How To Be Successful In Just 100 Hours A Week

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Damn so I've been in Thailand for two weeks and I'm already hustling. About to get 2 clients that are going to pay me a shitload of money to manage their social media. Also have a bunch of smaller clients, but very soon I'm about to be making a ton of $$$.

And honestly there's no secret. You literally just have to spend 100% of your day working, no joke.

For example, I wake up between 6-7 AM, have my coffee and open up my phone. I'm a social media manager so I'll check my pages and manually post from my high quality ones to make sure the content is solid.

I'm also trying to get famous by building out my personal page, so lately I've been trying to post good pictures + quality blog posts article things there too.

Once I've had my coffee, I hope on the laptop for a good 4-5 hours and get to work. And I'm not talking about a little work with a lot of procrastination and Reddit-browsing. Nah, this is solid work.


Easy - 4 things:

  1. Nicotine lozenges
  2. Wellbutrin
  3. Modafinil
  4. Noopept

Now, I don't know what your stance on "drugs" are, but these are all 100% legal non-narcotic substances that will a) make you more productive and b) produce higher quality work.

I won't go into what each one does, but suffice to say that the combination of all of them enables me to be a goddamn working machine.

After working for 4-5 hours my brain will be fried and I'll need a break. I take a walk down to Patong Beach and chill for a bit. If anyone interesting is in the hostel then I'll invite them to come along as well.

But I'm an Instagram marketer, remember? So I can't just leave for a few hours and do nothing - I have to post stories to my personal account and look for interesting pictures.

Honestly, I fucking hate that shit. It's totally distracting to have to always be on the lookout for interesting things to take pictures of and then try and write some shit about it.

But you know what I hate even more?

Being broke.

So broke that I have to go back to selling hair straighteners in shopping centers - something I'm really fucking good at but don't want to do anymore.

I mean, maybe someday in the future... but for now I want to work horizontally.

Anyway, Elon Musk is quoted as saying that if you really want to be successful you have to put in 100 hour weeks. The guy has a reputation for being a workaholic.

He says that if you put in the 100 hour weeks, you'll have such strong momentum that you'll accomplish in 4 months what it takes the 40 hrs/week people a year to do.

I heard this quote after I started putting in the hours, but I believe that its true. If you can commit all of your time to building whatever it is you want to grow, then its only a matter of time before you hit your breakout moment.

Ever heard of analysis-paralysis? Basically a fancy way of saying procrastination. Shiny object syndrome, where you can't decide what to do because each new thing you research looks more appealing than the last.

That's the worst, and it also used to fuck me in the ass on a regular basis.

So what changed? Well, for one thing I had to work at a job that crushed my soul on a daily basis. It was so bad that I started searching for a way to make money from my computer.

If you want something badly enough, you'll figure out a way to get it. I used to tell this to my salespeople all the time.

New salesmen tend to be self-conscious. The pitch isn't familiar to them, they're not used to hearing "no" and are uncomfortable trying to persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash.

But SOME new salespeople are fucking rockstars. They hit the pavement and from day 1 you can tell they're going to be monsters, and FAST.

Why? Because they WANT THAT MONEY. They're either broke or focused on a goal that requires a lot of money in the near future.

Maybe they want a car. Maybe they have to pay child support. Maybe they owe money to the government.

Whatever the reason, a select few crush it right out of the gate because they literally want nothing more than to convince the customer to give them money.

This is how you need to be with whatever your goal is. You need to want it more than anything.

And here's the reason:

When you're faced with temptation to NOT work, if your reasons aren't strong enough then you'll give in to the temptation. You'll go party with friends and drink too much. You'll spend the day shopping and getting your nails done.

I'm not saying don't do these things ever. Of course you should, but only as a reward for working hard.

For instance today I totally plan on spending 2-3 hours at the beach, but AFTER I spend 4-5 hours working on shit.

I've been in this situation before - working super hard on something only to give up a month later. But I figured out the secret to staying motivated. 2 secrets actually.

  1. Find a friend who is willing to work with you or at least hash things out over the phone
  2. Work on multiple projects at once

When you have a friend who you can spitball ideas with, it helps to keep things fresh in your mind. You give each other ideas. If you're lucky, your also try to pop each other's ideas to make sure they're solid.

It's very motivating.

Working on multiple projects at once helps to keep you motivated when you get bored with any one goal.

