Steem Secrets #13 (Delivered By @geeyang): To Succeed With Steemit, You Will Need Your Very Own Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty And It Will Have To Be Solid.

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Hi precious steemit family, i am @geeyang15, a minnow on steemit but "whale inside" and i am speaking to you in the words of @steemsecrets 

Is Steemit really beautiful? Well, you would easily answer "yes" but do you know the full expanse of "steemit's beauty"?; Because i tell; "that is something entirely different!"

So, "have you discovered the spanless expanse of steem/steemit's beauty just yet?" The very direct painful answer, can very easily be "NO".

It is not that easy to grasp the "full expanse of steem's beauty". Do you know why? 

"It is because it requires the "mind's eyes.""

So first things first; "did you even know that the mind had "eyes"?" Again this is far-fetched knowledge.

Well, grasping the full expanse of steem's beauty is one basic yet major secret to your "steemit success". If you've only "perched" on steemit, then even when it comes to "steemit success"; you are very different from one who has "landed gidigbamly on steemit and made it home"; "A bus-stop".

The funny things is: these things are instantly obvious; "I mean, whether you are "perched" or "gidigbamly landed" on steemit, is very glaring to onlookers and especially, to the eyes that can really, really see; "Foresight".

The real players on steemit apply more of "foresight" and only logically, more readily deal with fellow "foresighters" too. Steemit is home to the smartest people on Mama Earth. Not many things can be that hidden in the face of many clear mirrors; "reputable great minds". 

So, where do you fall? "Are you gidigamly landed or are you are percher?"

Well, to "gidigbamly land on steemit" takes a measure of time. It doesnn't just happen. You will need to dig out stuff; explore stuff; pay attention to stuff more intently; ponder; wonder. You will need to open your eyes and use more of your "mind's eye". 

Again, the entire process takes time, pacing, history and should be your first course of action, upon perching on steemit. 

To succeed on steemit for real, you will need to first off deeply-root your own conviction about steemit and its beauty. "Yes, your own!" Not the community's; not a friend's, not a whale's; "your very own!"
A simple place to start thus, "is to look past the blogging" and not be too blinded by it. Many successful steemians "don't blog".

Try to look into steem; "the steem blockchain itself". 

How many things do you think, the steem blockchain can't do? Well, let's find out! Try to integrate "steem" into anything, even within your very next blog, using your imagination; e.g can you fly with steem? Hahaha, can you have passengers on your flight? 

When you are free, click on the link you see, to see 3 or 4 steemians who flew with steem.

How about "looking into curation as an art" etc

How many times have you engaged in the art of giving, since you found out you can transfer steem in three seconds for free? Isn't that steemit's beauty?

Now, "if you have an open ledger of records; a vault; and you can send and receive steem to as many people as want and even automate the process, doesn't that mean that you "own a bank"?" If you "own the bank" then, isn't that "steem's beauty"?

If you own steem by virtue of your stake in it or your steem power, shouldn't your current CV declare you CEO? Oh, isn't that steem's beauty too?

If you like e-commerce and you don't have a product, store or service but you know that you can find reputable SteemGiggers on, then, can't you create an e-commerce service?

If you can't reach the Jamaican seas and you want a special kind of "sharp sand" from its shores and you found a SteemGigger on to send it to you, for 10 steem; isn't that "steem's beauty too?

If you never experienced "free money" ever, and you saw a certain steemit post saying; "buy bitcoin now, because it will fork tomorrow, creating a new token and you followed suit and got e.g free bitcoin cash etc; wasn't that steemit?

How about looking at each steemian's blog henceforth as excerpts of a great mind and explore it more intently. How about gathering these excerpts and cooking some never-heard-of new soup?

How about peering into the entire world through steemit. How about reaching an "enabling environment" without that hard-to-get visa? Wasn't that steemit too?

As for the blogging; "expand its use". "Turn each steemit blog into a means to build your dreams".

There is tons of things to play with on steemit. But you need to play!

When you do play, "real seriousness" will gradually set in and when it does set in, "your conviction" about steem/steemit and its beauty will be "your own conviction", not triggered; not prompted; not influenced and it will be solid!

Now, when you have unshakenly established that "steemit/steem is beautiful"; you are bounder to make sure it succeeds and if it does succeed, won't you succeed too?

