Daily Quotation Wisdom - Jim Rohn + Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Progress?

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Hey Steemit Fam,

This Jim Rohn quote hits the nail right on the head for me tonight.

Earlier today one of my two remaining sisters asked me if I was distracting myself with Steemit.

She knows what's going on in my life.

She knows I'm starting my life over from scratch, again.

And she knows that crucial to starting over is making new income.

Most of last year I was ill. That was the physical end of a few years of deliberately taking a formal break from my 'main' spiritual healing work.

And that came at the end of over two decades of running away from myself and my 'mission'.

But this year, truthfully, beginning around October or so of a year spent getting back in tune with myself, I started preparing to do my consciousness development work again.

So this year was to be focused on getting my fitness back to normal. And my income to a minimum of US$3,000 by March. This month. My birth month.

Right before Steemit walked in to my life, I was almost complete with two main steps to help me make that latter income goal real.

Maybe not by March. Maybe. Depending on how 'all in' I ended up being.

If half-assed and mamby pamby, it was already too late for that twenty nine days ago. Not impossible, but I wasn't taking the action that would require to manifest it. To make it happen by my birthday.

I was just about complete with adding a few guided meditations, spiritual messages and other Soul alignment material I'd developed in to the gift membership area.

Once finished with that, it would be simple to connect the membership with my email autoresponder so that I could begin to promote my newsletter to build my list and membership.

Twenty nine days ago I had also written the sales page for a new coaching program I was excited to start offering. It would be via email, so the set-up and execution would be simple.

Thank Goddess!

Because the journey to master my newly bought membership software was not going quickly. And the coaching plugin for the software was even more complicated and intimidating than the base software itself.

An email-based coaching program would sidestep all of that. All I needed to do before launching the coaching offer was to create a simple series of emails to explain what it was about. That wouldn't take long, nor would it be difficult.

Despite the fact that I needed to start making money fairly quickly based on what was happening life-wise, I planned to offer a 66% discount to my first three coaching clients.

Just to celebrate returning from the almost-dead. To celebrate being able to read again, walk without always feeling I was going to faint again, knowing I was sick but not knowing with what.

Knowing that I was once again at that crossroads of choosing whether I still wanted to be here on Earth at all, or not.

Last year, at this exact same time, all of that was going on. And when I was admitted to the hospital by the end of March last year, almost two weeks after my birthday, I honest didn't know I'd leave.

The only thing that made up my mind to stay was that I had paid subscriptions for my website hosting and other internet business-related monthly expenses that I'd leave.

Would my children remember my instructions about what payments to stop if anything happened to me given a few years before last year?

So when the sweet bedside-mannered doctor looked deep in to my eyes to be sure I was understanding him and somberly told me that I could have died and that I had to fight because I wasn't going on his watch, I told him he didn't need to worry.

I wasn't going anywhere.

And now, here I am.

Tomorrow I celebrate being on Steemit a full thirty days. And the day after, I celebrate my 57th birthday.

Fifty seven years. On this blue planet. That is so similar to another blue planet I lived on before.

I am thrilled to be here. On Steemit. And on Earth.

Steemit-wise, I feel like I have found a community so large that every single area of interest in my life can be explored here.

That I'll find at least a few persons to connect with within each of these areas. People who are also passionate about that interest we share.

I dropped my email coaching like a hot potato during these past twenty nine days. I didn't write those simple emails. Nor did I connect my newsletter autoresponder with my Gift membership.

There has been little progress with any of that.

Yet my life requires that progress.

Is Steemit my latest distraction?

Am I once again sabotaging my life? My goals. My happiness and very freedom?

Do I truly even want to be alive?

Or am I so exhausted that I'm just hoping I'll passively create some other health drama that will take me finally this time?

As I sit hear wiping away tears while I type, stopping sometimes to just sob a little, quietly, I wish I would do what I know to do.

Even before I wrote that sales letter for my email coaching, leading up to Christmas last year, I recorded two audios of a brand new series of galactic toning sound healing.

I named it 'Toning to US$1,000'.

Because I was ready to start using a healing technique to heal my own self-created money issues. And I wanted to track that journey, so I could make it available via a sound healing membership program.

Because I'm passionate about eliminating poverty and the unnecessary lack I see all over this planet. Because helping peeps create a simple internet business with simple digital products and a membership program to share their gifts and passions is what my main mission is.

Using my healing and teaching and business development experience in a holistic way to help others create their heaven on Earth lives.

The way I am to also.

So I would track my journey of creating a brand new stream of income from scratch until I made that $1k.

Then there would be another series of audios to bust out even more layers of old belief systems, resistance and emotional energy blocks getting in the way of manifesting the next amount, $3k per month.

Continuing with more, up to and beyond the US$100k needed to fund my Foundation every month.

Where's my discipline?

I know Jim Rohn speaks truth in this quote.

That's why I always love his quotations. That's why I chose this specific one tonight:

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Why am I not giving my real business, my healing work, my full attention?

Why am I distracting myself with Steemit?

