Hire Me! I'll code for crypto!

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As some of you might have seen already - I need money.
I want to buy an apartment in my city and I'm even selling the bot to achieve that.

But selling the bot is not enough. Apartments are freaking expensive!!

I want to write code FOR YOU (in exchange for cryptocurrency).

So... do you need some software?
A bot maybe?
I can code it for you!
Just tell me your idea.

I know how to code for STEEM pretty well.
I can code in a few different languages (but I am at my best with C# or JavaScript)
I know a lot about testing and test automation.
I can also write scripts that gather information for you from different sources.
I can even write you a smart contract. Sort of... I'm still learning for that.

One thing I'm not good at are pretty designs and practical user interfaces.

Now let's talk about money and work.

I accept popular cryptos and FIAT (but I prefer cryptocurrency).
The price (of course) will depend on the project you want done.

I prefer to work on small projects (1-2 days of work) so that I could finish the in the weekends. The reason is that I already have a full time job and my free time is limited.
Of course - I can also work on bigger projects, spanning multiple weekends (and whenever else I find time for them), as long as the pay is better than taking a few smaller ones.

My minimum wage is 200 $ worth of coins per day, but depending on the type of project, I might ask for more than that.
(It is also possible for me to ask for less, if you need something really simple, but... don't count on that.)


Email: [email protected]
Discord : @resteembot:9831
Phone/Viber/Watsapp : +359 883 33 20 88
Facebook : siko1991


I hired the person behind @resteembot to code something for me in Steem-JS. His rates are reasonable, he turned around the work ahead of schedule and his approach to coding shows that he has good knowledge of what it takes to make code that is fault tolerant to the real-world conditions that exist on the Steem blockchain. His work will be used in a forthcoming project I have to support some communities on Steem. I'm being coy on details because I haven't made a public announcement yet, but I'll update this testimonial when I can.
The usual question is; Would you hire him again? And, the answer is an unreserved "Yes I would". In fact, the only thing stopping me is that I need to write a good brief for my next project.
If you're still not sure, then you can always try him for a short project.

Good article.

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How much would you charge to help with a simple discord bot or two

Define "simple"

Honestly I shouldn’t say simple- I’m not educated enough to know the difference between what’s simple and what isn’t. I don’t have specifics yet, but I was wondering if you had a rough amount for making a bot. I will give you more details when I have them... if you’re interested.

I never worked with the discord API. I'm checking it right now.
But using the API is probably the simple part. It's the actual logic of the bot that will cost you. I can tell you a price when you give me details.

Please, find me in discord, or one of the other contacts I listed above.

Okay I will get ahold of you at some point in the future. Thanks for your replies.

if you have this knowlage why you don't take a look about some freelance platforms !

That might also work.
Can you point me to some auch platforms?

freelancer.com // upwork.com // fiverr.com

Thank me later!

I've only seen freelancer, and I don't like it. In it I have to compete with people who are willing to work way too cheaply. that's hard when I haven't proven myself yet.

I will check the other two.


That's cool. I can imagine the quality bot you'd produce. Sounds bomb.

How much would you take if i wanted you to make a bot that would follow every person on steemit. Or, would follow the persons in the following lists of someone.

It doesnt need an interface or page like something.com/admin. I'd rather it was a one time code that would automitacally update the followers.

this can be done within a day.

Decide on the criteria for following (if there is any) and find me in one of the contacts above for private communication.

How much will it cost me for a voting bot?

Depends on the specifics.
Is it is just a script that upvotes 1 person on new posts? Is it a curration voting bot? Is it for selling your votes?
What features will it have?

Find me in a personal chat to discuss details.

this beautiful

Sorry, at the moment I only need a nice logo and a business plan

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