The logic is simple. It has always, always been!

"Look again!"

Sumptuous Meal For Thought

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Thanks for your important update for new steemians...@steemsecrets..
My success credit goes to @surpassinggoogle.. I follow such steps in steemit :

1. Curating

Curation rewards are negligible for most people (especially new users). You shouldn't vote more than 20 times a day with the current implementation, so if you stay below or around that number, you're fine. Voting a LOT more than 20 times is wasting energy that was best spent elsewhere.

2. Quality and frequency of publications

This is most important long-term factor, by far! If you ignore all other tips and only focus on this, you will still achieve success eventually. Adding the other strategies will accelerate your success though.

3. Commenting

Commenting makes you much more money than curation rewards and will also get you new followers, new friends, education and satisfaction. From now on never skip the opportunity to comment. It doesn't matter if it's a long or short comment, what the quality of the comment is. Don't be afraid to have fun, make jokes and sometimes invest a lot of time to help someone in the comments or start an interesting discussion!

4. Content promotion

In the beginning this could accelerate your road to success drastically! Even if you lose some money in the short-term, you will likely earn it all back many more times because of all the extra exposure it gives you. The question you need to ask yourself is how valuable your time is. You can absolutely build up your account without ever investing SBD in content promotion.

5. Time of publication

This is probably another overlooked factor. As you might or might not have suspected, the best days to publish your content are Monday-Thursday. On weekends there's seems to be less activity. The best time to publish is a time where the most people in America, Europe and Asia are awake and are most likely to have to access to SteemIt.

Nice summary of the right approach to steemit. Thanks @prince121 you nailed it well.

Thanks too..

This is an encyclopedia of wisdom long kept as secret now freely shared by the one who wish we all know and cherish this platform so we can fly!

did you visit "steemit" history or did you jump steps?

I'm guilty! Yes I jump steps.

There's more to learn and much more to discover on daily basis. We need @steemsecrets daily

Like breakfast, like lunch, like dinner. Else we can't know it all if we will ever near its awesomeness!

Thank you @steemsecrets. Steemit is beautiful this, I experience daily!

That's true.. There's more on steemit that anyone should see in order to discover its true beauty..

Her perspectives is really amazing, it's been a while steemsecret was done, I think this one reminds me of what we've been missing

I really miss this kind of intel. Thanks for continuing the steemsecrets again terry.

One thing you dont know is that @surpassinggoogle has added more beauty to steemit.

In fact, he beautified steemit.

Steemit is bae

After a month of waiting here comes the 13th edition of @SecretsRevealed.
Truly, "Pacing is the Key." - @surpassinggoogle

@sunnylife -- declared "I am a Whale"
@ankarlie -- said "Let us take steemit to the moon."
@enjieneer -- showed our "Real Rewards"
@gerel -- reminded us to be the "Real You" in Steemit
@allerie00 -- advising us to "Study Steemit's History"
@itsjessamae -- emphasized the importance of "Respect"
@zoeroces -- advised us to do not Jump easily in "Conclusion"
@athenabree08 -- shared that we should have Foresight of the Future
@theree2389 revealed the "Endless Opportunities" that we can have in Steemit
@thereikiforest sharing the "Quality of Content"
@sissyjill shared to us to "Work at Impressing Yourself first"
@maylyn09 revealed to us the "Dynamics behind an upvote"

And now, @geeyang15 sharing to us that as Steemians we should have "Strong Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty"

Well, to "gidigbamly land on steemit" takes a measure of time. It doesnn't just happen. You will need to dig out stuff; explore stuff; pay attention to stuff more intently; ponder; wonder. You will need to open your eyes and use more of your "mind's eye".

It will surely take time for us to appreciate steemit's beauty and to build convictions toward it. We need to remember that "a man without conviction to succeed is a man candidate to quit", knowing "steemit's beauty" is building our foundation, our conviction in our Journey with Steemit.

Nagode! (Thank you) @geeyang15, @steemsecrets, @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle for for making this series possible. More Secrets Revealed to Come!

You are most welcome @chaelpacia.. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for ever making everything possible.. :)

@geeyang, thank you for speaking on @steemsecrets...
and we would like thank the unending support of @surpassinggoogle

Good thoughts @steemsecrets, and well delivered @geeyang15.

