How To Actually Get More Likes And Followers On Instagram

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Hi people. I manage Instagram pages and want to give you guys the secret sauce to growing your pages. In a perfect world all we would have to do is post awesome content and we'd magically be Instagram famous. But if you're looking to fast track your growth then you should probably do some of these things.

Like it or not, these methods work.


This is the bread and butter of growing pages. When you follow people, sometimes they reciprocate and follow you back. That's just how people are.

Because Instagram puts a limit on how many people your account can follow, eventually you have to unfollow them. If they notice, they might not like it and could unfollow you. But the people who stick around will far outpace he ones who leave.

It's a tedious process but worth it.


Same as before, when you like people's stuff they may reciprocate by liking yours. Like a mix of your own followers posts and people who don't follow you but are in your niche.

Engagement groups

There are groups on Telegram that you can join where basically everyone likes everyone else's posts. This can add up and push your post to the explore page where you'll get a ton of exposure.

Some groups are better than others. For example some of them require you to have 1k followers, others 20k 100k etc.


Likes that come from bigger accounts count for more in instagrams algorithm. There are some services out there where you can pay a fee to have your account liked by large networks in the millions. This is very good if you can afford it.


Think of hashtags like SEO for Instagram. Your page is about cats. If you use cat hashtags then people can find your page and relevant content in the search bar.

The combination of the right hashtags plus good content (evidenced by lots of likes and comments) increase the chance of your post hitting the explore page.


I haven't found that commenting is worth the time. Ymmv

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Do you have questions about growing an Instagram page? If so, ask them below and I will answer!

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Thank you for your useful tips!

someone told me that the algorithm of your 9 current photos can attract more folks, if you photos are congruent with basically your theme. I have seen some very creative photo structure using when posting your 9 current photos seperate but when look at together it flows.

Your votes and comments are very helpful.