GINAbot: The Best Notifcation Service in the Steemiverse

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New comments? New post by your favorite author? Miss a Block? Price feed out of date? Gina will send you a direct message on Discord for any one of these actions on the Steem Blockchain, and more!!!!

Ginabot has a New Look!!

If you've been following Gina for very long, you will notice that she has a new style. Much grattitude to @kemane for coming up with the design. As soon as I saw his work, I knew that you all would appreciate it too!

What can I do for you?

As I learn about the ins and outs of the Steem blockchain, and meet with lots of interesting people, @Ginabot is growing in ways I never expected. For the past few weeks I've been working on RPC rate limiting, and scalability issues. As far as notifications, I focused on witnesses, mostly, but everyone can find something new! There are now updates on so many things!

Settings for Everyone

  • Preferred Platform
    You get to choose from a variety of websites such as Busy, ChainBB, MSPSteem, SteemitStage, and more! This helps if you have a preference of one from the other, or if Steemit is not working right, then all of the links you get from gina will be routed to that platform.

  • Comments
    If you miss an answer to a comment, you might miss a follower. If you are a minnow, you should especially focus on comments, to engage with people and become a known person.

  • Mentions
    Similar to comments, it is very helpful to know when someone mentions your name, so you can go there and upvote if you like or disagree if that's suffices :)

  • Word watch
    This works like mentions but here you can set up any word, or sentence, for notifications (except a few very common words)

  • Follow, Unfollow + Mute
    Who doesn't want to hear about new followers maybe just to keep track of them or to say thank you?

  • Resteems
    What, your post was resteemed? That always makes my day! ;)

  • New post from any author
    If your feed is full of posts, you can set up a few users here just to make sure you never miss a post again.

  • New post with any tag
    Tired of refreshing the site every time you want to know if there is a post with contest or steemdev tag? Wait no more, the solution is to subscribe to any tag!

  • Blacklist user(s) and/or tag(s)
    If you definitely don't care about posts with cat tag, maybe you should blacklist them and I promise you won't hear a word anymore. You can also use this feature to avoid getting notified every second from someone who always mentions you.

  • Upvotes, downvotes and cancelling of votes
    I think it requires no explanation but please be aware that if you have many subscribers, you might be flooded with messages about upvotes. (I hold the right to automatically deactivate this feature if it results in too many messages)

  • Transfers
    Anytime STEEM or SBD is tranferred to or from your account.

  • Delegation
    Receiving or giving Steem Power? I can let you know exactly when it arrives! If you have just withdrawn a delegation, it will take 7 days to get it back. But you don't have to count the days because I can schedule a notification when it is back in your account.

  • Curation and Author Rewards (NEW)
    I know that Steemit is not only about money and you shouldn't see this place as a money making machine but still useful to know when your post pays out or your Curation reward arrives. If you post or upvote a lot, you can choose a scheduled report so that I will collect the data for you and let you know after a day/week/month how much is the what.

Witness Notifications

  • Producer reward (NEW)
    With every block you make some SP, right? But how much is it and when exactly do you produce a block? You will know instantly if you choose to enable this option. If your witness produces a lots of blocks, you might want to schedule your reports daily/weekly/monthly so it won't bother you that often.

  • Witness vote
    Ever wanted to know when someone voted for your witness? This notification shows how much SP you need to progress and of course you will know about various details of the voter too.

  • Missed block
    Missed blocks happen. Now you'll know right when it happens!!! With a maximum 15 seconds delay.

  • Node Recovery (NEW)
    Notification when your witness recovered and produced a block.

  • Price Feed (NEW)
    Keeping the price up to date is very important job of a witness, if your node does not broadcast a price feed for x hours I will let you know, just ask :)

How to Sign up for @GinaBot

  1. Join the Minnow Power Discord Server.
  2. Go to the #registration channel.
  3. type: ..reg SteemAccount replacing "SteemAccount" with your account name, no @ symbol.
    • Example: ..reg neander-squirrel
  4. Gina will instruct you further about sending her a transfer so she can verify that is your account.
  5. You can fill out your Settings Page by typing ..set

Make sure to choose the very first option on the settings page, to let Gina know to send you notifications!

There is also a command if you ever forget what to do, remember :) You can do all of this in DM with Gina, so once your signed up, you don't even have to go to the server, unless you have some issues, or just want to hang out.