I've engaged some routine since I returned to steemit few weeks now, and it's all about digging up all I can about steemit and steem. I got to appreciate this movement even more, and acknowledge the privilege that I'm part of it.

Now this has had such effect on me that I haven't even posted for weeks, not for lack of interest, but for too much interest. The responsibility grew with every discovery, as steemit's beauty keeps unfolding, I keep seeing how much more it deserves. I realized it's no longer about posting contents, but servicing in one way or the other, the minds of each reader that comes across them, and enriching /further solidifying the very foundation of steemit, adding another shade to the rainbow...

So realizing its worth per day, I begin wondering how much I have to offer, the bond is becoming abnormal, like I see a piece of me whenever I go online. People ask me why I ain't blogging, and I can't explain, because it takes a "gidigbamly" steemified mind to understand my explanation. Those who follow my blog ask if I'm tired of the "stay positive" attitude and got hit by the burden of life reality, then got stuck somewhere in my head. But if only they knew, that at some point, steemit is all I need to be fixed per time...

The beauty of steemit cannot be over exaggerated, sometimes I'm scared to know too much about it at a time, because of what effect each knowledge has on me.

I'll blog soon, and I hope it reveals something new to someone, like how the real life is on steemit, how truth, pain, joy, dreams, destinies, become real and are created/redeemed on steemit. If we're here and we're not opening our eyes, then it's sad, and a cheat.

Thank you @steemsecrets for bringing me back here. I missed you.

Very well said @wakkylon.. Keep steeming and i can see a bright future ahead of you in this community.. Stay awesome.. :)

Because of steem i have my own remittance, escrow, payments and brokerage business too! How? because I have learned how to leverage steem applications and its underlying technology not only as a blogging platform. It takes time to discover these things and more time to use them effectively. I am glad that there are many fellow steemians incessantly share their expertise and knowledge about this platform which became the building blocks of what I am doing now on steemit.

Well said @ankarlie.. and that's steemit's beauty all about.. :)

I read, and re read and reread it again.

Steemit is awesome, and i believe in its awesomeness. It is beautiful and i do believe in the beauty it possess.

I believe it is mostly the selflessness of Steemians like @surpassinggogle @steemsecrets and @geeyang15 that makes steemit beautiful. And it is such a blessing to see this beauty first hand.

I am glad to be part of Steemit community.

Steemit is simply the best from all other crypto platforms including the incoming ico's. Its the social media platform in cryptoworld wherein we can easily persuade people to join the steemit wagon. In fact, there are hundreds or even thousands who join steemit daily plus the meetups initiative from our fellow steemians. Soon, we will be in the mooooon 😉

Absolutely @elizahfhaye, and that's the beauty of steemit! Totally it can bring us to the moon! We can all fly to the moon through steem.. :)

This is really a great community!
Congrats @geeyang

Now you got your break!

Im not surprised with this anymore, now you will able to influence other steemians with words. Keep it up!

Thank you @febradaytamarra :)

I think it's not just the moon, it's the galaxies in entirety, steemsecret is such a beautiful perspectives of one's experiences

haha i guess i would like to agree with this, we can go to infinity and beyond.

Yes, steemit is already past the moon.

Because the beauty of steemit is overwhelming.

Its superb

Blessings upon blessings on @surpassinggoogle for this initiative

Glad to see @steemsecrets back to encourage our dear Steemians...

How about "looking into curation as an art" etc

This is what I am doing. I am actually focusing on increasing my Steem Power. I am curating 30 to even reaching 50 posts per day which contributes some cents to every post, and earn some amount from it and such curations were done manually so it means, I am able to scan or read the posts. I will keep doing this and even I am not earning that much from my self-delegation, I am fine with it.

I agree! Conviction is an incredibly valuable yet increasingly rare trait. It's in short supply because our brains are wired to overreact to uncertainty with fear. We should know if we have focused all our energy and attention in a determined direction, it will yield results. We can be anything we want to be if you only believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your path. "It has been said that an opinion is something that you hold, but a conviction is something that holds you". And because of @surpassinggoogle we have strong conviction now.

I love this stanza. You motivated me by your words!