For example, I said that I manage Instagram pages. If I had to manage Instagram pages all day for 10 hours I'd lose my fucking mind.

So I also do the following things to keep myself fresh:

  1. Post 2-4 articles per day on Steemit
  2. Send 50 emails a day to new clients
  3. Work out regularly
  4. Talk to friends on the phone
  5. Meet new people whenever I can

Now, you may be thinking that some of these are not "projects" in the traditional sense. I probably won't make any money from meeting new people for example, right?

Don't be so sure. Talking to people is great because the conversation ALWAYS turns to work.

"So, what do you do for work?" - literally the most common question in the history of questions.

If you talk about what you do with enough genuine enthusiasm, then people will be interested. I'm not saying pitch them - you'll know if it's a good fit. But since getting here I've had a couple people ask me tons of questions about what I do - some of them might turn into clients.

Finally, the last thing you absolute, 100% MUST do if you want to be successful is make a fucking to do list every day.

This is so basic yet few people actually do it.

The list serves two purposes:

  1. Keep track of all the things you want to do
  2. Keeps you motivated because it feels good when you cross things off the list

Okay, I'm getting bored of writing this. Time to go do something else.

What do you think of my advice? Are you willing to put in 100 hours a week to make it big? Let me know in a comment below.

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This isn't me - it's a chick from my hostel. I will send her your love.

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You're a fucking machine and I'm now in love with you!!! That is all....

Hate to break it to you brother but that's not me. It's a chick I know from the hostel. I'll tell her you're in love with her though

Haha... Not the chick bro.. Your blog post dude. Fucking epic.

Great insights.. Thx for sharing. I believe you are right. 4 month of 24/7 will equal one full year or even more... you just have to do a big energy restoring break afterwards.
Just imagine you are working on a project where success is measured digitally with win or total failure.. where you can not not easily see the results of your work at the end of the day... that will really put a lot of strain on you heart and soul...

Please allow me one question.. I am asking myself some time now already...
I believe living from blogging might put you in competition to people whose living costs are way below that of their western competition.. one way is to adopt by moving to the same countries... but im curious.. how do you feel about this or is this a complete misconception? Do you feel there is a kind of competition between bloggers and social media professionals between different places/locations/countries of business?

Hello, I'm new here, and for now I'll support all who can, if you have any suggestions I thank you, and I hope to be very often in your blog and help me thanks,

Hi Yarleni. Honestly the secret is to just post as much as you can all the time. Good luck.

You're a fucking crack.
I will take your information and put it into practice. Like @yarleni I am new to the site, but I am very interested and would like to contribute to the growth of this website.
Thanks for sharing with us.

LOL thanks. crack means funny right? Or like I'm full of shit? Both I guess. Anyway thanks.

Welcome to the site. My advice is to tell yourself you're going to make 100 posts. They can be about anything you want, but you just have to crank out 100.

The first 20 will be dogshit. The 20 after that will be better. 20 after that will be solid, 20 after that will be good. The last 20 will be awesome.

And then every post you make after that will be awesome. But you gotta dig through the shit if you want to find the diamonds.

Good luck

When I say "Crack" I mean you're amazing with your post. They like the public, at least to me.
Regards @yallapapi

I'm still working toward it, but what I'm starting to notice is that you begin to enjoy working 100 hours a week. There is something so ridiculously freeing about being in charge of your own schedule, you don't really notice so much that it's work.

Yep, I've noticed that too. It's like catching a wave when you're surfing. At first you have to work hard to get it, but eventually it just washes you to shore.

Really motivating post and once again, really great writing style. Keep doing what you're doing. You sound like you're massively onto something. I work a hell of a lot too, but I like it. It keeps me sane, gives me cash, what can I say. Keep them coming!

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welcome yallapapi! Glad to see your here

Thanks Mr Indonesia. I was there for a month a few years ago. Beautiful country but i was fighting with my girlfriend the whole time

Lol second article i read from you and I have to admit - pretty funny and straight to point.
Keep the posts coming im def following :D

Content is good but your memes are really shit and with really shit I don't mean "reddot shit" I mean "9gag shit" if you need some good memes for your next post hit me up and tell me the topic and I will see if we can step up your meme game.

Don't ask me how I ended up on this old post but solid stuff brother. +1 on Modafinil, though I've found that I respond way better to Ritalin, they sell it over the counter in Thai as well, at least where I got a house on Koh Lanta👍🏼

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