DrawingChallenge -Winners #6 & New Theme ( Win SBD ) 绘画比赛 第六期获奖者及新的主题

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Welcome to the Drawing Challenge !

last theme was Pencil Sketch -- The Portrait Of A Child, and all the contestants tried their best to present many lively, childlike, innocent faces for us. As I look at these children with different eyes and different color of skin, and I also deeply feel their different childhoods and different futures.

These works are so moving and attractive, the process of judging was still difficult.

Many thanks to our guest judges @htliao's support. Due to the limited prize, which can not be given to more people, so the judge htliao's generous votes make these participants get more encouragement and rewards.

Now let's scroll down and see their ammmmazing works.

The Third Prize:

draw-a-portrait-of-a-child-pencil-drawing by @apprentice001

Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

The girl looks quite mature haha


The Third Prize:

child-labour-stop-child-labor by @julstamban

Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

Interesting concept to raise awareness of child labor in his drawing.


The Third Prize:

ready-for-date by @stef1

Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

The girl looks very cute that she can’t wait to wear the high heels


The Second Prize:

my-cute-little-godson by @ted7

Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

The baby is very cute!


The Second Prize

myself by @jrichi03

Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

Very detailed, even the pattern on the shirt can be clearly seen


The First Prize :

child-potrait-pencil-sketch by @anasgallery
Guest Judge @htliao's comments:

Family love! I like the Grandpa’s smile and the way the child brightens up his life.


Congratulations to all the winners and all the rewards were directly sent to your wallet. Meanwhile,thanks to our guest judge @htliao and every participant for your support.

Now Drawing Challenge #7 will begin!

This Week's Guest judge : @rea

She is an excellent buyer, optimistic and enthusiastic, who lives in London. And likes interior design ,some novel and distinctive artwork. Often walk around the famous exhibitions in the world and see the artwork with the unique eyes and advanced consciousness. If you follow her, you can see some interesting and exquisite works of art in her blog.

This Week's Theme:Two Wineglass

The Prize:

The First prize 10 SBD
The Second prize 2* 5 SBD
The Third prize 3* 3 SBD

Sponsored by @helene

Rules of competition:

please read these carefully and abide by the rules

1、The title is: Drawing Challenge#7+ your title

2、Take photo of step by step process (this is one of the most important criterion)

3、The works must be marked with your own names

4、Post a link or your entry below the comment thread.

5、No restriction on drawing technique or painting type.

6、You can submit up to 2 entries.

8、Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.

9、The deadline for submission is Oct 14, and winners were announced on Oct 18.




非常感谢评委@htliao 的评选及对本次比赛的大力支持。由于奖金有限,不能分给更多的人,所以评委htliao's的慷慨投票就很宝贵,除了使参赛者获得更多的鼓励外还会增加有一些额外的奖励。





恭喜以上各位获奖作者,所有奖励均已发放完毕。同时也谢谢嘉宾评委@htliao 和所有参赛选手对本活动的支持。


她热情开朗,现居伦敦,是一名出色的买手。喜欢室内设计和一些新颖独特的艺术品。经常游走于世界知名的展会,眼光独特,如果你关注她,你可以在她的blog 中看到一些好玩而有趣的精巧的艺术品。



一等奖 1名 10 SBD
二等奖 2名 5 SBD
三等奖 3名 3 SBD


1、标题为:Drawing Challenge#7+ your title







8、截止时间:10月14日 公布时间:10月18日

Previous Winners of the Drawing Challenge:

Drawing Challenge # 6 Pencil Sketch -- The Portrait Of A Child

Drawing Challenge #5 Your Hand
Drawing Challenge # 4 Card For Teacher

Drawing Challenge #3 Fruit

Drawing Challenge #2 Flower
Drawing Challenge #1 Tree

If you have any questions, you can contact me on Steemit.chat under the same name.



the area where participants submit your works

Beautifully done! I like how the reflections came out in yours. I am struggling in it.

hey helene, i like to participate in this and here is my entry

I guess somebody is drinking wine inside the lighthouse :P

Its been a very therapeutic afternoon, great way to round off my week. Thanks for organising the competition.

终于可以参加这一期了😭 好感动





Wow, second prize ... Thank you very much! My username is @richi03 :D

I'm so sorry. @richi03, I re-edit it.

Hi @helene, please find the link to my secong entry for drawing challenge #7:Two glasses: "Cheers, Bella Italia!" https://steemit.com/drawingchallenge/@stef1/drawing-challenge-7-entry-2-two-glasses-cheers-bella-italia. Thanks, @Stef!


I was also interested in the picture of the first prize... really original ...thanks for the contest :)

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mmm.... sounds simple but I realised anything that sounds simple never is. I will try to challenge myself again

welcome !:)

Beautiful drawings. Congratulations to all the artists who entered this contest. Please keep making your wonderful art.

thank you for your reply, really appreciate it.

My pleasure @helene .Keep up the great work.

Thanks @helene! I think I might give the contest a try this week!

Your work is very well done and very impressive graphics I liked a lot

Woow! awesome! thank you very much @helene and @htliao for picking my drawing for second place :) . and congratz to all the winners :D . will definitely enter again :)

Congratulations to the winners!!! And all the participants did an excellent job...

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Thank you very much @helene and @htliao. It is honor to get third prize for this contest. Congratulations to all the winners and participants. I look forward to this week's contest. Have a wonderful day!


you are welcome, your work are amazing, I really like the girl you drew.

Congratulations !

Thanks @funnystuff! Have a wonderful day!

Congratulations to the winners! Amazing artworks



great post like it and upvoted!

Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you. Followed...

Hi, just a recommendation for this very awesome competition, you could give more higher rewards for participating steemians or the winners. It will really help a lot for them and for their work. :)

I like the way u bring artists and serious talents onto ur platform...i take my hats off to u.


热烈欢迎👏!^ _ ^



Congrats to all the winners Thought my entry was on on 2nd or 3rd but never mind I look forward to this week's contest.
Takecare Have a gret day !

Congratulation to the winners! I have a question; can I make my art digitaly, with pencils or watercolor or does it have to be a sketch?

no restriction for the technique. you can choose whatever you like.

Hi @helene and @htliao, I have just realized that my drawing won the third place together with two other participants! That is a great pleasure to know that people enjoyed my drawing. Thank you very much, guys! @Stef1

Congratulations to last week's winners the arts that got chosen are really beautiful and filled with love and emotions , number 1 is really skilled and chose the best familial love to display , between grand dad and kid it's really so innocent and the best love out there .

Hi @helene, here is my contribution for the drawing challenge contest. My Entry#1: "evening for two", thanks, @Stef1

wooooooo! hooray for sketchings! drawing is the bestest, looking forward to next wweeks entree's

wow its an honor to be chosen by you @helene thanks alot and more power to your contests

you should thank our guest judge @htliao, who chose you to be the third.

Congratulations to you !

记错时间了,是14 号凌晨12 点结束吗?我记成是Jubi 的谷歌点名是今天截止就先发他的文章了:( 希望是美国时间14 日。谢谢





Here is my entry:



Awesome. I hope to join the next one for sure

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