To succeed on steemit for real, you will need to first off deeply-root your own conviction about steemit and its beauty. "Yes, your own!" Not the community's; not a friend's, not a whale's; "your very own!"
A simple place to start thus, "is to look past the blogging" and not be too blinded by it. Many successful steemians "don't blog".

Being motivated, thats also beautiful..

I agree witu you! When i read and watch the video again this captivates me also 😍

Thank you @geeyang

Yeah so true @itsjessamae

If you never experienced "free money" ever, and you saw a certain steemit post saying; "buy bitcoin now, because it will fork tomorrow, creating a new token and you followed suit and got e.g free bitcoin cash etc; wasn't that steemit?

Steemsecrets is real. Thank you sis @geeyang14 for the helpful suggestion to us.

@steemsecrets, welcome back after the long break. Great secret uncovered thank to @geeyang15 and @surpassinggoogle

Yes @abuja-steem finally @surpassinggoogle gained enough energy to finally write the new revelations through @steemsecrets..

please share in whatsapp groups

It takes personal conviction to fully grasp the real BEAUTY of steemit.

This is indeed a wide world where anyone would get lost if you miss seeing it's reality. It's beauty. We drive our own steemit and the CEO itself. "That's one true beauty!"

Without depending on anyone for the sake of better rewards instead work alongside with co-steemians could be a majestic beauty we could have on this platform for the steem to succeed. And wait, If you knew that you are a true steemian and a CEO of your own, when this STEEM succeed, so are you.

Time to do a lil' shift of perspective.

Thank you @geeyang15! Another wisdom here @steemsecretes. Thank you!

Mehn....steem secrets post yet again after a long long time. I have really missed the words emanating from account .

To be sincere the beauties I have seen with steemit has blinded my eyes to other cryptos. Steemit brought me into the world of cryptos and aince I joined, I have heard about a whole lot of other coins but non of them has been able to catch my fancy like steemit does.

The simple fact that I have to be creative to earn is fascinating . For me, ita not about buying coins and investing and making more money. It's about giving back to my society through writing and doing other stuffs which steemit provides the opportunity for.

It's really been great here and I never seize to tell anyone who cares to listen , the untalented adjustments that has happned to me since I joined this great platform. Even though now, steemit has been dry for me as no one seems so see my posts anymore or give me upvotes. But I keep doing what I do coz the goal is to change the world through steem.

You just said my mind

Steemit is beautiful
It's all about giving and receiving....

You share your knowledge or expertise and earn for doing so.
How lovely 😍

We are making world adjustments just like @surpassinggoogle would say.
Thanks for sharing this piece dear

Steemit is the new sexy.

Its beautiful
Its hot
Its touching lives positively

Its steeming hot

Good morning @steemsecrets.

Well, I'll have to say I've waited for eons for the next release of the secrets and I'll say it was worthwhile. Amazing, just pure amazing how @geeyang15 sends the message of the steemsecrets to us.

Gidigbamly it is, for the Steem Blockchain is pure beauty, we just need to dig and find out how amazing it is. For you've said, it's beyond the human eyes, it's the mind eyes which can fully grasp this knowledge and then apply it to make it wisdom.

Working on my self to attain greatness is one of the secrets that was shared and it's a work in progress for me and a lot of beautiful Steemians.

Keep being amazing @steemsecrets for this transcends even unto our everyday lives.

Thank you for appreciating @nexrules, i apologize for the low quality of the video, i just made it to be audible atleast.. @steemsecrets purely has its great intentions to help us grow in this community and to attain success not just in steemit but in real life.. There's no books involved in this, originally made by @surpassinggoogle.. something that we must treasure for the rest of our steemit journey..

Hto be successful in steemit, work work work ( in rihanas voice)

@steemsecrets has always been an eye openner in the journey of steemit.

Blessings upon blessings on @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets

You got it pretty solid when you say that it is upon us to appreciate the beauty of Steemit. I love it....

People needed this today for so many people don't see the beauty of Steemit.

They are so obsessed with success, of upvotes and comments that they forget to be their true selves as they try to conform to the same formula that makes other people successfull.

yet everyone is different and we just have to persevere and hold on.

I see the beauty when people get together and help each other out just like what DaveMccoy did fo Lynn here

It was just amazing what a community can do!