We try to be as helpful as possible when users are having problems, we have a help channel if you need anything. Rest assured we'll get back to you as soon as possible, if there are problems with Gina.

Check here for a more detailed guide, written by @ilyastarar.

Plans for the near future

New server

The number of users already benefiting from the services is growing steadily therefore @ginabot must move to a bigger server to still be able to provide flawless operation. This however will result some downtime because while the deployment is under process, notifications can not be sent. I will minimize the required time as much as possible.
The exact date is uncertain yet as I need to find a good server first but it is expected in the coming days. I will announce the date a few hours before on Minnow-Power Discord #announce channel.

Mention @everyone at Minnow-Power

In the past week there were a few users who abused Discord's ability to mention @everyone. This resulted that many of the people suppressed this setting in the app. Since then I have made sure that only administrators and helpers can call on @everyone and we will do it only when it is absolutely necessary. Please consider turning this function back on, to ensure you don't miss any important announcements which might affect you.


In the last post I've promised that you will be able to invite @ginabot to your server for your users' benefit but this function will only come online if the new server is up and running. It will be announced here on my blog with detailed instructions, so stay tuned :)


Feel Free to Donate to the Cause

Gina is completely free, but please consider making a donation to @neander-squirrel who has been tirelessly working on her for many months, aiming to provide the best notifications service possible! @neander-squirrel still has to work a full-time job, and pay bills.

Any support offered will be greatly appreciated!!!

I would like to thank @inquiringtimes for his continuous support from the beggining!

My deepest appreciation for the following users for their donation:
@raggaemuffin @themarkymark @steemitri @faustofraser @smstickkz @gmuxx @samrg472 @beanz @patrice


I am incredibly thankful for the mention of the GINAbot guide that I created two weeks ago. Amazing to see that you guys are improving regularly. I will have to create an updated guide soon. Again, thank you very much!!!

@ilyastarar, you are "killing" it man. Great job you are doing. Just got to follow you. You are a legend worth learning from.


To See Is to Believe


I am waiting for the updated guide

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

you do understand that Gina is not an upvote bot, right?

flagged for hijacking a top comment, with a comment that has nothing to do with this post.


Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link

I can't wait to give it a try. I will prove very useful.

I have tried quite a lot of notification services on steemit , some didn't work at all and some stopped after a while. I hope this is consistent. Good job!

I'm looking forward to trying it out.

You did a really great work, now it looks a really efficent and friendly bot!

First the new look confused me for a second. But I can say that Gina is the best notification tool out there! And seeing you improve it all the time is awesome!

Thank you @reggaemuffin, I do my best as always ;)

Roger that :)

It is the best way to network with your peers and not miss the content most important to you. I wish I had been using it months ago! Thanks for your very valuable service. My introduceyourself reply content includes information on your bot too:


There are a lot of bots on Steemit. Some are useful and good, and others are not. If you see a cookie cutter reply, especially to your intro post, it is almost certainly a bot. Check the account's reputation. If it is low, I would recommend just ignoring them. Everything is public on Steemit, so you can go look at an account's comments and replies. Are they all the same? It's a bot.

There's one good bot worth mentioning for new users. It is called GINAbot, and you can use it to keep track of things the makerwannabe site above cannot easily do. For example, GINAbot will tell you when a key phrase is used, when you or someone else is mentioned by account name, or even if someone deletes a comment. The bot is extremely powerful and free. Simply add the following Discord server:

When you connect to it, it will ask you to register and verify your account with a .0001 SBD or STEEM transfer. Then you will get a direct message from the bot with a private link to your configuration page. Go there to setup your options. The entire process takes 5 minutes, and it will be up and running. You can tweak the settings as you go too. I highly recommend people use it for networking purposes.

I have mine set to look for phrases like "residential security" and "private investigator" as two examples. Then I never miss out on content related to those, and it makes going there to engage in those conversations much easier. Without GINAbot, I would never have had the opportunity either! Check it out, and ask if you have any questions.

It is an awesome service!

This is very amazing. One of the best services using the steem network. I appreciate the work you have done greatly and want to make sure you know we appreciate all the hard work you have been doing.
P.S. the Gina graphic is very sick.

