Six Low Market Cap Altcoins That Could Maybe Possibly Potentially Rise 10x In Value But I Dunno Though

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Ladies and gentlemen, the cryptocurrency bear market of 2018 is officially over. Bitcoin et al. are here to stay.

And while we wait for our goldfish memories to forget all the money we lost in the last month, let's take a look at a few coins that might make us all a lot of money, or might just be garbage.

WAND ($2.9M)

WandX is not so much a coin as it is a smart contract architecture which allows creation and trade of all ERC20 tokens.

Another interesting thing about this is the ability to create tokens which represent combinations of other tokens. Think of it like ERC20 token mutual funds.

Their marketplace launches in March of this year.

FDX ($15M)

FidentiaX is a Trade-able Insurance Policy Marketplace. Am I the only one who didn't know this was a thing?

They're also launching the prototype of their market in a few weeks.

Add to that the fact that the value of this one dropped by over half during the crash. Keep your eye on this one. Or don't.

OPT ($4.4M)

Opus should be called YADMP - yet another decentralized music platform... when will people learn that we don't want to listen to their shitty music?

Don't they know we want to listen to the same 20 songs they play on the radio over and over again?

Jokes aside, the only problem with this coin is that you can only buy it on HitBTC. INvest at your own risk.

ARY ($10M)

Something something trucking/logistics something something blockchain blah blah blah.

The only good thing about this coin is that the price is well below the ICO price. They are also signing some new partnerships and will be launching their new website soon.

EVE ($8M) is another supply chain crypto. Yawn.

According to their website, the main problem they solve is stopping the sale of counterfeit goods.

Sorry but if you're dumb (or rich) enough to spend $2k on a bag I don't feel bad for you at all if it turns out to be fake. Come on.


Looking to make some fast money? You should totally buy these coins. Nobody really knows why crypto is even worth anything. I mean, isn't it just computers solving math problems?

But then again, everything is pretty much fake money. Gold is useless, the diamond market is fixed and US Dollars are jst pieces of paper that represent something. It's all fake money. So why not crypto?

What are your top picks for low market cap altcoins?

Tell me in a comment below!

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thank you i am thinking to buy them


why tho? non of these coins have promise anything.... I would like to know your view on it


do it
but i dunno tho

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when you giv people advice on crypto currencies but then you finish with " but i dunno tho " just incase you ruin thier lives😂😂

I just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit @reewy ,,that might be productive for you too...

these altcoins are so low even a boom of 10x wouldn't make you rich. that is if you maybe put more than a 10000 $ in it. but would you really go for it??? nah man


yolo baby

Thanks for the news. A couple coins I have been watching is bit bay for its open coin trading platform with smart contracts. Also just started studying linda coin. They claim to be putting out an atomic swap system.
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