Thank you for the mention @maverickinvictus! It was so heartfelt the way this community rallied around Brian and I. For @davemccoy to start the whole thing and the way everyone was so supportive is something Brian and I will always remember :)

Yes and it is those moments that highlight what is good in this platform amidst all the negativity you and Dave doing this is a bright light of hope.

You're a bright light of hope ;)

Totally agree with this sir @maverickinvictus.. We just have to be our true selves.. and that's beauty too! That's what make everyone awesome.. :)

Yeah, personal conviction is what is needed to be really successful in steemit. Many of my friends that we started steemit together have dropped out which is really painful. I've tried to convince them and I still do but they are not personally convince about the beauty of steemit.

True, many people failed to see the real beauty of steemit that's why they also failed to convince their selves to stay and continue their steemit journey,, Because sometimes people always look at the immediate result and not on the process/steps. And that's where beauty relies on the process..

Wow @steemsecrets is here again.
Yes steemit is indeed beautiful, cos you and I are on it. I've learned to love unconditionally on steemit following the footsteps of my sweet daddy @surpassinggoogle. Now that's the beauty, loving fellow Steemians even without seeing them. I've found love, I have loved,on steemit.

Thank you @geeyang15 for this beautiful piece
Steem on✌✌✌

Its a pleasure to deliver @steemsecrets' to you.. Its an honor actually. Indeed we should love steemit as steemit loves us unconditionally..

Yeah yeah
Steem on✌

Yes, we are what makes Steemit beautiful...
I love you ✌ but I love @surpassinggoogle more ✌ 😍

I am jealous.but its best to love a boss

Hahahaha, the love is for us all

Lol, ok
Steem on✌

yeah definitely.

He's our mentor and inspiration in steemit to continue our vision and perspective here on steemit ^_^

Yeah yeah
Steem on ✌

Wow! Finally it's here again, av really missed @steemsecrets. What suspense filled break and flashy topic bounce back.

I thought this series is finally terminated and quite very glad it's here again.

Thanks for this episode @surpassinggoogle, keep inspiring Sir Terry.

Its never gone dear.. Stay tuned for the next revelations of @steemsecrets.. :)

This is a great one and I strongly agree the personal conviction is very important not just only about steemit but in everything you do.

My personal conviction has been helping me to grow on this platform. People we started together dropped out when they are not making money but my I'm convinced about steemit, so I stayed. When they saw that I'm making some progress, they came back but they still got frustrated when they were not making money as expected.

We need personal conviction in anything we do

Exactly @hayomi, Personal conviction is needed by everyone in order to continue and succeed not only on steemit but in personal life. Most people tend to turn their back once they feel that its not working. But one has also needs to be patient. Its not as easy as 1,2,3. Its not just all about the money and what we can get, sometimes Its all about what we can give.We must put love on everything we do, perhaps you'll never get tired of doing what you love..

This is really cool
I just stumbled on @steemsecrets now, it is so awesome and I just followed.
Thanks @geeyang15 for sharing.
I celebrate you @surpassinggoogle for your good works.

Each one will learn while teaching and will become whale inside.

I am one of those who have learned a lot from this platform and have also taught the little I know too....

The mind have eyes, and most times, we need to look within to see through the mind eyes what it is our mind is saying to us cause it always speaks

There is sense in nonsense

Treat Steemit like you would, your life

Thanks so much for sharing this @steemsecrets @geeyang15

I really agree on this @julietisrael, teaching others doesn't mean that we all have the knowledge, sometimes its just us who taught ourselves in order to teach others, And that what makes us a "Whale inside".
And our mind sees what our vivid eyes couldn't see.because our mind has eyes indeed.. We can see the steem's beauty by opening our mind's eyes..

You are right ma'am.
You become what you think.

The mjnd is powerful
Think positive

Wonderful words about Kfaya Steam
Really very wonderful information you are a successful person

This one is really beautiful and inspiring! Thank you @geeyang15, I love this!

"have you discovered the spanless expanse of steem/steemit's beauty just yet?" The very direct painful answer, can very easily be "NO".

That painful answer is also applies to me till this day. I still couldn't fully see the beauty as I nearly give up when I think this platform isn't really fair to those who started from nothing like me. But seeing many of others really did well even they're just like me, seems like I don't really discover the keys yet. My eyes and mind dont really open yet.