I KNOW Steemit is helping me get back in to the habit of creating new content every single day.

I KNOW Steemit is allowing me the chance to connect with like-minded and like-hearted and Soul family peeps from all over the world.

At a time in my life when I am incredibly lonely. On the outside. It's great having all my Angel, Ascended and Galactic Master and other Cosmic Friends. Don't get me wrong.

But human, Soul family friends are so heart-warming. So 3D.

So necessary.

During my hermit phase when I don't even leave my home except for medical emergencies. Like last March.

So Steemit is not about making money for me.

Sure, I'd like to build another income stream here eventually starting now.

But it is much more about building real people connections. Even if that connection is via the internet and not in the real world. Yet.

Until I go to live Steemit meet-ups and bigger get-togethers, like Anarchapulco 2018 that I just missed.

But why don't I focus on my business and do one new Steemit post instead of two a day, then have fun with a couple comment rounds after all my work is done?

I must create balance.

I must exercise discipline much more.

Every day.

To create that bridge between my goals and the accomplishments I need to create to remain here on this Earth.

If you have read this far, thank you.

I may write on this again. But not now. No more tonight.

I wish you a very meaningful and happy week.

Next week, I'll share how my birthday was and how setting up my coaching, basic Gift membership area and emails went.

And if I managed that with creating new content daily here at Steemit too.

I just smiled. Maybe I already know I'll be succeeding with both?

I'm choosing to create it so.

As my new birthday week present to myself.

Since I missed the income one. ;)

Angel Blessings and xox,


PS I was going to create a quote poster for Jim's quotation. But I could just as easily use my End of Day Journal series graphic since this post turned out kinda like a journal entry, didn't it?

PPS After reading through to edit, it just occurred to me that I would NEVER in a million years have written this on my own blog up to even late last year.

And yet I write it here. I feel comfortable here sharing stuff I don't even speak out loud to anyone hardly. Except with my best friend in New York who completely accepts and gets me as I am.

But I haven't spoken with her for this year. Note to self: I must call her tomorrow morning.

The point though... I wrote all of this here. That says something about what Steemit has come to mean to me. In the past 29~~ 30 days plus the period before when I started researching it and was waiting to get in.

And maybe also it's that I'm not caring anymore. Just going to be me. Sharing all my truth that I feel like sharing.

Maybe I'm just getting to the 'Fuck it' point again in life, that I used to be all the time. Like Helen/@HopeHuggs talked about in her video a couple days ago. Thanks, Helen!

PPPS It would not be complete if I did not also share that I started a 2 post/15 comment per day Challenge here on Steemit last week that limped and made it in to this week.

I contemplated not continuing. But I'm not giving up. Will do it by myself if necessary. I'll be running a similar but paid one for all kinds of things my newsletter/member peeps want to accomplish in their lives via my website.

But I want to offer it here too, as my gift to Life and to Steemians who want to also meet their own two post/15 comment Steemit goals every day.

I specifically think newbie plankton like myself in addition to minnows and anyone else wanting company in doing the same would benefit.

So I share that Challenge with you as well.

Copyright @ Angela Chen Shui. Worldwide rights reserved.

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Angela, if there is one thing I already know for a fact about you it is that you don't have any trouble writing great quantity at high quality. So I definitely see you getting those email coaching parts written AND the Steemit content done as well. In fact, won't you be writing Steemit posts about how you are writing your email coaching steps?

This is a tremendous statement that you are making, a real shout of validation, and you are giving out so much to others that it can only come flowing back to you.

Do you have anything in (currently lower-end!) price range that I can benefit from? I get a strong feeling that I would if you do.

I have to dash off to a meeting now :-( but I am interested in the paid accountability you spoke about. With more skin in the game my priorities are very likely to be different :-)

Thanks for your challenge. Just saying it can make it happen. And yes, the Jim Rohn quotation is very apt and crucial. I will look at how I apply that in my life and work.

Thank you once again. I appreciate that you did not throw in the towel after last week. My this week has got to be better than my last week. I hope you can join me in that :-)


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Greetings, @shareables.

Thank you. Such a wonderful surprise. :)

You know you can do it Angela - you just need that bit of motivation - what better than needing to earn some money :) Dry those tears, put on the I can do this shit hat, allocate 3 hours tomorrow for doing what you need to do! If you need an ear let me know :)


Hey Andy! Thanks. Long dried but I'm going to grab that hat. And get a new notebook to restart my Morning Pages so I don't write more of these posts here. ;)

btw, been looking unsuccessfully for you on FB and finally asked for your username there yesterday morning. Still couldn't find you though. So happy you passed by. ;)


I followed you on Fb


Will look for once I finish today's post.. or is it yesterday's already? ;) Thanks, Andy.

Thanks for using our services and the group, you where included here : My outcoming upvotes to outstanding steemians !. You get a good part of my upvotes from my upvotes, that's why I will upvote you sometimes for free. ☺


Thank you so much, @ClixMoney. I appreciate.


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