There Is Now A Japanese Cryptocurrency-Themed Pop Group

in crypto •  last year

Japan, the wonderful country that gave us tentacle hentai and crazy game shoes, has now given us another gem: a cryptocurrency pop group.

As if we needed any more proof that Japanese people are, by Western standards, extremely "creative," we now have complete confirmation that Japan contains some truly revolutionary minds.

While this is a blatant grab to cash in on anything related to crypto, it seems that the entertainment company Cinderella Academy has put at least a small amount of thought into forming the group.

The group's name translates to "Virtual Currency Girls." They are comprised of eight members, each of which represent a different cryptocurrency. Not only that, they've already performed their first show as of January 12, 2018.

Apparently their first song, "The Moon And Virtual Currencies And Me," is an actual song and not a joke.

Unfortunately for the group, their debut occurred at the exact same time of the Great Crypto Crash of January 2018. Hopefully for them, they'll be able to recover - just like the crypto markets.

According to some statistic I read somewhere online, Japan consists of over 40% of the world's Bitcoin trading volume. Depending on the group's music, that number could go up or down in the near future - just like the crypto markets.

So what do you think? Are Japanese people just crazy? Is this a legitimate idea? Will we see their American equivalent in the near future?

Let me know in a comment below!

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wow, something new everyday...