Thanks to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for keep bringing a good content that really help me to slowly discover the beauty of this platform.

Everyone else does and might have gone through that dear @atikahnoh, Even me, as a minnow, I nearly gave up on this, as i couldn't see its real purpose and beauty.. But i realize day by day that being here, being a part of this community is a great opportunity that anyone could have. There is more on steemit than posting/blogging, block chains etc., The more you open your mind's eye, the more you can see its beauty and purpose. Just keep steeming and stay awesome! :)

I don't know why @surpassinggoogle sir always ignore meh😰

You're right right the mind has eyes, we must tend to always look at various possibilities, even when we think there's a blockade or a barrier of some sort, in other words sometimes we have to consider giving as an art as well, even Jehovah's sob Jesus said, give and it shall be given unto you, we must however think of others before ourselves
Steemit is something that should give us joy on a daily basis and we should always think if this place as a beautiful platform.
We don't beg, begging is not for people who should be hardworking and the platform rewards people who are hardworking.

This is so beautiful really, I'm really feeling inspired by this @geeyang15, I'm a minnow too, but a whale at heart

Indeed @josediccus, In order to succeed on steemit , you must work hard by yourself, and never depend on other, the community, whales, etc. You just have to be your own..

"Yes your own." your very own.

Even in Real life, you don't have to depend on others in order to succeed. You just have to be your own, and everything else will follow.
Truly these words from @steemsecrets keeps us all inspired and gives us the courage to continue on our steemit journey no matter how hard it could be to be in the midst.

In steemit, every one is a CEO
@surpassinggoogle has made steemit more beautiful.

Without him, honestly steemit would have been more complex but he made steemit so beautiful for every one.

Indeed,he's a legend

For me, Steemit is beautiful because, Steemit has enabled me to meet amazing people and also, because of Steemit, I now have my own savings account! YAAAAY! :) :) And, I am able to give a little bit of money to my parents while helping them with the household chores in the house everyday! :) :) Indeed, steemit is so so beautiful :)

And thats beauty too! :) happy with your achievements. Keep steeming..

This piece is very informative indeed...steemit is beautiful,i have learned alot from this platform and its showing in reality. ...

Thank you for this vital information @steemsecrets you made a good call...


i agree.. keep steeming.. :)

I see Steemit as more than a platform to me. I refer it as special connections of every strangers heart. It connects humans to humans and love to love. And that every humans of steemit charms me, and that makes it extra ordinary beautiful. Thank you for revealing another steem secrets.

Stay tuned for more revelations.. :)

Finally steemsecrets Is back! Congratulations 🎊 .

be whale inside too

This really got me

Been a while Steemsecret posted. I am glad this came through. I have missed this. Thank you for coming back. Thank you @surpassinggoogle.

wow its my friend! congrats @geeyang15. Im so proud of you.

Thank you so much @s3carlo.. :)

WOW Now I can say that steemit community really change the first perspective of people as I join the steemit community for about 3 months even if it short but I really appreciate and embrace this one of a kind platform and thank you sir terry @surpassinggoogle

YEs it does change.. and its changing for the better.. :) keep steeming..

Congrats @geeyang15 for being the 13th member of steem secrets 😊....You truly brought us to the beauty of steemit...
Looking forward for your next post😉

haha Thank you @damonylia... Steemit is indeed beautiful just the way it is.. Let's look forward for the next revelations of @steemsecrets.. Stay awesome! :)

Looking forward for that☺️

There is tons of things to play with on steemit. But you need to play!


Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for the message and @geeyang15 for spreading the words of steem secrets

Thank you for sharing your thoughts @geeyang15.
We really need to understand the beauty of Steemit first in order to succeed and to fully enjoy the life of a Steemian.

Thank you Sir Terry. :)

You said it very well @geeyang15 Thanks @surpassinggoogle for the another secrets revealed. I liked how it goes. And the thought that

you will need to dig out stuff; explore stuff; pay attention to stuff more intently; ponder; wonder. You will need to open your eyes and use more of your "mind's eye".

you will need to first off deeply-root your own conviction about steemit and its beauty. "Yes, your own!" Not the community's; not a friend's, not a whale's; "your very own!

