Guided Healing Meditation - #1 - Centering, Getting Clear and Seeing Next To Do Step Done

in meditation •  9 months ago

Hello dear DTube and Steemit Fam,

I thought I'd record a brand new guided healing meditation this morning to share with you.

Now that I've successfully tested uploading a video earlier this morning, I'll upload the other guided meditations I tried uploading on DSound another time.

For today, I wanted to start with something fresh.

And as I said in this meditation audio, what came was to focus on something that would help get a 'To Do' done. An item you may have been putting off for some time that you've decided you choose to get done today. Or any other day you find you're not getting some 'next step' 'To Do' item DONE.

That 'next step' item is what's holding up a main goal you have. You can't move forward with that specific goal and the other steps that come after, until you get this 'next thing' done.

I'm finding more and more that as I focus on just the next thing, instead of running off in my head or actions to something that isn't the 'next step' but comes in the future... I find that the project, the goal, flows more smoothly and gets done more effectively, efficiently and quickly.

Enjoy, use whenever you want to and talk soon again,


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Thanks for posting your meditation, I’ll give it a try. I’m also writing on meditations, feel free to check it my blog and followed list for further resources that may be useful. Best!


Thank you for taking the time to visit and to share, @jspots. I will check out your blog.

So nice to hear your voice, Angela! I am trying to meditate more. It's not something I've done much of but find the quiet time helpful.


Thanks, Peggy. Although I sound so serious at the beginning. ;)

Yes, very helpful. When you rest in the stillness and allowing on the inner, it helps the outer line up much more easily.