Thank you @nicnas, I will continue my hard work as best as I can!
P.S. hope you mean "sick" in a good way:D

Yes, it beautiful.

Cool, Interesting idea

@reko showed me this months ago

he is always ahead of the game now man

he takes free stuff and turns it into tens of thousands of dollars while feeding the homeless at the same time

and he did it all thank to @ginabot

I love Ginabot so much that I think it might be a little unhealthy :). I kind of miss the old sexy secretary Gina, but this new look is awesome! Great choice, and probably a little more likely to attract a broader group. Honestly, great work all around.

A Wilderness Survival Program

I like that. Sound so like the title of a minnow course. 🤔

Yipeeee! Number one die hard @ginabot user in the building! Yeah thats me, thats me...thanks @neander-squirrel for this, i am most grateful. @ginabot rocks!...i know i am going to receive a notification for this comment, number feature of the sweet ginabot. No use waiting friends, join the team!

You will receive a notification for this one too ;)
Thank you for your kind words! :D

Ginabot is awesome. I'm happy to give her a like.

To be honest @neander-squirrel, i have not even thought that this is possible. You made the biggest tool in the steemit world. This is a complete package. I cant wait myself getting registered to yOur @ginabot. This is a magical creation. You have my utmost respect.

thank you very much @leebaong,
also, a big thanks for making a registration guide post! It was really comprehensive, i loved to read it.
have a nice day, and enjoy the services B)

You are very welcome @neander-squirrel. It's one way that I know to promote your work. Another thing, I have now in mind. As a sign of my heartfelt gratitude to you, i'll make a ginabot-poetry and 100% of the SBD earned will be sent to you. Thats a wonderful idea to me. Yepeyyy! Im excited!

a day without GinaBot is a day of loneliness
great new look

Thank you, I would miss you too, don't go anywhere! :)

very beautiful your ginabot appearance, greetings ...!

This is so awesome, thanks for building this

What a great concept!

All this?

I just thought GINA got a new visual.

I am a coordinator by design I guess, have been doing it most of my life to some degree and at different levels. One of the hardest aspects of Steemit has been how to keep information together and how to stay on top of the posts that interest me. I saw no answer for this dilemma outside of waiting for the Community/Groups to be designed and/or implemented here on the platform. I've run into several Steemians having this same problem. Until Ginabot came along!

Thank you for this most helpful tool, it has already made such a difference for me as a time saver and helping to stay connected. Problem solved with @GINAbot Resteemed!

I am quite surprised when seeing new icon of @ginabot. I seem to love the old look. I see the red color much more noticeable than other color. And the old icon looks more friendly despite her powerful look.The new one looks more mystery. Anyway, nothig lasts forever. Maybe this is the first step on the way to upgrade of Gina. Cheer the new look of Gina :) I really like Gina for what it has brought to us on this platform.

That was a pretty sleek look that I almost didn't recognise her :)

She grows so fast... :,)

I agree with you to the fullest extent.

Saw the discord image change earlier today and new something good was coming our way! Thanks for the updates @ginabot

Hope you wasn't surprised too much when first noticed my new avatar:D
I'm glad you liked the updates, I'll come up with something new next time ;)

Haha awesome! Thanks. Will be nice to see what avatar @kemane can make next time too! :)

I was referred to ginabot by @ilyastarar, I am super impressed with her services and her makeover is stunning! I am amazed at what you've created AND you have a day job. Thanks for the great work, when I have lots of SP I'll be able to support you somehow, in the meantime I'll just resteem/vote. Now let me go read @ilyastarar's post about ginabot :-)

Your resteem/upvote is the greatest support I ever need! Thank you for your kind words @emeraldearth! :)

Thank you for the mention. Gina helped me reach the exact comment. I will cover GINA again to include the new features. Thank you @neander-squirrel. I will see how I can support you other than resteeming and upvoting.

so is this like an update news page? lol sorry brand new here

imagine a social media site without proper notifications. you have no way of knowing if someone replied to your message unless you go to the right tab in your profile and refresh the page. mentions are not supported only if you use mobile apps which are also not so great because they need time to get better. so we are without notifications.

now, Steem is a new technology (less than 2 years old) and there are other things to solve so notification are not very high on the TODO list. Gina gives the essence to this social media site, it brings you notifications on almost anything!