This is really a big word for all of us here in steemit. We just have to be out of the box. We have to think further. Explore and wander extraordinary stuffs. For this will be your stepping stone to success. And you'll see how beautiful steemit is.

Thank you @athenabree08.. You're right,one must go out of the box in order to bring the best out of them.. And its beautiful too... :) You're awesome..

@surpassinggoogle is more than a witness, he is a class on its own. With alot of people owing him thanks he has done more than enough. He is my witness today and forever

You see, I sometimes wonder how he came about the name @surpassinggoogle. As in, he is too much. Information bank.

If you use steemgigs, feel the innovation, the awesomeness, the wisdom. With an assuring words.. Everyone has something to offer

We need to all discover this; our contributions to the blockchain is what makes it beautiful.

Rightly said brother, he's amazing and has been integral to the massive influx of Steemians into the Blockchain.

Exactly, he is most definitely a true class that you can't stop learning from.

Yes.. Absolutely He is.. :)

I could not agree with you less. You are very right.

Really a great job mam... Appreciate your work.👍☺
Sir @surpassinggoogle is so great... we all have to write huge amount of post about him & his witness. That as much as much people support him. I already support him since many days. Sir @surpassinggoogle is my ideal.😊

Thanks @sushovon002.. Yes lets all support and love him as he never gets tired of supporting and loving us.

Agree with you 100%. & thanks to you too @geeyang15

Conviction is the key to being committed to a course so i agree with you when you say that when you have a conviction on the real extent of of the beauty of steemit then and only then would you give your all to it.

Steemit is really the best most especially when we follow the steemsecret and the man behind this success.Let us do all what steemsecret tell us to succeed.@surpassinggoogle is the best mentor.

@surpassinggoogle is the best mentor i've ever known indeed.. He doesn't only taught us how to be successful, but also how to survive and live out our dreams. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle..

Thank you. Follow geeyang15 though

Yes Sir God bless you

wow. the steemsecrets is back again. watched the video, she got nice words. good job @geeyang. the secret has been revealed.

Thank you @juwel.. Stay tuned for the next @steemsecrets' revelation.. :)

Believe it or not steemsecrete has thought me something i can't even buy from any man.
All i want you guys to do is keep doing ur best we are surely with you any day any time.


Thank you all and happy for the come back.

All the best for steemit.. :) truly these words are priceless..

wow! great! steemsecrets, back on!

I do agree with @geeyang15 that steemit is indeed beautiful , beautiful not only for the fact that it's avery helpful platform and you earn from it, but beautiful because you are learning something about yourself everyday , and it becomes more beautiful because of the people inside steemit like sir Terry @surpassing google ❤️❤️❤️

Sir terry @surpassinggoogle just made steemit more beautiful..

Steemsecrets is really back!Congratulations Sir Terry...😊

Hahahha, follow @geeyang15 though

Followed already sir..😊

Steemit is really beautiful when one looks at it with the inner mind and one will see the color when one dedicate his/her to art of steemit. As long I have my mind into it, I am not a percher. I took my stand before joining and still stands by it. I gidigamly landed and still emploring and learning new things and Steemgigs is one of those I discovered and @steemsecrets to always put me in the right track. Got @surpassinggoogle as a motivator and still learning. Thanks for this @geeyang15

Steemit is not just beautiful...... It's Awesome

Steemit is awesome since @surpassinggoogle is here guiding us and helping every steemians to glow and shine in this platform.

Congrats @geeyang15, Just keep it up 😎

Without @surpassinggoogle, i don't know what would have become of us minnows.

Steemit is bae

You are most definitely correct.
Steemit is really beautiful if we dedicate our time to making it beautiful as we would love to see

Steemit is the new sexy.
If its not steemit, it can never be steemit.

totally agreed.. :) stay tuned for more revelations of @steemsecrets..

The mistake most of us make is to hold the steem blockchain with levity.

Steem is awesome or should I say awesome. Changing life's by the break of each day, transforming ideas into reality. But your life can only be changed if you really pay close attention to steemit and your ideas can only become reality if you supply it the necessary drive it requires.

Thanks @steemsecrets for this exposure.
Now I know, I'm a whale on the inside

I have landed gidigbamly!!!

