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Hello again, Steemit Fam,

It's Friday!

Which doesn't really matter for those of us who work/play/plurk every day.

But since we are in the third dimensional Earth plane, it's good to ground in time and note and celebrate that it is the second Friday in March, 2018.

Yay! ;)

So, do you play enough?

Via group games, or individual... just you.


Splashing about in water via swimming, water volleyball, with a hose, in a pond or river or at the beach?

Riding a horse, the train just for the heck of it? A drive out in a car or on a bus, just going somewhere new, for the fun of exploration? Walking?


Dancing by yourself or with others?

Playing music or video games or board games?

Online computer games with random strangers or a group of friends you've organized for an internet meet up?

Whether playing with others or with yourself, there's always the possibility of learning something new.

About yourself. And about others too.

Attitudes. Intentions. Shortcuts. Cheating.

Humor, deadly serious, sneaky or nonchalant.

Play gives an inside view of what's inside.

What pushes buttons.

What triggers competitiveness and/or cooperation.

What's your favorite type of play?

How are you during play?

What brings out your strengths?

Triggers your fears, weaknesses, wounds?

How does play reveal you to yourself?

And to others?

When last have you made the time to play a game of cards or your favorite sit-down game with actual people?

What was that like?

Were you relaxed?

Did you secretly wish the time would pass quickly?

How about play as meditation?

As a way to dive more deeply into the conscious awareness of who you are, what Life is?

Play as a way to enjoy the Now moment more fully, dropping from your mind with all its thoughts, into your heart and what you are feeling.

Right now.


Powerful stress relief.

Clarity trigger.

Spiritual deepening facilitator.

You get to choose. As always.

What does play and playing, games and life, mean to you?

What have you learned about significant others while playing with them?

So many questions. About one of the simplest, most important four letter words.

Looking forward to talking play with you. Until then, take very good care and enjoy this second Friday and the weekend ahead.


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I play some every day but just my games on my iPad. It is a refreshing break for me and I use different parts of my brain. That's what I tell myself anyway! I do think play is important. Why would anyone want to work or be serious all the time!?


Wonderful, Peggy! Like @joannereid, you've made play a regular part of your day. And it is so refreshing!

Thank you. xox

I play bridge 5 times a week with one group of friends, bingo twice a week with another group, and every day at 5 pm MST I have a competition with Gerald on the original Bubblewitch game. They only release one game a day and since we are all done with the full game, which is no longer added to, this is one nice competition. Who can finish first and get the highest score.


Joanne, the way you have formally structured play in to your daily routine is so inspiring to me. And it's 'real' play, with real peeps. Amazing.

Thank you so much. Now I must go look up Bubblewitch! ;)