If you want to turn her into a news feed by following a bunch of people, yes you can do that but she can do way more! :)

it requires you to download an app called discord but it is actually a good thing because there are Steem communities on discord, you will see in many posts that they will share their invite link. each has it's own server where you can meet people and be known faster if you're new.

Wow!! I am looking for this so long. I wanted to have a notifications for my fav authors. Thank you

@ginabot I am grateful for the detailed explanation and I am now in the greatest service. Thank you. I am always happy to be present in every new post.

You are always welcome @aboeluosr! :D

Thank you, this is something that always makes me happy

Yes! The best among the the best.

This comment has received a 1.56 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @xerox-bru.

I was thinking.... Who is this new person in my discord?? Hehehe oh! GINA had some work done! Beautiful job... She is the best!!!!! How did I use steemit without her!??! Wonderful work and thank you for your help for the steemit community!!!!

Why just discord? Why not telegram or facebook messenger ?

hi @aaur0,
the reason i've decided to have discord first is because most of the steem users go to discord to create their chat community so it is already popular. i am considering telegram, email and even fb messenger integrations too but with discord you can have community too so it is a two in one solution :)
thank you for your suggestion!

There are two notification bots on steemit platform @ginabot and others..

Thanks @neander-squirrel for this gift..

The pleasure is all mine @joecxt, thanks for your encouraging words!

Gina just told me you've commented on my comment.. isn't she just lovely??

very useful service

Very happy news if it really works how can I work with gina

The registration is really simple, just follow the instructions in the post! Hope to see you soon! :D

@ginabot please how do i make the most of gina?

I am new here and i am quite gung-ho about everything.

My drive is fierce, and my zeal impregnable.

great service thanks

@kemane!!!! I am super proud of you! Missed you @dtubedaily! The new Gina looks fresh! Amazing job!

I literally cannot even fathom how anyone would use Steemit and not use Gina. It's an incredibly useful bot. I also love the new avatar.

Thank you @didic, I hope at the end no one will be left without GINA!

Honestly I like the old look. It really looks like GINABot is your personal secretary. It exudes profesionality and class. But hey that's just me :)

Thank you @jlordc, GINA is more than a secretary now, she is everywhere, seeing everything and of course let you know about it! We were trying to express that with the new design :)

GINA is very beautiful like her service

Lots of great features! This bot approves!

I have followed you. We have to stick together and learn from each other, so we can better serve the humans of steemit. :)

I'm always here for you @kennybot! :)

I very much love @Ginabot. It's so helpful in all manner at steemit.
I likes old look, new looks not appeal to me too much.

Hope the new features (or the future ones) will balance your disappointment for the new look. Maybe you will grow to like it after all!? :)

Ya, may be i like looks more as time pass away.
I was not disappointed by this. I too much like @Ginabot help.

Hello new @ginabot

Hello you too gidionline! :D

This is awesome

This is simply the best tool in its class. Thanks a lot @neander-squirrel!

@neander-squirrel The best ever services of steemit I know is Gina. Thanks. I will keep on inviting more people to use it. It's the best everyone can have.

@neander-squirrel, Gina has grown up, and that's making making Steemit adoption easier. Thanks for the good work.

You're welcome @uzochukwu, hope she can help a lot of people getting around Steem!

I have the Ginabot since yesterday and i'm already very happy with her! So useful! :)

Steemivers sounds really cool! I hope we all adapt that name :)

Was shoked at the first moment about the profile icon on discord.. *phew" - But now taking a closer look, ist OK ;) Thanks for this awesome tool. Providing it to everyone who is new on steem it. Grz

Glad you like my new look, Thank You! <3

God knows I need this desperately!

Thanks! I am ready to subscribe!! I need very much the notifications server!!

Hi, I think there's a little issue that should be fixed with @ginabot.

For one to get a notification about a message on discord, he/She has to be mentioned. @ginabot does not call the username of the person, so even though the messages get delivered, I never really get a push notification from discord saying that Gina has sent me a message.

Please check your Discord settings. You've probably disabled notifications in the app.
settings -> notifications -> enable

interesting... maybe,i can try

GINABOT you are superb You help us a lot. I am new on steemit when I saw new Gina I am not shocked . But I like new @ginabot.Its one of the best service its help us alot.
I want to special thanks for @ilyastarar because of his post I join ginabot. @ilyastarar Thank you so much you help me a lot here on steemit
I appreciate it .Its a superb seveice of steemit.

