VeChain (VEN) Being Shilled HARD In r/Cryptocurrency - 50 Posts In The Last Week

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Take note ICOs and speculative shitcoins of the future: the marketing minds behind VeChain are showing us all how it's done.

With an average of 7+ posts per day in the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, VEN is one of the only coins that's managed to hang onto its reputation amid the Great Crypto Crash Of January 2018.

A mysterious Twitter personality who goes by the name The Coca Cola Kid appears to be leading the charge for the Chinese company. The anonymous user posts cryptic tweets that are vague and meaningless, punctuated by periodic leaks of potential partnerships.

He leaked the partnership with the Chinese government - a news headline that spiked the value of VEN by nearly 100% a few weeks back.

Rumors have it that CCK is someone close to the management team of VEN. From what I've seen, he's nothing more than a brilliant marketer hired by the VEN team to stir up hype on the coin.

This isn't to say that VEN doesn't have strong partnerships, a solid business model and admirable leadership - they have all of those things.

But when their product is just another RFID supply chain management solution (of which there are many similar companies), you begin to wonder what all the hype is about?

To be fair, the company does an excellent job of providing potential users and investors with information about the company. Their subreddit is loaded with links and information.

If you're thinking of investing, consider the following metrics:

  1. VEN's social media presence is strong
    A. Twitter - 81k followers
    B. Reddit - 29k readers
    C. Medium - 2.2k followers
  2. VEN is leading the crypto world in powerful partnerships
  3. The currency has skyrocketed from $0.31 on December 2nd to nearly $8 on 1/21.
  4. They are also undergoing a rebrand later this month which is expected to give them an even greater boost

Whatever you think of the coin and their future, one thing is for sure: VEN is keeping the hype train going. Either get on board or get left behind.


Choo choo!

What do you think about VeChain? Solid coin or just another Chinese scam? Let me know in a comment!

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