Exploring Steemit's Valuable Treasure - #1 - Fractal, Color, Responsibility

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Hi there, Steem Fam,

I've been mulling this new series for a couple weeks now and I thought it would be good to start it today to celebrate my Earth Day in addition to being 31 days old on Steemit.

There have been so many posts that have amazed me since joining. I wish I bookmarked them all so I could go back and feature them, but I didn't make note of all of them.

So I will go through the ones I did bookmark soon and start the second series with those. For this **Exploring Steemit's Valuable Treasure series, I'll focus on new posts that are still within their initial seven day pay window.

I won't focus on any one subject, because I enjoy many types of posts, as well as write on a variety of subjects myself.

Without further ado, let's look at the three posts being featured today.

Yesterday, when I found that there wasn't anyone participating in my 2 post/15 comment ** a day ongoing weekly Steemit Challenge**, I decided to do my Challenge comments on posts outside of the Challenge.

That is how I found the first two posts below.

The first post is a piece of fractal art. I fell in love with it when I saw it. Soft and gentle, I loved the pink chosen and the movement and water effect of the piece.

Here's what I said in my comment:

Wow! I love the first one. Looks like the birthing of a brand new planet. ;) Thank you.

Upvoted and will be linking to this as part of a challenge I'm doing.

Here's where you can enjoy "whipped_kingdom".

The second post I'd like to share with you had several pictures. I'm not going to tell you of what. :)

Just click over and see, comment on their post and back here too, to let the artist know which two of the pictures were your favorites.

Here's what I said in my comment:

Lovely purples, @woodywood143. LOVE the first ride. And the last is so cute. ;) Thanks for the chuckle!

Will be linking to this for a challenge I'm doing.

Here's where you can see "ColorChallenge - Sunday Purple".

The final post I'd like to feature today is one submitted by my fellow Challenge participant, Paul.

In it, he explores the question of taking responsibility for what we each create in our lives each day. It was part 1, so be sure to follow him, suss out whether he's already posted part 2 and enjoy the rest of his posts.

Here's the comment I wrote on his post:

Great accountability/responsibility for being creator post, Paul. We are powerful creators.

Thanks for pulling together all the strands of taking responsibility that you did. Your insights, Henley's Invictus, the two tracks especially the story told in the Kate Bush video, and of course Welsh pride thrown in for good measure. ;)

Whenever I read this poem I see that I am filled with a sense of having a purpose.

Your post accomplished that too. Thank You! Did the usual but will FB/tweet also. Looking forward to Pt 2.

He's brand new to Steemit, so let's give him a very warm Steemit Welcome.
Here's Paul/@powerfulwonders.

I want to thank @odrau for the soft green page divider I used above.

Ok, that's it for now.

Remember to let me know what you thought of these three posts. Did you see them before? Are you interested in the topics shared in the posts? Do you have any you would like me to feature in this new series?

Finally, Thank you for reading thus far. I hope you enjoyed today's 'Exploring Steemit's Valuable Tresure' and I look forward to sharing more soon.

Until then, Angel Blessings,


Copyright @ Angela Chen Shui. Worldwide rights reserved.

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I'm honoured that I featured in your post of treasures, and yes I have posted the second part in that series on Taking Responsibility.

It's really interesting that each time I get stuck, or feel that I am stuck, that the way I find out of the stuckness seems to involve blogging about an aspect of being stuck :-) So some posts about taking responsibility for my choices and results; a post about prepping / survival which is not so unlike me just asking myself how I am preparing for anything/everything; and latest being a post about bandwidth and a site I found where I can actually see my bandwidth stat and start to measure it going up and down in tangible ways from the activities that I am executing. But writing about where I currently am at seems to be helping me to push through perceived obstacles as well as helping me to create useful content!

Those other posts you linked to are great! I love the first one and gosh yes they do look like some primal order emerging from a primordial soup. And the second one was unexpected and I think I will go for the last cute one in the final photo.


Hey Paul,

I'm honoured that I featured in your post of treasures, and yes I have posted the second part in that series on Taking Responsibility.

Absolutely my pleasure. It had not occurred to me to do it before, but why not feature excellent posts by my own Challenge participants? ;)

Yes, I saw it but was up all night and morning by then and didn't want to read it when tired. High on this work round's To Do list.

But writing about where I currently am at seems to be helping me to push through perceived obstacles as well as helping me to create useful content!

Exactly! Isn't that the amazing thing of totally accepting and allowing process after committing to move forward? Sharing while learning is what's most exciting about blogging on Steemit. Didn't do that as much before and now I find it so freeing.

Those other posts you linked to are great!

Thanks again. Another example of sharing what I'm finding and enjoying. Sometimes I spend so much time doing that now on Steemit, that I figured I had to find a way to combine it with creating content too. ;)

And what I love is that it's an easy way for each Steemian to reach out and interact in the community then share new posts they like in a series.. again solving the 'what will I post today... and tomorrow.... and the day after' eternal questions. ;)

I really must stop long enough to finish a Steemit guide I started working on. Gosh, clones. Now! ;)

btw, can't find you on FB to link as we spoke about. So plz pm me there if you'd like.

Great choices - I'm following them all. LOVE the fractal art, and the third one is a good writer. Thanks. Momz


Thank you, @talk2momz! So happy you liked them. xox