I'm not surprised with this @geeyang15 , you really deserve it. Keep steeming. I'm so proud of you.

Thank you so much @jayniel :)

Thanks of your powerful words of wisdom

So, "have you discovered the spanless expanse of steem/steemit's beauty just yet?" The very direct painful answer, can very easily be "NO".

Honestly my answer to this is really NO. I think I need more time to be able to discover and make it operational and useful, the "mind-eyes"

Lastly, I'm glad to see new release of #steemsecrets, more power!

You can take all the time you want to see its beauty, beauty is timeless, Its always there and becoming even more beautiful than what you think it could be.. Stay awesome.. :)

You have definitely done your homework. Good post.

I smiled when you said....

landed gidigbamly on steemit and made it home"

This is one big secret sister that you've shared.
I'll love to be a part revealing Steem secrets....

Thanks for sharing dear

Steemit is more than a social media.

Its more of a family.

@surpassinggoogle, has indeed proven that steemit is a home and a community

I missed the words of Steemsecret because truly this was one stop to look and view the beauty of Steem. I can never fully grasp the whole beauty in one day so I learn about it everyday and that's beautiful too. So much I have learned in the last few days that I have also been sending the message out that people should look beyond posting and upvotes but look deeper inside for the values they can create and the problems we can solve through the Steem blockchain. This is the best place to be especially when you look beyond Steem as just a blog but perch your tent here and root in yourself in the technology. Thanks Terry and the Steemsecret team, I hope one day I'll have the honour to speak in the words of Steemsecret too.

There's more to steemit than Upvote

It all calls for hardwork and giving what it's needed.

"To succeed on steemit for real, you will need to first off deeply-root your own conviction about steemit and its beauty."

All steemians specially newbies out there must apply this one.
This is for the benefits of ourselves and everyone here on steemit platform to continue the best of steemit.

Nice one Ma'am

Indeed @thinkvincent, one must apply this new revelations from sir terry. .
steem's beauty is not really hard to find coz its already in there.. you just have to discover it by your own and not by others..

To succeed on steemit for real, you will need to first off deeply-root your own conviction about steemit and its beauty. "Yes, your own!" Not the community's; not a friend's, not a whale's; "your very own!"

The best thing I have read in a long time, steemit is actually how you perceive it, apparently everyone one has different perspective of the platform.

Steemit is a school I think someone like me will never graduate from cos I come across new things on a daily basis.

I enjoyed every bit of this article.

Indeed @antigenx, perhaps steemit is more than a school, You can learn different things that you'll never get to learn from any prestigious school on earth..And we continue to learn each day...

Omg! Between every line is a secret also nicely written. I felt it was poetry diary i was reading or maybe something more.

I picture the many ways "steemit is beautiful" and I agree totally.

The speed of transactions and sharw of love on this platform is awesome. I just have to bookmark this writeup. Yes! Just so I can go through it over and over again.

Truth is...

Steemit in simply limitless in terms of what can be achieved with and on it. Reading your post opens the mind's eye further to see those beauties for those who "can really see" with the inner eyes.

I gbadun your choice of word selection...

But TELL ME, where did you mine the word "GIDIGBAMLY land..." I suspect you stole it from my language nii! 😀

Anyways, thumbs up.👍

I didn't count the terminologies spoken here that don't I understand, I really have headache when I force my mind to understand what you are talking even upon reading the comments of some. But there's one thing that open the eyes of my understanding, that I am landed in the world of the smartest people the @steemit world.

Thank you @steemsecrets for sharing some important tips on how to be a successful steemians. I will try to read this post again and again so I chew all your knowledge and expertise in this platform.

Dear @steemsecrets,

Just bloging doesn't mean the steem beauty. When we are posting useful, helpful article these will mean steem beauty. Many people thinks that posting is enough. That is wrong. Steemit is useful. But we must make the best use of it.

Really your thinking is so great. Everyone should think like you. In this way we can have a better on steemit. Go on dear. Many many good wishes for you.

Yea Steemsecrets! CEO is our boy and we can fly. ps. GO STEEMGIGS!! :)

Wow, this is a great secret uncovered. Thanks @geeyang15 for this secret and thanks to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing with us this secret.

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