Such a great service, thank you so much.


important information I hope you make success

So glad @boatsports90 introduced me to this bot server! So convenient being able to see all the stuff you've been commented in that you wouldn't see just using the regular site. Cheers for everything you guys do!

Yea buddy! The bot is a total game changer. So glad I found them and they're having this much success!

Sure is! I feel like you keep finding these gems! I need to pick up the slack ;)

haha, I got lucky I guess

Love the new look almost as much as the service @ginabot provides! I wrote a post about her a bit ago when I stumbled upon her, but I am happy to resteem this in the hopes of more people discovering her amazing abilities! Cheers and thank you ;)

Ginabot's got "the look" I'll say that for sure! :)

This is an excellent initiative and needs good recognition. I'm sharing this with my steemit friends. I was looking for something like this for a long time. Works perfect for me. Thanks.

Amazing amount of work you put into this! Thank you and can't wait to try it out!:)

But can she make me coffee?!

Coming in next release! XD

Wow. I salute you . Brilliant mind my friend. Thumbs up!

been using it also for my dlive chat because it reacts much faster. Thank you guys. very helpful - also for challenges when votes on posts need to be made in a certain period of time, but ofc it does much more. THANX!!

I am unimaginably appreciative for the specify of the GINAbot direct that I made two weeks prior. Astounding to see that you folks are enhancing routinely. I should make a refreshed guide soon. Once more, much thanks!!!!@alirazaamjad

GINAbot Rocks! I know it's not much, but - tip!

That animation closely resembles to that of Medusa--from the movie Clash of the Titans.

Hi @ginabot! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.01 SBD @tipU from @traciyork :)

You can now delegate SP to @tipU for daily profit:) Click here to learn more :)

thank you for the GINAbot guide. great job

Very well you wrote. There's a lot to learn from here.
I love reading a lot.
Thanks for the nice post.

How excellent to see how Gina is growing and improving its image, good change and good updates, is a very good notification tool thanks for the great work. I hope to know about this.👍👏

Thats awesome!!! I was waiting for a notification feature!

Congratulations @ginabot, this post is the most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a User account holder (accounts that hold between 0.1 and 1.0 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by User account holders during this period was 3421 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $11303.16. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

@neander-squirrel thank you for this important service!

Ginabot... what a bot! great stuff going on there. Hop In people and lets SteemUp

its great notes ,really thanks

You have created a way to help us with our accounts that I think will revolutionize steemit. Thanks for your dedication. I follow you.

what i can earn from gina bot?/

I just review your server site and I Register on your server.
I see it is very good server ans stream server.
I fell so much speed and short time to loading page.

Thanks for your server provide :)

gina has been my secretary for a long time, and i love her service much.

Thanks For giving such a Good Knowledge regarding Steem to How to work Here ... Thanks @ginabot

This really helped me alot thanks !!

excellent service, thanks.

wonderful creation man..!
it's very helpful.

Thanks for the awesome tool. Gina is a favorite and I am happy to try it. I do have a question for @ginabot and @neander-squirrel - Where do we report if something goes wrong? All my settings are correct but I'm not getting everything I subscribed to the past few days. Is there a place to report an issue?

thank you @omitaylor,

there are few problems with GINA lately since the nodes are extremely slow. long story short, she is 8 hours behind the work. luckily, tonight it is all looking good again so hopefully all return to normal in the next couple of hours.

if you still experience problems you can always get help at MinnowPower discord server in #help channel. please check in any time and me or a helper will answer your questions.

is very good . I like it brother

Wow, didnt know this existed and it was exactly what I was wanting.

good post, for beginner like us,, thans...!

Yay ! i like that @ginabot #Thank #You !

I really need it !

Oh it really is great thing that cud will really help minnows alot to understand without any will help alot steemit to develop....nice work ...appriciated..

Nice artwork @kemane! Beautifully done.

The real gratitude to be given is for @ neander-squirrel because she has been working these few months tirelessly

woww... I really like it .. hopefully continue to grow and succeed.. good jobs @ginabot,@neander-squirrel

This is great. I love the new @ginabot look. I have always enjoyed the services of @ginabot ever since I started using it. Now I don't have to miss out on my favourite steemians.


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