DrawingChallenge -Winners #9 & New Theme ( Win SBD ) 绘画比赛 第九期获奖者及新的主题

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Welcome to the Drawing Challenge !

Last round's theme was light, we recieved 22 pieces of work. Some of them are vivid portrayal of details,some of them are fancy, and they present different lights for us.

Even though those who don't get prize are all good, we can get more about light through their own perspective.

Marty-arts told me that it was difficult to choose the winners, they all had their features, .... but she had already some favorites.

So, now let's review these wonderful works and feel different lights!

The 3rd prize :

paint-by-light by @nanosesame

guest judge marty-arts's comments:

I really like this light painting

The 3rd prize :

box-light-pharo by @kingyus

guest judge marty-arts's comments:

its not traditional technique, it looks interesting and fits to the theme perfectly
and also this thing is something different... it is great to see the process too..

The 2nd Prize:

moonlight by @stef1

guest judge marty-arts's comments:

this one is smooth and it has its atmosphere. the body has the right proportions too... so I woud give it second place

The 1st Prize:

light by @fr3eze

guest judge marty-arts's comments:

this entry in my opinion really represents light and reflection. the drawing is made nicely and it looks realistic too.. so it is for the 1st place..

All rewards were direcitly sent to the winner's wallet.

Thank marty-arts and all the participants.

Now Drawing Challenge #10 will begin!

The theme : Hat

Guest judge : @nanosesame

She's from Hongkong, and she's a lovely girl who is an animator. She likes drawing and often share some illustrations and stories. She participated in the DrawingChallenge six times and won many prizes, of which she won the first prize three times! she is fantastic!
And she created a different way of her paintings, out of the ordinary, has her independent thinking. Not only her painting is good and inspring, but also has rich connotation.

The Prize:

The First prize: 10 SBD

The Second prize: 8 SBD

The Third prize: 4 SBD *3

no sponsors

Rules of competition:

please read these carefully and abide by the rules

1、The title is: Drawing Challenge#10+ your title

2、Take photo of step by step process (this is one of the most important criterion)

3、The works must be marked with your own names

4、Post a link or your entry below the comment thread.

5、No restriction on drawing technique or painting type.

6、You can submit up to 2 entries.

8、Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.

9、The deadline for submission is Nov 17, and winners were announced on Nov 24.



一等奖:@fr3eze 二等奖:@stef1, 三等奖: @nanosesame@kingyus





一等奖 1名 10 SBD

二等奖 1名 8 SBD

三等奖 3名 4 SBD


1、标题为:Drawing Challenge#10+ your title







8、截止时间:11月17日 公布时间:11月24日前

Previous Winners of the Drawing Challenge:

Drawing Challenge #7 Two wineglasses

Drawing Challenge #6 The Portrait Of A Child

Drawing Challenge #5 Your Hand
Drawing Challenge # 4 Card For Teacher

Drawing Challenge #3 Fruit

Drawing Challenge #2 Flower
Drawing Challenge #1 Tree

If you have any questions, you can contact me on Steemit.chat under the same name.



Thank you Helene and @marty-arts ! And @fr3eze's work is my most favouite one <3 Congrat!!

For whom read this reply:
Besides, I would like to add a additional challenge of comment and reply, so not only who draw can enjoy this contest but who read and comment:) Details will be posted in this thread later tonight x)



Avoid making a mess, please paste the link and reply content in the post below, thank you^^



I want to join! can i still join?

Please submit your entry in here:

Hello Helene ! Here is my first entry to your contest, looking forward to see the other contestants ! cheers !


Hi Helene!
Here is the link to my entry for your 10th drawing contest.

Thank you - for organizing this creative space!

congrats to all winners! I really enjoyed your artworks. it is not easy to choose the best ones, so I hope my choice was not dissapointing for you. you can try it in the next challenge too, good luck to all of you friends :)

Congratulations to all the winners! 😊

Congrats to all the winners! The dew drop is looks fantabulous and it does deserve as winning entry! The work of others are equally competitive and deserve the winnings!

Good Luck to all the participants for the new challenge and I am off to work on my entry!




(三人互握)現在主要跟After Effect打交道,有時候又當當拍攝跑腿這樣xDD


moonlight by @stef1 好棒呀!!!!


Thank you @tvb!

Thanks for the nice comment and recognition, 受宠若惊!

Congratulations to you - for 1st place! 👍🏼😊

Thanks girl, my honor.


TB Joshua : Avoid the trap of looking back unless it is to glorify God for what He has done.

good post bto

That is good work and good post @helene

You did really good job. Keep it up

great post .... thanks for sharing

nice job, really like the colors

Thank you! :-D

恭喜 @nanosesame获奖!厉害了~~~


哈哈,谢谢 @helene姐的鼓励,我去找找彩铅画画帽子的图片。


Beautifull artwork ! Congratulation to the winners :)

Very beautiful works! :)

I like this kind of competitions !

I like the water drop entry :)

that is really realistic..

Hi @helene may i know what's the theme for the next drawing challenge #10..thanks

Congratulations to all winners!

I like astronomy

Im a pencil artist and im scared to participate, because i saw all painting entries, please can i submit my pencil artwork?

These art work are spectular! Amazing ones~

Here is my participation in drawing challenge #10 :)

glad I came across this, look forward to trying it out! I read through the rules, does it have to be an original drawing just for this contest? For instance, if I did a hat in the past (I never have) and have all the process shots to show for it, can I post that?

this is a nice contest - you've got cool entries and had a nice idea.

Hi @helene, here is my contribution for the drawing challenge contest. My Entry#1: The stranger with Hat, thanks, @stef1

wow~~ 大家都好強啊!!! @@

Hi guys , hi @helene
Here my entry :
Drawing Challenge #10 - Hat Steampunk





wow thank you for choosing my entry among the winners ^^
"hat" off for all the entries .. ;D

Thank you @helene and @marty-arts for choosing my drawing for 2d place, it is a great pleasure and my appreciation. I would like to congratulate other winners and their beautiful works!

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