep until my alarm went off for the final time.

I had to get up! I felt like death warmed up. I did contemplate contacting my nutritionist to say I couldn’t make it because I am full of cold (plus I felt like a zombie). I carried on getting ready and I was out the door.

The worst thing was, 45 mins before my appointment, my nutritionist contacted me to say he couldn’t make it this morning and we have to reschedule. I was livid! I wish I had known sooner! The thing is, I had this vision in my head to say he was cancelling. I didn’t say anything to my husband as he was taking me to my appointment. Always, whenever I have a vision and I don’t say anything, it comes true!! Coincidence you may think, but it’s happened to me far too many times to be a coincidence!

So we turned back round and came home. I got back into bed to get some sleep. Still didn’t happen. I don’t know why my body just won’t let me sleep. I think I need a big mug of warm milk… maybe whiskey to knock me out tonight!

Well Steemers, I have to say I have not felt like this for as far back as I can remember. Someone has definitely switched the light on permanently, well that’s how it feels anyway. I know I didn’t have any dreams to share with you, but I did want to share my terrible night. Surely I can’t be the only one who has nights like this.

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"whenever I have a vision and I don’t say anything, it comes true!!" - So I'm not the only one on this planet who goes thru this. For me just a thought comes on my mind and comes true.
To get some relief, try 30ml of Bacardi Rum or any RUM with warm water(whiskey will not work in case of cold, trust my word). The water should be warm enough that you can actually feel it. After taking couple of sip, Immediately you feel that your body is getting warmed inside and some relief in you throat. During my stay in USA, I used to do it whenever I developed cold specially in throat infection or lungs infection. Couple of pegs are fine but don't go for more than that. It will make your body dry and suck all the moisture. Even till date I use such home made medicine for me to get relief from cold. :) Good luck!!


@panknil Yeah! It's happened to me endless times. If I mention my thought/image that pops into my head, it doesn't come true, but whenever I keep it to myself, it does! So when I have upsetting thoughts, I make sure I tell someone so it doesn't come true. Oooh, I might have to try that relief. I had water, apple cider vinegar, honey and leon last night. I think it helped.


It's happened to me endless times. If I mention my thought/image that pops into my head, it doesn't come true ..... - Exactly same there!!! That's something really strange!!!

@platinun-blue Inchanging of weather condition and with stress from work we definitely get sick like colds and others. I hope you will get better very soon and so you could keep on steeming. You share good thoughts and give lessons to fellow steemians. Take care


Thank you! I hope I get better soon too 👍


Have faith... that is important...

Its an interesting dream diary. Good post. I liked this dream. Thanks for sharing the dream diary.


You're welcome 👍


ha ha..was this post at all talked about the author's dream ??? It's a good habit to go thru at least some part of a post!!!

This could be a good old case of Insomnia. I know mine gets worse with getting sick, regardless I hope you feel better soon and that you are finally able to sleep.


Thank you 😊. I hate no being able to sleep. It makes me grumpy!


It makes me grumpy too! So I completely understand.


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